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The Fundraiser Part II

Part II

While my two brains were contemplating the prospect of annual bliss filled encounters with Julie, she broke the reverie and said, “What time is it?”

“About 4:00” I replied after looking at my cell phone to check the time. “Why”?

“Shit, shit, shit” she swore distractedly. “I have to go”. And with that, she pulled on the bikini bottoms she had hidden in her towel, strapped on the top and made to leave.

“Whoa” I said. “What’s the rush?”

“It’s Rachel” she answered. “I am supposed to meet her in five minutes and she will be pissed if I’m late”. And, worse, she is going to know that I’ve been fooling around with someone.”

“How will she know that and, more importantly, why do you care?” Then, thinking, I added, “Just don’t let her know it was me.”

Julie gave me a small smile and laughed, “There is a lot you don’t quite get do you? Don’t worry, our secret is safe.”

“What the heck is that supposed to mean?” I queried. I was confused and feeling as if there were something so obvious that I must be an idiot for missing it.

“Shhh” whispered Julie, kissing me lightly on the lips. “Forget about it. I’ll see you later”. And she then quickly zipped open the door to the tent, looked around to make sure she didn’t recognize anyone and slipped away leaving me naked on the ground.

The rest of the afternoon passed slowly. Everyone ate their fill and hung out in groups talking about the day and making plans for the early morning departure. Riders continued to stream in until the early evening and all of us rued the idea of taking almost 12 hours to complete the first day’s ride.

As the sun drifted lower, the live music ended and even before darkness fell people began to make their way to their accommodations for the night. The combination of a challenging day in the saddle, full stomachs and the prospect of a 3:30 wake-up call led many of us to crawl into our beds and sleeping bags at a very early hour.

As Craig and I walked back to our tents, I saw Julie and Rachel standing near the entrance of one of the dorms. Rachel did not look happy and was jabbing a finger at Julie as she spoke. I couldn’t make out any of the conversation but it was clearly having an impact on Julie who stood with her arms crossed looking defiant.

“They don’t look very happy” I said to Craig.

Craig glanced over at the women and shrugged. “Probably a lover’s quarrel” he commented in an off-handed manner.

“Right” I nodded. “They’re quite a pair”.

Craig had arrived several hours after me because he had been riding with a friend from out of town who was a painfully slow cyclist. He had pitched his tent about 30 feet from mine. When Julie was with me he had not yet arrived so we knew he had not seen us together at all. Craig had been doing the ride for almost 20 years and knew everyone in our small group of riders better than most. He had a very easy way about him and was one of those people that everyone liked and respected. Generally, we didn’t have any significant interpersonal issues in our club but occasionally there were flare-ups because riding is such a dangerous sport and everyone was always looking to shift responsibility to others whenever there was a problem when we rode in a pack.

Normally exceptionally discreet, Craig slipped and said, “I was serious. They are kind of a pair you know”.

Stunned, I looked at him and could only exclaim “No fucking way. Rachel is married and Julie is always with some guy when she comes out here. What is the deal?”

He looked at me with an expression that clearly indicated a struggle; should he say something or just let it go. Likely deciding that there was no way I would let him get any rest if he didn’t clarify his comments he shrugged and started giving me some history.

“Okay, I REALLY shouldn’t be telling you this and they will crucify me if they find out that I said anything.”

“Don’t worry” I said quickly to encourage him. “Tell me”.

“Okay. Well, first of all, Julie and Rachel have known each other since undergraduate school. You knew that right?” I nodded my assent and he continued. “Well, it turns out that they had a very close and special friendship at school and from what I can gather those fires have never really been extinguished. Personally, I think each of them is bi-sexual. I actually think that Rachel leans more towards liking girls than boys but that Julie is either right down the middle or leans hetero.”

“And what do you base these conclusions on? And how do you know any of this anyway?” I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing though on some level, deep down, it resonated as true.

“Christ, I shouldn’t have opened my mouth in the first place. Listen, I have a very good friend who was at college with Rachel and Julie. It was generally known that they were into each other but that each also went out with guys. You know, experimentation is something that a lot of people do at college. And be real, you’ve met Billy, Rachel’s husband, haven’t you?”

