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The Girl Next Door

When the girl next door sees you fucking through your bedroom window then invites you over...
Ricky stumbled through his front door, the tipsy blonde on his heels. She was giggling and hiccuping, stumbling over her own feet and tottering on her high-heels. Not the sexiest sight to behold, but he hadn't got it in for weeks so she'd do for the evening.

He bent down and removed both of his shoes as the blonde, Christine he believed her name was, kicked off both of her heels.

“I'm gonna show you a night you'll never forget,” she slurred.

Ricky smiled. “I can't wait.”

He couldn't wait, but she wouldn't have been his first pick from the bar tonight. Truth be told, he'd been waiting for Sarah. Sarah Thompson, his new next door neighbour.

She'd moved in about a week ago and since the first time he'd seen her, Ricky hadn't been able to get her out of his mind. She was tall for a woman with a slim curvy body. Her long dark hair shone when the light hit it. Her dark skin and dark eyes made her look exotic, perhaps Italian or Spanish. He'd seen no males coming or going from the house, so he believed she was single. He'd smiled politely whenever he'd seen her, unable to muster the courage to speak to her. She always smiled back and waved.

God, the fantasies he'd had featuring her since she'd moved in. He couldn't remember a time when he'd wanted another woman more. From his bedroom window, he had a perfect view into her bedroom. Unfortunately, she was good at closing her curtains all the way and he'd never even seen a glimpse of her. And by God he'd tried.

Holding Christine's hips as he guided her up the stairs to his bedroom, he pictured Sarah, alone in her room. She's just stepped out of a hot shower, her skin and hair dripping wet. A fluffy towel covers her body from chest to mid-thigh, damp where it touched her skin. Alone and horny, Sarah lays on her bed, staring at the ceiling and wishing she could feel the hands of a man upon her skin.

Stumbling into his bedroom with Christine, Ricky kissed the drunk blonde, his fantasy taking shape as he thrust his tongue into Christine's mouth. Sarah's hands unwrap the wet towel. She's naked and sprawled on her bed, her hands softly rubbing her thighs.

Ricky gasped as Christine fell to her knees, tugging furiously at his belt. When she sucked his throbbing cock deep into her mouth, he closed his eyes and let his head fall back, his mind filled with images of Sarah. She's rubbing her breasts now, groaning as she tugs gently on her swollen nipples. Her right hand abandons her breast and makes its way slowly to her wet pussy, her moans becoming deeper as she imagines it's Ricky's hand, not her own.

Ricky gasped and thrust his hips in time with Christine's mouth, surprised and delighted with how good she was at sucking cock. He looked down at her, holding her hair back so he could see her mouth, her big lips, wrapped tightly around his dick. He let his head fall back again and pictured Sarah once again, sprawled on her bed naked. She's rubbing her clit furiously, writhing on the bed in pleasure. Then, he enters the room. She looks up at him and smiles. Ricky cries out loudly when he imagined the mouth sucking his cock so expertly was Sarah's. She looks into his eyes as she sucks, moaning deep in her throat.

Ricky stepped back and pulled Christine to her feet. He'd lose control if he let her continue. She immediately began unbuttoning her white blouse and Ricky struggled out of his jeans and shirt. When Christine stood before him naked, he roughly turned her around and pushed her onto his bed. She crouched there on all fours, waiting for him.

“Come on, baby,” she purred. “Fuck me good.”

Aware that his bedroom curtains were open, Ricky stepped up behind Christine and gripped her hips. He pictured Sarah watching him, gasping with desire. With one sharp thrust, he entered the writhing blonde. She cried out, clutching his bedsheets in her fists.

“That's it, baby. Fuck me good.”

Ricky pounded into her, his eyes closed. He pictured Sarah, sucking his cock. He pictured his face buried deep in her pussy, lapping up her sweet juices. He pictured himself on top of her, sliding deep inside her, causing her to cry out in pleasure.

He groaned loudly. He wasn't going to last long if he continued with these fantasies. He couldn't stop, though. The pleasure was too great. Reaching around, he gripped Christine's breasts in his hands and began to thrust slow and deep. Christine called out his name.

“God, Ricky. So deep. That's so deep.”

He was filling her up, buried deep inside. Opening his eyes, he straightened up and gripped her hips again, needing to see his cock sliding inside her. A sudden movement caught his eye.

