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The Interview

Proving you're the right person... for the job
Jasmine sat across the desk from Ryan as he began interviewing her for the assistant position. She couldn't help but to grin at the naughty thoughts racing through her mind as he began asking her what skills she could apply to the job. "Depends on what you're willing to let me do."

Ryan grinned in return as he sat behind the broad, clean mahogany desk in his armless black leather executive's chair. He wore a simple maroon polo shirt over his black-belted slacks and nodded at her comments. "And...that...depends on how turned on you can get me -- would you mind standing up for me, turning around, show me what outfit you're wearing?" he asked, as he folded his hands and leaned forward against the desktop.

Jasmine smiled at Ryan as she arched her eyebrow, she couldn't help but ponder the fact that she was going to be his sole entertainment for the moment. She stood up from the chair as she walked around the desk and smirked mischievously. "If you're going to get a view, you should get it up close and personal." Her high heeled black boots went almost up to her knees, and were completely tied all the way up to the top. Her baby pink mini skirt was trimmed with black lace on the front sides. Her top was a perfect match to the skirt, it outlined, but covered the very top of her breasts line, black lace trimming right up the front sides, enough to entice anyone about what was beneath it.

She smiled as she got within inches of him and slightly turned, looking back at him. Her hand began gliding against the desktop. She looked away from him, as her fingers touched something, she realized what it was as the contours of it were similar to her.

She looked back at him and smiled widely, detailing the beauty of her face. She slid her hand as a small sound came from the floor, it was a pen that she had deliberately made fall from the desk, "Oops," she said as she lightly placed her fingers to her lips, she ran her hand down the side of her body, caressing it as she bent over, in front of him, picking up his pen from the floor, revealing her black lace thong from under her mini skirt, she stood up slowly, letting him take a good look at what she had to offer.

She turned back to him and smirked. "So Mr. Ryan," she placed the pen back at the desk as she walked a little closer to him, filling in the gap of small space, she reached her hand to his cheek, and gently traced the outline of his face, bringing her fingers to his chin, "What do you have to offer?" She grinned in thought.

Ryan nodded at her initial suggestion, figuring she was right, to an extent; as much as he had wanted her to simply follow his request, he knew he certainly would not mind a closer look at her gorgeous body, lithe and long, curvaceous and alluring.

By the time she walked around he desk, he was examining her, staring up and down her body, studying every inch, getting a feel for her with his eyes, whether the square inches exposed or the hidden contours of her curves.

He grinned as she touched him.

"Well," he oh-so-innocently shrugged as he brought a hand to his crotch, "Why don't you get on your knees for me..." He began undoing his belt. "And find out for yourself?"

She let her index finger glide down his polo shirt, as she glowingly smiled. “Well looks like I might just have to find out myself then.” She lowered herself to the floor, bracing herself on her knees as she began running her hands along the top of his slacks. She grinned up at him as she gave him a seductive look. Her hands met in the middle as she began to unbutton his pants. She moved her fingers to the zipper and slowly unzipped his pants. She reached for the opening of his slacks.

She looked up to him as she bit upon her lower lip, her hand slid within the gap and she grinned as she grabbed his already hardening cock. “Mmm,” she softly moaned under her breath. She fixated her eyes on him and said, “Looks like I found what I’ve been looking for.” She pulled his
cock from beneath his slacks as she clasped it within her hand and started to stroke it up and down, her fingers began teasing at the tip of his dick. She began pumping him harder as she gave him a devilish look. She leaned in, embracing his dick within her warm mouth as she began to suck him deep within her throat as her tongue teased at his shaft. His dick thickening within her mouth, alluring her with anticipation of the things to come.

He just grinned, enjoying every single subtle touch and noise from her, absolutely adoring the sight of having the gorgeous girl on her knees for him, and touching him, looking at him -- even admiring him, and his obviously excitable manhood.

When she began stroking his cock, he bit his lip, stifling moans of pleasure... not wanting to appear too obvious, too desperate, no, not quite yet.

But when she took his thick dick into her mouth and instantly began sucking him deep, he could contain himself no longer. He groaned in intense pleasure, his hands immediately gently raking through her hair and holding the back of her head, pulling softly, "encouraging" her to take him deep and bob her head.

"How do I taste?" He grinned.

She took one long, hard suck as she pulled back, his hands still within her hair as she looked up to him, lightly licked her lips and began to smile. “You taste delicious,” she softly whispered as she leaned her head back down to his hardened, thick cock and licked the tip.

She ran her hand underneath his shirt, feeling his pronounced torso. Her eyes captivated by his as they remained fixated. She gave him a seductive look as she moved her body up to his as he sat in his executive chair, placing sweet kisses up his torso, pulling off his shirt in the process. Before she knew it, she was sitting in his lap, facing him as he gave way for her to pull off his shirt.