I nodded and Craig continued “Well the guy is gay. Maybe he’s bi-sexual, I don’t know, but I have gay friends who swear they see him cruising all the time. So there you have it…a lover’s quarrel, over what I can’t tell you. Come on, you knew that Rachel and Julie always get a room at the Crest and stay down here for a couple of days after the ride didn’t you? Put two and two together man.” And with that last comment Craig said goodnight and crawled into his tent.

Normally this kind of revelation would have kept me up all night with worry. What if Rachel found out who Julie had been with and got angry and decided to get revenge by outing me to my wife? What if she tried to blackmail me? These and other thoughts of horrifying consequences crammed my head but I was so exhausted from the day’s activities that I couldn’t keep my eyes open and, thankfully, by nine o’clock I had drifted to sleep.

I woke at three in the morning with a bladder bursting from having drunk what had to have been at least a gallon of water the night before. Rehydrating after a long ride is key, especially if you are going on another long ride the next day. I grabbed a flashlight and stumbled to the dorms to find a bathroom. The portable toilets were a closer option but managing them in the darkness is a challenge that has only downside attached to it.

Relieving myself my head began to clear and I remembered the conversation with Craig from the night before. I determined not to worry about it but to ask Julie directly as soon as I had an opportune moment.

I meandered back to my tent and tried to get a few more minutes of rest before reveille . Unsuccessful after fifteen minutes of tossing around, I began to get dressed and to pack my gear. Finishing, I hoisted my backpack onto my shoulders and trudged over to where breakfast was being set up and the trucks were waiting to transport our bags from the campus to the finish line 90 miles away.

On the first day of the ride 95% of the participants wear the same jersey, given to each of us by the ride sponsors. On the second day, people either wear the same one (ick), jerseys from prior years or, for groups like ours, club colors often designed specifically for the ride. Groups of teammates are easily identified this way making for colorful pelotons on the road.

Our team sported matching shorts and shirts that were a combination of navy blue, red, white and yellow. Stamped with the year, our club name and a small sun sitting over a rider pedaling down a road, the outfit was simple, yet classy compared with many of the more garish uniforms worn by other teams.

Almost 30 of us sat around a table waking up while we drank coffee and ate bagels, slurped cereal, gobbled egg and bacon sandwiches, peeled bananas, spooned yogurt and started squeezing carbohydrate gels into our mouths. We would not all ride together but we tried to at least begin the day as comrades. The pre-ride meal was always a careful balancing act between actually sating your hunger and ingesting the right amount and kinds of calories for the effort that lay ahead.

Julie was nowhere to be seen. I asked Rachel where she was.

“I have no idea” she spat. “What does it matter anyway, she won’t be riding with us”.

“I know” I replied. “Just curious. But I will say she finished in pretty good time yesterday so she might surprise you”.

“Yeah, she’s full of surprises these days” Rachel muttered to herself.

We rolled out of the campus at 5:00 and rode along on streets lit only be streetlamps and the headlights of passing cars. Fifteen minutes later the faintest color began to inch above the horizon and with each additional minute the sky began to waken and the stars were chased away. The night sky turned a pale pink and then a cloudless blue and we recognized that we would once again have glorious weather for the ride.

Our pace picked up as we became more confident of the road conditions and soon we were a 20 person line of blue flying along a six-mile straightaway at a blistering 26 miles an hour yelling out “On your left” as we whizzed by other packs that seemed to be riding in place.

Our pace line was coldly efficient, silent except for the whirring of pedals and the tell-tale noise of ball-bearings that cawed or whined when wheels turned but the pedals were stationary. We didn’t talk except to encourage each other as someone moved from the front of the line to the rear. “Nice pull” was the typical refrain and pull it was because we all knew that the person in front expends 25% or more energy than those behind them.

It seemed like a blink of an eye when we flew into the second water stop of the day after having blown by the first without stopping. As was the case every year, our 20 person group had grown to almost 50 as other riders grabbed on to our train happy to be swept along in our wake, reveling at going fast without having to do any work. We didn’t care…we had a reputation to protect.

“Halfway there” I said to Craig.

“Man, we are flying” he responded. “I’ve got over 21 mph for the day”.

“Sounds about right to me” I said.

“Hey Jake” Craig started, “You didn’t say anything to Julie or Rachel about what I said to you last night did you?”

“No fucking way” I answered. “You think I’m crazy? Why do you ask?”

