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The Halloween Fraternity Party

Will Raven Give In To Her Desires of Lust?

Before I could get the front door unlocked my cell phone rings. My arms are full of bags from my day of shopping. Rushing inside the house and setting things down I reach in my pocket for my cell phone and see that my girlfriend Julia is calling. I can’t believe it she wants me to go to a Halloween fraternity party with her and her daughter tomorrow night. Do I dare go? I can’t believe I am even entertaining the thought of going to a frat party with a bunch people in their 20’s. Could be fun though and I haven’t been out for fun in a long time. I think I’m going to go.

The sun shines through my bedroom window on this crisp Halloween morning waking me out of a sound sleep. With very sleepy eyes I roll over to see what time it is, crap it’s after 10. I need to get up and get going I have a costume to get for tonight. My mind is racing at the prospect of going to a party with a bunch of horny younger men. Do I belong at such a party? Julia really wants me to go with her and Amanda. Julia is a party animal who will sleep with just about any man she meets. She doesn’t mind the younger crowd even though she and I are both in our forties. She is a blonde bombshell with a great figure and huge breasts that attract all the men. I feel like the ugly duckling compared to her.

My feet finally find the bedroom floor, I run through the things I need to do today in my head. Throwing on some jeans and a t-shirt and putting my hair up in a pony tail. I will take a shower when I get back from running my errands. Julia wants me to meet her at the shop so we can pick out costumes together.

Arriving at the Halloween shop parking lot I see Julia is already here waiting for me. Parking next to her and climbing out of the Jeep I feel the snap of the crisp autumn air hitting my face.

“Hey girlie, it’s about time you go here.” Julia was leaning against her car wearing a short mini skirt and a crop top that shows her stomach and well endowed chest.

“I know I’m sorry I overslept this morning, it took me a few minutes to get going after you called.” I said in an apologetic tone.

Walking across the parking lot I notice a new adult store opened up a few doors down from the Halloween store. Could be a fun place to pop in and pick up something new for tonight. I have always enjoyed going into a sex shop and Julia knows it.

“Hey Raven we should pop into the adult store over there when we get done here.” She said with a smirk.

Giggling to myself, “I was just thinking that.”

The Halloween store is busy as expected. Lots of people shopping for parties and etcetera Julia and I both went our separate ways looking for the perfect costume. There were a lot that had masks with them but I was looking for something different. Wandering up and down the aisles looking at everything hanging up, I see a long black dress with slits all the way up on both sides. Looks pretty good, it’s a nun costume comes with the veil and habit. The costume is a bit sexier than any nun costume you’d find. The front does not cover the chest area like it should this is low cut and will show off my modest C cup breasts nicely. I have a nice pair of black heels that will go with it too.

It’s a fitting costume for me as I can almost qualify for being a nun; it’s been so long since I have been with a man. Am I a bit slutty for wanting to go to the this party and hopefully find myself a young stud to have a night of fun with? For wanting to feel the touch of a man’s hands on my body, to feel his lips and tongue graze across my soft skin and making me tingle in places that have been so long untouched?

Finding Julia a few aisles down she’s got herself a sexy nurse’s outfit with a pair of white thigh high boots. It’s a white short skirt with a white top that goes just below her breasts with the Red Cross symbol over her left breast and a white nurse’s hat. She has the rest of the outfit at home as she is a nurse by profession. She will look sexy as always.

Now that we have our costumes we head down to the adult store. It’s not very crowded which is good, I enjoy being able to look around without a bunch of eyes watching me. Julia and I wander up and down the aisle she tends to look at porn videos whereas I like toys and fun little aides.

“Hey Julia come here, want a pair of these?” I was waving a pair of edible panties for her to see and anyone else who was in the store that was paying attention.

Laughing as she walks on over “Sure those can be fun for tonight, are you getting some?”

“Of course they will go nicely with my costume.” Winking at her and laughing.

Still wandering down the edible aisle I see some pasties, putting those in my basket I keep looking. Hmm what is this, a box of Hot Body Paints? This looks very interesting turning over the back of the box to read what is in the box

Go ahead and decorate yourself from head to toe with Lovin' Hot Body Paints. But beware - the only way to strip off the color is with your lover's tongue, because these edible body toppings are so scrumptious that no one will be able to resist licking them from your hot body. Fruity flavors include Tequila Sunrise, Tropical Punch, Pina Colada and Mai Tai surprise. Bottoms up!

