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The Game

The Game

We go about our days absorbed in our own lives; getting on with our business in our own little bubbles. We pass each other with fleeting glances and are mostly unaware of our instinctual habit of subconsciously assessing the people and world around us.

We also have our own pleasures in life. It’s usually something that takes the focus away from the daily grind; for some girls its shoes, others handbags. April Wilkinson, however, had a different passion in life. The unassuming looking girl had a predilection for sparking desire in men.

See, there are times on our path through life when we make a connection with people. I’m not talking about the friends and lovers that we find ourselves sharing our journey with. I mean those small moments in time when we connect with a complete stranger for maybe just a few seconds. Two bubbles collide and are joined for that small moment in time. Sometimes in those moments a mutual attraction for each other may be shared. They were the moments that April loved. Those moments were like a drug to her.

She wasn’t conventionally beautiful, but she possessed the knowledge that her salacious desire could be a very powerful thing. While most girls relaxed by indulging in there retail habits, April would play her game.

She walked down the street with her headphones in place; an upbeat sound track to life playing around her head. Her eyes gently scanned around looking for a target. She wore a figure hugging, black, low cut top that fully extenuated her full breasts, with a long flowing electric-blue gypsy skirt.

“Perfect. Here comes a potential point to add to my tally,” she thought, as she eyed the male walking towards her.

“Nice height, defined biceps, good haircut.” All observations made within a few steps.

She began to fill her mind with the naughtiest thoughts she could think up. Images of her on her knees sucking cock, or being roughly taken from behind. A dirty smirk spread across her face. She bit her lip to prevent the look from fully taking over her expression.

They were almost upon each other. She smiled inwardly when she saw that he had noticed her. She looked down at the floor, preparing herself.

“Ready, just a few more steps.”

She looked up just as he got a few paces away from passing her. The look of pure desire burnt deep in her eyes. She looked into his eyes. A knowing dirty smile broke over her expression when she saw the shocked recognition in his face. He had to double take, looking back to make sure he wasn’t mistaken in what he’d seen. But she continued walking. Shoulders back and proud, with a dirty grin on her face, swaying her hips as she continued her strut down the street.

“That’s one more added to my tally.”

Occasionally, if she found the attraction was strong enough, she might turn and see him looking back towards her. It always filled her with a glow and happiness to feel desired. And so, she would continue on her walk looking for her next target.

“I wonder if he will think of me again while he’s going about his day. Will he think of the girl in the blue skirt with the look of desire in her eyes? Will he think of what it would be like to fuck me? I wonder if his cock got a little hard after seeing the look in my eyes,” she had pondered, as she continued to walk.

I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about April. She wasn’t a vain, self-obsessed, over-confident girl. In fact quite the opposite was true. The feeling that she was worthy of being desired was something new to her. It may’ve been because she had so little confidence in herself that those fleeting moments meant so much to her. Tiny events on their own, but with each connection she felt her confidence grow.

Over time her need amplified and she found herself playing the game more and more often. Realising that she got more hits if she walked against the flow of traffic, she added the drivers of passing vehicles to the pedestrians in her list of targets, which boosted her score. She would adjust her route to better play her game. One day, she confided in her closest friend about what she’d been doing. He warned her of the dangers, but she saw it as needless worrying of a dear friend.

“It’s only for a split second. What danger could there be?”

He pointed out that one day she might show her desire to a man that wasn’t willing to let things go in a fleeting moment. He questioned her on what she would do if anyone ever approached her. She was touched by his concern for her safety, but she thought she had it under control.


It was probably one of the hottest days of the year so far. April was walking through the park and had been playing her game. She was enjoying the feel of the sun against her skin and the smell of flowers that filled the air.

She’d managed to get a few hits. “No doubt wearing this seriously low cut camisole, with the tiniest bikini top underneath helped,” she thought, as she felt the light bounce of her impressive breasts with every step.

She’d decided against her headphones today. Instead she was enjoying the sounds of the birds and the happy dogs barking for balls and sticks to be thrown. She was just deciding if she should walk the long way home, or cut through the woods when she spotted a shirtless man walking towards her.

