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The Interrogation of Natalie Rogers- Part 2

I wear a cloak of vulnerability
Xiong left the room for what seemed to be a few hours. I didn’t know exactly- he had taken my watch. When he returned, he had a clear plastic bag under his arm. He handed me my clothes and told me to get dressed. I grabbed my panties from him and quickly put them on first. Wasting no time, I put on my jeans. I turned my back to him and put on my bra and t-shirt. He stood expressionless he observed my every move. I felt reassured in my clothes. Finally, I had a sense of privacy.

That wouldn’t last long.

“Thank you,” I said humbly.

“Natalie, I need to bring you somewhere else,” he said. He took out a pair of handcuffs.

“Put your hands behind your back.”

He cuffed my wrists and escorted me out of the room, tightly holding my arm as we walked down a brightly lit hallway. We were the only two people there. He walked very quickly and I struggled to keep up with him. Finally, we stopped at a door. He needed several keys to open it. When he did, he nudged me inside and followed behind me. He locked the door behind us.

The room resembled a prison cell, but without bars. The walls were made of concrete and the air was cold and damp. There was a bed in the corner and a wooden chair was placed next to the bed. On the floor was a white basin. In the opposite corner was a toilet.

“This is where you will stay, Natalie… I pick out the nicest room for you,” he said proudly, but with a touch of sarcasm.

Then I hate to see what the others looked like, I thought.

My heart started racing as panic set in.

He took off my handcuffs and placed them in his pocket.

“Do you like your room?” he asked.

What could I say?

“Yes, it’s very nice, thank you for choosing such a nice room,” I knew I couldn’t be convincing, so I tried to at least sound polite.

He stood and watched me as I walked around the room, exploring my meager living quarters. I sat on the bed, swallowed hard, fighting to hold back tears. I scored a temporary victory against the tears.

Welcome to my new reality.

Xiong sat on the bed next to me, but said nothing. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of medical gloves.

Oh God not again!

I covered my face with my hands trying not to cry.

“Stand up and remove your clothes. I need to search you again,” he said.

“Why do you have to search me again?” my voice filled with rage and panic.

“We must search every detained person who has been moved. Now take off your clothes,” he said calmly.

My legs felt like lead as I got up and stood before him. I took off my shirt and handed it to him. This time, he placed it in the plastic bag.

I bit my lower lip as I unhooked my bra and removed it. As I undressed, I tried to be as non-sexual as possible by not making eye contact with him. He extended his arm and I gave him my bra. He placed it in the plastic bag as well.

My hands trembled as I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. I tried to imagine myself undressing for a medical exam, but it wasn’t working. I slid my jeans and panties down in one motion as I tried not to prolong the humiliation. He took them and placed them in the bag with the rest of my clothes.

I felt his eyes on my body as I pressed my arms to my sides. Rationally, it shouldn’t have been a big deal; he’d seen me naked before. However, I was far from rational as my throat tightened and I pressed my thighs together.

I was drowning in shame.

“Follow my instructions, Natalie, and this will pass quickly,” he said. His voice was calm, yet authoritarian.

“Raise your arms above your head,” he ordered.

I did as he instructed.

“And now lift your breasts, please.”

I felt the pinching in my eyes as I lifted them. He nodded.

“Now turn around,” he said.

I turned my back to him as my heart pounded. My mouth was dry, my palms sweaty.

“Spread your legs and bend over. Place your hands to your ankles,” he instructed.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse.

I exhaled and opened my legs. I bent over, closing my eyes tightly. He put his hand on the small of my back as he visually examined the most intimate parts of my body.

Taking out a small flashlight, he told me to stay in place. I could see the reflection of the small, but powerful light as I tried to keep the trembling down to a minimum. I felt his fingers in my pussy, gently, but firmly probing me.

“Press down, please,” he whispered.

I pushed down on his fingers. It felt surreal, as if the room was spinning.

“Good girl,” he said.

He tapped my behind and gave it a playful pinch.

“I am done,” he said.

I turned to face him, my face burning with shame. I cupped my mouth with my hand and started to cry. He gave me a confused look as if to say, “What’s wrong?” He pulled off the gloves, walked back to the bed and sat down.

“Sit down, Natalie, please,” he said in a gentle voice as he tapped the bed.

