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The Hotel Room-A dream

Another night alone. I curl up in my bed, wearing my warm pjs since no one will see, pulling the covers around my face to snuggle against. I waited for hours for the computer screen to tell me he wanted to chat, but nothing came. He was my lover of the past, many years ago in our youth sparks had ignited, but now the years and distance kept us apart. Although we chatted from time to time on the internet, my thoughts often drifted to him; wondering during the day what he was doing, what his plans for the evening might be, would he show up on the internet, and if so, would he want to chat. Although our chat was mostly about the daily grind, occasionally it would turn sexual. I would describe what I would like to do to him in detail.  Knowing that we would probably never see each other again made it easy, with him not knowing I really did have that old flame still inside of me and the thought of having him once again made me wet with desire.


As I close my eyes his face appears, and memories of the past blend in with my thoughts and desires of him, his smell, his presences, his body. Although it had been 20 years, I still remember the curves of his hips, his smooth chest, his ample cock. I dose off, and my favorite dream starts again.


I am in a bed in a room I do not recognize. As I roll over I realize that it is a hotel, a beautiful room on the ground floor with a window next to the door. It is dark, and there is a slight chill in the room, but something has awakened me. As I lay there silently, the sound re-occurs, a soft tapping at the window. I smile, knowing it is him, as in our youth I would sneak him in to my room when I heard that tapping to have forbidden sex quietly and secretively, aware we could be caught at any moment.


I rise from the bed, aware that the warm pjs are now a silk camisole and panties, smoothly caressing my body awakening my skin, leading my thoughts to his hands sliding against it. As I open the door he slips in holding a finger to my mouth.


"Shush" he whispers, and I know tonight is not a night for idol chat. He takes my hand and leads me back to the bed. He turns on the tv, tuning in a soft music station playing quietly, flickering shadows across the walls and his profile. He turns to me, pulling off his jacket and joins me on the bed, shedding his shoes as well. I want his skin against mine, and I help him out of the rest of his clothing as it falls to the floor, leaving his erect cock in front of my lips. I moisten them with my tongue, and gently kiss the head of it, over and over, starting to draw it into my mouth. My hands reach up and cradle his sac as I grab the base of his cock to guide it deeper into my awaiting mouth. I suck it slowly at first, then quicken the pace as I feel it respond to the attention. He tilts his head back, resting his hands on my head, and drives his manhood deeper, his head reaching the back of my throat. He rhythmically pumps in and out, filling my mouth with himself, pre-cum slightly oozing from his member. But he is not done. He has to come to re-live the past, to expand on it, to intermingle it with the present and I am hot with desire for him.


He joins me on the bed, stroking my hair back and tracing my jaw line with the back of his long fingers. He glides his fingertips over my lips as I gently kiss them he leans over and replaces them with mouth, kissing me softly, gently. As he moves his body closer to the silk of mine, the kisses deepen. His tongue probes my mouth, passionately, as his hand makes its way down the silk, warming it to the touch. My small breasts respond, nipples taunt, my cunt getting moist in anticipation.  I gasp as his fingers find skin under the silk, tracing lines across my belly, sliding upwards to caress my breasts. I raise up and slide the camisole over my head, as his mouth finds my nipples. He nibbles on one, pinching and twisting the other between his fingers tightly. Pleasure mixed with a bit of pain heightens my nerve endings, and my body tingles.


I lay back as his hands once again skim my body. My back arches a bit in response to his fingers getting closer and closer to my panties, He slides one just under the band, again making me gasp. He blows on my erect nipples as his fingers trace the line under the band, back and forth. He pulls them out to run over the silk covering my mound, then feels the wetness between my legs. He turns towards me, and I can feel his hard cock against my thigh. His hand descends down my legs, grasping it under the knee he draws it up and captures it between his own legs, leaving me open to his hand and feeling that wondrous cock pressing harder against me. Ever so lightly his finger tips continue their desired path, running again up my inner thigh, across the silk, down the other thigh, then back up. I hold my breath, Wanting to feel those fingers more, I glance over to see the crooked grin on his face. He is driving my body crazy and he knows it. Without breaking eye contact he slide a finger under the elastic and straight into my cunt in one long quick thrust. I inhale as my pussy grabs it and spasms, wanting more. He pulls it out and rubs my clit with it, wet from my juice, then retreats. Again he starts his little torture game, tracing his fingers just inside the elastic bands of the inner thighs but not giving me the pleasure of touching my clit or my pussy. My body aches for more, but again he smirks. The feeling of the power he has over me makes his cock throb and dance against me. I reach down and grab it. If he is going to torture me like this, I will do the same.  I stoke him, feeling him grow to my touch. He is hard with desire, and his eyes tell me he wants more.


Sitting up me slips his fingers under the waistband and deftly strips the panties off, exposing me for him to enjoy. He slides one finger into me as his mouth comes down to meet my arching mound. He grabs my clit between his teeth making me stop the motion as he slides in and out, slowly adding a second finger inside me. Releasing his teeth his tongue replaces them, flicking back and forth across my clit never stopping his hand movement, inserting a third finger into me he finds my g-spot and with the skill of his fingertips from the years of playing bass he plays my pussy like no on ever has. Exquisite shivers run over my body, making my muscles tighten around his touch, writhing with pleasure. His rock hard cock dancing in my hand assures me he is enjoying driving me crazy almost as much as I am. I feel his balls tighten, drawing up with he cum building there.


He rolls on top of me, his dreamy eyes sparkle as he pushes my legs farther apart with his own and in one thrust enters me. I gasp with the instant of pain. Although I am wet and dripping with my juices of desire his cock solid, thick and long, and I am tight. The moment of pain subsides to create a more intense need, the need for even more. He stays still for a moment, letting me adjust to his size, then the rhythm of our bodies take over. Slowly but firmly he strokes his cock in to my cunt, withdrawing to the head then plunging deeper, every stroke longer, deeper, faster and more forceful than the last. His blue eyes look deep into mine, looking through that window deep into my soul, and he knows this is my desire. He raises up on his knees, grasping my legs behind the knee and draw them up, allowing himself deeper penetration and the ability to watch his cock sliding in and out of my wet tight pussy. Again his hand finds my clit and plays it, as his cock pummels me. Knowing he is as close as I am, I reach up and grasp his nipples tight, pinching and twisting, pushing him over the edge. As his jism fills me my body responds with an orgasm to beat all I have ever had, bucking under him, my pussy muscles contracting to milk every last drop of his seed into me. Without pulling out he lays atop me, then rolls our connected body on our sides, my head resting on his arm, both of us spent and satisfied. Our breathing slows as we enjoy the after shudders of the moment and we drift off to sleep in each others arms.


In the morning I awake, once again alone in my warm pjs and ready myself for another day. A grin rides to work with me. Maybe tonight he will have time to chat, if not, there is always my dreams.

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