Well now this could be a lot of fun after a few tequila shots, smiling to myself. They find their way into my basket as well. Last but not least to complete my toy shopping for the night I am going to buy a 17” slim double dildo and of course a bottle of lube it should prove to be some interesting fun. Meeting Julia at the checkout we both purchase our goodies and head out to our cars. I must admit my heart is skipping a few beats at the thought of what may occur tonight when we get around all those young hard bodies at the fraternity house. It makes my nipples hard and I feel the wetness beginning form between my legs.

Driving on my way home it’s hard to keep my mind on driving. I can’t believe how excited I am about going to this party. Sitting at a stop light I glance down at the seat beside me and I see the bag from the adult store. A mischievous grin sneaks across my face as I reach in the bag and grab out the 17” slim dildo. Sliding it back and forth through my slightly closed hand as if I were stroking my lovers cock lost in my own thoughts licking my lips very seductively; I notice out of the corner of my eye that I am being watched by the man in the car stopped beside me. I look over his direction and I lick the length of the dildo and slowly suck the tip into my mouth and back out over my lips and down my neck to my cleavage. Tracing each breast with the head of the dildo I watch as his jaw drops open as he’s can’t help but watch my every move. I place the dildo back in the bag; I give him a shy little wink I can’t help but chuckle to myself as I put the Jeep in gear and continue my journey home.

The sun is just starting to set as I pull in the driveway. I gather all my packages and head in the house. Taking note of the time, I head upstairs to take a shower and get ready. The hot water felt good as it rolls down my body washing my hair and trying to not think about the evening ahead. Finishing up shaving my legs and rinsing off I grab the soft fluffy towel waiting for me and dry off. Standing in front of the mirror after drying off I apply some lotion to both my legs and the rest of my body. Making it soft and silky smooth and then putting on a pair of thigh high fish net stockings and my edible panties. Checking my long shapely legs in the mirror and then turning to see how my ass looks in my new panties. It looks very nice, round and full. Forgoing the bra and wearing only the pasties I bought I slip the nun costume on. It has a slight built in bra which works out well for me; it lifts and makes my breasts look very good. It shows more skin then a real nun would wear but that’s half the fun of Halloween.

I comb out my long brunette locks and dry my hair. Just wearing some blush and mascara and glossing my lips with a soft pink lipstick that make them look soft and sultry. Putting the rest of my costume on my head, luckily it’s not a traditional outfit it allows most of my hair to show but still it makes no mistake I am dressed as a nun. Final thing I dab some of my jasmine perfume behind my ears in the special spot between my breasts, on each wrist and behind each one of my knees, the one spot if a man kisses drives me absolutely insane. Going to my closet and getting out the black stilettos that will top my outfit off nicely and slipping them on. They make my legs look even longer and sleeker.

I grab a purse big enough to hold the special items I bought at the adult store just in case I have the opportunity to use them. Grabbing a bottle of water from the refrigerator and checking one last time to make sure I look okay I head out the door and get into the Jeep. It’s just past 8:30pm and I’m to meet Julia and Amanda at 9:00pm at the frat house. The moon is big and full and is shining brightly there are quite a few stars out. The night sky is really quite beautiful tonight so brightly lit by the moon. There are some very high clouds laid out sparsely almost as if it were done on purpose adding to the eerie feeling of Halloween.

Pulling up to the frat house and parking I see Julia waiting by her car. Climbing out of the Jeep and grabbing my purse I meet her at her car.

“WOW you look hot Julia, the guys will be falling all over themselves to get to you. Where is Amanda I thought she was coming with us” I said chuckling out loud.

“She decided at the last minute to go to a party with Ross she said they might meet us here later. You look pretty good yourself Raven, who would have thought you as a nun. ” She said laughing as we start making our way to the house.

“What’s in your purse?” Julia said with a wink as if she didn’t know.

