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The Highway Girl

Road Trip!

The sun was beating down off the old black State highway. Outside must have been nearly a hundred degrees. Inside the Audi A4, the AC vents blew a cool hard seventy over Glenn's knuckles, as the speedometer flirted with ninety miles per hour. His eyes scanned the sides of the road for the telltale glint of sunlight from a cop's waiting roof-rack, but out here in the sticks there wasn't much worry. He stepped a little harder on the gas, daring himself to get her up into triple digits.

Glenn loved his car. It had been a high school graduation present from his parents. Now, nearly a year later, he was driving it back home from Clinton State University. Sure, his parents could have easily paid for a plane ticket to South Dakota, but Glenn had been looking forward to the road trip all semester; a chance to see what this baby could really do.

He was glad to be putting miles between himself and Clinton City. His freshman year had been a complete drag. All the students were a bunch of liberal hipsters, and his professors enabled the little cry-babies by constantly talking about social justice issues and everyone's feelings. At times he wasn't sure whether he was in business administration or some kind of goddamn women's studies program.

He rounded a gentle bend, and saw a nice long straight way stretching out ahead of him as leafy green streamed by on either side in a blur. Glenn, checked himself in the rearview, fixing his conservative brown hair cut, parted on the side. He wasn't ugly or fat. In fact he went to the gym pretty regularly. Mostly he liked to jog on the treadmill and watch the girls in their tight yoga pants on the ellipticals and bikes.

His mind wandered. He thought of the last time he'd gone to the strip club. He'd been alone like usual. There was a stripper there, Melody or Melanie,  or something, who had chatted him up. He bought her a few drinks and got a couple of lap dances from her. He tried to bring her body back to his mind - The way she moved, the way she caressed her tits, how she had bent over right in front of him and pulled her thong to one side so he could see he pussy up close, a finger sliding across her slit...

His hand dropped from the steering wheel into his lap. He began massaging his cock through his pants, coaxing it to attention. There wasn't anyone else around, so why the fuck not? He shifted in his seat to undo his pants. It was a little awkward, but he finally managed to free his cock. There it was, in the summer sun, all flushed pink and purple. His fingers circled around it and began to tug.

Despite the no touching rule, he recalled the way that Melody or Melanie or whatever her name was had ground her ass into his pelvis, and gave him a naughty little smile as she felt his cock hard and pressing back against her. He gave her another forty bucks to keep doing just that. Only that. It felt so good. She leaned back against him. Her hands ran through his hair. She smelled like candy. Glenn couldn't hold back. He had cum in his pants.

Glenn's mind cycled through these events several times, neglecting to go any further in the memory. The way that she had hopped off of him just as he began to orgasm, ruining it. Her look that was a mixture of pity and disgust. How he had walked from the VIP area, escorted by a bouncer, through the club, holding his hands over the embarrassing stain at his crotch. No, the memory stopped at her grinding him until he came, and then cycled back again to her approaching him with a seductive smile and a sexy outfit.

Another car whooshed past, bring him back to reality. Glenn looked down at the dash to find he'd accelerated to over one-twenty. Better ease up a bit, he thought, both on the accelerator and his stroking.

He looked up just in time to see a blonde girl in sunglasses, shorts and a white top, holding an old suit case. The dumb bitch was almost in the middle of the road with her thumb out. Holy shit! He was going to hit her! Glenn stomped on the brakes. The tires gave a tormented screeched, and the car began to fishtail.

For Glenn, everything dropped into slow motion, as he skidded by the girl, narrowly missing her. He could see her face peering through the passenger window, more inquisitive than terrified, as he passed by her. Then she was staring after him in the rearview mirror as he fought to regain control of the car, and keep it out of the ditch.

Finally, several yards down the road, he finally came to a stop. His heart was pounding. He checked his rearview again to really be certain she was still alive and unhurt. The last thing he needed was a lawsuit. He saw her in an awkward not-quite-jog with her heels and suitcase, moving towards the car. Glenn watched her approach, admiring her legs, long and slender. Man, she was beautiful.