Pulling at her skirt and top, she made sure she looked her best. Her shoulders went back and she prepared herself for the possible connection. Looking up she realised she knew the man. Well, she didn’t actually know him, but she’d seen him before and was pretty sure she’d already had a connection with him on a previous day.

“I’d remember those broad shoulders anywhere.”

There was a nagging doubt in her mind that told her it was dangerous to have another moment with him. But, as he got closer and she remembered how gorgeous his eyes had been when they’d locked onto hers, the little voice of caution was buried beneath the need of her addiction. She was unable to pull her eyes away from his toned upper body. He was obviously used to being shirtless, as his tanned skin was no stranger to the sun.

When she got close she looked up to his face and realized she’d been caught ogling him.

He recognised and remembered her; she could see it in his eyes. He was actually looking for that same connection again, she could tell. Her confidence faltered under his intense stare and she couldn’t help break the contact for a second and looked away. He smiled and said, “Hi.” She couldn’t be ignorant and so looked back towards him and responded with a returned shy smile and acknowledgment.

Her heart skipped slightly in her chest when she thought he was going to stop and speak with her, but he continued to walk. She let out a breath of relief and giggled at her panic. Taking a seat by the pond for a while she watched the ducks swim around. She smiled at the sight of the young child getting scared when an eager duck decided it didn’t want to wait for the bread to be thrown and was making a grab for the piece in their hand.

A bead of sweat trickled along her chest and rolled down her cleavage. It was just another indication of how hot the day was. She needed a drink and cursed herself for not stopping at the shop to buy one and so, decided that the shade of the woods and quicker journey time home would be best.

The brown leaves from the previous winter made a soft carpeted path through the towering trees. April loved walking through the woods; they always seemed such a magical, beautiful place. The sun streamed through the cracks in the canopy and the leaves swayed gently in the warm summer breeze. She’d stop by the small stream that ran through the centre of the woods and watched two squirrels playing an impressive game of tag in the tree tops.

The sound of a twigs snapping behind her broke her attention and she spun around to see what had caused it. She was shocked to see ‘Broad shoulders’ walking along the path towards her. He was carrying a bag and was obviously on his way home after going to the shops.

“Twice in one day. Aren’t I the lucky one,” he said, as he approached her. The pathway was slightly over grown with nettles and the undergrowth had reduced track to single file. He stopped when he reached her.

“It’s nice to be in the coolness of the woods,” she said, at a loss to know what else to say.

“Oh, I don’t know. It’s pretty hot in here, if you ask me.” His eyes were unashamedly focussed directly on her cleavage, leaving no doubt that he was referring to her and no longer talking about the weather.

“A gorgeous girl like you ought to be careful walking through secluded woods on your own. Especially when she’s in the habit of giving men such arousing looks when she walks past them.”

Her breath caught at being called out on her game and she didn’t know how to respond. Her heart beat fast in her chest and the sensible side of her mind started to work out which way to run if she wanted to get away.

But April’s feet weren’t moving anywhere. His eyes had moved from her breasts and were roaming around the rest of her body. If he’d had super human powers he would have been able to see the glistening wetness that had already started to seep from within her.

Time is a funny thing isn’t it? Have you ever been in a moment that you know is only lasting a matter of seconds, but it feels so much longer? April was experiencing a feeling like that in that moment. She knew she should have been feeling scared. She knew she should have made a run for it, but she just stood there.

He dropped his bag and stepped towards her. She didn’t flinch, or back away. He boldly groped at her breasts.

A mix of shock and pleasure squeaked from her lips. What was happening was so unthinkable that her brain couldn’t quite register what was going on. She should’ve pulled away, slapped him, screamed, anything, but she didn’t.

The heat of her desire induced by his touch added to the sweltering warmth of the weather. She allowed him to push her against the large tree behind her. The rough bark of the trunk scratched against her back, but that was forgotten when his hands roughly groped at her breasts again.

They shared the same look of dirty, lust-filled desire that they had previously swapped in fleeting glances. He kissed her firmly and she felt his hard cock press through his shorts into her stomach. His tongue twisted and fought with hers. He made easy work of pulling her breasts free from within the tiny triangle fabric of her bikini. Her hands were wandering over the toned muscles of his shoulders and her nails scratched at his skin when he tweaked hard at her nipples.

