The Holiday - Part 4 of my mother in law experienc

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The concluding chapter of my mother in law experience

My wife had just left the house so I phoned Helen, "There's a poblem" I said

Helen (my mother in law) and I were planning a secret break on the coast together. We planned a four or five day break so we could be totally alone together for a few days. After our last sex session we decided that we needed an extended period of 'quality time' together. We had gathered information on little cottages on the coast we could stay at together, and I was going to book it in a few days for a few weeks time or something. However, Natalie (my wife) had found the brochures and thought I was planning a trip for us. She got all excited and said that her parents should come too. It would be a nice family trip as in her words "we don't seem to spend enough time together".

I explained this to Helen and told her that Natalie was on her way over to show her some of the brochures and ask them to come.
"What are we going to do" I asked Helen. "This was meant to be our own little trip nobody would know about so we could have plenty of time together to have sex when we wanted"
Helen signed "I know, but at least Natalie didn't find out about us two or was more suspicious about the brochures"
"So what are you going to say when she asks you and Micheal?"
"Well, I know for a fact Micheal is going to want to go as he's been saying he needs a break from it all so I guess we'll come with you - you never know, we may get some time to ourselves" Helen replied.

Natalie came home around an hour or so later all excited saying that her parents had agreed to come and even Charlotte, her younger, 21 year old sister had liked the idea and was going to come along.
Over the next couple of weeks Natalie took over the planning and booked the whole thing. We were staying for ten days in a 'private, five bedroomed lodge with its own swimming pool and private gardens. It sounded pretty nice and the pictures looked good; on the plus side it was also just about on the beach in a relatively remote area.

The time of the holiday came and we drove in our cars to the coast. We arrived at the lodge and parked up. Inside was huge and each of the five bedrooms had a massive bed (although we only needed three bedrooms). The lodge had everything we needed from all furniture, electrical eqipment and appliances.
After we had unpacked we deided to take a look around the gardens and things together.

The day had been a long one and after we had had our meal and relaxed infront of the tv for a bit most of us were tired so we decided to go to bed.
I went into the kitchen to clear a few more bits away. Helen came in a kissed me full on the mouth. I kissed back carrassing her tongue with my own. I pulled away after a few moments.
"Helen" I said "we need to be careful, we don't want to get caught"
"I know" she replied "get up at two in the morning when everone else will be asleep and meet me outside the back patio doors"
"OK" I replied as Helen kissed me again with a grin on her face before going to bed. After I had finished what I was doing I went to bed. Luckily Natalie was just about asleep when I went to bed and I knew she wouldn't rise till morning as she was a pretty heavy sleeper - again, which was pretty lucky. 

I had woken early in anticipation for my liason with Helen. The clock said 01:42. I waited in bed for another five minutes before slowing getting up and going out of my room. I went outside th back patio doors and waited for Helen. When I go outside the air was fairly cool but I wasn't cold even though I was wearing just a pair of boxer shorts. I waited around another five minutes before Helen came outside. She was wearing a nightie and as I expected, nothing else. We stood and looked at one another for a few moments. I admirmired the way the thin fabric of her nightie seemed to cling to her curves and was being stretched by her fantasticly large breasts. I noticed that her nipples were beoming more prominant through the fabric of her nightie due to the cool air. In no time at all they were jut about totally visible through her nightie. I noticed she was smiling as she gazed at my boner which was obviously almost bursting out of my boxers. She motioned for me to follow her. I did. We went around the corner to a more secluded area of the garden a little away from the lodge which I guess was a sensible idea. She stopped by a large carved wooden bench type thing. She removed the nightie and put it to one side of the bench. I looked at her amazing body which looked kind of pale in the moderatly dim light which was being emitted from one of the many lights dotted around the garden area. I looked down to her crotch which was clearly glistening in the light.
"I'm so wet for you" Helen purred as her soft low voice broke the silence of the night. I removed my boxers feeling my large cock spring free into the cool night air. We embraced each other immediatly kissing passionatly. I moved my hand down to Helens pussy which was totally soaking.
"Bloody hell" I said " Your totally gagging aren't you"
"Totally" she replied kind of already out of breath "and so are you by the feel of this" she said as she grasped my rock hard dick.
She turned round and lent over the bench exposing her almost dripping cunt to me. Its total smoothness was accentuated in this light making it looking even more amazing. I realised that we shouldn't waste much time. I took my penis and with one swift motion of my hips, I slammed by cock straight into my mother in laws warm wet pink pussy filling it entirely with my large size. I felt every ince of Helen's pussy grip my cock as started slamming into her.
"Oh fuck" she exclaimed as I pistoned into her harder and harder
"Oh, Oh". She kept moaning as I fucked her. I could tell she was trying her best to be as quiet as possible not wanting to make too much noise. I fucked her pink hole for a while, the silence in the air broken by Helens low moans, my heavy breathing and the slapping sound of my cock sliding in and out of Helens wet pussy. Seeing Helens pussy really stretched around my long thick cock had become one of my favourite sites. The pink inner lips looked amazing as they stretched a little out with my outward motion until I thrust back in.
Helens hips had started bucking into me as I thrust into her vagina time and time again. Her pussy started convulsing and her whole body stiffened up as she came hard releasing her juice over my cock. I had held off as long as possible and I felt my own orgasm erupt from my crotch. We came almost together and as I pumped my cum into her, her pussy did its job by milking my cock for all of its juice. When we had both finished Helen wiggled off my cock from which she had been ploughed with, got to her knees infont of me and said "let's make sure you're clean". She wrapped her lips around the end of my cock and slowly slid them along the full length of the shaft up to the base. She sucked and licked my cock until it was clean and shiny from her saliva.
We went back inside quiety to go back to bed. Helen went into the bathroom to clean herself up. When she came back out she gave me a kiss and we our seperate ways to our bedrooms.
As I expected my wife was still asleep and as I got into bed she didn't even murmer. The perfect crime I though to myself as I fell asleep next to my wife.