“Oh a little of this and a little of that you know me.” I replied back

Walking up to the front door they had the outside decorated pretty good there was scary music playing plenty of fog emanating from the ground and loud squeaking noises. It had a very dark and scary feeling to it as you approach the front door. It’s already propped partially open so there’s no need to have someone answering the door all night. As you walk in the foyer it is foggy with all kinds of spider webs and the traditional bats and rats surround the floor and walls. They had some creepy music playing in the background as if you entered the Addams Family or the Munster’s home. There were pedestals with buckets of candy on them throughout the entrance of the house.

As you enter the main part of the house you can see it filled with young college students all dressed in various costumes. There are black lights everywhere and it’s decorated very well for the occasion. There is a long stair case that leads up to what I assume are the bedrooms and possibly the restrooms as well. It’s decorated to the hilt as well as you walk up you can see the things hanging on the walls and what appears to be dead men and ghost looking decorations hanging from the ceiling. All very creepy looking but it gives the house a very good Halloween vibe.

Julia and I head toward the kitchen area to find something to drink. The kitchen is even decorated to fit the occasion. There are a few guys in there acting as bartenders as Julia and I make our way inside. They have a complete open bar anything you could want.

“Welcome to the party ladies, what can I get you?” A very handsome young Dracula was asking as he saw us enter the kitchen.

“I’ll have a vodka martini stirred not shaken please.” Julia said as he made her drink he was looking her up and down no doubt her ample breasts caught his attention.

“Here you go miss, and might I say what a lovely costume you are wearing.” He commented as he handed her the martini he just made.

‘’And you miss, what can I get you this evening?” He said as he turned his attention to me.

“I’ll have a shot of tequila please, Jose Quervo Black if you have it.” I asked as our eyes met and locked for what seemed a few minutes.

Pouring me a double shot I saw the salt shaker and they had a bowl of lemons and limes already cut for their guests to enjoy. There were also maraschino cherries, buckets of ice with beers chilling in them, bowls of olives and cocktail onions.

“Here you go, would you like anything else?” Our hands grazed slightly as he handed me my shot.

“Thank you very much and I think this will be enough for now.” Winking at him and noticing the dark blue color of his eyes, very sexy indeed.

Walking down to the end of the bar, I reach over for the salt shaker and out of the corner of my eye I saw a man leaning against the wall watching me. He was dressed as Zorro wearing all black a cape and of course the mask that just covers his eyes with wholes that showed off his gorgeous green eyes. He watched as I licked the back of my hand from my thumb to my index finger. Licking it very slowly and then shaking some salt on it. Looking over I notice he hasn’t taken his eyes off me; I grab the shot glass in my hand and pick up a lime wedge with the other. My tongue licking my lips and then the back of my hand removing every trace of salt, slowly…Taking the shot to my mouth my lips part and I pour the shot down the back of my throat swallowing it, savoring the very deep smooth flavor of the tequila and then taking a nice long suck of the lime. Mmm that’s the only way to take shot unless of course it’s off someone’s body.

Setting the class down on the counter I look over at the mystery man in the corner and he was gone. Looking to find Julia, she is nowhere to be found either.

I feel this body pressing up against me from behind. I hear this sexy voice in my ear “Would you care for another shot?”

Not being able to turn around as his body is right up against me I say “Why yes I would love another, but only if you join me this time.” Presuming it’s my watcher, Zorro.

I can tell he is no longer behind me and I look over my shoulder in one direction and then in the other. Next thing I know he is beside me with a bottle of tequila. He grabs the shot glass and the salt and winks at me as he grabs my hand.

“Follow me.” Winking at me through the eye mask he’s wearing.

The warmth of his eyes melted me and made me weak in the knees. He has strong masculine features, a strong chin and what I can see of the rest of his face he is very handsome. I thought to myself what are you doing Raven, this is not you. He is a lot younger then you and you know what he wants tonight. But then again, I want the same thing he does. Is this naughty? Am I naughty for actually doing what I was anticipating on tonight?

Walking back into the living room area where most of the party is taking place, listening to the music and watching all the people dancing and having fun. I finally see Julia out on the dance floor with the guy who made our drinks. That didn’t take long I chuckled to myself. He stops over in off to the side of the room and turns around still holding onto the tequila bottle he pulls me close to him for a dance. Our bodies were gyrating and moving back and forth against one another. Not really paying attention to anything or anyone else in the room.