“Well, Rachel made a very odd comment to me this morning so I wanted to double check”.

My throat constricted and I caught my breath. I had visions of my worst fears coming to pass and the thought of a vindictive Rachel was terrifying. Trying to keep the tension out of my voice I asked “Yeah, what did she say?”

“Something to the effect that she thought that you knew about her and Julie and that she wasn’t happy about it. I asked her what made her think that and she told me to forget about it but it made me kind of curious and nervous.”

I nodded my understanding and gave Craig all the reassurances I could and five minutes later we were back on the road.

I couldn’t wait for the ride to end. While I was having a wonderful time being with the group, thoughts of Julie and Rachel and what had happened kept invading my mind making it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. The miles clicked by as we rode past marshes and sand dunes, through quaint towns and along bluffs overlooking the ocean. The sea breeze was negligible enabling us to maintain what was for us a breakneck pace along flats and the rolling hills we encountered as we neared the finish line. Along the way we dropped all of the poseurs who had tried to latch onto our group but who, in the end, could not maintain the pace that we set.

With one mile to go we stopped and arranged ourselves into rows and then rode easily to the finish which was lined with cheering observers, television crews and volunteers waiting to herd us past the finish line and towards the showers which were located on the grounds of the Crest Hotel an old, two story horseshoe shaped property that sat on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

We all gave each other high fives and hugs, took pictures and then split to get our packs and suitcases so that we could wash, put on a change of clothes and start eating. I made my way to where the thousands of bags were piled, organized by groups according to where we had slept the night before. After 10 minutes of digging, a volunteer found my pack and, straining, lifted it from beneath several other bags and handed it to me offering her congratulations and thanks for my efforts.

It was one of the strange aspects of the weekend. We had a blast doing this but everyone who lined the road or volunteered just thanked us and looked at us with wonderment as if what we did was the most monumental accomplishment one could imagine.

As I began to work my way from the baggage area to the men's showers, Rachel called out to me.

“Jake” she said waving “Come here”.

Nervously I walked over to her and said, “Hey Rachel. Man, you were awesome today. I can’t believe how strong you are.”

“Can it” she said “We were all pretty good today but it was a fast ride and I’m pretty sore. Listen, you know Julie and I are staying down here for a couple of days and we have a room. If you prefer to shower in there instead of in the group area you are welcome to. I’ve checked in and am going to the room right now. You can sit outside on the deck until I’m done.”

“Umm, who else is going to be there? I wouldn’t want to intrude” I said thinking to myself that going to the room was a very bad idea.

“Don’t be silly” she said in a voice that was altogether too pleasant for her. “You aren’t going to tell me that you would rather stand in a group shower with 50 naked guys than to have the privacy of your own bath are you?”

“No, of course not” I began, flustered. “It’s just that-“

“Fine” she said. “That’s settled, come on”.

And I gave up and followed her to the room.

Rachel opened the door and we both slung our bags onto one of the beds.

“Man, I stink” she said. “I can’t wait to get into that shower”.

She opened her bag, grabbed some clothes and ran into the bathroom shouting at me from behind the door to grab anything I wanted from the minibar and to wait on the deck.

I did as instructed and sat in a deck chair with my feet on the railing looking out at the ocean, the people on the beach below and the sailboats and cargo ships out at sea. Even though it was only 10 in the morning, I had grabbed a beer form the tiny refrigerator in the room and was relaxing to the point where I could feel myself begin to slip into a dream.

“Hey” Rachel said, startling me and snapping me wide awake, “Your turn”.

I slowly pulled myself out of the chair with a groan that reflected my stiffening muscles and turned around to see Rachel wrapped in a towel with a second one turbaned on top of her head. I handed her the beer and shuffled off to the bathroom.

I turned on the water and stripped out of my riding outfit. Gingerly I climbed into the tub and sighed as the shower hit my head and began to rinse away the hours of grime that had accumulated on the ride. I stood there limp just letting the water stream over me, not even having the strength to open my eyes and pick up the soap.

Suddenly the air temperature dropped and I jumped as I heard “You are one good looking dude Jake.”

My right hand flew to cover my crotch and I shouted “What the heck are you doing?” as I saw Rachel standing naked and staring at me.

