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The Hotel

Phone sex turns into the real thing
Well, she had made it to the hotel room, unpacked, took a short nap, and then got up so she could take a long shower before the evening began. She had been looking forward to this for weeks, even though she had been promiscuous in her 20's, she had never done anything quite like this. She had started up a conversation with a man on the internet, that first night they had chatted for hours online and it ended with a heavy breathing session on the phone. She didn't know how but she had cum twice during that phone call, not to mention several times while they were chatting on the internet. She hadn't cum that much in years, at least not that she could remember. Let’s face it for the past 10 years her sex life had been boring, her ex-husband thought that foreplay was spitting on his hand and rubbing it onto his penis, foreplay no longer existed.

When she got off work that morning and packed up her things she worried that while her chat buddy got excited online and on the phone, it would be different in person. Let’s face it, she told herself as she looked in the mirror, you've got great hair and pretty eyes, but the rest could definitely use some work, what if he is turned off when he sees me naked? As she picked apart her flaws she thought about canceling, but then recalled the conversations and emails, and like always just got damp thinking about what was going to happen latter that day. As she left home she was counting the miles until she made it to her destination.

The closer she got to the harder it was to keep her mind on driving, if he had been with her she would have pulled off the road and fucked him then and there. She was so aroused that every time she shifted in her seat, the seam of her pants brushed her clit and made her all the more horny and wet. She drove for hours, not remembering much of the drive, but remembering how turned on she was. As she drove into town she thought to herself, "I'm going to fuck him until one of us stops moving".

She had left him a message on his cell phone telling him which hotel she was in and which room. She was still a little nervous and a bit sweaty from the drive so she decided to get a shower while she waited for him to arrive. As she lathered her hands with soap she recalled some of the things that he said he would do to her. She ran her soapy hands from her neck down to her breast, she laughed as she recalled telling him they were as small as kiwi. She imagined him soaping her breasts; it was his hands that were bathing her. He has very large hands, she thought to herself as she thought how it would feel to have him handle her breasts. He would be standing behind her and reach around and gently knead her breasts with his hands, pulling at the nipples; as she looked down she could almost see his hands on her breasts. She lathered her hands again and slowly washed her arms and abdomen, she was so turned on that she could barely stop from cumming as she ran her hands over her clit and pussy. She finished washing, rinsed off, turned off the shower and started toweling herself off. She could feel tiny sparks of electricity from her nipples to her pussy as she rubbed her breasts with the towel. After drying she rubbed herself with lotion, something she always did, wanting to feel soft for her soon to be lover.

She finished putting on her lotion and before she could put on any clothes there was a knock at the door. She thought that it was a little early for her lover to be there, so she wrapped herself up in a towel and answered the door. When she opened the door all she saw was a chest, she had to step back to see his face. He walked into the room, turned around and locked the door. It seemed that he was as hot for her as she was for him. As they walked further into the room he sat on the edge of the bed, she clutched the towel to herself. He reached for her and she moved closer to him. He asked if she'd been thinking about him and she said frequently. He asked how kitty was and she grinned, and said, "Wet". He brought his hand up between her thighs; she moved her legs apart so he would have better access. He ran his hand up her inner thigh, his thumb barely brushing across her clit; she sucked in a breath and moaned. With that one touch he had almost made her cum then and there. She needed to be touched, she wanted his fingers in her pussy, she wanted it so bad that she ached. She thought back to when she told him that she was going to fuck his brains out, now it seemed as though it would be the other way around.

He sat on the bed and she was standing in front of him, even though he was sitting, he was still taller. He lightly ran his hand across her hear, feeling the juices leaking out for him. As he moved his hands up her sides he leaned in to kiss her, it started out as a gentle kiss, a light exploration of tongues, She still held the towel up with one hand, the other hand she had braced on his thigh, She was just inches away from his penis, she grinned and said "I think Woody is happy to see me". He said that they were both happy to see her. He ran his hands up and down her back while he was kissing her; she moved her hand so that she could feel the hardness that he was holding captive behind his pants. She felt him run his hands over her back, her shoulder, and around to her sides. God she ached for him to take her breasts in his hands and fondle them. It was as though he read her mind; his hands went from her sides to her breasts. He grabbed a breast in each hand and started to knead and fondle them. He reached his head down, plumped her breast up and drug it into his mouth, running his tongue around the nipple and then grazing it gently with his teeth. Her hand moved from his throbbing manhood and clutched his shoulders; she was so turned on that she thought she might fall. As he sucked on her breast he took one of his hands and ran it down her body, then back up between her thighs. She quickly moved her legs apart. She needed his touch, she wanted to impale herself on his fingers, she was going crazy with need.

It was all she could do not to forcibly take his fingers and shove them as far into her dripping pussy as possible. Just thinking about where she wanted those hands made her knees tremble. As she continued to clutch his shoulders, he went from breast to breast; sucking and nibbling until she thought she would go crazy. She could feel him lightly graze her clit every time he ran his fingers across her slit. She shifted her feet so that she was standing to his side and pushed him back onto the bed. She had to get him to stop touching her or she would shatter.

