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The Generation Game - Part 2 - Suze

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Years later, I meet a beautiful young woman in Texas, and start a passionate affair.

After a rather messy divorce, which was entirely my own fault, I had been rebuilding my life and trying to avoid the multiple affairs that had plagued the previous ten years. Luckily, in some ways, we had no children, so apart from the financial settlement, I had become a free agent. I had a good job and had travelled widely as a result of it, taking me away from home for weeks at a time. This hadn't helped my marriage. Looking back on it now, it was astonishing that it had lasted as long as it had.

I was in Austin, Texas, for a series of meetings with a key business partner, and enjoying being taken around and shown the sights. One evening, my host, a likeable guy called Tom, said he was taking me to the best club in the city, but I had better be ready to dance, as there were lots of lovely women who went there. I took that as a rival bit of Texan hyperbole and went along happily with his suggestion.

The club was huge, tables around the sides, a long bar at one end and the stage at the other. The sound system was real state-of-the-art stuff, which meant deafening, but the band was great. Once we'd grabbed a cold beer and found a table, we settled in for the duration. After about a half hour, the singer, a sultry, dark- haired, dark-eyed woman, announced that the next one would be a ladies' invitation. The set started and couples took to the floor. Imagine my surprise then when I was confronted by a young woman who came to stand in front of me demanding that I dance with her. She was gorgeous, her tight jeans clinging to her body, and a blouse that stretched sexily over her high, proud breasts, unbuttoned just enough to show their swell, and a sexy smile. I really didn't have much of a decision to make.

"Tom, did you set this up?", I asked. But he said not, and then she grabbed my hand and led me to the floor. I hadn't danced for a while, but the rhythm soon got me moving, and when the song changed to a slow waltz, she came into my arms, and then at least we could talk.

"You dance pretty good", she said, "For an old man, anyway."

That put me in my place all right, but considering she was probably half my age, I couldn't exactly object.

"There's life in the old dog still," I responded.

"Oh, you're not so old, and anyway, I like older men," she purred in my ear and pressed her body closer to mine.

I could feel myself responding to her, despite my intention to be better behaved.

"There's certainly life there," she laughed.

We danced a few more dances, and when I asked her to join Tom and me at our table. She agreed and didn't let my hand go as we walked back. Tom wasn't there, just a slip of paper which said, "See you tomorrow at 10".

Suzanne didn't seem fazed by that at all and moved her chair closer to mine. She was lovely, fair hair, clear blue eyes, gorgeous kissable lips, and a body that curved in all the right places. The evening went so fast with us talking and dancing. She was a real tonic for me. When the last song was sung we left and I hailed a cab, then turned to Suze and said I'd take her home and then go back to my hotel.

"Just your hotel," she said, and got in the cab.

"Wow, this is swish. You do okay."

"It is on expenses."

Inside, we crossed the lobby and took the elevator. As soon as the doors closed, she came to me and our lips met. She tasted sweet, and smelled divine, whether that was a sensual perfume she had on, or maybe it was just her, I knew not and cared less.

In my room, we again kissed, our hands roaming, and somehow, without breaking the kiss, most of our clothes were lost. The moment when our naked bodies met is stamped in my brain. It was like a physical and mental shock combined, so strong that I was immediately lost in her.

This first time, there were no preliminaries, just the raw need to be inside her, and as though we were old lovers. My cock was soon deep inside, held as though by a velvet glove, and as my strokes found her pace and quickened, driving us both to the climax we both needed so much, her eyes opened, and she gasped, "Oh, yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

Her orgasm was a beautiful thing to share. Such passion and such emotion as she rode the waves of pleasure that coursed through her body. Mine came shortly after, the release so poignant and so good.

We took a short rest, but our fires were soon ignited again. She rose above me and moved down my body to take me in her mouth. Slow waves of pleasure coursed the length of me and I tugged her around so I could give her pleasure as well. She tasted great and my tongue licked around the sweet entrance to her pussy and then along each inner lip to flick at her little erect clit. Then my tongue retraced its journey, stretching it out as far as I could to push it into her. Her muscles gripped the end of my tongue, encouraging me to push in further. I stuck my tongue in as far as I could and then tried to lick, curling the tip, which touched her pussy walls and caused her to gasp each time I did it.

