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The Good Girl Takes a Chance

After graduation, I decide to lose the good girl image for a night and let my fantasy become reality

I was so excited about what was going to happen, I could hardly believe it.

I had just graduated from high school two months ago and was enjoying the rest of my summer vacation before I headed off to college. I was always the “good girl” in high school: I got good grades, had lots of friends, played tennis all four years, and was known by the majority of my peers. One thing I had always prided myself on was my reputation. You could never catch me making out with random boys at parties, and no rumors had ever circulated about me at school. Of course, there were the occasional flirty moments, but I never took it far. I had only had one serious boyfriend, a relationship I had been involved in my junior year. High school was fun for me, and I was sad it was over, but I was excited about college.

I was raised in a conservative family, and my parents were big on morals, especially telling the truth. My parents were a lot stricter than the parents of my friends, and although I often found it annoying, I knew they loved me and I respected them by not putting up a fight with their rules. Consequently, I had never lied to my parents, and I dreaded what would happen to me, should I choose to do so.

I had to admit, I had my moments. Moments when I wanted to be the rebellious child, and just let loose and have fun. Maybe wear some sexy outfit my parents would throw a fit about, go out and get insanely drunk, or have a one night stand. But I never did, and kept my thoughts to myself. I figured someday I would be able to do something crazy, but just not right now.

I started thinking a little differently when I began talking to Nick. Nick had gone to my high school, but we had never really become friends, since we didn’t have any classes together. I hardly knew anything about him-all I knew was that he had dark brown hair, blue eyes, a cute smile, and a fraternal twin. I had passed him during passing periods lots of times, but besides the occasional exchanging of smiles, we had barely any contact. A few weeks ago, though, I had run into Nick when I went to my friend’s house for a small party. We chatted for a little bit (the first time in four years!) and exchanged phone numbers. A few days later, he sent me a message, and since then we’ve been texting nonstop. Yesterday, Nick suggested that we should hang out, maybe at his house sometime. I was hesitant about his request at first. Nick was definitely cute and he seemed nice, but I knew hardly anything about him or what kind of reputation he had. I thought about it, but I just ended up giving some lame excuse about “maybe later”. Today, though, I had run into town to meet up with some of my friends who wanted to see me before I left for college. While I was visiting with them, Nick texted me, and asked me if I was free to hang out. I dismissed it at first, but then found myself rereading the message. I realized that I was actually only a few minutes away from his house.   What if I did just stop by? My first “good girl” instinct was to call my parents and ask permission to go over to Nick’s, but I knew my parents would say no. They had never met him before, and there was no way they were going to let me go over to a random boy’s house alone. But I had just turned 18, so technically wasn’t I an adult anyways? I thought about it for a few more minutes, and then started driving to Nick’s house. Would it be so bad just to have a little fun?

On the way to Nick’s house, I felt excited and liberated. It may sound silly, but I finally was doing something slightly rebellious, and something that I wanted to do and had decided myself. I was also excited about what would happen with Nick. Maybe our flirty text messages would turn into something real-of course, nothing too much, but just enough to have a little fun.

When I got to Nick’s house, he walked outside to greet me. “I didn’t really think you would come,” he told me as he opened my car door. “I told you I would show, didn’t I?” I said as I gave him a hug. “Yeah, but isn’t this a little ‘risky’ for you?” he teased me, clearly hinting at my good girl reputation. I gave him a playful shove and laughed as I followed him inside. His mom was in the kitchen, and Nick introduced us and we chatted for a bit before heading upstairs. We talked for a while, and then he asked if I wanted to watch a movie. I shrugged and said sure, and he picked out a DVD and put it in while I made myself comfortable on his bed. Secretly, I hoped maybe this would lead to a little bit of action. But of course, just enough to have some fun, not too far.

My wish was granted, because it had only been a few minutes after the movie started when I felt Nick’s eyes on me. I tried to pretend like I didn’t notice and focused on the screen before us. Suddenly, though, he leaned over and his lips met mine. I was surprised at the timing of his move, but I wasn’t going to complain, and wrapped my arms around his neck as I kissed him back. Soon our innocent kiss had turned into a heated make out session, our tongues swirling in and out of each other’s mouths. After a few minutes, he climbed on top of me, and I let out a slight murmur as I felt his bulge rub against my mound. I pulled away, and for a second I double guessed myself. What was I doing here, at the home of a boy I barely knew? And how far was I going to let this go, if things started progressing? He looked down at me and smiled, but I could tell he knew what I was thinking. “Is everything ok…?” he asked as he shifted his body weight on mine. “Yeah, it’s great,” I told him as I met his lips for another kiss. I didn’t know why I was so willing to let myself go with Nick, but I only wanted more and more of him, and at that moment I didn’t care what anyone else though.