With a look that said ‘What the fuck do you think I’m doing?’ Rachel stepped into the shower and picked up the soap. She rubbed the bar inside a washcloth and when it was thick with lather she began to wash me. Starting from my neck she slowly wiped away the sweat and dirt that clung to my skin. She turned me around and worked my shoulders and then scrubbed down my back and over my buttocks and along my legs. Rubbing vigorously to remove the accumulated grit and grease she turned me around again and one by one washed my feet and then began to move back up my body. Without saying a word she looked me straight in the eyes as she put the cloth around my dick and tugged and wiped thrusting her hand under my sac and moving my legs apart to ensure she cleaned me fully. She then moved back up my abdomen and circled the washcloth around my chest and up my neck and around my face. Squirting some shampoo into her hands she told me to lean forward so that she could wash my hair. Finally she stopped and pushed me under the shower to rinse.

Clean, I stood looking at her as the water continued to course over us both. I felt myself begin to stir as I stared and fully appreciated her powerful body.

“Umm”, I started, “Thank you for the, uh, unexpected help with that.” I maneuvered to get myself out of the shower and to a towel. Rachel pouted a little as if she had begun something but didn’t quite know where to take it and let me extricate myself from the tub. I started to dry myself and she grabbed a towel and then with a quick move opened the door and walked out.

I followed her and quickly tried to change the dynamic to find out what she really wanted to do.

“Hey, can I help you dry off?” I offered.

She turned, gave me a little smile and said “Sure, I think I would like that”.

“Great” I responded nervously. “You aren’t worried about Julie walking in are you”?

She stared at me. “No, why should I care about that? Besides, she’s so slow she probably won’t be here for another hour and I hope it won’t take you that long to take care of me.”

“Yeah” I agreed, “You’re probably right. I just wouldn’t want her to get the wrong idea” I added as I took a hand towel and started patting Rachel’s head.

As I moved the towel down her neck, Rachel and I both jumped as we heard a card key slip into the lock on the door and the door handle move with a thunderous click.

“Quick” Rachel whispered, “Get into the bathroom”.

Not needing to be told twice, I grabbed some of my clothes, dashed back into the still steaming commode and quickly pulled on my shorts and a t-shirt. I could hear Rachel and Julie talking through the door but I couldn’t hear what they were saying.

I then nonchalantly opened the door while making as if I was still drying my hair. It was clear that Rachel and Julie were in the midst of a discussion that had become intense rather quickly. By her reaction I could see that Julie may have concluded that there was someone else in the room but that she hadn’t expected it to be me.

“Hey Jules” I said with feigned indifference, “You made great time this year. How are you feeling”?

“Jake” she smiled, “I feel great. My ride was wonderful and I am looking forward to a shower. And you know what else?”

“Um, no, what?” I asked.

She smiled at me with her golden eyes but I couldn’t tell what she was really thinking.

Sweetly, yet with an unmistakable bite she said “I would love to get another massage from you after I shower. You did such an incredible job yesterday. Rachel, you wouldn’t belief how relaxing and invigorating Jake’s technique is. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Please Jake, will you do me again”?

“Wow Jake, you must be a real master” piped in Rachel in a cool but mocking tone. “Maybe you could do me too.”

Julie, who was standing just behind Rachel glanced quickly at her friend and then shot me a pleading nod as if to say ‘help me out here’.

“I don’t know ladies” I started, “I’m kind of tired today”. Landing in the middle of what even I could have surmised was a significant quarrel without having been told the background story was making me extremely uncomfortable.

“Come on Jake” prodded Rachel. “I promise that if you do this it will remain between just us. As will the body work you gave Julie yesterday.”

Julie and I both shot horrified looks first at each other and then at Rachel who smiled archly. The implicit threat was clear.

“Sure, why not Rachel” I said resignedly. “You are the boss but you know it was just a lame massage. Julie, go take a shower. Rachel, get on the bed…I’ll start with you.”

Julie walked by me, squeezed my hand and then kissed me hard on the lips immediately throwing my ‘lame massage’ explanation under the bus while Rachel looked on.

After Julie entered the bathroom and closed the door Rachel’s attitude changed and she opened up to me.

“Jake” she started, “I don’t know how much you know about my friendship with Julie.”

“Um, no more than you’ve told me” I lied. “Why? Is there something I should know? I will say it did seem a little tense in here a few minutes ago.”

