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The ghost of Hannah

Anthony is haunted by the ghost of an ex lover
At the time Edinburgh seemed like the ideal place to run away to. It was in another county, but only a short train or bus ride away. At seventeen, it was the furthest Anthony ever thought he was going to go.

The plan was to meet early in the morning at their place in the town centre. Anthony was early as usual, and waiting impatiently for Hannah. It was cold for early October and the tree he was leaning against had already begun to shed its leaves.

It seemed like a typical English morning; chilly and damp, even though he didn’t remember it raining the night before. He hadn’t been able to sleep. He kept thinking about Hannah and the way she had looked when he had placed the tiny ring on the appropriate finger of her left hand. She had smiled, dimples forming on her cheeks. Her face was dotted with freckles left over from the summer. Her long blond hair cascaded down her shoulders.

Anthony glanced at his watch. She was late. He was worried about getting caught, that’s why he had snuck out of his house before any of his family had woken up. Anyways, they wouldn’t care, they rarely did.

He kept looking at his watch and he wasn’t very sure when he realised it, but eventually did. He knew something must’ve happened, but eventually he couldn’t wait any longer and he had to leave.


25 years later.

“The kids are tucked in and already drifting off. Are you sure you don’t want me to stay home with you?” Anthony put his lips to his wife’s forehead. She was still burning up.

“You go ahead. It’ll be fun. I’m just sorry I am not feeling up to it. The kids are asleep and are knackered from the party. I wouldn’t worry.”

Anthony had taken his four year old daughter and six year old son to a Halloween fair at the town hall. Despite the amount of sugar they had consumed they had made it to bed much earlier than usual.

Anthony and his wife were supposed to go to a Halloween party in Edinburgh, but it looked like he would be going alone considering her condition. Anthony was relieved that she was still encouraging him to go. He had been looking forward to the party for a while. He was even more relieved that he wouldn’t be going with his wife. It wasn’t that his marriage with Charlotte was bad. It was good, or at least on the surface it was. They enjoyed each other’s company, but he wasn’t in love with her and never had been.

When she had gotten pregnant with Mark, Anthony had married her. He was happy with the choice he had made, but still felt like he had settled.

Anthony began to put on his costume. He pulled the white shirt on and fastened the ruffles around his wrist before attaching the ruffled collar. His wife had been keen for the two of them to dress up as historical figures. He wasn’t too sure what his costume even was; Lord somebody or other. The trousers he pulled on were slightly too tight and he was worried about what would happen if he sat down.

Anthony checked his watch and realised that he was running a little late. He said a quick good bye to his wife and jumped into his car. The 1996 Mercedes was having trouble starting, but he was soon able to start his journey. The drive from Cramond to Edinburgh was rather dull and it was made even more so by the fact that he couldn’t listen to his radio. Earlier in the week Charlotte had driven into a car wash with antenna still up and needless to say it was no longer attached to the car.

The moment Anthony arrived in Edinburgh, he knew he shouldn’t have taken the car. The streets were packed and he was having trouble finding a parking space. After driving around for several minutes, he found a space a short walk away from where he was supposed to be going.

The party was being held in an old brick building in the centre of Edinburgh. Anthony couldn’t quite remember what the building was used for during the day time, but in the evening the second floor was rented out for various events. There was a large room which replicated an old English estate. He had previously been there for a dinner, but this evening the large oak table had been removed leaving a large room empty which was quickly filling people.

Anthony quickly spotted a few familiar faces from his company and walked over to talk to his two colleagues and their wives. On the way over he grabbed a glass of champagne and some sort of minuscule tart from trays that were whisked quickly by him. The foursome he had approached was deep in conversation, but he easily followed and chimed in when he felt appropriate. The usual conversations between acquaintances ensued. Anthony rarely spent time with his colleagues outside of work and didn’t really feel the need to get to know any of them.

Anthony was soon bored and began lingering between different group, but little grabbed his attention except for the few creative costumes which dotted the crowds. The only familiar faces belonged to people who worked on his floor, and he didn’t have anything more than a working relationship with them. Anthony had only started his current job a few weeks ago.

Anthony felt shy and was having trouble mingling with the groups that had formed. He thought if he moved around quick enough people wouldn’t notice. A canapé on one of the trays caught his eye and he walked over to grab a morsel. Another hand reached out to the tray the same time his did.

“Sorry,” a female voice which belonged to the hand said.

Anthony mumbled an apology, took his canapé and quickly popped it into his mouth not paying much attention to the woman until she began speaking to him.

