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The Greatest Ride Home

Kevin picked me up that night. I climbed in to see he had no pants on...

Kevin picked me up that night. I climbed in to see he had no pants on. No boxers on much less. He smiled, as he jerked himself off. "Going home," he asked, smiling.

"Yeah," I said, watching his thick white cock. I saw the veins going up and down his shaft.

"You want to taste," he asked. Obviously he had caught me watching.

I bent down and as he drove, I sucked on his cock. He sighed as ran my tongue along his piss slit. He pushed my head farther down. "Yeah baby, work on me," he groaned.

I moved between his legs under the steering wheel and ate him up. He gasped so many times. It was my first time, giving a guy a blowjob, but I was doing great it seemed. He grunted as he tensed up. I watched as white hot foam sprayed me on the lips. I licked it and smiled up at him.

"I'll pull over, just go in the back," he smiled. I got out from under there, and stripped in the back. He smiled watching me from the rear view mirror.

He slowed down at the side of the road and jumped in the back. Since it was night time and he parked in the tall grasses, we felt like we weren't going to be disturbed for a long time.

He smiled down at me. He kissed me as I grabbed his cock again. My eyes were on his as I gave him another blowjob. After another orgasm, he brought me up. He held me in his arms and opened his legs wider. He pulled me into a long intoxicating kiss.

He opened my legs, and slowly pushed his cock up my pussy. I gasped, but he pulled me into a kiss again. "Hold on to the handle," he whispered.

I found it in the dark and held on with both hands. He pushed up into me and I gasped again. He pulled me into another kiss and as he pushed up into me, he opened his mouth against my lips. He touched my lips with his tongue as he tried to press through. I didn't open my lips though, but I did spread my legs further.    

He stopped fucking me to the roof, so I slowly rode his cock. I held on to his thighs as I rose and drove down on his cock. I moaned as I pumped myself on his cock.

He groaned as I rode him. He held on to my thighs and sucked on my full breasts. His tongue ran down my flat stomach to my belly button where my stud shone. He kissed me there and grabbed my thighs. He stopped me and fucked me up again. I gasped the whole time.

"Say my name," he whispered, fucking me up harder up to the car roof.

"Fuck me Kevin," I gasped, "Fuck my pussy. Fuck it." I moaned and groaned as he fucked me up.

"Come off for a second," he said.

I got off his cock and he smiled as he laid me down on the car seat. He spread his legs around me and bent over me. He pushed his cock into my pussy and fucked me.

I gasped as he fucked me. I wet my fingers and rubbed my pussy. I moaned, groaned, and gasped as I said his name. "Fuck me, fuck me, baby. Fuck me."

I wrapped my legs around his ass and he pushed deeper in. I gasped as he fucked faster. "Yes, do it, baby. Fuck me up. You are so fucking good to me. Yes, yes," I said.

He fucked harder and harder, until I was screaming his name. He let an orgasm go in my pussy. I gasped as it spilled out of my pussy. He smiled down at me. "Yeah baby," he whispered, kissing me.

We both dressed and climbed into the front. He still didn't have any pants so I sucked on his cock until he drove up my driveway.

It was truly the greatest ride home, both ways ;)

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