It wasn't until she'd reached the back of his car that Glenn realized he still had his cock out. Frantically, he tried to tuck it back in, but it was still half-hard and stubbornly refused to be re-confined to his pants. Fuck! He flipped the bottom of his shirt over his crotch just as the blonde reached the passenger window. She knocked on the glass. Glenn thumbed the button to lower it. Immediately the heat was on him.

"Hey man," the blonde said, almost leaning through the window. "Why don't you watch where you're going, huh? You could've fuckin' killed me, you know. Be my fuckin' luck, too."

"Yeah, sorry," Glenn said, feeling his face flush. "I didn't see you there."

"How could you miss me?" she asked. "I was standing right there."

"I know. Sorry," Glenn repeated.

The sound of cicadas swelled in the trees.

"Well?" she asked, finally.

"What?" Glenn asked back. All he could think about was how sexy the girl was and how his cock was dangerously close to being exposed.

The blonde gave an exasperated sigh. "Can I get a ride, man?"

"Uh..." Glenn said.

He'd been warned about picking up hitchhikers. He'd heard all the stories of highway robbers and murderers, not to mention the bums. But looking at her, she didn't look like any of those things. She was wearing clean clothes, and looked like she'd showered that morning. If she weren't there on the side of the road, it would be easy to picture her as one of his parents' friends' kids. Anyway, she looked hot.

"Yeah," Glenn concluded finally. "Sure, why not? You can put your suitcase in the back."

"Thanks, man," the girl said. "You don't know it, but you're a fuckin' life saver. Really."

The girl placed her luggage in the back, then climbed into the passenger seat. When she'd pulled the seatbelt across her ample chest, Glenn put the car into drive and pulled away from the side of the road.

"I'm Anita, by the way." She stuck out her hand.


He reached across to take her hand, and then felt the sensation of his shirt fabric sliding slightly across the head of his disobedient cock. He glanced down to make sure everything was still under wraps. It was. Satisfied, he shook, and then let his hand casually drop into his lap, pinning his shirt firmly in place.

"So Glenn, where are we headed?" Anita asked.

"Home," Glenn answered. "South Dakota. At least, that's where my parents live. I'm actually a student at Clinton State University."

Anita whistled. "That's a long drive, though."

"Yeah. What about you, where are you going?"

"Well..." Anita started. "I'm not really sure about that."

Glenn turned and gave her a puzzled look.

"Okay," Anita continued. "So, I was going to Nashville with my boyfriend-" She corrected herself, "ex-boyfriend, but now..." Her voice began to catch.

"Hey, hey," Glenn said. "I'm sorry."

"We just had a huge fight and then the fuckin' asshole dumped me with my suitcase on the side of the road. Just told me to get the fuck out of his car in the middle of fuckin' nowhere. I mean, who the fuck does that? Then the fucker drove off with my purse with my phone and debit card, and all my fuckin' ID and everything. What the fuck am I going to do without all my shit?" Her voice had become more and more hysterical as she spoke. The last of it was almost incomprehensible.

"He sounds like a real asshole," Glenn said, trying to reassure her, and hoping to score points. "You're probably better off without him."

"Yeah," Anita agreed, sniffling. She took off her sunglasses, revealing a set of beautiful brown eyes with tears welling them. "Anyway, I guess I'll go back to our apartment in Lincoln-"

"Nebraska?" Glenn interrupted.

"Yeah. We just moved there a couple of months ago."

"Well, Lincoln is kinda on the way to Sioux Falls."

"You'd drive me all that way?" Anita asked. She sniffed again.

"I'm headed that way anyway, so it's no extra trouble. Why not?" Glenn was enjoying the idea of himself coming to the rescue of this poor gorgeous babe. He was such a magnanimous guy. A hero, really.

