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The Game Was Up - Part One

In my ambition to find a job, have I found someone instead?

My name is Jackson Dawn. I’m 26 years old; I have brown hair, stand at six foot two inches tall. I weigh 184 pounds;I'vealways been the keep in shape type kind of guy. I’m originally from the United Kingdom but I moved out to Atlantic City to study international security. I did work with computers back home, but I felt it wasn't going anywhere so I decided to move on with something new. So, here I am, living in the United States, trying to chase my wildest ambition.

I have studied for the past two years and finally received my university degree just a few days ago. I have been recently searching for a job within the security world. I want the professional stuff, not like a cop at a mall or something like that. I want something I can make a career out of. I have submitted a few applications to numerous places and I’m in high hopes about finding something soon.

I’m out on this Friday morning doing my daily job and decide to deviate from my normal route. I go through the part of town where all the action is. The restaurants, hotels, casinos, entertainment complexes, hell everything you would expect from a big city to have. I’m jogging down the awakening street passing closely around people. I hear the sound of hundreds of conversations happening around me, the busy street to my left alive with the roar of the traffic and sounds of car horns.

I cross a small construction site exit and have to stop suddenly to avoid being struck by a large truck. He was clearly moving too fast to even notice me. I rub my eyes and cough as dust sprays up from the tires. I squint through the dust and I look at the site. I see a sign on the unfinished building. It reads “The Dream opening Soon!” The sign has icons of slot machines and money plastered all over it. It must be a new casino opening up.

I stand there for a long moment wondering to myself whether they would be looking for security staff. I decide it’s worth the chance and I walk into the site. I head for the doors and acknowledge the activity around me. I look up as I get closer looking at the true scale of the building rising. All around me I see workmen decorating, fitting light fixtures, and mainly applying finishing touches. I stop to let a delivery man with a large stack of boxes on a trolley enter before me. He is clearly in a rush and mumbles a “Thank you” as he walks through the doors.

I walk in and find myself feeling almost under-dressed. It’s a very fancy lobby with marble floors and Chinese architecture. It’s clearly a Chinese themed casino. As I look around through the hustle of the workmen, I hear the noise of power tools echoing around me. The inside of this place looks almost finished

I hear the elevator ping and turn to see the doors open. A well dressed gentlemen with a sexy female accomplice steps out. The female looks stunning. She is a brunette with her hair tied up in a Chinese style hair bun. She has a perfect figure and nice size breasts, maybe 32B. She looks roughly 24 of age and is wearing a snug fitting black dress. She is walking with a sophisticated long stride which, for some reason, turns me on. I watch her swaying her hips as she walks towards me in such a manner. They are both walking and talking as the woman writes stuff down on a notepad. He glances at me and stops talking, halting for a brief moment, probably wondering why I’m staring at him.

He makes his way towards me. My eyes and the woman’s eyes meet and I panic slightly. I dart my eyes towards the man. I see straight away as he came out of the elevator he was wearing a very nice black suit, a white shirt, and a black bow tie. He also is wearing a pair of fancy black leather shoes. I search his face; he is slightly wrinkled and has brown hair with a bit of grey streaked through it. I clear my throat and go to shake his hand, he speaks first.

May I help you, sir?”

He speaks in a deep voice with a foreign accent. I quickly establish its Italian.

Yes, sir, are you the manager here?”

Yes I am, Frank Vercettie. Nice to meet you.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I'm Jackson Dawn.”

How can I be of assistance, Mr. Dawn?"

I explain to him what I have done in university and the objective I have. He is keeping eye contact with me as I’m talking he holds his chin. It kind of makes me uncomfortable. I finish explaining myself and stop to let him reply.

Okay then, so you're completely qualified, you just haven't had any experience yet?”

“That is correct, sir.”

I feel a butterfly sensation build in my stomach as I can see he is thinking about it. He seems like he is silent for good ten minutes, although it is more like five seconds. I wonder to myself for a second what an Italian man is doing running a Chinese hotel/casino. I try not to smile as I think about it. He finally opens his mouth to talk.

