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The Game's Afoot

Guilty: yeah, it's a true story!
I have a picture of her in my office. She's smiling and looking up at me as if I've just cracked a joke. My arm is around her waist and I have a look on my face like I'm the most content guy in the world. It was taken when we were still getting to know each other. In our twenties, finishing up college and with nothing but future plans on our minds.

I have a picture of her on my phone. Well, actuallyI have SEVERAL pictures of her. There are the one's she knows I took... that show her being the best mom around or her being completely unaware of how pretty she is in her sunday best. Then a few she doesn't know about... when she's going through the clothes in her closet in her nighty looking for a dress for a date or lying on the bed asleep...soft, warm, content and beautiful.

Either way, ina picture in her youth or a recent pic as a wife of 11 years on my phone, she is always on my mind. With me wherever I go.

Ironically, I didn't appreciate her the way I do now when she was the gorgeous creature in the picture on my desk (I love her so much more now than when it was taken), but I have a fraction of the time to spend with her these days. She works a morning shift and I work afternoons/evenings...or afternoon, evening AND night on occasion.

Tonight, I'm home early enough that we actually ate a meal and watched some tv together. She's sitting on the couch crocheting christmas presents for family while I answer Facebook posts and emails on the laptop. All night I've been peaking over the top of the computer and looking at her, sprawled out with the unfinished blanket covering her lap, her crossed bare legs sticking out from underneath and feet dangling over the coffee table in front of her. It's obvious she's relaxing andhas no idea what she's doing to me, which makes it even more sexy.

"Hey, girl. I know you have to be up early tomorrow morning, but would you be interested in going upstairs with your Hubby for a while?"

She teases me, "is that ALL you ever think about?"


"Ha ha, sure. Let me clean myself up a bit and I'll meet you upstairs in a minute," she says, smiling.

"You look fine the way you are, sweetie," as I walk over to the couch and take her hand. "Besides, I don't want to wait a minute."

I give her a dramatic, soap opera leading man look that always cracks her up.

"Well, how can I say 'no' to THAT?," she says as she moves passed me and heads for the staircase.

I eagerly follow, close behind.

If it isn't obvious as to how I feel about her insides, let me say again that I love her more now than when we were kids. I've never been in the BALLPARK of being with another woman since I met her...not that, I suspect, the thought of taking me from her has crossed the minds of any possible "other women"!

But, that isn't the only reason we're here is it?

She's right, by the way. I DO think of sex a lot.That means that I think of HER a lot.She's the one I have sex with. I'm not perfect, ILOOK at other women, she knows I do. Sometimes she'll even say something like, 'she's pretty, huh?'. But I think she knows that casually appreciating a pretty girl and dragging one into bed are two totally different things. Other than when she teases me during sex-play by telling me stories of bringing a girlfriend with her to bed for me (which is about the nicest/sexiest things she could POSSIBLY to me), sex equals time with her and heronly.

I follow her upstairs because, even in her mid-thirties, she has a tush that younger women would KILL for.She thinks it's too big, of course,but she couldn't be further from the truth. The curve of her waist and lower back into herclassic hips and round bottomare the stufflegends are made of. She has beguiled me with it since day one of our relationship. Fromflashing her panties for me in public (and therefore giving me a boner all the way home from college and igniting my dreamson a weekend apart) tolying on her side in bed without pajama pants on, I love it.What she thinks is inadequate, I ADORE and take very seriously.

She has shapely, muscular legs, forged from years of speed walking and working with her horses.Whether they are caressed insidestockings in the bedroom,proudly nudebetween a skirt and high heels or casually alluring sticking out fromshort shorts, I tend to follow wherever they go. In fact, a couple of those secret pictures on my phone are of her legs stretching from one corner of my screen to the opposite corner in all of their glory. Yeah,I love them, too.