“I don‘t like these functions much either.” Her soft English accent stood out among all of the Scottish ones. Over the years his accent had blended with a Scottish one.

“That obvious?”

“Yes I could see you walking around like you didn‘t know what to do.” He laughed, slightly embarrassed that he looked socially inept.

“I just don’t know many people here,” he excused himself.

“New to Edinburgh?”

“No I have been here since I was seventeen. Just new to the job.”

“I am only visiting. I work at the office in London.”

The woman began talking about the things she had been doing in Edinburgh while Anthony smiled and contributed every now and then, but mostly he just listened. He really looked at her for the first time. Her blonde hair was tied back in a bun and she had extremely cute dimples. She wore a long dress, the bodice hugged her body tightly and showed off the right amount of cleavage. Her large breasts fit perfectly with her curvy body. 

“What’s your name?”

“Anthony, and yours?”

“Maggie.” They shook hands. “I’m sorry, I must be boring you. What is your costume any ways?”

Anthony laughed. “To be honest, I am not exactly sure. My wife picked it out to match hers and we hadn’t really discussed what we were going as.?”

“Why don’t you just ask her then?”

“Things have been hectic the past couple days. She has had the flu and we have two young children. I was running late this evening so just grabbed the costume. What are you?”

They both grabbed another glass of champagne from a passing tray.



“Mercedes. From the Count of Monte Cristo.”

“Never read it.”

She laughed showing her dimples again. “I know, it’s one that nobody will get. I wanted to be something specific, and now it’s perfect.”

“What is?

“You. You can be my Count.”

Anthony laughed again. “Glad to know who I finally am.”

They had quickly downed their champagnes and took two more. Anthony rarely drank. On the occasions he went to parties with his wife he was always the designated driver. The alcohol hit him quickly and he was already feeling a little more than tipsy.

“It’s important. To know who you are, I mean.” Anthony nodded in agreement.

“We’re not exactly talking to anybody here, do you want to go some place else and get a drink? Maybe someplace we can sit down, my feet are sore from walking around all day.”


“There’s a nice bar in my hotel. It’s only a couple blocks from there. Shall we make a move?”

Anthony was ready to sit down. The champagne made him feel uneasy on his feet and it took all his effort to walk in a straight line to the door. He looked around, there wasn’t really anyone he needed to say good bye to. Maggie shook a few hands on the way to the door but they were out of the building in under two minutes.

They walked down the street to Maggie’s hotel, both shivering. Maggie placed an arm around Anthony’s waist. He guessed it was more to help balance him than anything else. The bar was situated on the ground floor and had low leather chairs around small silver tables. The bar was dimly lit and slightly more crowded than Anthony had expected for so late on Halloween night.

Maggie and Anthony were receiving odd looks from the other patrons of the bar. They quickly remembered that they were the only ones in costumes. It made them laugh, but they sat down at the bar.

“We’re about to close.” The bartender said they could only order a drink before he closed up. They both ordered a gin and tonic.

“I guess I need to tell my wife I am not coming home to night,” he said, indicating to the drinks. “I guess I’ll need to find a room?” Anthony pulled out his phone to text his wife and clumsily punched the letters into his mobile.

“Is that a hint?” Maggie giggled placing her hand on Anthony’s thigh.

Anthony involuntarily grew hard and wasn’t quite sure if Maggie noticed or not. Her hand lingered for a moment before moving up his thigh a little more. She definitely noticed. Anthony was a little embarrassed and unsure if he should leave her hand or move it.

“Maybe they will have a free room here.”

“Doubt it,” she said smiling.

“Look, your attractive, but I am married.” Anthony started to stand up to walk over to reception to get his own room, but Maggie grabbed his wrist.

“I am sure they do have a room, but if you get one you will miss out on tasting my pussy while your cock is deep inside my mouth.”

Anthony paused for a second, his cock was now fully erect. He desperately wanted to fuck this girl’s brains out, but thought about the vows he had made to his wife. Then he also thought about the time she had cheated on him, twice. Without the alcohol he would have gone to his own room, but he had had a lot to drink.

“Lead the way,” he said.

Maggie smiled showing her dimples once again. She grabbed his hand and led him to the elevator. She pressed the button for the third floor and as soon as the doors shut she pinned Anthony against the wall of the elevator. She kissed him, her tongue slid into his and she pressed her entire body against his so she could feel his hardness.

Anthony felt uncomfortable, but was enjoying it at the same time. On one hand he felt guilty about cheating on his wife, but on the other he felt that it was some fun he deserved. They quickly reached their floor, and were unable to much more than make out in the elevator. He followed Maggie to her room and she fumbled in the purse for her key. Anthony reached around her waist and move his hand to her pussy. He rubbed her gently as continued to fumble for the key.