Anita talked about her boyfriend (ex-boyfriend, she had to keep reminding herself), as they crossed a couple of state lines. She told Glenn about how they'd met, how she'd followed his career across the country giving up everything to be with him. Outside the car, the lush green leaves faded to darker pine needles, as the elevation began to climb.

Eventually, the conversation petered out. Anita turned her face to the window. They were now up in the Ozark mountains. The sun was setting, and everything looked amazing. Anita looked amazing, too, as she closed her eyes and fell into a light sleep. Glenn kept stealing glances at her and couldn't help but admire the curve of her breasts beneath her shirt, or the shape of her legs, so nicely revealed by the tiny pair of shorts she wore.

In the silence, Glenn's mind began to drift back to sexual thoughts and fantasies. He re-ran the stripper memory again, but this time Anita took the place of whatshername. It was Anita's smile and her tiny sparkly little outfit approaching Glenn's table. Glenn buying drinks for her as they chatted. Then Anita was giving him the lap dance, caressing her breasts (larger than the other pair), and bending over infront of him, pulling her thong aside, so Glenn could see...

"Where are we?" Anita asked, roused from her sleep and startling Glenn from his thoughts.

"Uhm..." Leaned over to check the GPS.

"What's that?" Anita asked suddenly alarmed. "What the fuck is that?"


"That," she said, staring and pointing at his lap.

He'd pretty much forgotten about his exposed cock beneath his shirt. When he'd shifted in his seat, it had finally come out, still mostly erect from his daydreams of Anita dancing in his lap.

"Oh shit," Glenn said. His hand went to cover his hard on.

"Why the fuck is your cock out?" Anita asked angrily.

"I'm sorry. I can explain." Glenn stammered. He wondered if he really could, though. "It was out before I picked you up, and then I didn't get a chance to put it away, and..." He was pretty sure he'd blown it. She was giving him a dubious look. His heart was sinking. "Listen, I'll pull over here, and put it away. Okay? And if you want to get out and find another ride, you can. I'll understand. I'm sorry."

Glenn guided the Audi to a stop at a gas station advertising homemade beef jerky and cheap beer. As soon as he'd put the car in park, he was working to stuff his disruptive cock back into his pants. As he did, Anita opened the door, jumped out of the car, and slammed it behind her. He watched her through the windshield pacing back and forth. She was ranting to herself. Glenn could barely hear the tone of her voice, but not the actual words. He wondered if he should just make his escape now. What was he waiting for? Then he remembered her suitcase in the back seat.

He lowered his window, and called to her.

"What?!" she yelled back.

"Uh, your luggage," Glenn yelled pointing over his shoulder.

"Ugh!" she growled. "Fuck my life today!"

Instead of coming to the car to retrieve it, she sat down on the curb in front of the store, and buried her face in her arms. After a minute, Glenn got out. He went around to the other side, and pulled out her suitcase. Cautiously, he walked towards her, and put it on the ground next to her. She refused to look up at him.

Glenn went inside the store to take a leak. He figured that when he returned, Anita would be by the side of the road thumbing again if she hadn't already been picked up. A girl looking that fine wouldn't have trouble getting a ride, he considered remorsefully.

However, when Glenn came out again, the girl and the suitcase had returned to his car. She was sitting in the passenger seat, staring at him through the windshield, as he crossed the parking lot. Glenn slipped in behind the wheel and eyed her curiously.

"You said you'd take me all the way to Lincoln?" Anita asked.

"Sure," Glenn agreed, barely able to contain his excitement.

"And you're not going to do anything weird like pull your cock out again, are you?" Anita asked.


"Because I know martial arts," Anita warned. Glenn doubted that she did, but now wasn't the time to call bullshit. "I can make grown men cry."

"I'm not going to do anything weird," Glenn repeated. "Really, it was all a misunderstanding."

Anita considered Glenn for a full minute, her brown eyes boring into his own as if she were trying to read his soul.

"Alright," she said finally. "Let's go."