The next morning I was the last to get up. I put on some shorts and a t-shirt and went out to the large kitchen with its kitchen table surrounded by everyone else. "I see you're up then" my wife said as she got up and went over to one of the kitchen counters "you want some breakfast"
"Please" I replied.
"I'll make you a coffee as well seeing as though you look knackered" she said
Helen then started speaking. "You're right Natalie he does look tired. Yesterday must have worn him out"
She looked at me as she said it. She almost had a smile on her face.
The next hour or so was spent getting ready, sorting things out and discussing what we should do. We decided to have a somewhat lazy down around our private pool.

My wife and I were the first ones to arrive outside. It was a nice warm day with a clear blue sky. Natalie and I sat on two of the recliner chairs. I took off my top leaving me in just in my dark blue swimming shorts. Natalie also took her top and pants off revealing her chocolate brown bikini. Admittidly Natalie had a great body, long and slender with just enough curves, and breasts which weren't overly large but looked larger due to her slim body. We both layed down on our recliner chairs. The sun felt good on my body. I put on my sunglasses as the sun was quite bright. After around ten minutes Helen and Micheal came out. They both got undressed revealing their swimware. Helen was wearing a deep red bikini and although she wasn't as slender as my wife it looked amazing on her. Although I was staring nobody could tell due to by sun glasses. I watched Helen as she applied a little bit of lotion to her soft skin to protect it from the rays of the sun. I watched almost in a trance as my mother in law rubbed the lotion into the top of her huge breasts. I could tell Helen knew I was watching her and probably sensed the erection growing in my swim shorts. Hopefully my wife wouldn't see as I shuffled slightly so my growing penis could fall into a more convenient position. Charlotte came out a while later and jumped straight in the pool "who's coming in she shouted" Natalie immediatly got up and dived in followed by Helen. The all swam lengths of the pool next to each other. The pool was probably a little under 10 metres long so I could aways see all of them clearly. My eyes marveled at the site of each of them turning around at the same time and swimming away from me. I looked on as each of them swam slowing away. I looked on as I could see each of their bodies from behind through the crystal clear water of our pool. I watched on as each of their legs stretched out almost in unison as they propelled their selves through the water. I watched my wife, her slender body looked good in the water and her butt which was just curvy enough looked nice bobbing up and down. Next to my wife and in the middle of the three women was Helen. Her body was a lot more curvier and plumper than my wife but I liked it. As she swam along her legs parted as she pushed along in the water. I felt myself getting harder as I watched between her legs knowing what lie beneath those red bikini panties and how it pleased my cock.
After watching Helen for a while my gaze shifted to the third woman in the pool, my wife's younger sister Charlotte. Although she was younger than my wife and I, she was still 21 which wasn't that much younger than my wife and I who were the same age as each other and in our twenties. I figured it was only natural to look as I watched Charlotte as she swam on the the other side of Helen to my wife. Her body was also slender like my wifes but she was slightly shorter and through the clear water of the pool her butt looked smaller and cuter. I also noticed that her pink bikini panties had rode up a little exposing a little more of her right butt cheek than intended. I couldn't complain though, her ass looked mighty fine through the pool water, mostly encased in those small panties.