She tossed it to the side as she kissed at his neck softly as she nibbled at his earlobe and softly whispered, “Ryan, I’m not sure you can keep up with me.” Her hand caressed his cheek as she pulled back and looked within his mesmerizing eyes, as she took her hand down between them, and lightly stroked his hardened shaft.

His actions became simpler, and cruder, if not more enjoyable. He stared at her, and clamped his hands onto her chest, squeezing and rubbing rhythmically.

"You have no idea what you're talking about." He grinned, though for now letting her maintain control of the driver's seat, so to speak, as he wondered what she'd do next.

She lightly moaned, feeling him rubbing her chest over, tantalizing her. She moved her hand away from his dick and caressed it up her stomach, a smile crossed her lips as she placed her hands above his, guiding them down to her sides as she rested them at her hips. She arched her eyebrow as she gave him a naughty look. She took her hands away from his and placed her hands behind her back, slowly unzipping her sleeveless shirt. It fell to the floor, as she revealed her beautiful, firm breasts to him.

She moved her hands back down her stomach, placing them on his hands, as she dragged them
over her delicate bare chest. She placed his hands on her breasts, and assisted by squeezing atop of his hands, as she softly bit her bottom lip stareing into his eyes. "I don't do I? Well maybe you need to prove me wrong," she teasingly said to him.

“Well.” He grinned, lightly caressing his hands back and forth over her round, soft, perfectly-sized tits. His fingers repeatedly raked across her pert nipples. “I look forward to proving you wrong, pretty girl,” he teased, one hand descending down her body and around. “But you’re the one who hopped up here." He gave her ass a playful slap, his hand remaining there to squeeze firmly as well. “So show me what you’ve got first, cutie.”

He leaned forward, his hand slipping under her thigh and squeezing, his other hand giving her breast a hard squeeze too, as his face dove into her chest, his lips immediately finding her perky nipple that he began gently suckling.

His hot succulent mouth against her skin was enticing, as she moved her right hand down between their bodies and began stroking his dick once more. Her left hand drifted onto the back of his head, gently tugging at his hair. Her mind raced with thoughts as her hand clenched ever so gently, but pleasurably, against his hardened shaft as she began arching her back, feeling him drawing her into him. Her left hand trailed down to his shoulder just as a moan escaped her lips. She playfully pushes him back in the chair, and smiled as she released his cock.

She pulled away from him as she mischievously grinned in thought. She stood up before him, and moved closer to the desk, as her eyes gazed over his gorgeous body. She turned from him as she began to smile, propping her hands up against the desk, leaning against it as she turned her head to face him. Her smile widened as she teasingly said, "Ryan, how about you come get a really good view? I sure would hate for you to miss out." She ran her hand down to her mini skirt, lightly tugging on the zipper as she looked back over to him with a seductive look arising upon her face.

He loved it – every smooth motion, every little sensation, every turning-on noise and experience he was having with her. She was in it to win it, and he wanted on the team.

He was very much rather satisfied with how things were going.

“Mmmm, I think you’re right.” He grinned, though he remained in the chair – for the moment – and sat directly behind her. He grabbed the bottom edge of her skirt in one hand, lifting it, whistling lustily at the sight as his other hand slapped onto her perfect, tight ass, offering gentle squeezes and rubs. He nodded, as though in some sort of official approval. “Yes, very nice,” he simply said… and reached forward, grabbing the hem of her skirt, beginning to tug it off her lithe body.

Between his tugs and hers, the mini skirt fell to the floor, her bodacious ass revealed to him, her black laced thong the only thing left upon her body other than her boots. She turned towards him as she slightly blushed, placing her fingertips at her lips. "Oops, my clothes just fell off." She began to smile. Her beautiful body was already his for the taking.

She turned facing him as she slowly pulled her body atop the desk, sitting, spreading her legs as she looked into his eyes and softly bit down on her lower lip as she ran her fingers down the center of her chest. She smiled just as she reached her thong, "Why Ryan, I'm waiting." She began to grin, thinking of what he would possibly do next.

He couldn’t help but continue grinning, his eyes taking a long, predatory gaze over every naked, exposed inch of her truly exquisite body. His lucky day, he guessed.

He walked up to her, standing against the desk, naked as he dropped his boxers fully and kicked them aside. He grabbed her thighs, loosely wrapping her long, smooth legs around him. “You say you are ready, Jasmine?” He smiled – and slapped his hand onto her crotch, immediately beginning to rub her through the thong. His other hand caressed her cheek, teasingly shoving two fingers past her lips, poking them in and out. “Ready for...what, exactly?” he playfully asked, rubbing harder.

He knew what he was doing all along, which she did to, apparently they were both in a "playful" mood. She felt him rubbing her, teasing her, tempting was working beyond her control.