Nick was thinking the same thing, or he knew what I wanted, because in a moment he started grinding his body into mine, pushing back and forth so that his bulging cock continued rubbing against me. We had barely even started, but I could already feel how wet I was underneath my jeans, and I was insanely horny. Nick began kissing up and down my neck, while he gently ran his hand under my shirt. Then, he did something I wasn’t expecting. He leaned in close and whispered in my ear, “Erika, I’m going to eat you out.” What someone might have thought sounded crude or normal sounded like heaven to me. Throughout the years, I had pretty much done everything with a guy, except for one thing: I had never been given oral. I had fantasized about it plenty of times before; naturally, we all want what we haven’t had. Hearing Nick whisper that in my ear, I nearly moaned out loud. If this wasn’t the start to a great evening, then I didn’t know what was. I could only kiss him and nod as he again whispered, “I just want to please you.” Slowly Nick worked his way down my body and unfastened my jeans, sliding them off and then my underwear. I spread my legs, waiting in such anticipation that I thought I wouldn’t be able to take it. The moment I felt his tongue on me, I let out a low moan. I realized that, all along, I had been thinking about something like this happening with Nick, and now that it was, I was in near complete bliss. He slowly trailed his tongue everywhere, moving from the outside of my lips, to my clit, licking up all my juices. My back arched as I let out another moan, feeling him become more vigorous as he made my sexual fantasy a reality. He worked in rhythm, sometimes starting to move his tongue faster in me until I was nearly gasping, and then he would slow, tracing small patterns on me.

It seemed like he would have gone on forever pleasing me with his mouth, but I wanted more now, and I gently grabbed his arm and motioned him back towards me. He kissed me, and it was even more passionate than before. Subconsciously, I couldn’t believe what I knew was about to happen. But I needed Nick so badly, and I wanted him like I had never wanted a boy before. I helped him take off his shirt and then mine, and I slid off his shorts as we tossed our clothes to the side. He slid a finger inside of me, toying with my mind and everything I wanted. I felt a second finger enter, and as he pushed them in and out I writhed under him, imagining what was next. I could hardly stand it, and I finally slid off his boxers, watching his hard cock emerge. It was average size, but his manhood was thick and I closed my eyes as I felt him move closer to me. He moved up until his face was directly over mine, and he slowly rubbed his cock over my wet pussy. When I let out a small noise, he smiled and said, “Erika, you have to try to be quiet…my mom is right downstairs…”. I laughed softly, “I’ll try but I don’t know how quiet I can be”. I had never been very loud during sex before, but I found myself constantly making noise with Nick.

I could feel how rigid his cock was, and I wondered how he had the capability to be so patient and teasing, when I was dying for a release. “Please Nick,” I begged him, “Don’t make me wait any more. I need you.” Almost immediately, he thrust his cock into me, powerfully and forcefully. It wasn’t uncomfortable though; instead, it only made me let out a loud moan and relish in his strength. Back and forth, he pounded into me, and although more rough than I was used to, I was enjoying this the most of any time I’d had. With each thrust his cock gained more room inside me, enveloping the inside of my wet pussy and making it scream for more. I ran my hands down his back and neck, at times gripping him with my fingertips in ecstasy. I wrapped my legs around him, pressing down to give him even more leverage. Just when I thought I was about to reach a climax, he instantly began to slow his pace, and proceeded with gentle, slow thrusts. He was using the same pattern he had used to eat me out, making me build up to my peak and then letting me fall before I had finished. His teasing made me moan so loud, I almost thought it could have been a scream. He clamped his hand over my mouth, trying to muffle the noise in his bedroom. I felt his cock in every part of me as he would retreat, and then push himself back in with slow precision. While he did, Nick took my right breast in his hand, sucking on my nipple, swirling his tongue over and around it. He did so for my left breast as well, my nipples turning hard and erect as my back arched, pushing then further towards him. Then, he began building pace again, working up to his previous frenzy, pounding into my pussy powerfully. I found myself softly moaning his name, praising him for giving me this dream. Suddenly, with one final thrust, I felt him unload inside me, his hard work culminating in my pussy. A second later, I reached my climax too, feeling a rush of pleasure erupt through me. I heard Nick let out a low grunt as he finished, and I felt my hands clench onto his back as my mind swirled. After, he laid down next to me on the bed, his hand draped across my stomach. “I always thought you were the good girl,” he said as he traced his fingers along my body. I just looked at him and laughed, and he leaned in and kissed me softly with a smile.

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