After a while Helen got out of the pool leaving my wife and Charlotte in the pool together. I watched her as she went to her seat next to her husband which was not too far from me. I watched as beads of water trickled down inbetween her fabulous breasts and down her stomach. As she turned round I continued my gaze watching more beads of water which trickled down her back and over her ass down her legs leaving a pool of water on the floor where she stood.
All of a sudden a voice came from the side of the pool "you going to come in honey?" Natalie beamed as she held on to the side of the pool looking at me, her wet slick back.
I was pretty hot by this time so I took off my sun glasses; the bright sunlight made me squint a little at first. I got up and slyly hiding my subsiding erection I dived in the pool. When under the water from my dive I felt the cool water flow past my body and through my hair, which felt pretty good. I opened my eyes just in time to see Charlottes lower body infront of me. I swam past her and as I did I took another look at her cute little butt. Her panties were no longer riding up. I got to the other side of the pool still underwater and surfaced. Charlotte, my wife and I messed around for a while splashing about having fun. Charlotte got on very well with her sister and I. My wife and Charlotte both looked at each and seemingly telepathically seemed to know what the other was thinking. They both came towards me and started trying to dunk me under the water. Being stronger than each of them I managed to withstand this jockular 'attack'. I grabbed my wife round her waist and flung her slender body up then down in to the water.
After the water 'frolics' were done the three of us stepped out of the pool. I watched as both women went to the seats where I was sat before running their hands through the wet hair to keep it from their face. Both of them looked totally stunning, my wife in her chocolate brown bikini and Charlotte in her almost baby pink bikini. I sat down on my seat not bothing that I was wet as Natalie and Charlotte stood up just infront of me laughing and chatting as they patted themselves dry lazily. I put my sunglasses back on and put my head back. My eyes were drawn to Charlotte, I hadn't seen her this little amount of clothing before and I had never realised how slim and nice her body was. She was ever so slightly thinner than my wife and and maybe two inches shorter. My gaze wandered to her legs which although were slightly thinner than my wifes, had a better muscle tone to them. I contined looking at her noticing how expertly her pink bikini fitted and complemented her body from her skimpy bikini panties covering her ass and crotch to her bikini bra which, now I looked covered what seemed to be the two most perfect breasts ever. They were around the same size as my wifes, or seemed to be. They looked like she didn't need a bra, they seemed so pert that they would not drop due to gravity at all. I found myself feeling lucky that I was on holiday with these women, all of who had amazing breasts with Helens being the largest but Charlottes being the most pert and the emitome of perfect. I had to say though as I glanced across at my wifes chest, that her breasts were also really nice.

The rest of the day was spent swimming in the pool and sun bathing with lunch being made by Helen and my wife whilst Charlotte and I chatted and my father in law, Micheal seemingly sleeping on his pool side chair. We ate our lunch by the pool and when everybody had seemilgly had enough of the sun and swimming in the pool, we took our things and ventured inside.