Whispering in my ear “My name is Drew, what is your name pretty lady?” his free hand running up and down my hip as our bodies are grinding into one another as we dance slowly.

“I’m Raven it’s very nice to meet you Drew.” I can’t help but run my fingertips up and down his strong chest feeling his muscles under my fingertips.

“I have to ask how old are you?” I whispered in his ear.

“I’m 25 my sexy and naughty little nun.” He whispered back.

He was polite enough not to ask my age either that or he simply doesn’t care. OMG 25 years old, what in the hell am I doing here? I am 44 years old this guy is young enough to be my son. I can’t help myself, I want this.

He sets the tequila and stuff down on the table beside us and I set my bag down and Drew takes me into his arms fully, his strong masculine arms and we slow dance together. Not much being said between us just our bodies doing all the talking. Looking into his eyes they are so dark and so green they mesmerize me. His lips are so tender and I want so badly to kiss him. Feeling the sexual energy coming off this young hard body is making my pussy ache to the very depths of my being. The moistness is building from deep within. The song ends and we share a shot in our private little corner of the room. After downing his shot he leans in and licks my neck as if he were licking the salt off his hand. The feeling of his warm tongue feeling all the little bumps on my skin felt amazing. Made my body tingle and I let a slight moan escape my lips.

“Mmm like that do you Raven, you taste so good I can’t wait to feast on the rest of you.” As I feel his lips nibble on my ear and back down to my neck as we dance closely even though the music isn’t playing yet.

My heart is racing and I can feel my breathing starting to increase. His body is so hard and so masculine I can’t wait to rub my hands all over him. Drew takes me by the hand and we gather up our stuff and he leads up the large spiral staircase. I feel so naughty being led upstairs by a guy I hardly know but I want this…I want to know him better. I want to feel his body pressing against mine as we find all the spots on each other that drive us wild with passion.

We walk into a room it’s decorated as you imagine for a young guy in college. He has his own room in the house, come to find out he is the chapter’s president. The moonlight is shining so brightly that it’s all we need to light the way. It’s very romantic with the shadows of our bodies being cast onto the walls. We both set our things down and Drew pours us another shot. He leans in and kisses my lips very tenderly and sweetly. I feel my heart skip a beat as his lips touched mine it was so electric shooting from his lips to mine.

He looks into my eyes “You are a very beautiful woman Raven,” and then his lips meet mine again.

We stand in his room kissing for what seems like hours. The lust that we feel is evident. Looking into each other’s eyes Drew removes his cape and takes off his shirt revealing is tanned but very well defined chest. He leans in for another kiss. His lips taste sweeter than a fine wine.

“Raven, you are the sexiest nun I have ever seen and I bet you’re far naughtier as well.” As his hands trace up and down my body feeling every curve as he finds my already hard nipples.

He pulls me close to his chest his left had pressed firmly against the small of my back as his right hand takes my left leg and he brings it up to his side. He runs his hand up the side of my thigh feeling the texture of my fishnet stocking. It’s a good thing the costume had a slit up each side allowing my legs to easily slip out of it. He steps back and takes a seat on the foot of the bed. With my leg still in his hand he places my foot on top of his thigh. Undoing my shoe he tosses it to the floor and runs both his hands up my leg to the top of my fishnets. Leaning in and kissing my shin and then up to my knee. Slowly sliding down my stocking kissing my bare skin on the way down he repeats the same sexy process with my right leg. Light moans escape my lips as I feel his lips touching my skin.

I can feel my pussy dripping into the edible panties I’m wearing. I need this man and I need him NOW. He starts kissing my right inner thigh, trailing his tongue and just grazing past my pussy. Licking his lips he can taste what I am wearing.

“Mmm what a naughty nun you are, you have something special on for me I see.” He said in a husky voice as he stands before me and kisses my neck driving me wild with desire as I feel the softness of his lips on my skin.

“Are you hungry baby, I think you might like the dessert I brought for you?” I whisper in his ear.

“Stay right here I have something for you.” I grab my bag and head to the bathroom.