She doesn't hurry, but doesn't linger when she undresses for me. She pulls her shorts and panties off at the same time. lets her hair down from the braid she tied it in for the day and unbuttons her shirt. Then she reaches behind her back and unhooks her bra. She slides it down her arms and puts it on her bedside table befor elooking up at me across the bed. Her cupcake round breasts seem to be enjoying their releasewith their cute strawberry red nipples erect from the cool air around them. Between her legs there's a small bare patch ofcreamy white skinbetween soft tufts of hair. For whatever reason, it doesn't grow there. Yet another unintentional, but seriously sexy quirks on her body. Most guys could stand and look at at naked girl for hours without thinking of anything else and I'm no different, but there are other thing to do than just look on this night.

I'm already naked and standing across the bed from her...I'm a dude, it doesn't take me long and I can do the whoe thing while never taking my eyes off my lover.She looks at my erection, smiles and lays on the bed. I'm not the biggest guy in the world, but it's fair to say that I'm bigger than average. I'm not sure exactly what she thinks of it, but I've noticed over the yearsshe gets a particular kind of pleasure in making ithard and she seems to enjoy playing with it in different ways and watching my reaction to different touches. The irony of all of this is that she has awell endowed husband and is a girl who could really care less. Seriously, I believe that she'd enjoy me just as much if I wassmall.

For her part, she happens toBE on the smaller side and we haven't always been the best "fit". The downside is that if I get too excited I can (and have, sadly,every now and then) hurt her.The upside is that it has forced us to try other things beside the tried and true guy-on-top position. By the look in her eye, I can tell this is going to be one of those "try-something-different" kind of nights.

Running her fingers through her hair she asks me if I like what I see. Her hair is amazing. Again, she hates it, always threatening to cut it all off, but it's beautiful. Long, thick and straight with just enough wave in it to make it interesting to look at and follow to it's ends as it flows over her shoulders. It's a dark blonde and soft...modles must look at her hair and curse their own. I've LOVED it since I met her, sometimes I stroke it when she sleeps. It's simply beautiful.

She rolls on the bed, stretching her body and working her way into a relaxing position. Her muscles tighten all over her body, her arms reachout and her fingers flex and dance abover her head. She looks like a Playboy centerfold (only a THOUSAND times better)as her white skin writhes over the dark sheets. Finally, her legs stretch out and she points her toes towardsme.

She cathces me lookingat her little feet and toes. I'm not going to lie, I find them attractive. Feels strange to say, a little wierd really, but it's true.

There's a particularly wicked look in her eye as she slowly raises her right leg and stroked my penis with her soft toes. I can't quite describe the feeling beyond saying that it shoots a wave of pleasure through my body that makes everything else in world seem VERY unimportant. She giggles and brings her left foot up caress the other side. I'm aware ofher giggles, the fact I'm making noise of some kind (I mean, who really CARES what I'm saying? Assuming it's intelligable at all, anyway) and that my knees are shaking from the sheer power her touch.

I look down and watch this strange, intimate and somewhat deviant movie with all of my concentration. My cock is almost as long as her foot and one at a time she pushes her toes all the way to mybody then slowly pulls them back, rubbing her round toes along my shaft. I feel the bump of her ankle on my dickhead and then the soft skin of the side of her foot and then the curves of her toes against the spongy tip of my extremely stimulated privates.

I lean forward, barely able to stand and still mumbling incoherently. She moves her right foot up my chest and begins to do circles around my nipple and then uses the very tips of her toes to tickle the most sensitive skin of my manhood underneath the head. As if THAT wasn't enough, she whispers softly the words, "Go ahead."

The familiar contractions start anda powerfulthrob heaves my heavy erection upwards. when it comes down it land my sweet spot directly against her soft, round big toe. Iexhale loudly and watch as I shoot ahefty orgasm on the top of her foot.The world moves in slow motion as I feel a second release shoot up through her toes from underneath them. Finally she rubs my wet, erupting cock against the side of her foot and I let go of a third shot on her ankle.

She has, yet again, turned my entire body into jelly. I hold myselfup over her legs trying to catch my breath. I look at what she did to me and what I left on her. It feels wierd to say, but seeing my orgasm on her cute little foot adds to my satidfaction. What this woman does to me!

I then become aware that she is laughing.

"You COULD get something to dry it off with, it kind of tickles, ya know?"

I look at her face.I haven't mentionedher smile or laugh yet. Well, I love those too, but I suppose that's for another story!
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