When she found it she quickly opened it and broke away from his hands. They entered the room quickly and slammed the door behind them. The room was small, but cluttered with furniture. Anthony pushed Maggie against the desk that stood against the wall near the door. Within seconds he was pressed against her, his hand up her dress. Instead of finding panties, his hand was met with the smooth bare skin of her pussy. His trousers began to feel even tighter with his expanding cock.

Anthony pushed Maggie up on the table so she was slightly higher than him. She pulled her dress up to her waist so Anthony could see her long well formed legs and shaven cunt. He continued to kiss her and inserted a finger into her pussy. He pulled it in and out while massaging her clit with his thumb. Her body shook as she leaned forward to unbutton his trousers.

“Oh God! Please fuck me. I just need to feel your cock inside me. We have time to go slowly later.”

She gasped as he continued to massage her clit as he tried to pull down his trousers with one hand. When that didn’t work, he had to let go to pull them down along with his boxers. His hard cock stood out in front of him. He desperately wanted to fuck the girl in front of him like she never had been before.

He pulled her to the edge of the desk. It was aligned perfectly with his groin. She put her arms around his shoulder and pulled his body closer. He guided his cock inside her wet pussy and it easily slid in. She kissed his neck as he pumped his cock urgently in and out of her. He felt no need to please her, only himself.

Anthony hand moved to her ass and he held it tightly as he impaled her. She moaned with each thrust and bit into his neck to stifle her screams. With each thrust he felt himself closer to orgasm. He felt her muscles tighten as she neared orgasm to. Anthony pulled his cock out of her just as he came, spraying his cum over her leg and the desk.

Maggie placed a finger in his cum and licked his juices off it. "Tastes good," she smiled.

"You are so sexy."

Anthony grabbed her hair and leant into kiss her, his tongue deep inside her mouth.

"I would love to suck that cock of yours now," Maggie mumbled into the kiss.

Anthony let go of his lover's hair, but as he did the clip fell out and her blonde hair fell in curls around her face, and that was when it hit him. She looked so familiar. The blonde hair; the dimples.


The smile quickly faded from Maggie's lips and her dimples disappeared.


25 years earlier

Hannah looked over at the alarm clock near her bed; it was still too early to get out of bed and leave to meet Anthony. She lay there eagerly waiting for when the time would come. She mentally went through the things she had packed; the only items she would be bringing into her new life. 

She twist the engagement ring on her hand. It felt strange; she wasn't used to wearing it jewellery. It was a very simple ring, but she still found it beautiful. It hadn't surprised her when Anthony had asked her to marry him. It was a beautiful moment and had been followed by a beautiful love making session. 

She loved his body. It was so mature for it's age. Every moment she longed to touch it and to kiss every inch of it. 

Hannah put her hand on her growing belly. He would be so happy. She hadn't told him yet, but he would be thrilled and they would make everything work somehow. 

Their meeting time was thirty minutes away. Hannah woke up and pulled on her clothing. She put her shoes in her hand and clutched her bag close to her body. She walked to the front door, trying not to make any noise. Her family wasn't like Anthony's, they would care if she left. They would care just like they would if they knew she was pregnant. She definitely had to leave.

Hannah successfully made it to the door without anyone waking up and for the first time in their entire relationship, Hannah was early, but Anthony was earlier. Hannah could see him in the distance leaning against a tree. The closer she got to him, the more unsure she became of her decision. 

Anthony was such a good person. She thought she could lie to him about the baby, but was suddenly so unsure. She couldn't let him believe the baby was his, and she had let him believe she was a virgin when they first met. He would be so angry when she told him that she had gotten pregnant from before they had started dating and had only found out now. Then he would leave her, and she would be alone with the baby. 

No, she couldn't go with him. She needed his help to raise her child. Help her family could give her. She loved Anthony which was why she needed to let him get away, but she couldn't go with him. 


25 years later

Maggie pushed Anthony away from her and jumped off the desk, a look of disgust and fear was spread across her face.

“Is this some kind of joke? Why did you call me Hannah?”

Anthony now realised that she was too young to be Hannah, she looked like she was only in her mid to late twenties. She couldn't be Hannah, but her face looked so familiar.

“I am sorry, you just look like someone I used to know. I didn't mean to scare you.”

Maggie took a deep breath and tried to steady herself. She leaned against the desk.