By now her sucking of my cock had got a bit erratic, not surprising given the attention I was giving to her with my tongue and lips. My hands were on her firm round bum, pulling her closer to me. As she gasped for air, my fingers moved to spread her ass cheeks and instead of licking back up to her clit, my tongue found and probed her darker hole. She jerked when my tongue first touched her there and I thought she was going to stop me, but, with a contented sigh, she relaxed and let me lick her anal bud round and round, softening her muscle until my tongue tip could easily penetrate. In and out, I poked her asshole, each time feeling her react and clench on me until I was sure that it remained open a little bit, as each time it was easier to insert the tip of my tongue.

Only then she did pull away and turn to me, her eyes heavy with lust, and said "Oh, Chris, now fuck my ass, I want you there so bad."

She turned onto all fours, and, positioning myself, I wiped my cock along her dripping slit, partly to stroke her clit closer to orgasm, but also to lubricate myself better, and then wiped my slippery fat cock head against her ring.

“Fuck, yes…….yes……..oh that’s good.”

Slowly, she relaxed and let me in, entering her secret passage a half inch at a time, until my whole length was inside, feeling the heat of her all around me. I paused for a short while as her body moved and adjusted to my size, until I felt her push back onto me. Then I started a slow fuck, feeling her grip me as my cock head almost popped out, and then that exquisite sensation as Iwent deep into her bowels. Her hand slipped between her legs and, as I stroked in and out, she stroked and rubbed her clit.

Her head was in the pillows and her ass in the air. She was totally beautiful as were her sounds of pleasure, muffled but growing in volume as we moved closer to the release we needed. Her orgasm tipped me over the edge as well, and once again my seed squirted into her body.

"Now, I realise just why I like older men," she whispered to me.

"No argument from me, my sweet sexy girl."

"And an older British guy, well it's a bit scary, but in a good way, I think."

Eventually I got the story out of her, though it was punctuated by more great sex. It seemed that her mother was a Brit, had married a Texan and lived here since then.

"So, where is your dad now?" I asked, as the way she talked about him made him sound distant.

"Oh, he wasn't my real dad, but he was good to me, and I cried for weeks when he was killed in Afghanistan six years ago."

Her eyes filled with tears, and I kissed them away as she rested in my arms. One thing led to another, and before I knew it, she was kneeling over me, riding my erect cock, her round, pink tipped breasts bobbing as her hips moved on me, like a snake. As I looked up at her, she smiled, and when I told her she was the sexiest woman I had met in a long, long time, she replied cryptically, "It’s all in the genes."

The rest of my week in Austin went so fast, tough business meetings, and then Suze.All too soon it was time for me to leave. We talked every day, and at last she accepted my offer of her flying over to be with me for a couple of weeks. Our meeting at Heathrow put us in danger of us getting arrested. We couldn't keep our hands off each other and as I drove out to my place in Egham, her hand was in my lap all the way, just stroking me. Getting me ready, she called it.

At the door, I picked her up in my arms, leaving her case on the doorstep and carried her straight upstairs to my bedroom where we got reacquainted in the nicest way, as fast and furious as our first time had been. I don't know what my neighbours thought, as our lovemaking was anything but quiet. She was a screamer for sure, but that is such a turn on and ego boost. Later that day, she asked me if we could go and see where her mother and grown up.

"Sure, where was that?"

"A town called Cowley."

"What? Cowley?"

"Yes, do you know it?"

"Well, I know a Cowley. It’s a part of Oxford"

"That's it," she said, "Ma told me it was a village really which had merged with the town."

"What a coincidence. That's where I lived for a few years, a long time ago."

"Well, at least we will find the right place."

So later that week, we drove out and found what Cowley had become. We parked in a shopping centre car park and wandered the streets.

"Look, it is still there, that house with the green pan-tile roof. That's where I had digs for a couple of years," I told her, amazed to see it again.

"Never been back?" she asked.

"No reason to, the people I was close to moved away."

"Can we find Cromwell Road? Ma says it's near a Church."

"Where?" I gasped.

Suddenly I was taken back to that day when Sarah and I had been discovered. Surely it was a coincidence. Surely!

"What is your mum's name, Suze?" I could hardly get the words out.

"Who, Ma? It's Sarah, but we've always called her Sally. Why?"

I felt weak at the knees and stumbled to sit on a nearby wall.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"No, not really. I think you have exhausted me, I told you I was an old man," I somehow replied, though my mind was in a whirl with the possibilities.

"Silly man," she said, "But you do look pale. I think we had better get you home."

All the way home I was in a turmoil. I'd asked Suze some time ago when her birthday was and now I was doing the sums. If she was my Sarah's daughter, then there was a strong chance that I had been fucking my own daughter!

Oh my god!

(To be continued - in 2008)

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