She placed her index finger on his upper chest and glided it downwards, as a smile crept across her lips, she looks down and back up to him as she grabs a hold of his erect shaft and begins stroking him, feeling it thickening within her hand. She softly whispered up to him, teasing him even more, "I'm not really sure, exactly what I want." She smiled brightly. "But I'll think long and hard about it." Her hand tightened, as her hand moved to the tip of his dick. She bit down on her lip as she looked over his body, fascinated by him.

“Mmmmm,” he groaned, very much enjoying her touch, as obvious by his lengthening and hardening warm, thick cock. “You do that, baby girl."

He stared at her body, taking it all in – as one hand grabbed her thong, and began tugging it down her legs, his other hand immediately slapping onto her bare pussy once it became available, and rubbing it firmly, even eagerly. His anticipation was growing.

He wondered if hers was as well. His guess was, yes, she was getting excited.

She lifted her ass from the mahogany desk as he pulled her thong away. She moaned feeling
his rub become more steady and firm, as she began mirroring his actions, her strokes became more in rhythm with his rubs. She ran her left hand up her body and squeezed her breast as she tilted her head to the side, closing her eyes and moaning out with excitement.

She opened her eyes to his, seeing the burning want that he was gaining. She then pulled away her hand from her breast as she wrapped her arm around his neck, pulling him closer to her, their lips within mere inches of one another as she looks up into his eyes. "I want you Ryan," her face became more stern, "I want every single inch of you."

“Oh really?” he mischievously grinned, both his hands sliding onto her ass, squeezing hard for a moment – before, instead, acting to cradle her body as he somewhat crudely pushed her away from him, and down, trying to make her lie down on her back as he plucked the thong off and tossed it aside.

“I’m glad to hear it,” he said in a deliberate cadence, a hand grabbing her thigh and forcing her legs apart, while his other hand began rubbing her pussy again… before suddenly plunging two fingers into her tight cunt, pumping them in and out, finger-fucking her. “How bad do you want me, Jasmine? Bad enough to beg for it?” he teased.

The mahogany desk was cold and hard as it brushes against her bare back. His hand tantalizingly teasing at her slit as she arches her back against the hard wood, feeling his fingers probe deep within her. She moaned loudly looking up to him as she began moving her hips, her hands moved up her stomach as she closed her eyes taking in the sensations he was giving her. "Oh Ryan, Ryan," his name lingered at her lips as she opened her eyes, and looked deep within his. Her breathing deepened as she began to feel thrills running over her body, her pussy yearning, aching for him.

She placed her hand on his arm, gripping, moaning in pleasure, "Yes Ryan, Yes, I want it!" She pulled at his sides, wanting him to fulfill her every longing.

"Then you got it." He grinned, shoving her pussy lips apart as his other hand held his dick, guiding it into her cunt -- he moaned loudly as he leaned into her, popping the head of his cock into her wet pussy, and slowly began pushing forward, forcing inch after inch into her gorgeous body, his hands holding her sides, his fingers digging in as he bit his lip.

Once he had managed to stuff every inch into her, his balls pressing against her pert asshole, he withdrew back a few inches, only to ram forward. He began to find his rhythm, rocking his hips back and forth, watching her immaculate body as he gradually began to fuck her on the desk.

Her mind exploded at the pleasure of him filling her completely, so big it almost hurt. Her back arched a little more towards the sensation, moaning loudly at the growing desires generated by his hard, thick cock as his thrusts became more rhythmic. She slid her ass closer to the edge of the desk, pulling on his waist, as his name began trailing from her lips, feeling him penetrate deeper, and harder within her. Her wet pussy tightly surrounding his hard cock as he pushed harder against her yearning pussy.

Her titties bounced with every thrust he made. "Harder Ryan, Harder," she said as she moved her hand between them and began rubbing her clit feverishly.

She was thoroughly enjoying him, inch by inch within her pussy. Her moans were loud enough for anyone within the office to hear, but honestly, she never took in the consideration...the only thing on her mind, was him.

He just chuckled at her, and said no words, but nodded in silent approval -- as he slid his hands onto her sides, squeezing firmly, his fingers instantly digging into her skin as he pulled on her sides like handles, pulling her into each stroke to fuck her harder.

This was even as his hips began to thrust into her harder as well... he gritted his teeth, groaning and grunting as he fucked her, adoring the quick, wet, slapping sound of each insertion as he continued drilling her atop the desk, just staring down at her and loving every word and noise out of her face that made such wonderful reaction expressions.

She could feel him gripping at her sides, as her pussy began to tighten around his shaft. The force of his thrusts made her gasp with pleasure as she felt him penetrating deeper as his dick begins exploring the depths of her. She moaned out, arching her back up from the desk, her hips rising up to meet his with every thrust, sending thrills of wild sensations through her.

