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The Generation Game: Part 1 - Sarah

Two young people fall in love, but lose each other.

It was at one of those crazy, wild parties that I saw her. She was dancing to a Stones number, her arms above her head, her hair cascading over her shoulders. She was a couple of years older than I, and seemed so grown up and unobtainable that I just watched her dance, and compensated with rather too much bad red wine. That’s the cop-out when you are eighteen, inexperienced, and just a bit shy.

As the party wound down, I looked for her, but couldn't find her, so made my stumbling way back to my digs. The cool night air hit me hard, and to my shame I managed to find a culvert, over which I bent and was thoroughly sick.

"Thought you were getting pissed," a voice from behind castigated me.

"I'm sorry," I stuttered, my embarrassment complete, as it was she.

"Are you okay now?" she asked rather more kindly.

"I think so." 

"Well then, we'd better be getting you home."

And so she walked me back to my digs, and left me there to stumble up to my bed, and to lust-filled dreams of her.

A couple weeks later I was at another party, when a voice in my ear said, "I hope you won't drink too much tonight." 

We talked, we danced, and this time it was I who walked Sarah home, and got a kiss on the doorstep as my reward.

We started to meet often, and then one Saturday night I didn't get left on the doorstep with a kiss. Sarah turned and asked me in with a sexy smile.

"It’s all right, they are away for the weekend." 

She led me straight upstairs to her bedroom, and flung herself into my arms. Our tongues clashed, and her body moulded into mine. I could feel her firm breasts flattened against my chest and before I knew what was happening, her hands were at my belt.

We tore each other’s clothes off, until our naked bodies came together in an explosion of heat. She cupped my cock in her hands, stroking it before bending down to slide it between her lips. I was on the brink almost immediately, and when she curled her tongue along the rim of my head, I left go and filled her beautiful mouth with my youthful semen.

"It's your first time, right?"

"Is it that obvious?"

She kissed me then, tasting salty from me, and then gave me first one breast to suck, and then the other. She moaned as I licked round and round, her nipples hard, her body moving against mine. She pushed my head down her body, and opened her legs to reveal herself to my gaze.

"Lick me there," came the throaty command.

The first ever pussy for me to explore was wonderful. She tasted like camembert and cranberry, and inexpert though I was, I must have touched her in the right places, as she was soon exploding in a shuddering orgasm, her juices spreading all over my face.

By now I was rock hard again, and it was just so natural to slide my length into her. She wrapped her legs around me, pulling me closer and deeper, and rocked with me as my hips started to move. The feeling was like all my Sundays had come at once, but thanks to my earlier rather hasty ejaculation, I found myself able to last and pace myself, to Sarah's obvious pleasure. When finally I felt my balls tighten, it was after Sarah had cum a couple of times, and did so again as I reared up with a cry of sheer pleasure.

We stayed in bed all the weekend, it seemed, catching sleep when we could, and then fucking like starved animals until we were worn out and sore, and sleep crept upon us once more.

I was out for the count when a rough hand grabbed me and pulled me out of bed onto the floor. Oh god, it must be her father, standing there, red in the face and shouting obscenities at me. I tried to say something, but he hit me, a big fist breaking open my lip, and blood streamed down my face. I grabbed my clothes, hopping from one foot to another to avoid any more punches, and scampered downstairs and out into the night air. It was ball freezing cold, but I must have run a good quarter mile before I stopped, saw no one was following and dressed hastily, clasping a balled-up handkerchief to my face.

I looked for her many times after that, and even went round to where she worked, a jewellers in the High Street, only to be told that she had left. I learnt after a while that she had been sent away, but those friends of hers who I had met did not know where to.

To be continued in 1988, 24 years later.

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