It was about ten at night when they reached the outskirts of Kansas City. Glenn had been on the road for almost eleven hours. He was exhausted. Conversation between him and Anita had been infrequent and awkward since they'd resumed their trip. According to the GPS, Lincoln was a little more than three and a half hours away, and Sioux Falls three hours past that. Glenn tried lowering the temperature of the AC and playing some music to wake himself up, but it was a losing battle. He knew he wasn't going to make it.

"Hey, Anita?"


"We've got a bit of a problem."


"I feel like if I don't get some rest soon, I'm going to fall asleep behind the wheel."


"When I planned the trip, I thought I'd just get a hotel when I was tired. But then with you, and you know... what happened earlier..."

"Well, I don't want to you to crash and kill us both," she said resigning herself to the situation. "So I guess that's the only option."

"I can get us separate rooms," Glenn offered, hoping to show he really wasn't a creep. "I mean, my parents might give me shit when they get the credit card statement, but... it's fine, I can handle it."

"Separate rooms?" Anita asked, looking at him without suspicion for the first time since she'd gotten back in the car. "If you're really alright with that... Then thanks."

They checked in to a Holiday Inn just off the highway. Her room was a few doors down from his. Glenn wished her a good night, and then entered his own room. He flipped on the light, slipped off his shoes and collapsed on the neatly made bed, just lying there, staring at the ceiling and thinking about Anita.

About twenty minutes later, Glenn was nearly asleep when there was a soft knocking on his door. He got up, and dragged himself across the room to answer it. On the other side, Anita was standing there holding a bucket of ice. Gone was the white top and the short shorts. In their place was a sexy satiny red slip with a black lace trim that showed off her cleavage and thighs. Glancing down, Glenn noticed that she'd completed the ensemble with a pair of black nylon thigh high stockings.

"Hi," she said.

"Hi," Glenn answered softly. His breath had been taken away.

"I brought you some ice," she said.

"Why? We don't have any champagne or anything."

"I know, but I needed some excuse to come over here. Aren't you going to invite me in?"

"Uh, yeah, please," Glenn said nervously, stepping aside.

She crossed the room, placed the ice bucket on the bedside stand, and climbed up on to the bed. Glenn watched her, unable to believe his eyes. She patted the spot next to her. Obediently, Glenn went. He could already feel his unruly cock stiffening again at the sight of her.

"I was just sitting in my room, thinking about my ex, and how he just dumped me on the side of the road, and then you picked me up. You're nothing like him, you know. Totally different. And it's been a long time since I've had something different. You know what I mean?"

Glenn shook his head. Her hazel eyes looked into his.

"Well, let's just say that this is my way of saying thank you for everything you've done for me today."

She leaned towards him and pressed her lips against his. They parted allowing her tongue to slip into his mouth. Glenn was feeling shy as if she would disappear into a puff of smoke if he so much as moved a muscle. Anita grabbed hold of his hands, and placed them on her body, guiding them from her back, down to her ass, and up to her breasts. Glenn was amazed at the soft warm feeling of her. Once he'd gotten the idea, she let him explore on his own.

Anita shifted her position, throwing her leg across his body. Then she sat up, straddling him. She lifted the hem of her slip slowly up abover her head, finally exposing a gorgeous pair of round breasts, each with a nice big pink juicy nipple pointing at him. Glenn let his fingers wander over them, feeling their firmness slip between them. Anita, sighed. Beneath her, Glenn's erection was pressing insistently upward through his pants.

Anita leaned forward, lowering first one breast, then the other, to Glenn's mouth. He kissed and licked and sucked her nipples, operating mostly on instinct. Her hands glided beneath his shirt and caressed his chest upwards, and then dragged her fingernails back down to his belt. One by one, she unbuttoned his shirt and threw it open. Meanwhile she slowly ground herself against his crotch, feeling the bulge of his erection rub against her. Anita leaned over and grabbed an ice cube from the bucket. She warmed it in her hand, until drops of water splashed on Glenn's chest.

"Ah!" Glenn said, surprised by the sudden cool sensations.