“Urm…I think if you send me your resamay, and all the necessary paperwork we will see what I can do, Mr. Dawn.”

I almost go to hug him as I try to refrain from smiling like an idiot. I just about retain my professional composure as he says this.

Thank you very much, Mr. Vercettie.”

Please, call me Frank.”

He smiles at me and reaches into his jacket pocket, pulling out a small business card and handing it to me.

This is my card. Mail me your resume and details to that email address and I will get back to you shortly.”

Thank you very much, Frank. I'll will get right to it.”

No problem, Mr. Dawn.”

We shake hands and he turns to walk away down the lobby. I have a big smile on my face as I walk away. My eyes are fixed onto the woman who was with us; she said nothing as Frank and I spoke. I find my sight drifting down her back to observe her perfect rear end as she walks away. I wait for them to disappear around the corner before doing a fist pump in the air. “Yeah!” I say quietly under my breath as I slide Frank’s card into my pocket. As I leave the site and begin to jog again, I’m thinking about whether I’m going to get the job or not. If I do get it what might it have in store for me, I hope I’ve got my foot in the door. This will be a full time well paid job.

I arrive at my flat 20 minutes later; I push through the double doors to the main hall, and say hello to the receptionist. I make my way to the elevator and press the button for the 27 th floor. The door closes and I feel the elevator start to climb up. I stand and watch the numbers flick past on the screen, stopping at the 27 th floor. I exit the elevator and I cross the hall to my front door. I’m still hot, sweating, and catching my breath as I place Frank’s card on my desk. I go to the kitchen to get some water. I have a nice apartment for my age. I did have a lot of funding from various sources which I used to help me along the way. I’m lucky with what I have.

I finish the water I have and head to the bedroom to strip down. I’m single and I live alone. I have a few friends but I tend to keep to myself mostly. I don’t have to worry about anyone seeing me naked. I throw the dirty clothes in the wash. I feel the cool breeze exposed on my shaft and bare skin. It feels nice. I walk into the bathroom turning the water on. I leave it there to warm up before stepping in. The hot stream splashes onto me as I put my head under the head of the shower. It’s almost too relaxing.

I wash my hair first like I always do, rinsing all the shampoo from my head. I grab the shower gel and begin to massage it onto my skin. While doing so the woman who was with Frank comes to mind. I find myself getting aroused. I feel the soap on my skin. I can feel myself getting hard picturing how she looked in my head. I undress her in my mind, exposing her bare breasts to me. I grip my hand around the head of my cock and slowly begin to jerk off.

I can feel the warm water and soap on my head, as my hands slip softly over my glands. I moan out as I begin to go faster, feeling the intense injection of pleasure shooting through me. My eyes are closed and she is completely nude before me. I prop myself against the wall with my arm and start to go at it hard. I picture having sex with her, the things we could do together. I wish that it was her hand gripping my hard cock and I feel the pleasure build, bucking into my hand. As I reach orgasm I moan out long and hard feeling my legs buckle slightly under me. I feel my cum shoot hard whilst standing up, making it more intense. My breathing is hard as my orgasm subsides. I feel it come to an end and relax a bit. I wash the remaining soap off feeling my hard cock soften. I feel how tender my head is as I wash the tip clean, moaning out softly.

I step out from the shower in my orgasmic daze and wrap myself in a towel and walk to my laptop. I sit down at my desk finding all my paperwork. It’s all been copied onto my hard drive so It can be e-mailed easily. I proceed to mail what is required to Frank. It all sends off fine and I go dry off. I put on some clean clothes and go make something to eat. It’s lunch time so I sit out on my balcony being lucky enough to be on to top floor. I am able to see half of Atlantic City from where I am. I love the view from here. I often just stand and watch the city pass me by.

I enjoy the sun on me for a little while as I wait to hear my oven beep. My mind is on the possible job I have just applied for. I was looking forward to it but still not knowing what position I could be offered, if any at all. I don’t care too much; a job is a job at this early stage. I’m just happy to get the chance so early on. I’m also looking forward to working at that location it’s in. From what I have seen so far it looks like a really nice five star hotel and casino. I just need to be patient and await a reply from Frank.