Her moans had joined the singing of the birds and added to the sound of the woods when his mouth had hungrily sucked on her. With her head flung back against the tree her eyes opened. Looking down she saw his head buried between her exposed breasts, and then she looked around the woods and couldn’t quite believe she was doing this in such a public place and with a complete stranger.

The sound of someone coming brought them to a stop. He pulled April around the other side of the tree and they ended up on the ground, covered by the surrounding bushes and on the soft bank of the stream. There was a primal need that she saw in his eyes. It frightened the fuck out of her, but it was also getting her pussy so wet.

He pulled his shorts off and straddled her chest, pinning her to the ground. He presented his pre-cum oozing cock to her lips. “Suck it, you dirty little whore,” he growled, as he pushed his cock past her lips.

She wouldn’t have been able to decline if she’d wanted to, not that it mattered because she wanted it. In that moment she wanted nothing more than to feel his hot meat slide into her mouth and down her throat. She eagerly sucked and his hips thrust himself deeper. Her gargling delight sounded, as she took his face-fucking like a pro. She would’ve happily taken his cum down her throat, but he had other ideas.

“Ride my cock, you sexy fucking bitch. I want to see those tits move in my face as you bounce up and down on my prick.”

He moved and pulled her onto his lap. From her position on top of him she felt some level of control come back. She enjoyed a moment of grinding her panty covered pussy against his dick, as she kissed him passionately. She removed her clothing leaving only her lace panties, which she pulled to the side. She allowed his cock to slide into her dripping hole. 

She was completely lost in the moment and didn’t care that her cries of pleasure were now drowning out the natural sounds of the woods.

Deep inside her was a burning need that grew with every stroke of his shaft. The need for release was so over-powering that her other senses were shutting down and all she could feel was the increasing ball of pressure growing inside her. It took over and reached into the very centre of her being.

She tried to find grip on his chest, as she rode his dick harder and faster. He winched in pain when her nails dug into his flesh. With just enough sense remaining to notice his discomfort, she moved so that her grip was on the tree behind him. Her breasts bounced rhythmically in front of his face and her untamed cries of pleasure increased in pitch and volume.

His hands came to her hips and he thrust up hard to meet her downward movements. He slammed his cock barbarously inside her tight pussy, over and over again. It was too much for her to take. Her urgent need for release from the achingly tight tension inside her finally gave way. Her body convulsed with the blinding white pleasure that rocked her entire soul. Her legs clamped hard against him. The upsurge of feelings seized her entire body. Her orgasm was powering through her.

When she’d settled and her shaking had dimmed to a light tremor, he moved her off him and offered his burnished, sleek cock to suck. She delighted in the task and engulfed his hot meat into her hungry mouth like a glutton who’d been deprived of food for days. She moaned when she tasted the sweet tang of her own juice. She bobbed her head and slid her watering mouth along his shaft, sucking him like a woman possessed.

His grip of her head signalled that she would soon get a prize for her oral manipulation. She released his cock from her mouth, only to have her hand take over the job. Her tongue licked at his sensitive head, waiting like a soft pink platter, ready for its creamy treat to be laid across it. Her eyes looked up into his and they shared the same look of desire that had sparked the encounter in the first place.

With a deep moan he released the first spurt of his gooey deliciousness onto her waiting tongue. The second sprayed across her nose and cheek. He pushed the head of his cock into the opening of her mouth and filled her with an impressive amount of tasty cum.

After the final twitch she was sure to lick him clean, before he removed himself and slipped his softening dick back into his shorts, which he had quickly put back on. She scooped the cum from her cheek and nose and sucked her fingers clean.

Without the broiling heat of their lust there was a certain amount of awkwardness that ensued.

He stepped back onto the path, “Well…” he said, as he picked up his bag of shopping. “I guess I might see you about.”

He gave her a wink and continued his journey home.

April sat down and rested her head against the tree. She brushed the dirt from her knees and slipped her clothes back on.

“Did that really just happen?”

The salty flavour of his cum, which was still present on her taste buds made that question difficult not to answer.

She picked herself up and made her way back to the path. Smiling as she thought, “That’s just added a new level to my game.” 

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