As we had been out in the sun all day everyone decided to have showers before we decided what we would do in the evening. Luckily the bedrooms we had all had en-suite meaning there would not be massive queues for the bathroom. My wife and I went into our romm still wearing our pool attire and ventured into our private en-suite bathroom. "You mind if I go in the shower first" Natalie asked.
"Go ahead" I replied "I'm going to have a shave first anyway".
Natalie took off her bikini and turned on the shower. I looked in the mirror, watching her as her slim body and nice round ass stepped into the large shower. I took my shaving equipment and after a number of minutes I had finished my shave. "Mind scrubbing my back" Natalie called from behind me, her head poking out of the shower door which was a little steamed up from the hot water of the shower.
"Sure" I said.
I stepped out of my shorts and got in the shower which was larger than I expected inside. The warm jets of water felt good as they hit my skin and cascaded down my naked body. Natalie handed me the sponge and turned around  facing away from me. I began sponging her back rubbing it slowing over her entire back and top of her bum. After a couple of minutes Natalie turned round to face me and as she did I felt her soft skin touch my penis. When she was facing me she wrapped her her arms around my neck and said "I'm having a lovely time"
She smiled and her pretty green eyes gazed into mine before she leaned into to kiss me. Although I had initially wanted this to be a secret trip for me and my mother in law before Natalie thought it was a trip for her. I couldn't help but be glad that my wife and her family were here, even if it meant me and Helen got fewer times to have sex - although we had manged the very first night to!
As Natalie leaned in and her lips came into contact with mine I felt her body loosen and our tongues than began to dance together. Natalie was a good kisser and her tongue swirling around my own always felt great. After kissing quite passionatly for some time Natalie pulled back but with her arms still around my neck. She gazed at me in a way she had done many times before and adding the fact that she was appling pressure in a downward motion with her arms on the top of my back I knew what she desired. Although I had initially come to this place to be with Helen, Natalie was my wife and I was only too happy to oblige. I lowered my body into a comfortable position so my face was infront of Natalies pussy. Her pussy looked different to her mothers of which most of my attention hadgone to lately. Natalie was not entirely hair free down there, although she kept most of it hair free she had a small neatly trimmed strip leading from just above her clitoral hood up a couple of inches higher.
I inched my face closer to my wifes vagina which had beads of water flowing over it from the shower. My mouth came into contact with my wifes pussy and instantly I felt electricity run through her body; afterall, I had not done this to her for a while. My tongue parted her lips exposing the pink interior to my mouth. I licked up and down before taking her engorged clit into my mouth and running my tongue all over it whilst sucking it. My wife was loving this oral attention as moans escaped her mouth despite biting her bottom lip to try and remain quiet. I continued my sucking of her clit before stretching my tongue as far out as it would go and into her tight hole I lapped my tongue remembering the taste, and although tasting different to Helen, thinking that contrary to my previous beleifs that my wifes taste was just as good as her mothers.
My cock had grown into a huge erection whilst doing this to my wife and although I had hoped and planned to keep my cock and its love juice for my mother in law when the chance arose before we arrived, I couldn't help myself; Natalies pussy fluids were intoxicating. I stood up raising Natalies right leg as I did with her against the shower wall my erect penis found its target as it rested against the outside of my wifes pussy. Natalie tried looking into my eyes but they were glazed over from sheer passion and pleasure, it looked like she had been drugged. As I held up her right leg, this gave me easier access to her pussy. With my hard cock resting just on the outside of her pussy I slowly moved my hips forward. I felt the head of my cock force Natalies lips apart and as more and more of my cock entered her I could feel her pussy walls stretching out from my girth. Natalie sometimes found it hard to take my entire cock in her vagina in one go as her pussy needed a long time to accommodate my huge length and girth. However, as I pushed my cock further and further inside her pussy, it showed no signs of needing more time to expand. Natalie was extremely wet and when I found that I had buried my cock all the way to the base I knew that she must be super horny for her to accommodate my cock stright away. I started pummeling my wife, her back and butt against one of the shower walls. I slammed my cock hard into her making her butt slap aginst the wet shower wall. Natalies eyes were closed and her face flushed with pure extasy. As I fucked that lovely cunt of hers I felt her juices run over my cock as her first orgasm came over her body. My arm still held up her right leg whislt my other held her opposite hip. I concentrated on the feeling of my cock sliding in and out of my wifes wet hole. I increased my pace feeling my balls tighten up before exploding inside my wife. Feeling my cock explode inside her sent Natalie over the edge again, her body convulsing as her second orgasm raged though her body just as hard as the first one.
We stood there in congress until my cock grew flacid and fell out of my wife's stretched pussy followed by some globules of my semen which washed straight down the drain of the shower. We finished washing ourselves and stepped out of the shower drying ourselves. When we were done I got dressed whilst my wife used the hair dryer to dry her hair. When she was finished she put on one of her floaty summer dresses and we went into the louge area and sat on one of the comfy sofas opposite where Charlotte was sitting who had obviously got ready first. She also wore a summer dress, however it was a little tighter than my wifes showing more cleavage and was a little higher up the leg than my wifes. We all chatted until Helen and Micheal came out of their room and came to sit down with us. Helen was wearing a relatively long black skirt with a white button up shirt style top with the top few buttons not done up exposing the top of her breasts. In the top she wore, Helen's breasts looked amazing as the white fabric of her top struggled to keep them from bursting out. We chatted about what we wanted to do and decided that it would be nice to a go for a meal. The thought it would be best to go to the nearest town which would have many restaurants to choose from. The nearest town was a good twenty minutes drive away. I said that I would drive as everyone would easily fit in the car.