I hear the beep on my oven finally go off. I go to my kitchen to take out the leftover chicken breast from the oven. It’s leftovers from last night; I had a few friends over. We watched the race and I made way too much food. I go back to the balcony and eat, admiring the view. I finish up my lunch and washing the dishes. I watch TV for the rest of the afternoon into the evening, hoping to hear back from Frank. I wait but still I have not heard back. As the evening draws later into the night I watch the lights light up the city, and it becomes alive. I feel myself getting tired and I figure I should just go to bed. I’m sure he’ll message me by morning. I head to my bedroom, strip naked and climb into bed for the night.

I wake up at 9:00am to the buzz of my alarm, leaning over and prod everything until I hit the off button. I swing my legs over the side of the bed, just sitting there allowing myself to walk up a little. I put on some clothes and make my way to the kitchen. I pour myself some coffee from the machine, which automatically turns its self on. It’s Saturday and I don’t jog on the weekends so the morning is my own. I walk over to the balcony and open the doors, moving out feeling the warm breeze on my face. It’s a beautiful morning and I can’t enjoy it more. I take a sip of my coffee and remember about Frank’s e-mail. I hurry over to my desk and sit down at my laptop. I open the screen and watch as it flashes on and begins to load. I go straight to my message, Frank has e-mailed me.

Hello Jackson,

I have looked through our current employment record and see that you are in luck. Believe it or not we have no head of security at this point in time. You have all the required qualifications and I'm positive you can handle the job. We have a fairly large security team which you will be commanding, but you will get to know them just fine. You know what you have to do.

So if you are interested, mail me back and I will send you the details.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Frank Vercettie

I re-read what he said and then immediately reply back.

Dear Mr. Vercettie,

Firstly I would like to thank you for getting back to me so soon. I'm positive that I can fill this slot and am very interested in the position. Yes if you could be so kind as to send me the details of how many people we have on the security team etc. I would greatly appreciate it, Frank.

Many thanks and speak soon.

Jackson Dawn

I’m over the moon as I wait for a reply from Frank. I can’t believe my luck about getting into this establishment. The morning passes and I receive a reply and all the details I need are there for me to study. There are a total of twenty three members of the security team working at The Dream , not including me. I’m to go into the Casino tomorrow morning at 10:00am to be briefed more on the position. I’ll be given a tour or something I suspect. I send Frank a quick reply saying thanks and that I’ll see him tomorrow.

I’m overjoyed at the news and I phone two of my best buddies. I tell them the news and suggest we should go out and celebrate, and how else do you celebrate getting a new job? By going out drinking at a strip club of course! We arrange to meet at our favourite place, Poppet’s Penthouse. It’s an amazing strip club on the top floor of a skyscraper, it’s in the down town area and is popular, has amazing views, the best drinks and best of all the absolute sexiest girls. We meet at 10:45 as planned. We spend the night drinking and talking. We’re having a good time watching all the sexy girls dance. I know I’m going to have to make a good impression tomorrow so I don’t want to drink too much. I’m mostly there to enjoy the girls, and I do. I spend a considerable amount of money getting lap a dance. She is one of the prettiest girls in the joint. I pay extra to go to a private room with her.

I’m sitting down in a chair to watch as she starts to dance. She moves her body to the music in front of me. She is wearing just a bra and a thong. She moves closer to me, bends over sticking her ass right in my face. I can see the sides of her pussy and her asshole peek around the revealing thong. I let out a moan and I see her smile. I see her spread her cheeks for me, giving her bum a playful slap. It’s difficult for me not to reach up and spank it myself. I watch the way she moves her body, watching her bend over and lower herself onto me really turns me on. She dances for another ten minutes or so and I enjoy every second of it. I leave the room, thanking her kindly on my way out.