I remove my costume leaving only the pasties covering my nipples and my edible panties. I grab the body paint I bought earlier today and I take the tequila sunrise flavored one and I pour some in my hand. Carefully rubbing some all around my breasts just where it meets the pasties. Covering my stomach and down part of my thighs and all around my freshly shaven mound not touching the edible panties. I make sure to rub some all the way back up the crack of my ass and around my cheeks. I hope all the flavors work well together. The paint dries fairly fast which is good. I check my face one last time in the mirror, still wearing the hat part of the costume; I think I’ll leave it on.

My heart racing as I cannot believe I am going to do this. Taking the rest of the paint and the dildo I bought I head back to Drew in the bedroom. He’s removed his clothing and wearing nothing but a pair of red silk boxers. I walked towards him and he was mesmerized standing there as he caught a glimpse of me wearing nothing but paint and pasties. Licking his lips as he walks toward me we meet in the middle of the room. I get on the tips of my toes to kiss him not letting him touch me just yet. I toss the dildo on the bed for later.

Kissing his chin and down his neck inhaling his scent. So sexy and delicious I can’t wait to taste him. Bringing my hand out from behind my back revealing a bottle of body paint I squeeze some of the same flavor I used in my hand and I spread it all over his chest rubbing over each nipple and down his stomach. Hooking the waistband of his boxers under my index finger I remove them and watch as they hit the floor below us. Seeing this gorgeous young man standing in front of me chiseled and well defined it was almost as if I were looking at Michelangelo’s Statue of David.

He took my breath away as I stood there admiring the man before me. I continue to spread the paint all around his already hardening cock and covering each ball. Not knowing yet if he’s into anal play I look up at him and as I stand I kiss him making my way around his body so I am standing behind him. My hands rub his back and land firmly on his tight hard a rock ass. Hearing him moan as he feels my hands on him I pour some more paint and cover his ass and slipping a finger along the crack leaving me plenty of paint to lick off.

Wasting no time he reaches for my hand and grabs back around in front of him kissing me hard as he pushes me back towards the bed. My knees bend and I land on the foot of the bed. Drew kissing my lips and my neck and down to my nipples he removes the pasties with his teeth. His tongue licking all around each breast leaving nothing but my skin glistening in the moonlight as he enjoys the flavor is his dessert lying before him. My breath quickens as his teeth take my nipple gently between them. Sucking each one hard into his mouth feeling his tongue licking all the paint from my breasts taking care to not miss a single spot I love the feeling of his warm breath on my skin. Moans escape both our lips as he continues to drag his tongue down my stomach reaching the top of my edible panties.

“God you are so naughty, I love that you wore edible panties for me.” He breathlessly says as his teeth take them into his mouth and he tastes them on his tongue.

“Mmmm yes baby, eat your dessert like a good boy. Reveal that special prize you have worked so hard to reach. Mmm right there don’t stop.” My hands stretch across the bed grabbing at the blanket with my fingers.

He spreads my legs as far apart as they will go his tongue licks from the top of my slit all the way down tasting my juices and the panties filling mouth his tongue licking and sucking my sensitive clit. He dribbles some tequila into my belly button and as it flows down over my clit and down my slit right into his mouth. Using me as his funnel he drinks down some of our favorite nectar. Feeling the night air hit my pussy lips as his tongue and breath invade me. My eyes closed as I enjoy Drew’s mouth on me, feeling something being inserted into my pussy as his mouth expertly works my clit making it so hard and it throbs to his touch. I can feel my orgasm building from the center of my very core. It’s going to be an intense one as his tongue flicks my little pearl back and forth. My hips gyrating in rhythm with his mouth and whatever he’s fucking me with my head thrashing back and forth as I bite my lower lip trying to not scream out.

“OMG I’m almost there don’t stop…….FASTER, mm that’s it right there.” I can’t contain my sounds any longer. My back arches as my body starts to shudder and shake.

Drew senses I am on the brink of a major eruption I’ve smoldered long enough. He sucks my clit into his mouth as my juices explode all over his hand and the foreign object inside of me pushing it harder into me prolonging my orgasm my clits literally throbbing inside his mouth. My pussy still pulsing as his tongue takes over where the object was licking and slurping up all honey he has just expertly excised from his honey pot.

