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The hookup.

Sipping my drink I look around nervously. I start to wonderif he will even show. I am almost ready to leave when I see him. Walking into the bar so full of egotistical confidence it was almost sickening. However there is no denying that he is attractive.

Standing at the height of at least 6 foot and even with clothes on I could see that he had a hard body from working out. His dark hair slicked back and I wonder how he had managed to make it look so damn good. I can’t tell from where I am sitting but I know his eyes are blue. I find that so sexy. To me there is no better combination then dark hair and blue eyes.

I told him I would be wearing a red silk dress but this morning, I spilt my coffee all over it. So here I am sitting in a pink silk dress hoping he will know it is me.

‘Over here’ I try to transmit telepathically. He is in his own ego centred world.

My eyes still on his, he finally catches my gaze. My body begins to tingle from the rush of emotion as he walks over to me.

“Thought you said red?”

“Well, things happen and I had to change so I picked the closest colour I could.”

A silence falls upon us and I decide I better do something. Moving closer to him I slide my hand under the table and rest it high on his thigh.

“I find you so attractive.” I whisper.

“You are incredibly sexy too.”

Looking down at his hand starting to caress my thigh I notice a white line on his ring finger. I ignore the feeling that gives me and allow him to caress me.

Finishing my drink and standing I say “Will you order me another while I go freshen up?”

“Sure, Babe.”

‘I can’t believe I am really doing this. Will I be able to go through with it?’

I reach the restroom and take out my phone.

“Sally, I’m here but I am not sure I can do this.”

“Oh? Is he there?”

“Yes he is here and flirting shamelessly but I am really not sure.”

“Leah, you have come this far. See it through.”

“Ok, talk soon.”

As I hang up the nervous feeling increases. Taking a flask out of my bag I take a swig and gain a little more confidence.

As I near the table I could see my fresh drink waiting.

“How about we skip this drink and head straight for your room Babe?”

Picking up my drink I finish it in just a few mouthfuls and just nod.

Leading the way with his hand in mine I wonder if my nervousness shows. If he is nervous it isn’t showing at all. He has a cool, calm nature about him.

After several failed attempts I manage to get the door open and enter. There is no hesitation from him. He has already grabbed my waist as I was closing the door behind us.

I let my mouth open and felt his tongue find mine.

This feeling is amazing.

My body instantly relaxes in his arms and I give into his charm. Kissing against the wall, his hands begin to slowly work up my thighs.

Moving away I walk over to the bed. As he came closer I push him onto the bed.

“Just watch.”

I began to dance for him in the silence of my hotel room. His arousal becoming clear. Still dancing I remove my dress and stand there in my black bra with red lace trimming and matching underwear.

“Do you like what you see?”

His nodding is all I need. Pushing him further back I climb on top of him and let his tongue find mine once more. His kisses are possibly the best I had ever encountered.

He turns me over and gets on top of me. His clothes fall to the floor so quickly I didn’t even really see him remove them. I lift my hips and he removes my underwear, adding it to the pile on the floor.

Sighing loudly as he kisses my neck with such expertise, I forget about what I was doing and was swept up in the moment. His kisses move down my body. Feeling them on my thighs make me release a small moan. I can feel myself becoming incredibly wet and my desire for him is growing.

“Oh yes lick me, please.”

His teasing is driving me crazy and in desperation I grab his beautiful hair and push his face into my tingling wet pussy. His tongue begins to work straight away and I know it isn’t going to take long for me to cum.


I feel my clit get sucked into his mouth and it is all my body needs. I feel the rush throughout me and my hips rise and fall as I have the strongest orgasm I have ever had.

Moving away before he could do any more to my sensitive pussy I push him down and hold his cock. I start to lick it. Looking up at his closed eyes let me know I was doing it right. Licking the underneath and circling around the tip caused him to moan and I could taste his delicious pre-cum. I allow his cock to completely enter my mouth and I suck him, slowly at first and then I move my mouth faster driven by my passion. His moans getting louder and louder. Just when I think he might explode in my mouth, I stop.

“How do you want me?” I ask him.

“Get on your knees, now.”

I obey and feel his hands on my hips. He pulls me into him and begins to fuck me. No more teasing the need to fuck was too strong. I feel his big hard cock pound me and I begin to scream.

Spanking me as he fucks me his movements get faster.

“YES, Oh YES that’s it. Fuck me good.”

His cock moves faster and harder and I scream as I start to feel my body get warm and that rushed feeling sweeps across me. As I begin to orgasm he lets out a giant moan and releases his juices inside my throbbing wet pussy.

Falling down beside me panting he looked at me. “That was great Babe.”

As he got up I felt myself looking at his beautifully shaped body.

“Shower?” I ask.

He gives me my answer my walking into the shower.

The water rushing over his spectacular body makes me want more. I push him against the wall and kiss him. Woking my kisses down his body I stop with my mouth inches away from his cock. Holding him in my hand I kiss the tip of his cock. I begin to lick it. He is moaning now and it is making my pussy throb with pleasure. I move my head faster and this time when I feel him getting close I stop and continue with a hand job. His juices flow out and spurt onto my breasts. Rubbing his juices into my skin I stand and smile at him.

I watch as he calms down and then he leaves the shower.

Expecting him to get back into bed I jump in first. Disappointment sets in when I see him getting dressed.

“Are you getting dressed already?” I asked.

“Ahh yeah babe I have to go, but I hope we will do this again sometime.”

Before I could even move he leaves the room.

“Prick.” I said to myself.

I fall into a short sleep and I wake to a throbbing pussy. Going against better judgement I take out the card in my purse and call his number.

‘The number you are trying to call has been disconnected.’


Hanging up the call, I call different number.

“Hi Sally. Your husband is a cheating jerk and I have all the proof you need.”

Hanging up I go and retrieve the hidden video camera a little disappointed I would not get to have that amazing experience again.

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