“I am not frightened, you just surprised me. Hannah was my mother's name.”

Anthony knew instantly who this was. This was Hannah's daughter. His Hannah's daughter.


“She died a few months ago. It was a bit sudden, and a huge shock.” She paused. “Wait, why am I even telling you this? You didn't even know her.”

“I think I do. Hannah Stenhouse? You look a lot like her. We dated 25 years ago.” Maggie looked surprised, but she just nodded. “How old are you?”


Anthony immediately felt nauseous. This woman in front of him, must be his daughter. She must be the reason Hannah didn't come with him all those years ago. He was in so much shock about this, that he barely thought about the fact that he had just fucked his daughter. He didn't even know how to tell her. Had Hannah told her about him? Why had she never told him?

“Maggie, sweetie, I think I need to be blunt about this, but I am your father.”

Maggie didn't look too shocked and she just smiled. “You aren't disgusted that you just slept with your daughter?”

“That part hasn't even sunk in yet, to be honest. I just can't believe you're here.”

Anthony walked forward to give her a hug, but Maggie put out a hand to stop him.

“Anthony, you're not my father. I've met him and you're definitely not him.”

“You must be. Hannah and I dated twenty five years ago and we were going to run away together, but she never showed up the day I left, she must not have been able to get out of the house, or maybe she got too scared because of you.” Anthony attempted to explain, but it was too long of a story and he didn't have all the answers.

“I know who you are.”

“You do? How?”

“When my mum died, I found all of her old diaries. I decided to read through them. She talked about everything. I remember her writing about you. She really loved you, and was going to run away with you, but changed her mind at the last minute, because she was pregnant with me and decided she needed her parents help. She couldn't let you believe that I was - "

“That's impossible.” Anthony interrupted. “I was her first, and she was mine.”

“She lied to you. Or let you believe that, which I guess is the same as lying.”

Anthony backed up to the bed and sat down. He let out a sigh and leaned back putting his hand on the bed. It was all a little too much to take in.

“Thanks for letting me know all of this, I guess I should get going, I need a little time to figure all of this out.”

“I understand. Here's my card if you want to know anything else.”

Anthony slowly gathered the little clothing he had shed and pocketed Maggie's business card. The news had had a sobering effect on him and he felt able to drive home. The journey gave him time to think. He wasn’t quite sure why the news had impacted him the way it did, but it had upset him. It wasn’t really Hannah’s death, but the fact that she had lied to him so many years ago.

That one day when she hadn’t shown up was a defining point in his life. It was why he felt he would never find his true love and had settled for Charlotte. Maybe Hannah wasn’t the one for him.

Anthony slowed the car down and pulled into his driveway. He switched off his lights and ignition.

Still, Charlotte had been a good partner for him and they had two great children. He was really hoping for a third. He took off his shoes so he could walk up the steps quietly. He had hoped he wouldn't wake Charlotte, but she opened her eyes when he walked into the bedroom. He took off his costume and climbed into bed next to her.

“I thought you were going to stay in Edinburgh,” she said.

“I changed my mind. I thought it would best to be here when the kids woke up, so you can stay in bed if you still don’t feel well.”

“Did you have a good time?”

“It was okay.” Anthony positioned himself close to his wife, fully aware that he was still covered in Maggie. “Are you feeling better?”

In response Charlotte leaned over and kissed her husband. Anthony kissed her back gently. She pulled off her night gown and climbed on top of him.

Their love making was slow as usual. Charlotte moved up and down, impaling herself on his cock gently. His wife would always try to rub her clit on his abdomen and she lowered herself onto him and kissed him, her tongue probing his mouth.

Anthony raised his hips to meet her, desperately wanting to cum. He hadn’t had the chance to finish with Maggie. As he watched his wife lower herself onto him, he thought of was it would be like if Hannah were here instead.

He imagined her older, but with the same cute dimples. Her blonde hair was slightly darker and cut shorter. He imagined the sex to be full of passion, something he felt that he had never really experienced with Charlotte.

His body was on auto pilot, going through the motions. He placed a hand on his wife’s breast and kneaded her nipple between his fingers. His thoughts never completely drifted from Hannah, but they went back to Charlotte as he neared orgasm. He lifted his hand to massage her clit roughly until he felt her body tense and shudder. He felt her squeeze around him. She continued to kiss him as he came.

Charlotte rolled back to her side of the bed and curled up with her hands under her head, her back to her husband.

“What’s her name?” she asked

“What?” the question surprised him.

“You’re distracted, your head wasn’t with me, and you smell like some one else. Who is she? What’s her name?”


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