Glancing to his left, he spotted Sarah, watching him through her slightly open curtains. She was wearing a short see-through white nightgown with spaghetti straps.

Ricky stopped thrusting, still holding on to Christine's hips and still buried deep inside her.

Was this real? He wasn’t exactly sober. Was he experiencing some sort of drunken fantasy/hallucination right now?

He and Sarah locked eyes, and she smiled seductively. Ricky smiled back, then thrust once. Christine cried out. Sarah rubbed her breast with her left hand. He thrust again. Sarah moved her right hand over her thigh and began rubbing her pussy.

Ricky gasped and thrust harder, barely registering Christine's moans and gasps. Sarah's lips parted as her hand moved furiously over her crotch.

It was building. Ricky couldn't hold it back. Still watching Sarah, he gripped Christine's hips hard and began thrusting furiously into her. Glancing down, he saw her buttocks rippling, her arched back. He looked back at Sarah. She'd lifted her leg up as she thrust a finger inside herself. Her mouth was open. She seemed to be calling out as she writhed on her fingers.

With a loud bellow, Ricky thrust deep inside Christine, his orgasm the most powerful he'd ever experienced, or so it felt. He gasped, he shuddered, he wheezed. His legs turned to jelly and he swayed a little. Glancing to his left, he noticed Sarah had gone. If she’d ever been there in the first place.

“That was great, baby,” Christine purred.

It really was, thought Ricky. It’s a shame you weren’t there.

As was Ricky’s custom when he brought women like Christine home from the bar, he rushed her out of his house. It’s not that there was anything wrong with her, he just didn’t see the need for her to stick around. She didn’t come to his house late on a Friday night for coffee and biscuits, she came for sex. The sex was over. It was time for her to leave.

She wanted to see him again, of course. He brushed her off as gently as he could. He figured a girl like her wouldn’t focus too much attention on one man. She’d be bouncing of another bloke’s dick next weekend.

Before laying in his bed, Ricky stood at his window, looking straight at Sarah’s window. The purple curtains blocking his view into her room swayed, teasing him. Had he really seen her? He doubted it. He figured his own fantasies had played tricks with his mind.

The next night…

Ricky paced through his house, restless. He’d decided against going out this evening for fear of running into Christine again. She’d been a good fuck, but that had nothing to do with her and more to do with Ricky’s imagination. He had a feeling she’d be out tonight, probably hoping for round two. He knew after a few drinks he’d find it harder to resist and break his one rule: never fuck the same one-night stand twice. That’s when things became complicated.

Standing in his kitchen, deciding what, if anything, he could do, he glimpsed movement. Raising his head, he saw Sarah in her own kitchen. She was wearing a pink robe.

Lowering his head but keeping his eyes on her, he pretended to wash dishes.

God, she was beautiful.

Did you get off on watching me fuck last night? Ricky’s cock twitched. He pictured her tits, her large dark nipples. His cock began to grow. Ricky put his back to the window and adjusted his throbbing cock in his jeans.

I may have to visit the bar tonight after all.

Facing the window again, Ricky jerked to a halt when he found Sarah watching him. He smiled and raised his hand, trying to appear casual. She smiled back, but it wasn’t a friendly smile. If Ricky didn’t know better, he’d have thought it was a seductive smile. Keeping his eyes on her as he stood rooted to the spot, he watched her lower her head. She appeared to be looking down at herself.

Had she just realised that she was indecent?

Are you naked under that robe?

Sarah raised her head and locked eyes with Ricky. Slowly, she untied the robe’s belt. Ricky’s breath burst from his chest.

He knew he wasn’t dreaming, and he wasn’t drunk. This was really happening.

Under Ricky’s lust-glazed eyes, Sarah slowly opened the robe, revealing large perfectly shaped breasts. They looked just as Ricky remembered from last night. Perhaps she hadn’t been a figment of his imagination.

Swaying side to side, like a cobra hypnotized by a charmer, Sarah shrugged off the robe, letting it fall from her shoulders.

Ricky felt light, like he was detached from this situation and was watching from somewhere far away. Sarah appeared to be naked, but Ricky’s view was blocked from her stomach down. His dick throbbed and twitched, aching for the body he could see but couldn’t touch.

Sarah rubbed her breasts, fingering her nipples. Ricky unzipped his jeans and removed his thick cock, rubbing it, letting her know what he was doing. She smiled, licking her lips. Ricky jerked himself slowly, never taking his eyes off Sarah. He’d never done anything like this before.

