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The Holiday Part One

Shopping after hours...

I sighed, stretching my arms out before me as the last customer of the day entered her pin number into the machine. It was a Sunday, and near closing time in the supermarket that I worked in. There where only 3 other workers in the shop, 2 women and a man and they too would soon be leaving. However my boyfriend, Craig, had talked me into staying for a while, and letting him pick out some underwear for me. "Especially for our holiday," he had grinned, as I reluctantly agreed, knowing he would get carried away. Plus the store manager would be pissed of with me.

As the women walked to the exit, Craig came through the entrance. He was looking sexier than ever, in a plain white tee that really made his abs stand out. His baggy jeans suited his 6'2 height and he was wearing shades. He grinned and waved when he saw me, breaking into a run. Once he had reached me he leaned over the check out and kissed me gently.

"Hi Babe! How was work?'' He asked as I slipped of the supermarkets brand jacket. This left me in a white string vest top and skinny jeans, with a lace purple bra and black g-string under.

"Slow, as usual! My manager doesn't know about our late afternoon shopping so we will have to keep it hush. If he locks the doors, I know a way to get out the back entrance'' I explained as I took his hand.

As we started to walk towards the lingerie section we talked more about our holiday. Our parents had kindly put half towards it and it was out first time away together. We were catching the plain to Florida in 2 days and I really couldn't wait! Once we had reached the section, I stepped back and said, "Ok, you choose some stuff you like and I’ll go try it on.'' As I said it I waved a hand towards the changing rooms. Craig nodded and began to browse, looking at all the different thongs and g-strings. Guess no boy shorts for me on this holiday!

He finally picked out 2 lace thongs, 1 purple the other pink, and a pack of multi coloured leopard print v-strings. I smiled as I watched him move on to the bras. He picked up the pack of bras that matched the v-strings, and then picked a few more lacy ones. When he was done he walked over to me and handed me the v-string and bra packs.

"Try these on please baby," He said smiling and then added cheekily, "If you need any help, let me know..."

I laughed and danced of into the changing rooms. I decided to try the purple set on first, as I knew it was his favorite colour on me. Once I had slipped them on, I looked in the mirror to check how they looked. I was happy with my reflection, a short, slender girl standing at about 5'4, with a flat tummy and 36DD boobs. My lightly curly blonde hair fell down over my shoulders and rested against the creamy skin of my tummy.

I stepped out of the changing cubicle and saw Craig waiting for me. He stood their shocked for a minute, with his eyes wide open. I twirled for him, teasing him, and asked,

"What do you think?"

He was wordless for a few more seconds, before half speaking half moaning out,

"You look beautiful."

I smiled at him and walked over to kiss him gently. He met me halfway, his lips caressing mine gently, as he began to suck and bite on my bottom lip.

"Calm down, baby!" I hushed him urgently as he tried to slip his tongue into my mouth.

"I can't!" He moaned, and he pushed me back into the changing cubical and locked the door.

"Craig!" I began to protest, but as soon as his lips where back on his hands and mine were roaming my nearly naked body, I didn't want to stop anymore.

"The things you make me do,” I giggled as he moved his kissing onto my neck and getting lower.

"You know you want it too" He grinned, looking up at me for a moment, before unhooking my bra and letting it fall to the floor. He then took one of my very hard nipples into his mouth and began to suck on it gently. I moaned and he took the other in his hand and began to rub and flick it. It was only then I remembered I needed to be quiet. I muffled my moans and slipped my hands under his shirt.

"We're going to have to be quick." I told him, pulling him away from my tits, to slide his t-shirt of. Once it was off, he made quick work of my v-string, while I undid his belt buckle. Once his jeans where to the floor, I slid down his boxers and reveled his 8" hard on. I smiled, the way I always did when I realized he only got this hard for me.

I guided his dick towards the entrance of my pussy, and once he found it, he thrust into me hard. I bit his shoulder to muffle my moans. He began to pump his dick in and out of my tight opening, with my back against the mirror.

I put my hand down between us and began to finger my clit. I did this until his hand replaced mine with his whispering,

"Here, let me."

It wasn't long before my pussy tightened and I cummed all over his dick. This was enough to send him over the edge and he was soon spurting his seed deep inside my pussy. I moaned and moaned until I couldn’t anymore. He pulled out and we got each other dressed.

We walked out of the store, but not before paying for my new outfits. We shared a secret smile as the worker scanned them, and then walked towards our car holding hands.

Hmm, this holiday should be very interesting!

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