“Well, as a matter of fact, there is”. Rachel paused as if trying to decide how much to say while also trying to determine how much I either really knew or at least suspected.

And in the next thirty seconds Rachel told me essentially the same story about her and Julie that Craig had disclosed the night before. Going back to their college days she explained that they had maintained their relationship off and on over the years. Rachel then went on to say that she inexplicably became incredibly jealous whenever she and Julie were together. She knew it was both unhealthy and unfair but couldn’t help herself. Rachel disclosed that for the past several years she had noticed the mutual attraction that Julie and I had for each other and, until yesterday, had always assumed that either my marriage or Julie’s attachments would stand between anything happening.

“And Julie didn’t say anything to me other than you had rubbed out a cramp for her after you guys went for a swim. But I could tell that something had happened. I know her too well. And the two of you just confirmed it for me…with your looks and that kiss. I’m sorry Jake. I resent it but I’m hoping that I can get over it if I can share you with her today. That may sound crazy but that’s what I’m thinking. Please help me.” Rachel looked at me pleadingly and then lay face down on the bed.

“Shit” I began, “Well, thank you for being so open and honest with me Rachel. It explains a lot…an awful lot.”

I had started digging my fingers into Rachel’s muscular shoulders burrowing deep with my thumbs to loosen the muscles that were knotted from the long ride and the tension she was feeling over the situation.

“Try to relax” I said. “Breathe slow and deep. I’ll do what I can here but, honestly, I think that you and Julie have some hard conversations you need to have.”

Rachel flipped over onto her back and with a smile said “Thank you Jake” and then she reached up and grabbed me by the neck and pulled my head down to hers to give me a kiss.

I acquiesced and placed my mouth against hers and felt the softest pair of lips I had ever kissed yield to the pressure of my face. Rachel’s tongue slipped between her teeth and slithered into my mouth and she lightly flicked the tip of my own tongue. And then, just as quickly, she spun back around onto her stomach leaving me with my mouth agape staring at the back of her head.

“Rach, please undo your towel so that I can get to your back.” I instructed her.

“Mmmm” she sighed as she lifted herself on her elbows and undid the knot across her chest that held the towel in place. Then she reached under the bed and pulled out her duffle bag, zipped it open and said “Hey Jake, use some of this on my skin”.

I looked down and saw a bottle of massage oil in her hand. As I took it from her, I glimpsed into the bag and was surprised to see a few other items including what looked like restraints, dildos and at least one vibrator.

“Have toys will travel?” I queried.

“God, how embarrassing” she answered. “I’m mortified”.

“Not to worry” I said. “I can either forget I saw them or we can incorporate them into the program”

Rachel lifted her head and leered at me. “In for a penny…?” she asked.

I smiled back and said “You got it”. And then she quickly flung aside her towel and like a stealthy Amazon got off the bed and expertly tied each restraint to a bedpost, hiding the corresponding cuff underneath the bed itself. She hopped back onto the bed. Put her head just below the pillows and I threw the towel back over her leaving her back exposed. I squeezed some oil onto my hands and began rubbing Rachel’s left calf.

As if on cue, Julie strode out of the bathroom, radiant. Her moist hair had taken on a deep golden hue from the water and she toweled it vigorously to dry it off. She had a second towel wrapped around her waist like me, leaving her perfect breasts exposed. With her aureoles shrunken and her nipples taut she walked past Rachel on the bed running a finger down her back as she came over to me and once again kissed me hard on the lips. She then pulled back and mouthed ‘I’m sorry about this’. I shook my head with a smile to reassure her and mouthed back, ‘It’s okay’.

“Hey Jules” I said, “Why don’t you get up on the head of the bed and start on Rachel’s arms. This will go faster four-handed”.

Julie nodded her assent, threw the pillows off the bed and positioned herself so that she was kneeling right at Rachel’s head. She took some oil herself and then leaned over and began to work on Rachel’s upper back while I continued to knead Rachel’s tight, muscular legs.

As Julie worked her way down Rachel’s back and I worked my way up her legs our own bodies got closer and closer. Soon Julie was sitting astride Rachel’s mid-back working her fingers deep into the lower vertebrae of her longtime friend and lover while I had my hands around one of Rachel’s powerful thighs which, like the rest of her body, had relaxed as Rachel slipped into something of a stupor. Julie and I looked up at each other, our faces met right above Rachel’s towel covered ass and we kissed.

