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The Interrogation of Natalie Rogers-Part 3

I was his private slut, his personal whore and I loved every second of it.

In the days that followed, the routine was the same: wakeup, cavity search, interrogation, sex. I was completely dependent on Officer Xiong for everything from my meals to shower privileges. I felt as if I was living my life under his watchful eye.

Come to think of it, I was.

After one week in custody, I finally had the opportunity to speak with my family by telephone. Xiong listened to the entire conversation. I didn’t have a shred of privacy from the moment I was detained. Although the cavity searches did not get easier, I was conditioned to be ready for them as soon as he opened my cell door. As I stood bent over and legs spread, his fingers probing deep inside me, my feelings shifted between rage and lust. He had no right to violate me yet, I didn’t want him to stop.

One day, Xiong entered my cell as I was resting on my bed.

“Natalie, get up, I have something for you!” he said as he stood over me.

As I sat up, he tossed a pale blue dress at me.

“Here, put this on. I will take you outside for a walk.”

“Take me for a walk?! What was I? His pet?” I dare not ask him.

I put the dress on. It was too big for me and it hung from my body. Xiong cuffed my wrists in front of me, took my arm and led me away.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked nervously.

“Outside, fresh air and exercise- it would be good for you,” he said proudly.

He led me outside to an empty courtyard. It was the first time I had been outside in a week. I exhaled in relief as I felt the fresh air against my face. Xiong held my arm with one hand and carried a police baton in the other as we walked the perimeter of the small yard. The gentle breeze caused the dress to cling to my body. My nipples responded to the sensation.

“I am going to unchain you. If you do anything foolish, you will regret it,” Xiong warned as he un-cuffed my wrists.

He watched me suspiciously as I slowly put my hands to my side as to not startle him.

“You like the fresh air?” he asked.

“Yes, it feels very good,” I replied.

“If you behave, I will take you for walks every day. If you disobey, you will remain in your cell. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” I whispered.

“How long will I remain here? Who is working on my release? Can you tell me, please,” I asked timidly as I stared straight ahead.

“You will be here for some time. We must be thorough and that will take time.”

“Of course, I understand,” I replied as my spirit dropped.

As we were walking, he steered me to an alcove a few hundred feet away from the courtyard. He gently put my back against the concrete wall, but said nothing. He put the baton under my dress, sliding it between my legs. Instinctively, I pressed my bare pussy on it. He slowly rubbed it against my swollen clit.

“Mmmm,” I moaned.

I lifted my dress and I watched as he masturbated me with the stick. I could see the bulge in his pants growing as I was getting wet from the pleasurable sensation between my legs.

“Fuck it, your dirty girl,” Xiong growled.

I opened my legs as he gently guided the stick into my wet cunt. Xiong laughed as he slowly slid it deeper inside me.

“Oh yes,” I whispered, my pounding clit taking over my helpless body.

I held the stick between my legs and fucked it, much to his amusement. Xiong unzipped his pants and his hard cock sprung free.

“You keep doing that,” he said as he masturbated in front of me.

“Oh God, Xiong!” I whimpered, barely keeping my voice down.

“My pussy needs you,” I begged him as I grabbed my breasts while he fucked me with his stick.

I felt like his private slut, his personal whore and I loved every second of it.

He took the stick out my cunt and placed it to my lips. I licked my juices of it, before sucking the tip of it.

“Kneel down!” he ordered.

I knelt down on the hard concrete as he pulled his pants down to just above his knees. He put his cock in my mouth and I was all too happy to suck him.

“You are a very good girl,” he said, praising me between moans.

I loved the scent of his body and the feel of his hard cock in my mouth. Tenderly, I stroked his balls as he slowly fucked my face, I was overcome with desire.

I needed to have him inside me.

“Fuck me, Xiong, please fuck me!” I pleaded.

“Suck it until I tell you ‘no more’,” he said.

I nodded obediently and went back to pleasing him.

I delicately rubbed behind his balls with my fingers and I licked the shaft of his cock. He exhaled in delight as he pumped his hips towards my face. His cock was so hard; it felt as if there were steel underneath the skin. I needed it inside me so badly, I could have cried.

Grabbing his hips, I pulled him closer, a slave to my insatiable desire for him. He pushed his cock deeper inside my mouth, causing me to gag.

“Too much for you to take?” he laughed, showing a bit of self-flattery.

“My pussy needs you,” I pleaded again.

“Stand up, now,” he said.

I stood up and he pulled my dress over my head and off.

“Spread your legs wide.”

I opened my legs as they trembled with anticipation as Xiong knelt down in front of me. He opened my pussy lips, exposing my wanting clit.

I felt his hot breath on my pussy just second before his tongue brushed against my clit. I pressed my pussy closer to mouth as his tongue danced around my swollen nub just before he sucked it.

I tried to tame the orgasm that was starting to erupt, but it was useless. I grabbed my tits, my nails digging into my breasts as my legs quivered from the sensation.

“Oh God!!!” I screamed as Xiong looked up at me, licking my little rosebud. I felt my clit pound against his tongue in a powerful orgasm as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me.

He stood up and smiled as he rubbed my breasts.

“You own my pussy,” I said with a playful smile.

“I own all of you,” he corrected me in all seriousness.

“Turn around and present yourself to me,” he ordered.

I placed the palms of my hands against the concrete wall, spreading my legs wide, giving him full access to my ass and pussy. I felt the head of his cock on my cunt lips before he slowly pressed it inside me.

Placing his hands on my hips, he fucked me as hard and as fast as he could.

My breasts rubbed against the concrete wall, but I felt no pain. I was consumed by the pleasure of having this incredibly sexy, authoritarian man inside of me. I bit my lower lip to keep from screaming from the sexual bliss. His cock filled my wet pussy as his balls slapped against my body. The sound of our moans and whimpers filled the small, deserted alcove where I was being fucked like an animal.

Xiong pulled me closer to him and with one hard thrust, I felt him shoot his cum inside me. I smiled in satisfaction as his warm seed filled me. He pulled his cock out and slid it between my pussy lips, getting me aroused again. I turned to him, and kissed his lips, his face covered in sweat from the sex.

I stroked his now semi-erect cock glistening with his cum, my body still wanting more of him.

“Put on your dress!” he said as he pulled up and zipped his pants.

I quickly put on my dress and he cuffed my wrists again.

“Xiong, are you going to fuck me tomorrow, too?” I asked.

“Tomorrow and tonight,” he said sternly as he led me back to my cell.

He was right, he does own me.

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