She began feeling his dick hitting her sweet spot, sensual pleasures began arising within her as her fingers began moving more rapidly back and forth over her swollen clit. She moaned loudly, pulling at his side with her left hand, digging her fingers within his skin as she felt herself giving into him.

He bit his lip, grunting as he continued fucking her, pulling up from her enough to enjoy the sight as he watched his cock hammer her pussy, conquering her body, pleasuring himself as he drilled her.

“You like that? Huh? You like that?!” he taunted with a grin, teasingly slapping the side of her ass before returning his hands to her sides, pulling like handles just to fuck her harder. The desk was creaking beneath them with each powerful stroke. Soon, he was pounding her pussy like a piece of meat, moaning loudly, clearly enjoying her cunt.

"Yes...Ryan, Yessss," she moaned as she felt him popping her firm ass, arousing her even more. She let him pound her even more, she knew he was enjoying himself as much as she was enjoying it. Her insides began tingling everywhere as his drilling continued, deep, fast, slow and faster again, making her body ache pleasantly until her climax developed. She could feel her pussy tightening around his thick dick as her sweet juices began oozing out.

She moved her hands back down, as her palms braced at the desk, her back arched up towards him, her invoked moans were high pitch, her breathing erratic. She continued pushing back and fought to contain the groans within as so many orgasmic shocks took her body by storm.

He laughed at her as she plainly came, grinning as he slapped the back of her thigh, still fucking her relentlessly. "That a girl, c'mon, cum all over my dick," he moaned, absolutely loving the way her pussy clenched around his cock, watching her lovely, quivering thighs.

He gritted his teeth and leaned into her, watching her chest arch toward him -- he reached out and grabbed a fistful of her hair with one hand, somewhat harshly pulling, just to fuck her a little harder. "I'm gonna cum all over your fucking face in a minute here," he taunted, as he continued fucking her cunt into submission.

She could feel her pussy throbbing as her muscles tightened, massaging his thick dick with his every thrust. The sensations were becoming overwhelmingly pleasurable as she lifted her right hand from the desk, snaking it back down as she began manipulating her pulsing bead. Capturing it between two of her fingers, she rubbed both sides at the same time. Tiny gasps and moans escaped her as he continued driving deeper and harder within her, "Oh God! Fuck me, Ryan. Harder, please...Yes. Yes. Yesssss....," she screamed out.

She softly bit her bottom lip as he pulled her hair, moaning under her breath. Hearing him taunt her with his words was alluring her to please him more. "Cum for me Ryan," she cried out as she began flexing her inner walls, achingly waiting, and wanting.

Her fingers moved faster as she began feeling another wave of lust flush across her body. Her hot, sweet juices seeped from around his dick as she let out a loud scream of pleasure. Her body became more relaxed within his grip.

He gritted his teeth, grunting and groaning as he fucked her like a rag doll, like his own personal sex toy. He lightly slapped the side of her face, his other hand still pulling her hair. "You little slut," he chuckled, taunting her as he kept fucking her, keeping up a torrid pace as he banged her for a couple more minutes.

But then he suddenly withdrew his cock from her pulsing pussy -- and forcibly pulled her off the desk, rudely shoving her to the floor, keeping his hand in her hair and yanking her face towards his crotch. He was crying out loudly as his free hand pumped up and down his dick... plainly about to cum, and looking like he was aiming to give her a facial.

She got down on her knees in front of him as she watched him pumping. She opened her mouth, letting slight moans out as she looked up into his eyes, listening to the alluring sounds trailing from off his lips. She lightly licked her lips, awaiting, knowing he was going to be cumming within any second.

She started taunting him with her words as she began saying, "Come on stroke that cock for me, Ryan, stroke it hard," as she could clearly see he had a firm grip around his erect shaft. "I want you to cum all over my face," she hollered at him.
He laughed, jerking her hair again, her face right in front of his dick – as he cried out in intense pleasure, and suddenly before spraying a full load of hot, slippery cum all over her face, watching it splash into her hair, all over her eyes, lips, cheeks, chin, nose, even dribbling onto her chest as he was shaking the last few drops onto her.

“Mind licking my balls clean?” he grinned.

She could feel his hand tightening in her hair as he shot his cum all over her face. It's warmth running against her skin as she licked her lips, getting a sample of it as it traced down her throat. She began to grin, "Mmm, Ryan" she softly moaned as she grabbed his dick, answering his question physically, without words.

She ran her tongue down his shaft as she reached his smooth balls, tempting her as she carefully took them into her warm, wet mouth and sucked gently. She pulled slightly and sucked some more before releasing them from her lips embrace. She then cupped them in her hand and gently squeezed, as her eyes looked deep into his, "Ryan, that was good."

He grinned, releasing her. "Yes, yes it was... you're a great little fuck," he teased. "And now you're free to go."

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