I walk back into the main club, I search through the crowd. I squint through the bright lights and finally spot my buddies. I find that they have found a nice group of girls’ to mingle with, all three of them very pretty. We talk and dance throughout the night, we have a great time. I don’t want to be out to late so at about 12:30 I decide to head home. The guys try and make me stay but I insist on going home. I leave them there with the girls. I head down in the elevator and grab a cab home.

I arrive home and head up to my floor, but I don’t head straight to my apartment. I turn right to the staff only door, looking behind me, making sure no one is looking. I open the door and go through it, closing it as silently as I can behind me. I make my way up a set of stairs and open one last door, walking into the cool crisp air night. I’m on the roof. I walk to the ledge and look over the whole city. There is something magical about this place at night. I take one long deep breath, watching the lights flicker. I can see the car lights moving around below me. This is one of the things I love doing at night time to time. It’s a great way to relax and unwind from a long day. I stand and admire the view for a couple more minutes before heading down to my apartment.

I decide its best just to go to sleep; I really want tomorrow to go well and I need a good night’s rest. I have a quick drink of water, than strip naked. I climb into bed; lying there I remember that I have left my friends at the club. I wonder if they are having any luck with the girls... well I wonder but I need not. I know they’re all good at sweet talking the ladies. I ask myself maybe I should have stayed? I could have gotten some action if I was lucky; I haven’t had sex in nearly two years. It would have been nice to feel a warm pussy wrapped around my cock again. Oh well, I have a job now, let’s be thankful for that.

I wake up feeling full of optimism for what’s to come of the day. I have no trouble getting out of bed, taking a quick shower, putting on some nice clothes. I make my way to the kitchen where I eat breakfast and watch a bit of TV. At 9:30 I set off in my car heading for The Dream, I have the radio on in the background but not really listening. I’m thinking of what lies ahead of me today. I approach my destination and pull into the newly laid tarmac of the parking lot. I pull into the space closest to the entrance; the parking lot is huge but empty at the moment. I lock my car and make my way up to the building.

I walk in through the sparkly glass doors, into the new shiny lobby. I stop and look around seeing it’s a great deal quieter than the last time I was here. Just a few people are here and there, but I don’t see Frank anywhere. I look around and spot a familiar face up the far end of the lobby. It’s the sexy female accomplice that was with Frank when I first met him. She walks towards me; I try not to make it look like I’m enjoying the sight of her walk. The way she walks turns me on for some reason. She gets closer to me and is the first to speak.

Mr. Dawn, it's nice to see you again. I'm Mia, Mr Vercettie's secretary. I'll be showing you around today”

“Oh great, it's a pleasure to meet you, Mia.”

“ Nice to meet you too Mr Dawn. I’m sorry to go straight to business but we don't have too much time so could you follow me please?”

“ That’s fine, after you.”

We walk up the lobby and through a set of doors which leads into the main casino area. All I can hear is the rings and chimes of the various gaming machines around me. There are plenty of different games to be chosen from. I see Black Jack, Wheel of Fortune, Dominoes, Poker; every game I’ve ever seen seems to be here. They have an impressive layout here too. I can see a bar at the back as well. It’s teamed with a restaurant over through the doors up in front of me. The room is empty other than a few technicians doing things with the machines. We turn right and Mia swipes a card over a scanner unlocking the security door. She pushes the door open and we walk up the set of stairs, hearing the door shut and lock behind us. I’m at eye level with Mia’s ass watching her walk up the stairs; once again she is wearing a tight revealing outfit. I watch her perfect ass wriggle as she moves up the steps. I feel my cock grow hard as we round the corner and my jaw drops slightly. I turn to see an ultra modern security center. My ultra modern security center! I look out across a sea of computers and CCTV screens. Mia turns to me and begins to explain.

This is our state of the art security center, this is where you will be working from mostly.”

I feel a rush of pure terror and shame wash over me as Mia looks down, noticing the large bulge in my pants. I panic and try and explain myself.

“Oh Jesus! I'm so sorry, Mia I don't know why I'm like that I- I was just, I'm just going to go, okay?”

I turn to walk out of the room but before I can go any further I hear Mia in a raised voice.