When we arrived we spotted a nice looking and reasonably priced restaurant near to where we had parked as we sat down to eat Micheal said "hey, thanks for driving"
"No problem" I replied "gives you and everyone else the chancee to have drink"
"Indeed" he said picking up the wine list and orderd a bottle of red and a bottle of white for the four of them to share. When our food came we ate slowly and chatted as we did. After we had finished out main course Natalie had a confused look on her face looking at Helen. "You feeling ok Mum?" she asked her.
"Actually, I feel a bit nauseous"
"Oh..hmmm" replied my wife sounding sympathetic "Do you want taking back to the lodge" Natalie looked at me "you wouldn't mind would you? she asked.
"Not at all" I replied.
"I think that would be best, thanks" she said looking at me.
Natalie said that her Charlotte and my father in law would stay and have dessert and then coffee. "yeah, thats fine" I said "you want to give me a call when you're done and I'll come get you"
"No its ok" replied Natalie "thats not really fair, we'll get a cab back, it shouldn't cost too much between us. We'll probably go for a drink to a bar as well".
With that me and Helen gathered our things and went to the car, parked just around the corner. When we got in the car and set off Helen looked at me with a smile on her face. I instantly knew this was a ploy of hers to get us some alone time. As I put my foot down to get us back to the lodge, Helen put her hand in my lap, her fingers gently brushing against my cock causing it to stir underneath my jeans.
When we arrived back at th lodge we Helen swiftly exited the car and unlocked the front door and went into the lodge. I turned off the engine and followed her inside. As I walked into the lodge I was expecting Helen to pounce on me but I couldn't see her. "I'm in my bedroom" I heard my mother in laws voice shout playfully. I walked into Helens room to the sight of her fully undressed, not wearing a single thing. "Bloody hell that was quick" I said.
She simply smiled and said "maybe you should lose your clothes"
I wasted no time tearing off my clothes revealing my naked body and semi-erect penis. Helen stared at me with a more serious look on her face. "Oh shit I want taste that cock" she said. She walked over to wear I was stood and knelt in front of me. She grabbed my cock by the base and slowing began to pump it until it was at its full size. Her eyes widened as she looked at my cock. With her hand still holding the base she guided my hard dick into her mouth. She began expertly sucking my cock whilst pumping it with her hand. As she was sucking my cock she twirled her tongue over it which felt so soft and nice. As she did this a sort of moaning hum was coming from her full mouth.
After a few minutes she took my cock from her mouth. She placed it on her chest and with both her hands squeezed her breasts together so they surrounded my dick. I began pumping between her boobs. "Oh yeah" she said "fuck my titties" I began pumping my cock faster. Watching as my cock would dissppear into the cressvise betweeen my mother in laws two massive breasts before popping back out at the top. The softness of her breasts felt amazing, they were superbly soft; they kept my cock gripped in such a way that I was soon on the verge "Oh fuck...I'm going to cum" I said.
Just as I was about to release the first ropes of my cum I felt Helens lips wrap around my cock and slide down the full length of my shaft, up and down, again and again. I shot masses of cum into Helens mouth and stright down her throat. When I was finished and Helen and gobbled up all my semen she got up from being on her knees. "Could you go get a towel from our en-suite" she asked. Without answering I went into her bathroom and got a towel which seemed dry. When I re-entered the bedroom Helen was sat on the bed, her legs curled behind her and something in her hand. "Thanks" she quipped as she smiled at me" Could you bring in over here".
I put it on the bed next to her as she looked at my cock which was now only around semi-erect. When her hand moved to use what she was holding I noticed it was a tube of lubricant. She squeezed some on to her left hand and rubbed her hand together so that both her palms had a generous amount of lubricant on them. When she had done this she began gripping my cock at the top and sliding each hand one after another over the length of my penis making sure she covered every last part of my tool with the lubicant. In doing this Helen had reactivated my cock as it stood tall and glistened due to the lube. She wiped her hands on the towel and handed be the tube of lubricant. "I think you agree that this wil make things quicker this time around".