I nuzzled Julie’s neck and ran my tongue up to her ear as my hands slowly moved to the top of Rachel’s thigh. I was close now, close to violating Rachel’s pussy and I could feel the heat flowing between her legs. Rachel nonchalantly bent her left leg slightly as if she were leaving the door slightly ajar for a visitor who would soon be coming into her home. I decided to wait a little longer before stepping across that threshold.

“Okay Rachel” I whispered to her, “Time to roll over”.

Julie stepped over Rachel’s back onto the floor and we helped Rachel rotate onto her back. The towel remained around her waist but her chest was exposed and for the first time I had a close look at her breasts. Small but firm, they jutted out from her chest despite like a teenager’s. Her nipples were a dark brown as opposed to Julie’s pink but, like Julie’s, they were engorged and erect as if stepping forward and asking to be suckled.

As Rachel lay there waiting for us to continue the massage, I touched Julie lightly on the shoulder and when my eyes met hers I pointed to the bedposts. She looked back at me wide-eyed and smiling and nodded knowingly.

Taking a little more control, Julie ran her fingers up to Rachel’s breasts and began to run a forefinger around Rachel’s right nipple. This made Rachel arch her back slightly and a knowing grin came to her face…the touch was familiar.

“Hey babe” Rachel murmured. “Is that you?”

“You know it is hon” answered Julie. As I stood mesmerized I saw Julie sidle up towards the head of the bed and as she took a cuff from the bedpost she bent down and gave Rachel a deep kiss. I was aware enough to move and get the cuff from the opposite side at the foot of the bed. I held the cuff in one hand while I lightly grazed my fingers along the inside of Rachel’s thigh with the other.

Julie looked at me sideways and nodded. I mouthed ‘One, two, three’ and we simultaneously hooked a cuff around Rachel’s left ankle and right wrist.

“Hey, what the fuck” Rachel exclaimed as she tugged at the two restraints. I didn’t wait and while she struggled against the existing binds, I quickly moved to get her right ankle immobilized. I knew that finishing the job and shackling her left wrist would be easy for Julie and I to accomplish together.

“Relax Rachel” I said. “Julie and I want to make this the best massage you have ever experienced”.

“But,” she started to reply staring at me as I worked my way to the top of the bed opposite Julie, “This is not what I-“

Having seen me surreptitiously lift the last cuff off the floor as Rachel ranted at me, Julie reached over and took Rachel’s head in her hands, turned her face to meet her and gave Rachel another deep kiss. Rachel hungrily returned the smooch and I attached the last cuff. I then rummaged in Rachel’s pack and pulled out a pair of blindfolds, a feather and a few other interesting looking items. Julie nodded appreciatively.

Warming to the ‘task’, I slipped the blindfold over Rachel’s glaring eyes.

“Is it just me or does Rachel like to be in control?” I asked.

We all laughed and Rachel relaxed a little bit. Resignedly she said, “If you hurt me I will bite your balls off.”

And with that comment I removed the towel from Rachel’s torso with one hand and reached across her body to tug at the towel wrapped around Julie’s waist with the other. Julie, who had climbed onto the bed, helped me out and soon was naked and astride her friend.

What a contrast I thought; Julie tall, lithe and golden and Rachel, stocky, firm and dark. Rachel was splayed out like a sacrifice to some ancient god. As she and Julie made out I leaned between her legs and ran the feather along her thighs watching them tighten with anticipation. I looked up to where her legs met and saw her pubis shaved clean except for a black strip that ran from the top of her mound to an inch below her bikini line. Her folds were large, plump and hung slightly apart. Her clit was long and pronounced, a little hard-on looking like a key waiting for something to lock onto. Moisture was visible between her pussy lips.

Julie reached backwards and ran a finger between the folds of Rachel’s cleft. Rachel squirmed at the touch and tried to raise her mound higher to force Julie’s finger in deeper. I stood watching having dropped my own towel so that Julie could view my raging erection. She smiled and then swung a leg over Rachel’s breasts so that her face was pointed towards Rachel’s feet. Continuing to stroke Rachel’s pussy with one finger, she reached over and grabbed my cock with her other hand. I raised a foot onto the bed to make it easier for her to reach me and bent over to place my mouth on hers while I reached down and grazed one of her nipples with the feather. Smiling, she bit my lip to get me to stop so I ran the feather down her back to the top of her cheeks.

