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The Green Eyed Stranger

Will a chance encounter make the office prude lose her attitude?
Sarah was the office prude. All the guys in the office agreed that she had a great figure. She just needed to dress like someone her age, rather than a librarian.

Walking home from work one evening, the skies suddenly opened up in a torrential downpour and she was almost immediately drenched.

“Dammit!” She yelled up at the clouds as she dashed to the nearest open door she saw and went inside.

Once safe from the rain, she realised she had run into the bar she passed every evening but would never dare enter. She sighed and found a seat at the bar as far from anyone else and undid the tight bun on her head, letting her golden locks spill down her shoulders. As she dried off her glasses and placed them back on her nose she realised that her arrival hadn’t gone unnoticed, but only to the two most unsavoury looking men in the bar and one other guy, whose brilliant green eyes distract her so much she didn’t realise the bartender standing right in front of her.

“Hey there Girlie...get caught in the rain did ya?” She laughed. “So...What can I get ya?”

“Uh, Um...just a coke please.” Sarah replied.

The bartender filled up a tall glass and placed it in front of her and went back about her business. Sarah scanned the room and her eyes fell back onto the green eyed man who is now staring into his beer intently. She studied him for a moment but found her view became blocked. She looked up to find a tall lanky blonde man leering at her, one of the unsavoury ones.

“Well hello there baby” he slurred. “Don’t remember ever seeing you in here before”

She looked back down at her drink only to feel another presence behind her, the equally unsavoury guy.

“Uh. No, never been here before” She replied, trying to not make eye contact.

He sneered and gripped her shoulder turning her to look at him as he spoke.

"Hey now didn't your mother ever teach you that it's bad manners not to look at a person speaking to you?"

“Sorry” She stammered, her whole body shook in fear.

His eyes were burning with a frightening lust and she could feel his friend move in closer, blocking any chance of escape.

"I'm not sure that's going to be a good enough apology. How's about you give me a kiss to show how sorry you really are?" He grinned drunkenly.

As he lowered his head in, the stench of his unwashed body, cigarette smoke and stale booze assaulted her nose and she visibly shuddered. Just as his lips began to smear themselves against hers his head was jerked away by someone behind him.

She looked up to see the green eyed man, backed up by the bartender holding a baseball bat. The two men turned and ran out the door as fast as their drunken feet could take them.

The bartender smiled, went back behind the bar and placed a drink in front of Sarah.

“Gin and Tonic, it’ll help calm your nerves, on the house.”

Normally Sarah wouldn’t drink a single drop, but she felt so shaken she picked up the drink and downed almost half of it in one mouthful. She sat there for a while, trying to work up the courage to thank the green eyed man. He seemed to have sensed this as he suddenly appeared on the stool beside her.

“Are you going to be ok Miss?” He asked.

She blushed at him, “Oh, um, yes thanks.”

She stared down at her drink and finished it off. Just as she did someone in the room called out.

“Hey the rain stopped!”

Sarah breathed a sigh of relief. She could go home, but part of her wanted to stay and talk to the green eyed man. She smiled at the bartender and slid off her seat, only to have her knees buckle. One drink was too many.

“Shit” She mumbled as she started to fall, but the quick moving green eyed man caught her in his masculine arms.

“Heading home Miss?” He smirked at her, “Need a hand?”

“Oh...I think I can handle it” She blushed, wriggling free of his grip, only to stumble again and grab him for support. “Well...maybe I do need help.”

He only nodded in reply and helped her out the door.

“Shall I flag you a cab Miss?” He asked.

“I only live a ten minute walk from here, would you mind walking me there? Oh and I’m Sarah.” She replied.

He smiled, “It would be my pleasure Miss Sarah and my name is Liam.”


Arriving at her doorstep, she found her keys and opened the door, tripping on her doormat as she stepped in; Liam again saved her from falling. She smiled at him and before she realised what she is doing she kissed him softly on the cheek in thanks.

Liam arched a brow but before she could draw completely away he trapped her chin gently with his hand and placed a long, lingering kiss on her lips. For a moment she didn't kiss him back, slightly in shock but then she melted into the kiss and her arms found their way to his hips, her eyes closed and her head swam in a mix of tipsiness and surprise at herself. Liam seemed to get just as lost in the kiss and wrapped his arms around her lower back pulling her close against him, he parted his lips and prodded his tongue into her mouth and entwined it into hers. Small whimpers of pleasure escaped her lips. She slid her hands up his shirt and caressed the bare skin. It had been a very long time since she had been with a man and this only fuelled her desire, sending a shiver up her spine, she kissed him deeper.

He broke the kiss, led her into the lounge room and to the couch, slowly undressing her piece by piece and savouring every moment.

“You dress like someone so much older than you are, you have a beautifully body Sarah, you should show it off more often.” He said to her lustfully.

She blushed in reply and helped him out of his clothes, her eyes widening as she sees his big cock. He smirks at the look on her face.

“Never had one this big before?”

She just shook her head in reply, as he slowly lowered her onto the couch and moved over her, kissing her hard again. He positioned himself at her pussy and slowly began to slide himself in.

Gasps of pleasure and pain escaped her lips and she took him. Being gentle Liam made sure she got used to his size before he pushed himself completely in. Once he was in to the hilt he began moving in and out with slow deep strokes, making Sarah moan softly and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. As he could feel her getting used to him he began to push a little harder, which made her open her eyes and look into his, she could see the lust burning in his beautiful green eyes. She gripped onto his arms and pulled him onto her harder urging him on.

Liam moved faster and harder their bodies moving in unison, Sarah’s moans grew loader and more frequent. He slipped one hand down between them and started teasing at her clit as they fucked, sending even more waves of pleasure over her body. She suddenly exploded in orgasm and cried out in pleasure. Waves of heat and ecstasy rippled through her body as she clenched around his cock.

This was not enough to make Liam cum, not yet. He slowed his strokes a little, to let her catch her breath and then began to fuck her with all his might, fast, hard and deep making them both moan loudly in primal pleasure. After only a few minutes of the hard fucking Liam was ready to cum, he gave a few more hard thrusts hard into Sarah and came hard, just as Sarah came again, both of them crying out.

“Uuuhhh YES!”

Liam’s hot cum spilled out into Sarah, so much of it that some of it leaked out. Liam flopped back on the couch and they both sat there panting, catching their breaths.

“Wow” Sarah murmured.

Liam smiled and pulled her into his arms, kissing her softly. They fell asleep there, spent for the night.


When Sarah awoke the next morning, she found Liam had already left; there was a note on the coffee table.

‘Maybe we can do this again sometime? You know where to find me’ – Liam

She smirked and got ready for work. Arriving at work, her boss waved at her and called her into his office. She hadn’t noticed the man sitting on her boss’s lounge straight away.

“I’d like you to meet our new vice president Mr. Matthews.”

As she turned to see the man on the couch her jaw dropped. The man’s familiar green eyes sparkled. He stretched out his hand and shook hers.

“ me Liam.”

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