After she said this she tuned around and knelt on the edge of the bed facing away from me, her head resting against the soft duvet. Her pink and brown hole were both exposed to me; however I knew which my mother in law wanted stretching open with my hard shiny dick. I moved so I was stood behind my mother in a looked at her beautiful ass pushed out behind her in the air. I tok the bottle of lube and squeezed some out on to her anus. The feel of the lubricant on a delicate area made Helen quiver. I rubeed the lube over her butt hole totally covering the 'hole area'. When I was satisfied it was covered I took my findgr and pushed against her anus. My finger slipped in surprisingly easily. I withdrew and this timw with my middle finger along with my index finger I pushed them into her anus. This time it took a little more pressure but the lube did it's job and allowed me to plough her anus a little with my two fingers. Before long I needed to get my cock in on the action. I grasped my slippery member and placed it by her my mother in laws nice little brown badge that was now clearly a little stretched from me fingering her ass. With my cock in hand I started to slowly pushed into her butt hole. It opened a up a little more like a pursed mouth as it relatively easily accepted the purpley pink head of my cock. Now grasping an ass cheek in each of my hands I starting lowering my cock slowly into the depths of her ass. Helen gasped a little in pain but told me to keep going. So making sure I was slow I kept going. I took my right hand off Helens right butt cheek and reachd under to her pussy which was wet from the excitement she was feeling. I rubbed her clit to help loosen her up and relax her. My cock was now around two thirds the way. I decided to pull back until the tip of my cock wa the only part of me still inside her. I waited a second or two before sliding my cock back to where it was and a little further. I did this a few more times until my cock was able to slide almost all the way in. I withdrew my cock entirely and with both my hands back on her butt cheeks and my eyes planted on her ass hole I slammed by raging cock straight into my mother in laws ass making her whimper with pleasure and possibly a little pain. I began pumping her ass like there was no tommorrow. I enjoyed how tightly her ass felt as it engulfed my full lengh. As I fucked her ass I withdrew almost my entire penis before slamming back into her. The benefit of feeling my many inches slide down into her ass across her tight anal walls felt amazing to me and I know it did to Helen as she screamed in extacsy, not holding back due to nobody being around. Her intense moaning and shouting filled the room and probably most of the lodge. "Shit..oh fuck...oh yes...yes,yes..oh...oh...oh God...oh my...ohhhhhh!"
This sex was so passion filled and hot it was amazing. I kept slamming her ass as hard as I could, the splapping of out bodies coming together was also loud. My mother in law was bucking her ass against my intense cock pummeling as she contined to moan "oh yes..hmmmmm, hmmmmm...ohhhhhh...oh fuck yes...ohhharrgggggh". Her body convulsed and her ass seem to tighten; I kept pummeling as her body writhed in pleasure as a massive orgasm took over her entire body. Seeing my cock do this to my mother in law as her ass hole was stretched tightly around my cock brought about my orgasm also. My cock seemed to turn on like a hosepipe as my cock sprayed hot white liquid into Helens ass. After our long orgasms subsided our naked sweaty bodies slumped onto her bed. Helen grapped the towel and placed it between butt cheeks so not to let any cum dribble out of her ass and onto the bed.
Remembering that the others could be back any minute we got ourselves cleaned up and dressed and sat in front of the TV switching it on a finding that a film was just starting. As we settled down after frantically trying to get ready the door opened and in came the others.
They had all had a few to drink and so were pretty tired and all decided to go to bed apart from Charlotte who stayed up to watch the film with me and Helen. Half way into the film however Charlotte was also too tired and went to bed.
After another hour passed and the film credits were rolling Helen got up and dropped her pants so her lower half was naked. She leaned infront of me and took down my pants. She led me outside to our bench we had used the other night. She bent over it as last time and I knelt behind her and started to eat her pussy until my mouth glimmered in the dim light. I stood behind her and fucked her awesome tight pink cunt until I filled her with more of my cum. After, we went to bed. What a day!