Anita grabbed another cube. This, she slid across her chest, and down to her nipples which became even harder under the melting ice. Glenn was fascinated by the way water droplets formed at their tips and then fell onto his own stomach.

He took the half-melted ice from her hand, and began to draw trails of water over her breasts, circling her nipples, then downwards. He traced his way over her stomach, her cute little belly button, right to the edge of the edge of her black thong. He lingered there, allowing the remains of the ice to melt away, and soak into the material. Anita moaned, and climbed off of Glenn. She repositioned herself between his knees, and worked at this pants. Within seconds, she had them undone, and was pulling at the waist.

"I didn't get a good enough look last time," she said.

Glenn raised his ass slightly from the bed, allowing her to tug his pants and underwear together down to his knees. His cock sprung into plain view.


She wrapped her fingers around his stiff pole. Glenn liked the way that her smaller hand made it look even bigger. Anita began to caress and stroke it. She brought her mouth so close he could feel the warm humidity of her breath on the head. Finally, after a prolonged delicate tease, she took him fully into her mouth. The feeling was amazing. It was hot and wet and Anita knew exactly what to do. She allowed her tongue to slide along the sensitive underside, and dance around the head, making Glenn groan with pleasure.

"You like that?" Anita asked.


"Ha. Just wait. You haven't seen anything yet."

Anita continued to suck on his cock. One hand grasped the base of it, and the other caressed his balls. Then she took both hands away, and pressed her head forward. He felt his cock slipping down her throat until her nose pressed against the base of it. She held that position for a minute, then came up again gasping for breath.

"Holy shit, that was awesome," Glenn cried out.

Anita favoured him with a proud smile. Then she got off the bed. "Hey do you want to try something?"


In response, she raised one foot up on the bed and caressed her leg. Glenn watched mesmerized as her fingers reached the top of her stocking and began to roll it sexily downwards, until it came off her toes. She repeated this with the other stocking as well. Then she climbed back onto the bed, straddling Glenn's body once more. This time, she grabbed his wrist, tied her stocking in a tight know around it, threaded it through the headboard and then tied the other end to his other wrist.

"How's that?" she asked.

"Good," Glenn responded, smiling excitedly back up at her. He'd always wanted to be tied up and used, but had never done it before. The fact that it was a stranger he'd picked up on the roadside made it even hotter.

"Doesn't hurt?" she asked, tying the second stocking around his ankles, and to the base of the bed frame.

"No." His cock twitched with anticipation.


Glenn tested the restraints, flexing his arms and legs against them. They were tight and firm, but not uncomfortable in any way.

"Now this is going to be fun," Anita said, stepping out of her panties. Glenn's eyes fixated on the smooth skin of her pubic mound flushed pink with arousal between Anita's thighs.

She grabbed another ice cube from the bucket, and trailed it over Glenn's body, down to his swollen cock. She rubbed it over the head, down his length to his balls, and then behind them to his perineum. He could feel it melting coolly there and soaking into the sheets. The next ice cube went into her mouth, followed by the head of his cock. The sensation of her tongue chilled by the ice was different but no less exciting as sucked him. Then she replaced her cold mouth with her warm hands. For a couple of minutes she continued this way, alternating hot and cold.

When that ice cube was spent, she grabbed another. This she slid over her own body, between her legs, and then up into her hot pussy. Glenn watched as melting water dripped from it. She lowered herself onto him. Her wet pussy brushed against the underside of his erection, dripping cool water over it. She continued to drag herself up his body, leaving a wet trail on him. Finally she reached his face.

"Lick," she commanded, lowering her pussy to his tongue.

Glenn, kissed and licked her eagerly, feeling the remains of the ice cube running out of her, and over his face. His hands wanted to grab her, pull her even further into him, but the restraints held fast. Instead, he manoeuvred his tongue around her as best he could. She seemed to position herself where she needed him most, offering clitoris one moment and then her opening the next.

Anita had begun to moan deeply. She turned around, lowered her pussy to his face again, and then resumed sucking his cock for a few minutes until she climaxed.