Hearing a sucking noise I look down and I see Drew sucking on a lollipop. “You’ll get your turn I have a very special lollipop for you to suck on.” Winking at me he slithers up my body tracing the lolli around my erect nipples. He sucks and licks them both into his mouth. Finally reaching my lips our mouths meet and our lips part. Our tongues glide in and out of each other’s mouth and I can’t taste myself and the sweetness of the lollipop on his tongue. I love the taste of myself on my lover’s lips there is nothing more sensual.

Rolling Drew over so I am straddling him our mouths still engaged in a passionate kiss my hands run up the length of his arms until my hands meet his, fingers intertwined and locked together. My pussy lips spread across his ripped stomach as I rock back and forth on top of him. The heat emanating from our bodies could warm the room all night long.

I crave his cock I feel it hitting my ass as I slither back and forth over his stomach. Licking his lower lip then his upper lip then I take his lower lip in between my teeth gently pulling it and sucking it into my mouth. Looking deep into his eyes and seeing the lust looking back at me I know what I have to do, what I want to do, No….what I need to do.

Still holding my hand Drew helps guide me around, instinctively knowing what I am going to do. He grabs my hips and pulls my ass back towards his face putting me in the perfect position to devour his throbbing manhood that’s standing straight up in front of me. Leaning down I lick from his navel down to the tip of his cock tasting the mixture of the body paint I applied to him earlier along with the pre cum, there is no better taste then this right now. My tongue circling the head of his cock licking and sucking it fully into my warm wanting mouth taking the flat of my tongue and sliding it down each side licking it clean of all the paint. I reach over and grab the tequila bottle and I dribble some over the tip of his cock watching as it cascades down the shaft and over his balls. My tongue following that same route the tequila did and licking and slurping it all up not wasting a drop. Hearing the moans escaping Drew’s lips encouraged me in my endeavors.

Leaving no trace of the body paint from his cock or balls and seeing how hard his cock was the veins in his shaft were literally bulging at the touch of my tongue and mouth. I love feeling the weight of his balls as I suck each on into my mouth swirling my tongue around it as my hand continues to stroke his lovely cock. Feeling his hands on my hips as he guides my pussy back and forth across his chest feeling his finger as it traces along the crack of my ass and back down. Dipping his finger into my soaking pussy getting all wet and sliding it back up to my puckered hole that’s just aching to be touched; I arch my back as I take his cock deep in my mouth my throat opening up to accommodate his throbbing cock. As he slowly slides his finger into my ass making me moan with a mouthful of his cock I start to rock back and forth on his chest my mouth clamps down as he fucks my mouth like a tight little pussy so wet and warm.

My chin is covered my saliva as with each thrust of his cock sliding in and out of my mouth my hands cupping his balls tightly. Drew’s finger is plunging in and out of my ass I am so close to another hard orgasm. Wanting him to cum with me I lick down the length of his shaft spreading his legs as far as I can he senses where I am headed and lifts his hips allowing me access to the sacred hole in which I seek. My tongue gently probing his tight never before entered hole as my finger massages in circles. Licking and sucking all the paint clean from his tight muscular ass hearing him moan as my finger invades his ass a little as a time while my mouth is back to enjoying the feast of his throbbing member. His hips rising to meet each thrust as my hips grind down on him the faster his finger pumps in and out of my ass.

“OMG Raven that’s it, suck my cock and finger my ass I need to cum inside that pretty mouth of yours.” He moans breathlessly.

Slipping his thumb into my ass as he senses I’m ready and his other hand fingers my pussy and clit as I completely explode all over him squirting so hard it hits his chin and lips. My body shaking and grinding against him as his cock thrusts once, twice and with the final thrust he erupts in my mouth shooting his hot load down my throat. Feeling it hit the back of my throat all warm and gooey as he slides my pussy to his mouth licking and slurping up all the juices he expertly manipulated from my body. Licking each other clean and feeling his semi hard cock in my hand I continue to stroke it lightly at first. Sliding down off of him and positioning myself between his legs looking up into his eyes I continue to work his cock till it’s almost hard again, which doesn’t take long.

“Oh yeah, suck that cock baby, you are very good at this mmm that feels so good.” He moans out loudly.