The next day people decided to do their own thing. My wife wanted to have a long walk on the beach. As the two of us walked and chatted my wife noticed that the surrounding area and become a little more urban (as we were quite far from anywhere). My wife wanted to investigate. We looked around the quait town for a short while, my wife noticed many shops and little cafes that took her interest. However we had not brought any money with us. As we left the little town she mentioned that she would want to go back tomorrow so she could have a propery look around and buy some things. I said I wasn't keen on the idea and would probably just stick around the pool.
When Natalie and I finally returned to the lodge after the long walk back she relayed the stuff about the town to the other. Her mother seemed quite interested in the idea.
The rest of the day was quite uneventful, my mother in law and I could not get any time together and Natalie was too tired from the walk to have sex - my desires that night were left unfulfilled.
The next morning was spent getting ready for the shopping spree in the town. I had said I wasn't going "Are you sure "Natalie said "we're going to be making a full day of it so won't be back till late".
"I'm positive" I said.
When they were ready to go I noticed that Charlotte was not getting in the car to go "Are you not going" I asked.
"Not really my thing" she replied.
After we had waved goodbye to the other three Charlotte turned to me and said "So what do you fancy doing today"
I simply shrugged and said that I didn't really mind.
"Fancy the pool" she asked
"Sure" I replied. We both wnt to get ready.
I was the first one to arrive outside the by the pool. I layed back in one of the recliner chairs whislt my body absorbed the suns heat as it was a nice sunny day. After a while Charlotte came out in a different bikini to the one she had worn the other day. It was yellow and and had strings that tied at each side of the panties to keep them on and had string at the back of the bikini bra which kept that on. She came and sat next to me. She started aply sun cream to her body. When she had sone the bits she could reach she put the bottle on my seat and turned around saying "you couldn't do my back could you"
"Err..sure" I said.
I took the bottle and placed some on my hand started to rub it in to the top of her back. Her skin felt smooth to my hand. I lifted the string of her top and rubbed underneath it before releasing the string. I moved my hand lower as she leaned forwards. As I neared the bottom I could just about see the outline of the top of her butt. It looked so cute, tight and firm. My hand moved to the bottom of her back and rubbed in the cream just above her butt then it was dowe.
"Thanks" she chirped as she moved round to sit back. I gazed at her body as it glistened in the sun. Sat there with her eyes closed saoking up the sun she looked a picture of beauty. As we lay there next to each other in our chairs we chatted for a while and although a warm day, neither of us mentioned going in the pool. We chatted for about loads f different things before Charlotte said she was going to get a drink and asked if I wanted one.
She bought out two cold drinks moments later. As she went to put my drink down she spilt a little on my leg just about my knee. As if through some instinct, as she said sorry she went to wipe it away with her hand. As her soft fingers brushed against my skin I felt a tingle and my already semi- erect penis twitched underneath my swim shorts causing them to move at the front. It was clear that underneath my shorts my penis was stirring. I was wishing that Charlotte wouldn't have seen it but from her gasp and the fact that she was quite close to it I instantly knew that she had. She moved back, but only a little. I looked up at her feeling that my face must have gone a little red. Expecting her to look disguted at me or something like that, I felt fortunate to find that her gaze looked more inquisitive then anything else. After a pause she finally said "did I cause that".
I didn't know what to say. My wifes sister who was a few younger than us was standing infront of me in a skimpy bikini looking totally hot wanting to know whether it was down to her that blood wash rushing into my cock. I decided I shouldn't lie or it may make things worse.
"I guess so" I said.
Her eyes moved back down to my crotch "so it, fully...erect then?"
I found it uncomfortable that she was asking these questions but I figured I'd better answer. "Well not fully" I repied.
"Oh" Charlotte replied, she sounded a little disapointd "maybe this will help" she contined. As she said this she reached behind her back and untied the string that was keeping ker bikini top up. It slipped down a little but she didn't let it fall. As it had slipped a little her more of her breasts were visible but not totally and through moving her hands up to stop it falling down compleletly she had pushed her boobs together a little making for an amazing sight. She looked down to see my cock twitching and growing under my shorts as it fought with the fabric so it could stetch out to its full length. As it was twitching Charlotte giggled to herself seeming somewhat pleased what she had done to her brother in law. When it had stopped twitching as was full erect, it's outline was quite visible through my shorts. Charlotte simply gazed at it, probably taken back through its lngth and girth. Still holding her top up to cover her breast her gaze turned to my face as she said "so I take it you like what you see?"
I nodded.
"Well I can perhas show you more if you do me the same priviledge. Take off your shorts".
