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The Jersey

Leah Takes Her Frustration Out On Dan after Losing Game Three of the NHL Playoffs
Leah was sitting at the bar of her favorite drinking hole, the Double Deuce, watching game three of the NHL playoffs, Chicago Blackhawks versus Phoenix Coyotes. She was pissed when the game ended as Mikkel Boedker slipped the puck in during overtime, ending yet another exhausting (third) overtime in three games, and sending the Coyotes to a 3-2 victory over the Hawks in the first-round Western Conference playoff series.

It seemed her new Chicago Blackhawks jersey emblazoned with her last name, had brought the team no luck during game three. Leah asked Ralph for a shot to drown her sorrows in as she stared at the TV, watching the arena empty and listening to the bar-goers grumble in disgust. Everyone was pissed about losing Hossa and after overtime started, the drunk-level was raised significantly.

Something vibrated in Leah's back pocket. Realizing it was her phone, Leah put her hand to her ass, and dug her HTC out of the pocket and hit the power-save button. She was slightly buzzed, having put down a few shots and even more Coors Lite's, but was able to still decipher Dan's name popping up with a text message. "Hawks lost. I'm FUCKING pissed... Wanna bang?"
Leah really hadn't heard much from Dan after her birthday last year when he treated her to her first threesome. They still hooked up every so often, but not like they used to when they met.

She laughed so hard she ended up snorting her beer out her nose and attracting attention from the people at the bar. Ralph was used to this happening, and threw a bar rag at her, signaling for her to clean her own nose-vomited beer. The rag hit her in the face and she laughed at the bartender, and cleaned her mess. When she was done, she turned back to her phone and sent a reply to Dan.

"Sure. When/where?"

He replied with "Your house, 30 minutes?" She sent an "Okay, see ya then" and ordered one last beer. She nursed it for 20 minutes before looking at the time on her phone, realizing Dan was going to be at her house any minute. She chugged the last two gulps, paid and tipped Ralph and said her Goodbyes to the regulars. She walked out the back door still fumbling for her keys as she stumbled to her Jeep. Leah could tell she was pretty buzzed and wondered if she should drive. But she shook it off and collected herself. It was only a 3 minute drive from the bar to her house. She wasn't 'wasted' and knew that she could make it there so long as no little animals jumped in front of her Jeep.

Leah pulled up the dirt-road driveway to her small ranch house and parked the Jeep. As her engine went silent, she saw headlights coming down her drive, and figured it was Dan. Leah flipped the visor down to check her makeup and make sure her hair was still decent from the ride home. She was satisfied, her eyes still a smokey Black with red eyeliner, highlighting the color in her Blackhawks jersey.

She pulled the keys from the ignition and stepped outside the Jeep waiting for Dan to pull up to her. His Honda settled a few feet away from her toes and she started walking towards the front door. Dan was right behind her as she stopped to unlock the front door. "Nice jersey" Dan said, "to bad it didn't bring us luck."

"Take a seat on the swing" she told him, "I don't want to go inside yet."

Leah walked through the house and to the fridge, removing a few beers and returning to the front porch. She popped the caps on each, handing one to Dan as he sat on the swing, swaying with the light breeze. "They played like bitches tonight." he started in. Leah knew Dan could go on for hours bitching about the Hawks losing. She took deep swings of her Coors as he whined, complaining about losing Hossa during the first period after Torres left his skates with a hit that took Hossa out for the rest of the season, and left Torres suspended for the next 25 games.

Leah was finished with her beer and noticed Dan had barely taken a sip from his. She tossed the empty bottle on the porch and grabbed Dan by the collar of his shirt. "Yeah, we know. Hawks fucking lost. Now, quit bitching about it and fuck me!" She demanded.

Leah let go of his shirt and dropped her hands to his pants, unbuttoning and pulling the zipper, exposing a growing bulge under the cloth of his loose boxers. She could see the tip of his cock just starting to push out from the hole down the front end. Leah dropped to her knees and guided his cock through the hole, sucking the head into her wet mouth.

She heard Dan moan and went to town. She didn't start out slow and soft like she usually did with him. Instead, when she took him into her mouth she vivaciously sucked him in, shoving her mouth down his shaft and hitting the back of her throat with his dick. She felt him stiffen in her mouth, and felt the details and ridges of his cock start to stand out as he reached his full hardness. Leah wrapped her lips around his shaft, feeling a slight tension as she struggled to keep her lips wrapped around his thick cock. She ripped his boxers at the seam and started playing with his balls while she hungrily feed on his stiff pole. She freed his testicles from the cloth, and moved her mouth downwards, dragging her tongue against the underbelly of his shaft and bathing his balls in her saliva.

Leah kept at him until she felt him start to tense. She knew he was close to cumming, and thought it be best to get the first load out-of-the-way before she let him inside her. He had a habit of cumming early, and she sure as hell wasn't in the mood for another disappointment after watching the Hawks lose game three. She puckered her mouth around his shaft, sucking hard and urging him to fill her face with his load. His hard dick pulsed and started jerking in her mouth.

Leah's mouth filled with the taste of his salty cum. She gulped the juts down and licked her lips clean. She was just as pissed as Dan about the Blackhawks losing game three, and she wanted her to release her disappointment through her pussy. Leah reached up and tugged at the top of his jeans, pulling them down his legs. She stood up, kicking off her red Converse shoes and unzipped her torn denim jeans, shimmying them down her legs and kicking them to the side. Leah stood in front of Dan, wearing only her Blackhawks jersey.