Kissing my way back up his body and finding his mouth his face glistening with my juices. I lick and kiss all over his chin his neck inhaling the scent of lovely juices.

My soft breath reaches his ear, “Are you ready for the ride of your life baby?”

Nothing but moans can escape his lips as mine are covering his once again in the most passionate kiss yet. Our tongues exploring each other’s mouths and you can feel the heat emanating from our bodies.

Reaching over and grabbing the 17” dildo I bring it to my mouth and trace my lips with one end sticking my tongue out and licking it as it passes. Sliding it down my chin and down my chest circling each hard nipple Drew’s eyes never leaving me he watches every move I made with the dildo. Brining my feet forward so that my pussy is in his view as I lean back on his chest I slowly slide the dildo down and rub the tip down my wet slit lubing it up. Drew’s eyes following my every move as I turn it around and do the same with the other end both ends completely covered with my natural lube.

I look deep into his eyes, “Do you trust me baby?”

Only able to shake his head yes as his eyes are fixed on my hand with the long dildo. I slide down between his legs and I prop his ass up with a pillow from the bed. He spreads his legs wide knowing what I have planned for us. Teasing his puckered hole with the lubed dildo I gently ease it in. I watch Drew’s face as I inch the dildo inside his virgin ass little by little hearing him moan with each small thrust. I lay it down between his legs as I work my way back to his hard throbbing cock. Needing to feel it deep inside me I lower myself down onto his member.

“OMG you are so tight, that feels so good my naughty little nun.” Drew moans as he watches his cock disappear into my wet tight pussy.

Reaching back and grabbing the other end of the long dildo I bring it up to my ass and tease it just a bit before slowly sliding inside my ass.

I look deep into his eyes, “Mmm yes that feels so good.” My fingernails grazing his chest I slowly ride his cock

“That’s it fuck me with both your holes filled, you are even naughtier then I thought you were baby.” Drew whispered between thrusts.

The feeling of him deep inside my pussy and the dildo in my ass is an amazing feeling, so full and so tight in both places. My movements on top of him move the dildo enough in his ass for him to enjoy the same sensations I am. Hearing his moans match mine as I bend down and take his nipple into my mouth, one then the other. Flicking them with my tongue and gently biting them.

Feeling his hips start to move faster underneath me, my pussy sliding back and forth grinding my clit into his pelvis. Rocking back and forth and then in circular motion. Both our moans getting louder and louder our bodies moving as one unit my pussy squeezing his cock like a vice with each thrust. Needing to feel him deeper I arch my back supporting myself on his knee making the dildo go a little bit deeper into each of us. Drew playing with my clit expertly with his thumb almost takes me over the edge.

“Cum for me Raven, cum all over my dick move that ass faster yes baby that’s it.” He ordered

Needing no further encouragement I was on the verge of a tidal wave of an orgasm. Feeling it well up deep inside me from the very center of my being it comes rushing out. My body shaking and my pussy in spasms milking his cock as my juices start to flow like the water over a babbling brook. Feeling my orgasm hit pushes Drew to the limits as my hand reaches back and helps the dildo slide in and out faster from his as fucking him as he’s fucking me. Taking him farther than he’s ever been before making him explode deep inside my pussy shooting his hot seed deep within my walls. Pumping and thrusting through our orgasms both our bodies spent.

Drew pulls me down on top of him as he kisses me so tenderly. Suddenly we hear a noise behind us and Drew looks over my shoulder to see his door ajar and a few prying eyes that were watching us. Throwing the nearest thing he could find from his nightstand at the door they shut it and left us alone.

Burying my head into his chest laughing and slightly embarrassed that what we had just done was being viewed by his house brothers.

“Don’t worry Raven they are just jealous of what I had tonight, and you were amazing.” As he places soft gentle kisses on my forehead.

“You were pretty great yourself Drew, I still can’t believe I did this with someone so much younger then myself. I should probably get going before it gets any later and I am forced to take the walk of shame.” I chuckled.

Drew stands up and takes me by the hand “That will never happen baby, lets go take a shower and then I will walk you out to your car.”

Turning and facing me with a warm embrace he looks deeply into my eyes, “Can we see each other again Raven?”

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