I sat next to him, unable to see through my tears.

He put his arm around me, “I promise you, it will get easier.” If those were supposed to be words of comfort, they were not working.

“I will take good care of you, Natalie. You will have good food, healthy food. I will make sure you are clean. I will keep your body happy.”

He gently placed his hands on my breasts.

“I will please you every day. And you will please me. You will offer yourself to me every day.”

He gently pressed his lips against mine as his hands held my breasts. I wasn’t feeling very sexy at the moment, but when he kissed me, my body tingled.

“You return my kiss,” he said with a smile.

Tenderly, he placed me on the bed, kissing my lips. I opened my mouth and he slid his tongue inside. He rubbed my breasts harder, pinching my nipples and my clit responded with hard throbs.

“Let me show you what I can do,” he said as he moved his head down and kissed my breasts. What little resistance I had, was slowly breaking down.

“Ooooh Xiong,” I moaned as his tongue brushed against my hard nipple.

He put his hand between my legs circling my clit with his finger. He gently pinched it, then rubbed it with my wetness.

He spread my legs and positioned his head between them. I could feel his fingers opening my pussy lips, exposing my very wanting clit.

“I lick it for you,” he said.

I felt his hot breath on my sensitive clit as the tip of his tongue pressed it. I gasped from the pleasure as he starting licking it.

“Mmmm, yes,” I moaned.

His licked me in small, quick motions and then stopped before doing it again. It was a tease, but it only increased my arousal and desire for him. He slid his fingers inside my pussy, giving me a slow finger fuck as his tongue teased me again.

“Oh God!” I exclaimed.

“I make you happy, yes?” he asked.

“Yes, yes very happy,” I replied breathlessly.

He reached up to my breasts and rubbed them, circling my nipples as he continued to lick my clit.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!...” I repeated as I felt the pressure build in my lower body.

I stretched my arms above me as I let the orgasm cascade down my body, into his mouth. He slapped my pussy a few times, snapping me out of my brief afterglow.

I wanted to kiss him, taste my juices on his mouth, but he had other plans.

He stood up and methodically undressed, carefully folding his clothes and placing them on the table. He walked towards me, his cock sticking out.

“Sit up, Natalie,” he ordered.

I sat up on the bed and he stood between my legs.

I didn’t need to be told what to do.

I gently gripped his cock and put it to my lips slowly sucking it. He looked down at me, his face void of expression. He firmly held my head in place as I took him in long, deep strokes. I gently cupped his balls in my hand, slowly massaging them as I gave him oral pleasure.

I ran the tip of my tongue down the side of his cock. I brushed it against my face before sucking it again. I teased it lovingly before I placed his cock between my breasts and squeezed it between my tits.

I looked up at him. Again, his face was expressionless. I knew he was enjoying the oral sex by how hard his cock was, that cock that I craved so badly.

“That’s enough,” he said, breaking his silence.

“Bend over for me.”

I bent over the bed and spread my legs for him as he slid his cock inside my pussy.

“Oh yes!” I exclaimed as he went deep inside my dripping cunt. His slow rhythm gradually built up to a harder pounding.

He held my waist as his hips slammed against my body.

He fucked me so hard, I felt as if he wanted to pierce right through me. I said nothing, only enjoying the sex-- the cold, impersonal sex, but it felt so good.

He placed his hands on my shoulders, pulling me closer to him. His hard, relentless pounding brought me to the line between pleasure and pain.

Xiong grabbed my breasts and squeezed them so tightly that I screamed from the sensation. Seconds later, I felt his cum shoot inside my pussy. I stood still as I felt his cock throb inside me, his seed trickling down my leg.

I turned to face him, longing for a kiss, a touch, just any kind of tenderness from him. But that was not to be found.

“Clean it,” he said as he pointed down to his semi erect cock.

I licked him clean; I was no position to disobey him, even if I wanted to.

He put on his uniform as I lie naked on the bed watching him. The scent of sex was still in the air.

“I am leaving now,” he announced.

“What about my clothes?” I asked.

“You don’t need them,” he said.

“I will return tomorrow to search and fuck you again,” he said as he took a ring of keys from his pocket.

Strangely, I was looking forward to it.

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