He watched as Sarah rubbed her stomach with one hand, then moved it lower where Ricky couldn’t see what she was doing. But he could guess. Her mouth opened and her head fell back. He pictured her fingers rubbing her dripping wet pussy and he groaned.

He was gonna explode soon. Sarah raised her hand, smiling. She placed two fingers into her mouth and sucked, tasting her own juices. Ricky gripped the counter-top, jerking himself harder. This girl ranked up there as one of the hottest and filthiest women he’d ever encountered.

Just as Ricky was thinking it couldn’t get much better, Sarah beckoned to him.

She wants me to come over.

Ricky gaped at her, so stunned he stopped rubbing himself. Sarah smiled, nodded, and beckoned to him again.

Ricky didn’t need a third invitation.

He dashed from his house, his erect cock bouncing and exposed through his opened fly.

Sarah’s front door opened as he ran up the steps. She stood there, smiling and naked, her arms open wide. Ricky rushed at her, kissing her and wrapping his arms around her. He kicked her front door shut with his heel and pressed her forcefully against the wall. Her hands rubbed his chest. Pushing him away, she looked into his eyes. They were both gasping for air, their bodies aching for each other. With a growl, she ripped his shirt open, the buttons flying everywhere like missiles. He kissed her as she tugged his shirt down his arms and threw it on the floor.

Ricky kissed her neck, her chest. He took her right nipple in his mouth and nibbled on it gently. Sarah gasped and ran her hands through his hair. He moved to her left nipple and flicked it gently with his tongue as he pressed his hand against her crotch. Sarah cried out. He rubbed her pussy with his index finger. God, she was so wet.

With a gasp, Ricky sank to his knees in front of her. Sarah spread her legs apart and hooked her right leg over his shoulder. He pressed his mouth against her pussy, pushing his tongue in deep.

Sarah cried out, gripping handfuls of his hair in her fists. He sucked on her clit, gripping her thighs to hold her steady as she began to twitch. He licked, lapping at her juices. He moved his head from side to side furiously. He groaned, the sound muffled by the best pussy he’d ever tasted. She was close to orgasm. Her body stiffened, her back arched. She tugged on her nipples.

“Right there, baby. That’s it,” she gasped.

He looked right into her eyes as he sucked on her clit, moaning loudly.

“My God,” she screamed. Her body spasmed. He flicked her clit with his tongue, causing her to jerk and cry out, her body twitching in time with his flicking tongue.

Unable to take anymore, she pushed his head away. Ricky jumped to his feet and took her nipple in his mouth.

“God, baby,” Sarah gasped. She pushed him away from her and grabbed his hand. Walking backwards, she pulled him into the living room. Sinking to her knees, she undid the button of his jeans. Anticipating the feel of her mouth, Ricky gasped.

When she sucked him in, he cried out. She was just as good in real life as he’d imagined her to be. She used her hand, stroking him in time with her mouth. When she began licking his balls, Ricky’s knees gave out slightly and he sagged a little.

“I wanna fuck you right now.”

He pulled Sarah to her feet and pushed her backwards onto the sofa. She spread her legs wide apart, begging him to ‘fuck her hard’.

Ricky obliged. He didn’t even try to hold back; he knew it was pointless to try. He pounded into her like his life depended on it.

“You like this?” he asked her, gasping. “You like me fucking you like a little whore?”

“I’m a dirty slut,” Sarah said through gritted teeth. “I deserve it. Give it to me!”

He watched her tits bouncing, he watched her eyes roll into the back of her head. She screamed at him, begging for more. Holding her tits, he fucked her hard, a primal growl building in the back of his throat.

He was coming. He could feel it rising. He called out her name. She dug her nails into his back and he cried out, the sudden pain heightening his orgasm. He exploded inside her, the noise coming from his throat a mixture of gasps and growls. He thrust madly until he was completely spent. He couldn’t remember another time he’d felt so satisfied. He lay flat on top of her, still buried deep inside. She wrapped her legs around him, struggling to catch her breath.

Once his thudding heart had calmed a little, he raised himself up on elbows and looked down at her. Sarah smiled at him, a glazed look in her eye.

“What now?” he asked, smiling.

“Perhaps we should start with your name.”

Holding each other tightly, Ricky and Sarah laughed.

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