She started kissing his eyes and kissed gently down to the tip of his nose. She ran her tongue across the seam of his lips and they kissed, tongues mating, until they had to stop to breath. From his lips she dropped little kisses across each cheek to his tender ear lobes. She sucked the earlobes into her mouth and lightly grazed them with her teeth as she let them go. She nibbled down his neck, placing small wet kisses wherever she gently bit. She pulled his shirt up, pulled his arms out and he lifted his head so she could remove it. She had no idea where she tossed the shirt and she didn't care, she just wanted him naked and as horny for her as she was for him. She kissed him down his arms to the large hands; she picked his hand up and ran her tongue across the palm. She could smell herself on his hand. She licked each of his fingers, from the base of his palm to the tip. When she got to his index finger she sucked it into her mouth, she was sucking that finger like she wanted to suck his penis. She could feel his hard dick throb through his pants, and hoped that he was feeling as wild as she was.

She laid that hand down and gave the same treatment to the other. She was feeling a little more in control, but knew that control could be snapped almost instantly. She kissed from one shoulder to the other, and ran her hands down his chest, making sure that she paid special attention to his nipples. She wondered if he liked having his nipples sucked on as much as she did, when she felt him draw in a deep breath she knew that it had affected him as well. She worked her way from his chest down the treasure trail, licking a path along the waistline of his pants. She leaned away from him and unfastened his pants; she had been longing to touch his cock since he emailed her the pictures. Who would have thought that a picture could be such a turn on. She finally unfastened his jeans, and pulled down his shorts. His manhood sprung free and throbbed, waiting for her to touch it. She helped him pull off his boots, socks, and finally his pants.

At last they were both naked. She moved back onto the bed, mesmerized by the site of his manhood. She ran her fingers gently from hip to hip, placing kisses and nibbling along the way. As she kissed down to the base of his cock, she watched it throb. She gently ran the tip of her finger from the base of his cock to his tip, when she reached the tip there was a small amount of precum. She gathered the liquid onto her finger and sucked it into her mouth, savoring the taste. He could only imagine what it would feel like to have her mouth on his cock, licking and sucking. Finally she took his cock deep into her mouth, rubbing the flat of her tongue on the base of his cock. He started to shake when she started fondling his balls, which were heavy with cum. He couldn't let her suck his cock for too long or he would blow his load too soon, and this first time was going to last. When she took her mouth off of his cock, he gently pulled her up in the bed and kissed her. Now it was his turn.

He leaned back, away from her. She tried to cover herself with her arms; he gently pulled her arms away and over her head where he held both of her wrists in one hand. With the other hand he stroked her face, leaning across her and kissed her taking her mouth almost forcibly. His free hand slowly moved down her body, between her breasts, over her rounded abdomen, and down to her wet pussy, he could feel his prick throb when he felt just how wet she was. He slowly moved his hand so that his fingers barely glanced across her glistening nether lips. Wanting to feel his touch she spread her legs farther apart and thrust her hips towards his hand. He moved his hand back to her breasts, plumping them and then suckling like a child that is starving. She could feel tingling from her breasts to her pussy, it felt like a hundred little jolts of electricity. He moved his hand from her wrists and now had both breasts in his hands, squeezing and sucking; thoroughly enjoying her squirming and moans of pleasure. He lowered his head and started to lick and kiss his way down her body, kissing everywhere but where she needed it most. He trailed his fingers across her calves and thighs, lightly so that it almost tickled. Oh, God he was so close to her pussy, she needed him to touch her and fill her with his fingers. Just when she thought she would have to put his fingers where she most desired them she felt his breath on her clit, and then his tongue. She reached out and grabbed the bed linens feeling like she was going to fly right off of the bed. He held her hips in his hands and stroked her with his tongue.

She didn't think that she could take anymore when she felt him suck on her clit. She came so hard she felt as though she were going to fly off of the bed. He continued to lick her clit and then suck on it; she had never felt anything like this before. She put her hands on either side of his head, not knowing if she wanted to push his head away or bury his face in her cunt. He lifted his face from her sopping pussy and before she knew what happened he had one finger, no two fingers stroking in and out of her velvet heat. With each stroke she felt fuller and fuller, she had no idea how many fingers he had in her and she didn't care. He continued to stroke her inside with his fingers while licking and sucking on her clit. It was too much; she cried out that she was coming again. He had driven her to another mind shattering climax. She was shaking, she could hardly move. He helped her turn onto her abdomen, he started caressing and stroking her back. She wondered if he knew just how sensitive her back was, she could almost cum with the lightest touch of fingers over her back and butt. She heard him tell her to scoot down further on the bed; she helped him to position pillows under her. She felt him position her legs so that it would be easier to enter her. She could feel him rub the head of his throbbing cock across her lips; she could hear herself say "Fuck me now". He slowly entered her she could feel every inch of his cock as he did. God, it felt good. He stroked her slowly with his stiff cock, she kept telling him harder. He ignored her pleas and kept at his slow pace. She thrust her hips at him, begging for more.

He reached around and started to play with her clit. She clamped her muscles around him, telling him faster, harder. She had never acted like this before. Soon there was no talking; all you could hear was the wetness of them slamming together and his balls hitting her. It seemed like an eternity before she felt herself nearing the pinnacle of another climax, just as she thought she was there he would change his rhythm, making her wait. When she finally couldn't take it anymore and was practically begging him to take her over the edge he did. They collapsed to the bed; she had never been so thoroughly fucked in her life. Before turning over to thank him and woody, she thought to herself that IM'ing him was the best thing she had ever done.
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