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The Houston Flea Market Encounter

Author encounter a religious group at a flea market and has sex with one of its virgin members

Authors note: This story is different than any of my other stories or series. Although almost all of my stories contain some element(s) of an actual event in my earlier life, this story is completely true except for the names of the characters. As they used to say on the old TV series, Dragnet, the names have been changed to protect the innocent. These events took place in the early 1970s.

It all started on an unseasonably hot Saturday morning in June at the Houston Flea Market. I traveled to Houston from Long Beach, California to attend a technical writer's conference at the University of Texas but stayed to check out the Houston Flea Market. The conference leader, an avid amateur photographer, told me that I could pick up pro equipment there at bargain basement prices. I really wasn't in the need of anything specific at the time but I challenge you to show me any real photographer who can resist adding to his toys when the price is right. I was there waiting when the gates opened at 8 a.m. and had already bought several new lenses for my Nikon, a new camera bag to tote my finds out in, two new speed lights, an assortment of new filters when I wandered past a white van where two girls were selling cacti. I stopped dead in my tracks and made tracks over to the table displaying the potted cacti. The leggy brunette looked like she just stepped off the cover of Vogue. The blonde wasn't quite as beautiful as the brunette but they were both drop dead gorgeous in their Daisy Duke cutoffs and white halter-tops. You can imagine my surprise when they introduced themselves as being missionaries for The Foundation Faith Church. I had never heard of that church but I had never heard of women missionaries wearing Daisy Dukes and halter tops in public before either. Jessica and Veronica explained too me that they were selling the cacti to raise money to support themselves and their missionary church in Houston. As it turned out, there were two more members in their group, two guys, Mike and Roman. Jessica, the leggy brunette, was as American as apple pie, but Veronica was straight from the UK and her English accent turned me on. There's something very sexy about a pretty girl wearing Daisy Dukes and a halter-top, speaking with an English accent, at least there is for me.

I bought a dozen cacti that I really didn't want and accepted an invitation to attend one of their meetings. The meeting took place in an apartment in the Montrose area of Houston, an area bordering on River Oaks, the Beverly Hills of Houston. Actually, they rented two apartments, two adjoining apartments, in the complex. The two guys lived in the one and all four shared its kitchen, living room, etc. the girls lived slept in the second apartment and used it as their meeting place. The meeting was interesting to say the least but they didn't proselytize me but I hung around after meeting ended for coffee and cake.

The minute everyone else had left, Jessica and Veronica went into one of the bedrooms and slipped out of their dark blue pantyhose that they had worn during the meeting. Jessica walked over to where Mike was sitting and sat down sideways on his laps hanging her legs over the arm of his chair. Doing that made her dress slide high up on her thighs and Mike stroked her bare thighs as we talked. Veronica sat down near me on the small sofa with her legs pulled up beneath her, her knees pressing lightly against my thigh. Mike and Jessica told me then that they were planning to marry in another few weeks and were in need of a photographer but couldn't find one that they could afford. Jessica's parents, two very successful professionals from the City, were paying for everything else but didn't want to pay the travel expenses of a photographer from New York City to come to Houston. I told them that I do it for them as a wedding present.

Roman had disappeared into the apartment next door soon after Jessica had sat down on Mike's lap. Jessica and Veronica walked me to my car that night. They both kissed me goodbye. Jessica kissed me on the cheek. Veronica hugged me tightly and kissed me on the lips. I attended a few more of their meetings before the day of the wedding. Our evenings always ended the same way with Jessica setting on Mike's lap and Veronica setting beside me on the sofa. After the second meeting, Veronica sat with her body pressed against mine and laid her head on my shoulder. That night, as we kissed goodnight, she explained the reason for Romans behavior, he had hoped that they would become a couple just as Jessica and Mike had but he just didn't do anything for her. She liked his as a friend but they would never be anything more than friends. That night as we kissed goodnight she told me that she felt that she would like to be more than just friends with me.

Mike and Jessica's wedding day came before we knew it and it was a huge success. After the ceremony, we all came back to the apartments for the reception. Jessica's parents drove the happy couple to the airport to see them off on their honeymoon and to board their own plane for home. It wasn't long before veronica, Roman and me were the only ones left drinking the heavily spiked punch. Roman wasn't much of a drinker and it wasn't long before he was ready for bed. I helped him next door and put him to bed.

Returning I refilled our glasses with the last of the punch. Veronica slowly slid down low on her chair as we drank in silence, her thighs falling apart to reveal her black lace panties, black garter belt, and her bare thighs above her black nylons. There was no need for words because the look in her eyes spoke volumes. Kneeling down before her I removed her shoes and ran my hands slowly up her legs and thighs to release the clasps the held her nylons to her garter belt. Slowly, I pulled her nylons down her thighs and legs, letting my fingertips caress her bare thighs and legs as they came into sight inch by inch. With her nylons off, I ran my hand slowly up her legs and soft, sensitive inner thighs to pull her garter belt and panties off. Her panties already sopping wet with the juices gushing from between her swollen, parted pussy lips. She moaned softly as I put her panties to my nose and lips and deeply inhaled her sweet, womanly fragrance. Leaning forward, I ran my tongue slowly up the length of her slit to caress her erect throbbing clit. Veronica cried out in pleasure and pushed her crotch up against my mouth. After pleasuring her with my tongue for several more minutes I scooped her up into my arms and carried her in the closest bedroom.

Placing her gently down on the bed, I slowly removed the rest of her clothing, bathing her flesh in kisses, inch by inch, as I bared it. By the time she laid naked before me, she was squirming uncontrollably. Stepping out of my own cloths, I knelt between her trembling thighs, running my hands slowly up her body to caress her hard throbbing nipples. Leaning down I took them into my mouth, nibbling on them, stretching them between my teeth. Reaching down between our bodies, I slipped the head of my cock between her pussy lips, easing it inside her tight hole. Seconds later I felt an obstruction and I knew that Veronica was still a virgin. I increased the pressure slowly until Veronica gasped out in pain as the tissue gave way and my shat sunk slowly all the way up inside her virgin hole. I held myself motionless inside her grasping hole giving her body a chance to become use to having me inside it. Slowly I felt Veronica starting to move her hips under me and knew she was ready. I started moving inside her, building up the length and speed of my thrusts with each stroke. Veronica moans of pleasure grew longer and louder as her arousal built to a fever pitch. Veronica became a tigress as she reached upward for release. Her long fingernails dug deep into my muscular back. My own release was imminent and suddenly I started shooting off inside her virgin pussy. As soon as the first wad of my jism struck deep inside her grasping hole, I felt her start to climax right along with me. She raked my back with her nails as she thrashed around under me. Finally, she went limp under me pulling me down on top of her as she held me deep inside her milking every drop of cum from my twitching cock.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, she started talking. She told me how she had been homeless, living on the streets when the Foundation Faith Church found her and took her in. She explain how she became a member and started working for the church to pay them back for their kindness and slowly came to feel as if she really belonged and couldn't leave them now. She talked on and on and I listened in silence. We both knew that when I got up, dressed, and left we would never see each other again. We both knew that I could no more live in her world, then she could give up her world to live in mine. We knew that we would never forget this time that we had spent together but we also knew and accepted the fact that we would never be together again.

A couple of years after that I had a letter from Mike and Jessica, forwarded to me by my mail forwarding service, telling me that they had twins and telling me that Veronica and Roman had married and were expecting their first child.

A closing note from the author: If this story isn't as arousing as my other stories, my only excuse is that this was a true story in every aspect except for the participants names and reality is seldom as exciting as fiction.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © Jerry Walch copyright 2009

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