She stopped stroking both Rachel and me and leaned forward so that her face came to Rachel’s valley forcing her ass higher in the air and providing me access for the feather. As I ran the plume between her cheeks she bent and drooled a spot of saliva onto Rachel’s engorged little princess and followed with a flick of her tongue down its shaft. Rachel moaned with delight and raised her head as if to return the favor to a muff that should have been waiting just above her face.

I shifted position so that I could view Julie’s wrinkled brown hole that sat just above a glistening cavern. Gently I ran my finger between her humid globes and lightly rubbed her stretched anus before continuing down and stroking the pink folds that had opened with anticipation. Julie rocked her hips so that her slit moved up and down on my finger anointing it with her juice and making sure that her own swollen bud enjoyed the sensation of the light pressure I was applying.

Rachel was still looking for something to do with her own mouth so I moved my body close to hers and took my wet finger from Julie’s snatch and circled it around one of Rachel’s firm nipples while I took my heavy truncheon and placed its swollen head against her lips. Hungrily Rachel opened her mouth and took in the entire mushroom cap. I took my hands and put them beneath her head to help her as she tried to force my lance further into her mouth. I eased myself out so that she could swirl her soft tongue around me and then I sat over her face so that she could suck one testicle and then the other, rolling the little footballs around in her mouth while I worked my shaft with my hand.

Julie moved again so that her head was between Rachel‘s legs and she looked up to watch the action all the while digging two fingers into her own sopping crotch. Without warning, she stopped, and shimmied up the bed where she pushed me aside and placed her bare twat just about Rachel’s open mouth.

“Lick me Rachel” she demanded. “Come on baby, lick me now”.

I stood back and watched as Rachel’s tongue darted out and found Julie’s clit. Julie got onto her feet and put her hands on the wall over the bed and then slowly lowered herself further onto Rachel’s face. Rachel stuck out her tongue and made it like a small, stiff cock and Julie slumped so that she was being fucked by Rachel’s tongue. Up and down she rose and Rachel bobbed her head to meet Julie’s gaping pussy.

I reached over and grabbed the vibrator and began move it around and then inside of Rachel’s slick gash. Poor Rachel was losing herself in the sensations and didn’t know whether to thrust her hips to meet the vibrator or move her head to meet Julie’s honey pot. She was sweating from the effort and clearly reaching the point of no return.

Suddenly, Julie stopped and Rachel moaned a great “No, please, no.”

“Hush honey” replied Julie. “I’m going to fuck you now.” And with that she went and slipped a harness and dildo around her waist. Standing with a black rubber cock seemingly attached to her quim, she positioned herself on her knees in front of Rachel’s spread pussy. Slowly she pushed the fake cock deep into her girlfriend and Rachel writhed with pleasure doing everything she could to lodge the dildo further and to grind herself against Julie’s smooth mound.

The two were lost in each other and Julie humped away while she kissed Rachel deeply on the lips, their tongues twirling together naked in the air like dueling swords. Julie picked Rachel’s head up with both hands and began to lick her nose, then ears then neck where she dug her tongue deep into the spot where Rachel’s neck met her shoulders. Rachel was squealing from the attention and she continued to rock her hips to meet the light push that Julie gave the fake prick.

As Julie leaned forward burying her face in Rachel’s neck, she presented herself to me and I quickly stuck two fingers into her impossibly wet cunt. She looked around at me and with a wanton stare quietly ordered “Fuck me Jake”.

I knelt behind her and looked down at the erection I had been slowly stroking for the past few minutes. A clear liquid was leaking from me and I rubbed the pre-cum around the head of my shaft and then brought my cock to the entrance of Julie’s waiting tunnel. Julie reached between her legs to grasp me and guide me in between her dripping folds. There was a small barrier as Julie had begun to close down from all the excitement but a quick push forward by me met a rear thrust by her and I was suddenly deep within the warm cavern of her womb.