"Oh my god!"she shouted. Her body quivered, and her legs pressed against him.

As the orgasm subsided, Anita crawled down his body. She took hold of his cock, and guided it into her pussy. Every subtle shift in positions brought new amazing sensations.

"That cock feels so fuckin' good inside me, Glenn," she shouted. "I knew it would since I first fuckin' saw it. Oh christ!"

Glenn could only respond with grunts and groans as she rode him for several minutes. He was so close to cumming. She reached down and fondled his balls. So close. AH!

His entire body tensed up, as he pushed his hips up, attempting to thrust as deep as possible into Anita's beautiful pussy. Again he strained at the restraints wanting to pull her body back down onto him. His cock pulsed shooting cum deep inside her. Anita continued to bounce on top of him.

"I want more," she exclaimed.

Oh god, it was so intense it was almost painful, the way she kept riding him. He could barely stand it. He tried to squirm out from underneath her, but Anita wouldn't let him go. His entire body twitched uncontrollably. He shouted.

"Quiet!" Anita demanded. "You've been a bad boy and you're being punished. Driving around picking up poor stranded helpless girls on the road side and exposing yourself to them. Showing off that big nasty fuckin' cock of yours. I'm going to milk it dry, and teach you a lesson."

"Ah, it's too much!" Glenn yelled, simultaneously hoping she wouldn't stop.

"You're really not in a position to tell me what's too much," Anita said, looking back over her shoulder at him. Her face had taken on a cruel expression. "I told you I knew how to make men cry." She ground her pussy in a circular motion that drove him crazy. He could feel the thick semen of his first orgasm running down from her and over his balls.

"Oh my god!" Glenn yelled as he felt his cock throb and ejaculate for the second time. "Enough!"

"I'll say when it's enough," Anita told him. "This is what you get for showing your cock to helpless ladies stranded on the roadside."

After another agonizing minute. She finally climbed off of Glenn. He thought she was finished, but instead she turned, sitting between his legs, and began to caress his still much too sensitive cock. She let her fingers glide over the head, and run down his length. Then she gripped it tightly in her fist, lubricated by his cum and her juices, and jerked it hard, causing Glenn to cry out again. His eyes began to water. It was such sweet incredible torture.

"Shut it!" Anita ordered. "Or I'll shut it for you."

"It was a mistake!" Glenn pleaded, whimpering and squirming as she continued to tease his cock. "Just a mistake, I'm sorry."

"I fuckin' told you," Anita said. She leaned over, while keeping one hand on his cock, and grabbed her discarded panties. She balled them up.

"Open," she demanded.

Glenn obediently opened his mouth, and she stuffed them inside. With his cries muffled, Anita continued to tease and jerk his erection which refused to subside. Glenn felt a trickle down his cheeks as his tears overflowed. In a few more minutes, a third ejaculation spilled from the top of it. The feeling was even more intense than the previous ones, but there was less cum. It merely trickled out over Anita's merciless hand.

"What a goddamn mess," she said sternly.

She finally let go of him and wiped her hand on his chest. Getting up from the bed, she picked up her slip from the floor and put it back on. Then she picked up his pants.

"Wait! What are you doing?" Glenn tried to shout against the balled up underwear stuffing his mouth . What actually came out was a series of inarticulate groans.

"Now you just relax," she said. "Try to get some sleep." She pulled out his wallet, opened it, removed all his cash, then tossed it on to the bed next to him. Then she removed his car keys.

"No, you can't!" Glenn protested. Another set of meaningless sounds. He jerked and strained against the restraints, but they held him to the bed.

Anita jingled the keys at him. "Thanks for the ride, Glenn."

Glenn shouted back at her. He kept shouting as she turned and left the room. And then for some time afterwards. But she didn't come back.

Glenn was discovered by the maid around ten in the morning. His car was found a day later, abandoned, but undamaged in a field in near Lincoln. Anita (if that was even her real name. Glenn doubted it) was never seen again.

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