Her pussy was soaked at this point and starting to drip down her legs. She was already horny before Dan texted her, and was thinking about what her masturbation session was going to be like when she got home from the bar. She had been sneaking her fingers into her holey jeans throughout the game, pressing and tickling her clit during the exciting parts of the game, the fights, and all the close-call goals. She would sneak her fingers back out of her jeans and into her mouth, nonchalantly sucking the juices off her fingers in between gulps of her beer.

Leah stood in front of Dan staring into his drunken, dark brown eyes. She stepped up to him, reaching out and rubbing her fingers through his short brown hair. She grabbed a handful and playful pushed his face to her pussy. Dan slipped his tongue between her taut pink cunt lips and started flicking her clit. He tasted her cum instantly, and he felt his cock start to stiffen back up immediately. She tasted just as sweet as she always did, and he loved it. He pushed his face between her legs, wrapping his arms around her ass and pulling her into him. Leah could feel his stubbly playoff beard tickling her thighs and pussy lips causing her to giggle and pull his hair even harder.

Dan's tongue moved like a twister through her snatch. She felt her legs shake and held herself on his shoulders for balance. It felt so good, licking up both her lips and teasing her clit all at the same time. Dan pulled his face out of her snatch and eased her legs apart a few inches. He pushed two fingers inside her dripping crevice causing her to gasp, followed by her moaning to feel more. He pulled her into him, holding her against his torso while he played inside her cunt. "You like that? Dirty girl."

Leah felt herself getting dizzy and leaned her head back gasping for breath. She dug her fingers into Dan's back as she felt herself start to sway. She was screaming before she even knew it, and she felt herself start to gush. It felt like shocks throughout her whole body as she came, and when she felt her orgasm die down, she started begging to feel his cock inside her.

Leah pulled away from Dan, and pulled him to his feet. She maneuvered around him, squeezing his cock in her hand as she brushed past him. Leah climbed onto the porch swing, sitting on her knees and shaking her ass in his face. She anchored her arms on the back of the swing, waiting to feel him enter her. She sat for a second, admiring her creativity in positioning herself.

"God Damn you look so fucking hot wearing nothing but that jersey" he said to her. Leah just giggled and straightened herself out, letting him get a better look of her milky-white ass sticking out from the bottom of the jersey.

Dan's hands grabbed her ass cheeks and he squeezed. He pushed himself between her legs, slipping his cock between her pussy lips and sliding himself back and forth. He teased her clit with his cock head a few times before pulling back and pushing his cock inside her. He let out a loud groan as he felt his cock push her tight pussy open. Leah was moaning in a soft, almost sweet tone that was driving Dan crazy. It sounded too innocent for this dirty little slut, and he pulled her to him, using the sway of the porch swing to throw her weight onto his dick, making Leah let out a sharp gasp.

Dan repeated the motion a few times, getting used to the sway of the old metal chains of the swing. Leah was moaning and begging him to fuck her harder. He tightened his grip on her hips and started to pick up his pace, thrusting himself deeper inside her slick cunt, his own hips starting to slam into her ass cheeks. Leah began moaning and panting, screaming "harder!" as he fucked her. Dan picked up his momentum and began to trying to pound her cherry box as hard as he could. He felt the beads of sweat start to build and drip down his face, sweat stinging his eyes.

Leah was enjoying the ravaging she was receiving as Dan's cock pounded her cunt, causing her cum to start dripping down her inner thighs. Leah's moans echoed through the open fields around her house, no one around for miles. His cock filling her cunt was just what she needed after watching the Hawks lose game three. She relocked her elbows as she leaned over the back of the old porch swing. The metal and wood of the swing was creaking and she was worried it was going to break from the force of Dan's thrusts.

Dan slipped a hand underneath Leah's Hawks jersey and grabbed her right breast. He realized she wasn't wearing a bra and he found her nipple, pinching it hard before twisting and pulling it, causing Leah to scream in delight. He reached his other hand around her hip, still holding onto her and found her clit, teasing it as he continued to slam himself into her cunt as hard as he could. Leah felt the familiar tingles of an orgasm start to move from her toes and fingers and spread through the rest of her body.

She gripped the back of the swing as the orgasm reached her pussy. She felt it hit her hard, exploding through her cunt and moving back through her extremities. She opened her mouth, letting out a cry as she felt her pussy start pulsing as Dan's thick cock forced her cum to spew from her, making a mess all over him and spilling to the swing and porch floor. Dan felt her juices leak over him and he was ready to bust. His hands moved from her body and grabbed her short hair, pulling her head back as he felt his dick tense and his second load of spunk unload into her pussy. Leah screamed in ecstasy as she felt his cum start to fill her cunt, causing her to suddenly orgasm yet again. Her arms went numb and she collapsed over the back of the swing. She was so sensitive, she couldn't stand him touching her anymore and tried to pull away from him, but Dan wouldn't allow it until his cock was empty.

The last stream of cum left Dan's cock and he pulled himself out of Leah's snatch, and turned and fell onto the swing next to Leah. After she was able to catch her breath Leah turned and looked at Dan, who turned his head and stared back into her dark Hazel eyes. They sat there catching their breath, staring at each other waiting for someone to break the silence.

"Hawks better not lose game four. I'm not sure you can handle me after another loss" Leah said as she stood up and picked up her clothes, turning and heading into her house, locking the door behind her leaving Dan naked from the waist down and sitting on her porch.

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