“Stop ! Jackson its okay”

I stop and turn around seeing that she is hurrying after me.

“In fact it's better than okay.”

With no warning I watch as Mia drops to her knees in front of me. She rushes to open my zipper, pulling my boxers aside. I don't believe what she is doing, but the last thing I want to do is stop her.

“Wow ! Mia what are you doing!? We don't even know each other we can't.”

I feel my cock being pulled out from my pants and being gently stroked by her warm hands.

That doesn't matter Mr. Dawn. Nor do I care so shut up”

She gracefully takes my cock into her mouth. I love how demanding she is being with me and it's turning me on even more. I feel her warm wet tongue run up the underside of my cock and it takes my breath away. It's been so long since I have been with a woman.

“Ohh Mai. My God!”

I hear her hum loudly, making the vibrations ripple through my shaft. She eases more of me into her mouth. I can feel my legs want to buckle under me. I grab onto a nearby desk using it to steady myself. I watch while she takes more and more of me into her hungry throat. I place my free hand on top of her head. I grip a bunch of her hair forcing her back and forth onto my shaft. It’s making me moan out her name. She sucks on my cock while undoing my pants. They fall to the floor. I feel the cold air hit me, increasing the sensation I’m feeling.

She looks up at me keeping eye contact the whole time, harshly suckling and slurping on my cock. It feels like nothing I have ever felt before. I start to buck my hips into her forcing my cock deeper into her throat. She takes it like a pro and I start to feel myself slip into the start of an orgasm. I start to breathe harder and faster. I grip her hair harder and fuck her throat harder, I moan out loudly as I can’t hold back anymore. I buck once again hard into her throat, holding myself balls deep in her and release my load.

Mmm fuck. Mia I'm going to cum Mmm!”

She grips my butt cheeks and pulls herself closer to me. She swallows every last drop of my hot seed. My orgasm subsides as she gently pulls away from me. I feel my now tender head slipping out of her warm mouth. She starts to give me a light cleaning, licking up her saliva and my cum from the head of my cock and down my shaft. Mia stands up, giving her mouth a wipe while looking down at herself, correcting her clothes and fixing her hair. I slowly pull my pants up making sure they are buttoned up and clean from anything that might stain.

I'm sorry about that Mr. Dawn. I just really needed a thick cock in my mouth, I don't know what came over me.”

A look of confusion appears on my face. I try to speak, slurring my words as I regain my composure.

Please call me Jackson, and that's okay, Mia. I really needed that too. You’re not going to mention this to Mr Vercettie are you?”

No of course not. It can be our little dirty secret, Jackson. We'll have to do that again”

That sounds like a great idea, Mia, and we really do need to do that again.”

I'm sure we can, but we really need to finish this tour.”

Okay, Mia. Lead the way, gorgeous.”

We finish what we needed to do. I’m shown where my office is; where everything I will need is kept. I am also given my uniform which is a nice black suit. It has a white under shirt and a black bow tie. My mind can’t stop thinking about what happen though; it caught me off guard and I enjoyed it so much. Mia is such a hard girl to figure out. She never showed any emotions at all. I’m going to have to work hard to figure her out. All I want to do is use her pretty little mouth again after that performance.

Luckily I refrain from any more sexual acts for the rest of the day. I give a friendly farewell to Mia as I leave The Dream and head to my car. I sit in my car for a few minutes just trying to piece together what had just happened. I start my car and aim for home.

The Dream opens this following Monday morning; not the main opening. It’s just a soft opening to make sure everything is working how it should be before the Grand Opening. We have two weeks to get it ready for the big night. I do all I can to make sure I’m prepared for tomorrow. I have studied the building's blue prints. I know where all the rooms are and where the sensors and security camera are placed.

I think I’m ready to take this job head on. I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to working with Mia. I can’t wait to get stuck into her, I should say. I hope I have Mia figured out by then; so far I really like her. I hope we play around some more over the next few weeks. She has one incredible mouth.

To Be Continued....

Many thanks to Poppet for her Grammar, formatting and spelling support

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