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The Journey of Kylie and Zac: Part 2

I woke up at 10:35 a.m. from a crazy night, realizing today is the day I was to hang out with Zac. I got up and went to my dresser, getting a orange bra and lace panties that matched, and put them on. I went to the bathroom and began to brush my teeth, as I turned on the flat iron. After I was finished brushing my teeth, I started straightening my hair and put on a red bandana.

I walked from the bathroom to my closet and grabbed a white tank top and a pair of jeans. I changed and walked downstairs to get a bowl of cereal for breakfast. I heard a sudden knock at the door. I figured it was Zac coming to fix the window. I walked to the the front door and opened it. Zac was standing there and I looked deep into his wonderful green eyes.

"Hey Kylie, can I come in?" Zac said with excitement.

"Oh, uhm yeah, come on in," I replied.

"I'll head up to your room," Zac said.

"Okay. I'll be in the kitchen eating," I replied.

"Hey now, leave some food for me," Zac said, joking.

"Will do," I said with a smile.

Zac headed upstairs as I got two bowls and filled one with Coco Puffs and some milk. I ate as I saw his bowl sit there. I waited for him to come down. As I heard the stairs creak a little, I knew he was headed down. I acted like I was texting when I heard him slightly say something.

"What?" I asked.

"I said your window is all better now," Zac repeated himself.

"Oh, thanks," I replied without looking at him.

"Is this bowl for me?" Zac asked.

"Yeah the cereal is right there," I replied, looking at his beautiful green eyes. They were so gorgeous.

I saw him take the box and pour cereal in his bowl; he had a little bit more than I did. He began to pour milk into his bowl and said jokingly, "So you liked brown balls, huh?"

I laughed and replied, "Oh, you know it."

As I was sitting there, I kept wondering why hadn't he brought up about last night. I knew he saw me. This is the perfect moment to say something. I calmed myself and realized maybe he didn't see me, maybe I could get away with what happened.

"Well let's head over to my place," Zac advised.

"Alright," I agreed.

I put our dishes in the sink, and headed for the door after Zac. I locked the door and put my key in my pocket. We headed to his house and Zac told me thank you.

I couldn't get enough of his voice. I told him no problem.

He kept his door unlocked and he just walked right in. His house was pretty nice for him being the only one to live in it. He asked me to grab a few boxes and head to his room. So I did what he asked.

He was downstairs in his living room as I was in his bedroom. The first thing I did was look at the view from his window to my bedroom. He could really see everything. I was kind of wondering if he'd ever looked through my window to snoop on me.

I turned and looked at his bed and thought to myself, "This is the bed he fucked on last night." I just wanted to lay in it.

Zac walked in and scared me. I screamed; he laughed.

I grabbed some decorations out of a box and put some on his dresser when all of the sudden I felt a hand on my leg and moving up to my ass. I turned around and Zac was standing behind me. Zac put his arms around my waist. I lifted my arms up and pushed him away. I had been wanting this to happen so badly, but I wanted to play hard to get. I started walking away. Zac pulled my arm and grabbed me closer to him., our chests touching one another.

I looked up and he was looking straight at me. He went to kiss me. I slapped him in the face and I walked away. He wasn't surprised. He ran up in front of me, walking closer to me and pushed me on the bed. We started kissing. The feeling of his lips was amazing. I loved kissing him. He started climbing on top of me and began to take off my jeans. I was getting wetter and wetter by the minute.

I stopped kissing him, and he looked at me and asked what was wrong. I didn't answer. I pushed him on the floor and ran for the door.

He ran after me, grabbed me and said, "Isn't this what you've been wanting? I can tell you like me, Kylie. I like you too. Plus, I saw you last night. Looking at me through your window rubbing your pussy."

I couldn't believe this was happening. I looked down and knew how wet I was getting. I was getting so turned on when he finally said that he saw me. I then looked up at him and said, "I don't know what you're talking about, Zac."

"Don't deny it. I saw you Kylie, and trust I didn't mind it either." Zac said with a sexy grin.

"Damn it," I thought to myself.

Zac began to grab my waist wrapping his hands around me.

"I haven't done this before, Zac. I'm scared." Zac grabbed my face and said, "Kylie, do you trust me?"

"Yes," I replied.

"Then you have nothing to be scared about. I promise I won't try to hurt you. I promise."

"Alright," I said with a frightful tone.

I started to take off my tank top, and Zac stopped me and said, "No, babe, let me."

Zac than began to slowly take off my tank top exposing my orange bra. "Mmm," Zac said while licking his lips. He began to kiss me from my neck all the way down to my waist. Zac slid off my jeans the rest of the way and began to lick me on the outside of my lace underwear. Oh god, just his touch felt amazing.

He finally took off my underwear exposing my very wet, warm pussy. Zac began to put his thumb on my clit, rubbing it while licking and sucking me. I started moaning louder and louder as Zac went deeper into me. He stopped before I could cum for the first time.

I looked up at him and saw him taking off his pants. I began to sit up. He exposed his cock right in front of my face. It was huge, so big I couldn't believe I was looking right at it.

"It's okay, you can touch it," Zac said with a smile.

"Okay," I replied.

I began to touch his cock, I could feel it throbbing in my hands. I started stroking my hand on his massive dick. Zac was began flipping his head back, and without giving him any notice I shoved my mouth right on his cock. He looked at me, loving what I was doing. He started fucking my face as I put my hands on his sides. He stopped and said, "Now get on the bed, baby."

(Part 3 will be coming soon)

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