Julie lay flat between Rachel’s legs and lifted herself up so that her forearms were supporting her weight. I rested on my knees on either side of Julie’s legs and which created a resting spot for Rachel’s thighs. The three of us rocked together with Julie doing most of the work. She pushed herself against and moved back to take my shaking dick. Sweat was trickling down her spine and I bent to lick it.

Suddenly, Rachel tensed and then let out a deep groan as she swung her head from side to side and bucked her hips once more and pressed them against Julie. Julie slowed her thrusts as Rachel continued to spasm.

“Go baby” she whispered to Rachel who strained against the cuffs to cling as tightly as she could to her lover.

As her orgasm subsided, Rachel lay fatigued on the bed, her head resting to one side. “God” she began “That was incredible. I have so needed that”.

Julie looked back at me and smiled, “Undo the cuffs” she instructed me as she began to unclamp Rachel’s wrists.

In doing so, and to my despair, my cock slipped out of Julie and stood in the cooler environment of the hotel room’s air. Freed from the shackles, Rachel quickly shifted on the bed rotating her body so that her head was situated beneath Julie’s smooth, glistening snatch. With Rachel’s help, Julie then slipped out of the strap-on and immediately got back on all fours leaning forward on her elbows so that I could have access once again but also so that Rachel could lap her with unfettered ease.

I move closer staring at the perfectly proportioned organ that rested between Julie’s thighs. As I approached her, Julie reached underneath and with two fingers held the gateway flaps open for me as Rachel began to stroke Julie’s clit with her tongue. Once again I pushed my veined and swollen appendage into that warm passage that stretched to accommodate my girth.

“Nnnnnh” Julie moaned “Ahhhh, fuck, that feels so fucking wonderful.” She began to give us instructions, “Slower Jake. Deeper. Don’t move, stay right there. Rachel lick me harder. That’s it”.

Julie knelt motionless except for her hips which slowly rocked back and forth so that Rachel’s tongue glided up and down her little shaft and my cock moved slightly in and out of her pussy. Every few times she pushed against me I would hold her buttocks tight and then alternate by spreading them wide to get a full view on my dick, her lips and her anus which I would gently rub with my thumb. Rachel meanwhile had begun to lightly stroke my nuts each time Julie moved against Rachel’s mouth.

Julie’s rocking began to pick up speed and her breath became more ragged. She reached behind and grabbed my butt forcing me to stay lodged in her as she ground her pussy hard onto Rachel’s face. She lifted her head to the sky and I saw the grimace from the tent take hold on her face. Julie’s womb began to tighten and clamp down on my dick and she arched into Rachel’s mouth so forcefully that she threatened to expel my cock from her cunt. Not needing to stifle herself, Julie began to whimper and then, with an explosive exhale, her contractions began.

Quickly at first and then more slowly, she gasped “Ah, ah, ah” with each one.

I held on for dear life pushing hard to stay inside of her and to feel the walls of her snatch grip my cock. Rachel’s ball stroking continued throughout Julie’s climax and she grasped my nuts together and tugged slightly. The head of my cock was deep inside Julie and she now swayed her hips side to side causing the tip of my prick to bounce against the smooth walls of her uterus. I could feel the hot liquid began to bubble up along my root. I didn’t want this sensation to cease but the women were going to force me to drain myself soon. I slowly drew my dick out of Julie bringing the head just to the edge of her hole and then slid it in and out a few times as I watched transfixed between the sights and the sensations. Rachel’s mouth was right below where my cock met Julie’s opening and her fingers were dancing on my scrotum. My prick swelled further and I knew I had reached my limit. With a final slow thrust I lodged myself back inside of Julie, gripping her hips and then waited as she twirled her ass in a way that the head of my cock rubbed against her wall and as Rachel gave once final squeeze I pushed and exploded inside of Julie, my entire body shaking uncontrollably as the tension finally escaped my muscles. The first shot of cum was followed by several more and I moved to try and extend the sensations that I didn’t want to ever stop.

Exhausted, Julie rested on her forearms and I leaned on her back. Rachel shimmied from underneath and Julie and I collapsed, still coupled, to a side, neither of us wanting to part. “Don’t go” she pouted as my rapidly shrinking tool began to slowly slip out of her. “Please don’t go”.

I smiled and kissed the back of her neck reaching around to place a hand on her still swollen vulva. “I promise you I will be here whenever you want me to be” I smiled at her.

The End----Part II

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