The Homecoming

By MorganSummers

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It's the end of a busy work week and I can't wait to finally leave the building and go home. I haven't seen you for almost 2 weeks and you are the only thing on my mind as I walk out into the bright sunshine. The only way of communication during your business trip are the late night talks on Skype and your sweet messages you leave on my cell.

After arriving at the house I realize that I have less then 90 minutes left to prepare for the little surprise I planed for your homecoming.

Entering our home I walk straight to the bedroom, losing piece after piece of my clothes along the way until I step naked into the joined bathroom. Inside I turn on the water on the tub and let the steam cloud the room. After adding scented oil to the water I slide into the tub and close my eyes as soon as I find a comfortable position. Lying in the tub I recall our last phone call the night before. Clearly hearing our combined moans from our passionate love making. My hands move over the top of my breasts as I think of the arousing feeling I had. It was a hard and fast fuck because you knew I had to meet friends for dinner and they're were already waiting for me. A smile crosses my face as I remember how good it felt touching myself and imagining your cock pushing inside me.

I love performing for you and it always turns me on to know that you are able to see me and be a part of my pleasure even though thousand of miles separate us. I'm always amazed how fast I can get turned on as soon as I hear your voice and having mind blowing orgasms I only ever dreamed off.

Finally looking at the clock on the sideboard I see that I spent more then 15 minutes soaking in the water. As I step out and grab a towel to dry myself off I realize how relaxed my body finally is. Knowing how much you love the smell of my skin I put body lotion on and I know that your hands will soon repeat the movements across my body.

Wrapped in the soft towel I leave the bathroom and step back into the bedroom that I share with you for almost a year now. In the corner of the room is a beige Love Seat which I pull right in front of the bed. I hope that you'll follow the instructions that I left in the note which is taped against the closed bedroom door. The room is lit up by the afternoon sun shining through the high ceiling windows and it's only about 30 minutes until you're finally home.

I'm getting candles out and place them on every available surface in the room and start lightning them up. After closing the blinds I go through my mental list of things that I need. I planed to use my vibrator so I placed it with a tube of lubricant on the bed. I can already feel that I slowly get wet. Arousing myself with the thought of you returning home and finally feeling your touch again.

Deciding that everything is in place I turn on the stereo and the quite sound of my favorite Jazz CD fills the room. Lying down on the bed I close my eyes and let the music fill my mind. My hands lay across my stomach and breasts on top of the towel which is still tightly wrapped around me.

Feeling the tension between my legs building I start rubbing my legs together. That way I can take a little pressure off. My hands start to move over my tummy, up my chest and finally reaching the uncovered skin of my neck. Fingertips stroke over the sensitive spot between my neck and shoulder. Back down to my breast and I squeeze lightly through the towel. A soft moan leaves my throat on the realization of how sensitized they're already are. My right hand opens the knot of the towel and I let it fall open as I push my hand under it. Keeping the pressure on my clit I start to slowly move my hands over my exposed body. The cool air of the room has it's expected effect on me and my nipples grow hard. Lightly brushing over them I let out a soft moan.

I feel myself getting wetter and start moving my hand over my stomach down between my legs. My clit is already hard, throbbing and I shiver as I slightly move over it. The glistening juices are the evidence of my arousal and so I run my finger between my lips and spread them over it. Since my eyes are still closed I'm more aware of my surroundings and I can feel it the minute you step into the room. Seconds later my nose registers the unique smell of your skin.

I open my eyes locking them with yours and smiling at you I ask “Did you read the note”? Your only respond is a nod. As you set down the little suitcase you carried on your trip you loosen the top button of your shirt with your free hand. You walk fully into the room and while I watch every little movement you take your seat in the waiting chair. I can see the heat starting to show in your eyes and know you're desperate to come to bed. Even though it seems like quite the challenge you stay in your seat.

“ I'm glad you're home” I say. “The last few nights have been lonely without you in the bed. Only the vibrator could at least help a little while I pretended to fell you moving inside me”.

Still stroking over my tight clit I remove my hand and bring my fingers to my lips. Opening my mouth I take them in tasting myself.

“ Mmm, do you know how it tastes? Like honey, soft and sweet. I'm sure you can't wait to taste me, to lick over my clit and sucking it in”.

Slowly pushing my legs apart I hear your sharp intake of breath as you finally get a first glimpse of my pussy. I can see the astonished question in your eyes and smiling at you I ask “Do you like it? I had it waxed a week ago. And I'm glad I did. You can't imagine how good it feels fucking myself with a bare cunt. It's an amazing feeling to have my juices running over my lips without the interference of hair”. Just talking to you like that has me almost over the edge. “ Do you know what I wish you could see now?” Still you just nod your head.

“ Kyle as he lays between my legs. Eating me and his hands playing with my tits. His tongue stroking in and out of my hole. He's licking from my clit down to the puckered hole of my ass. Just imagine how much it would turn you on seeing him thrust his big hard cock deep into my tight pussy”.

While I've been talking to you about this little fantasy of ours I watch you as you take your now very hard dick into your hand and start stroking it up and down. Precum already leaking out of the tip. I softly moan and let my tongue move over my bottom lip as your finger spreads it over your entire cock head. I continue arousing me by entering two fingers into my cunt. We both moan as we hear the sound my fingers make while fucking my very wet pussy. My juices run around my fingers and I think that I don't need any lubricant after all.

I grab for the Vib which lays next to my head and start sucking it into my mouth. Taking it deep into my throat trying not to choke. Tears running down my cheeks with the effort not to gag. But I can't deny the awesome feeling of the thick toy and the hope of you taking it's place soon.

After one final lick I move it down over my body. Between the valley of my breasts, down my tummy and onto my clit. Making circles around it before it comes to rest against my entrance. My fingers leave the heated core of my pussy and I let the vib lay there. We're both so aroused now that it's evident you won't be able to stay in your seat very much longer. I let the Vib slide up and down my slit, preparing it to enter.

I'm so very close now that I'm sure I'll come the second the toy enters me. Before I turn around to lay on my stomach I can see as you get out of the chair loosening your pants and stepping out of them. I pull my knees up until my ass is up in the air but my head and upper body still stay on the bed. I can hear your frustrated groan and see it in your eyes as you step forward me, no command of mine will keep you away any longer.

Holding your cock in your hand you crawl onto bed. Spreading my ass cheeks you stroke it up and down getting it all soaked with my juices. You kiss a trail from my butt up my spine and finally lick from my upper tattoo to the shell of my ear. With one fast thrust you enter me as you whisper in my ear “I missed you”.