I couldn't believe what she had just said. This seemed to be getting out of hand quite quickly. I toyed with the idea for a moment before looking up at Charlottes face which was looking back at me with a quirky look. Before I realised what I was doing and thinking that this was my wifes sister I started taking my swim shorts off. Still sitting down I arched up my bum and slid my shorts dow to my ankles and kicked them away. I was sat back naked in the poolside recliner chair with nobody around for miles with my wifes hot younger sister stood infront of me. As Charlotte gaze fixed on my dick she nearly dropped down her top. She looked to my eyes as mine shot back. Her face looked more serious. Tentatively she walked forwards. I knew she was liking what she saw but she seemed to come across a bit shy now. I reasuring her I put my hand on her hip and motioned her to sit on my lap facing me. As she sat onme Ifelt the heat radiate from her body. My hard cock was touching the fabic which encased her vagina. I could almot feel it through the yellow fabric has my cock raged with blood. Her hand dropped from her breasts allowing her top to fall exposing her luscious boobs. I tossed her bikini top to the side whilst I took in the site of her breasts - they were so pert for their ample size. They were heaving as Charlottes breathing increased. I took my hand to touch them. They felt amazing so firm but with supple soft skin and slightly darker nipples if a perfect size. Charlotte seemed intoxicated by the moment and I knew I needed to taste her breasts. I moved my head down and began to kiss both breasts. They felt good against my lips. I took her left nipple in my mouth and twirled it with my tongue. I couldn't believe how the situation was turning out and how Charlotte was so willing for this to happen. I moved my head back up and we began to kiss each other furiously with a passion that seemed to make the world stand still. I tongues twirled with each other as her soft lips carressed mine and felt so good. I noticed that Charlotte had begun to ever so slightly grind against my hard cock. Before long I felt a dampness against my cock through the fabric of her panties a we contined to kiss and have our saliva intermingle with each others. I carressed Charlottes slender model like body before movig both my hands down her sides to her panties and pulling on the string undoing bothsides so that the front and back of them flopped down. I lifted her up slightly with one arm as she seemed as light as a feather and with my other hand I whipped out the bikini panties from under her and threw them to the floor at the side. We both now totally naked in each others embrace as we contined to kiss as her breasts pushed up against my toned chest. As Charlotte was now free from her panties I could now feel her pussy against my long cock. It was so soft and I could tell was cleanly shaven. Her pussy was extremely wet due to Charlotte being so turned on. I felt the warm secretions dribble on to my cock as she grinded against it again ut a little more forcfully this time. Enough was enough I though, I needed to be inside Charlotte. As got up from my chair lifting Charlotte as I did. She felt light in my arms. I began moving my hips until I figured that I had lined it up with my sisters in laws wet sopping hole. I lowered her gently onto my long thick cock feeling her engorged labia begin to open as my cock bean to enter her wet hole. It was a beautiful moment, as Charlotte looked gorgeous and in a state of pure pleasure as my cock entered her, inching further and further into her vagina. She whimpered slightly as my size began to take its toll on her pussy stretching it out further than she had been stretched before. As her pussy stretched to accomodate my beast she got used to the feeling of being stretched further than before. I lowerd her until my cock was fully inside her. She felt awesome on my cock. I knew she would be feeling what it felt like to be totally full of hard cock as she hang there in the air impaled on my huge cock with her legs dangling at each side of me. Taking her by the waist I began moving her up and down on my cock. This was the one of the most intense feelings I have ever felt. Her tight pussy gripped my cock like a fucking vice as I slid her up and down my long pole. I moved her up and down fast; with this furious fucking I'm not sure whether she came put I could feel hre pussy juice flow over my cock and down my balls, it felt amazing. I lasted ages after her first explosive orgasm whish soaked my cock even more I kept going with everytime I slammed her down to the base of my dick filling her, her body would tremble in some little orgasm until her second raged through her body. I just kept pumping into Charlottes small model like frame. I slammed her down harder and harder down onto my dick until both our gentials erupted and the fire simutaneously spread through our bodies. Her pussy tightened up tighter than ever has her scream of extacsy filled the air. My cock simply ploughed through the tightness as I felt thick rope after thick rope of cum fill Charlottes pussy whilst her cunt sucked my penis until both our orgasms subsided and I slumped in the chair with Charlotte on top of me as my cock pulled out from her gaping stretched pink pussy hole. After we had gathered ourselves we finished our drinks and had a swim in the pool - naked. The rest of the day was spent being naked in our seclusion. I admired Charlottes body, how her ass looked as she walked and especially how she looked on the end of my cock and how her pussy stretched beyond previous capabilities all the other times we had sex that day and especially how her pink pussy lips looked wrapped around my thick cock.

As the day wore on and the rest would be undoubtfully home soon we decided to have more intimate moment. We sixty-nined on her bed and as her mouth sucked on my cock I ate her wonderfully pussy. We came together and drink what each others genitls had to offer.

The others returned and our day of lust was over.

From that day on and after the holiday I contined to fuck both my wifes sister and her mother until my encounters with her mother got fewer and fewer until they stopped. I still fuck her sister when I get chance which is a lot due to my wifes blessed business trips!!!!!!!!