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The Kendall Chronicles - Part 1

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Kendall explores her slutty side
“Let’s get out of here.”

“No, I’m here with friends. Thank you for the dance.” I said.

“You’re a little cock tease aren’t you?”

“What?” I stammered in a shocked response. “What are you talking about?”

“Fucking cock tease. Do you get off rubbing up on guys and then walking away?”

“Oh, fuck off” I half yelled. “Just because I let you grind on me when I’m dancing that makes me a cock tease? You’re a fucking idiot!”

“You’re a cock tease because you were grinding on me just as hard as I was grinding on you and then you just walked away!”

“Oh that’s right I forgot I’m supposed to . . . what? Drop on my knees right here in the middle of the fucking dance floor and suck your dick!” I yelled sarcastically and dropped to my knees.

The dance floor started to open up around us and people were starting to look at what was happening. I reached out and grabbed the pockets of his pants and pulled him toward me.

“Pull it out. I need you to fuck my mouth so bad. That dance was amazing. You have to let me suck your cock! Or should we just fuck right here instead? Here I’ll bend over a barstool and you can lift my skirt up and fuck me.”

“You’re one fucked up bitch!”

Guys were starting to move in at the sound of my voice being raised.

One bystander stepped in and started to push the guy I danced with away from me and another asked, “Kendall is everything okay here?” and helped me up.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine. I just danced with some asshole and he seems to think I owe him something.”

“He’s leaving. Let’s get you a drink and calm you down.” said my rescuer, Greg.

“Stupid Bitch!” was yelled from the door as my dance partner was escorted out into the night.


“What are you drinking?” Greg asked.

“Oh I know what you’re doing. You’re going to get me drunk and try and take advantage of me.” I said.

“Is that what you think?” Greg asked while he lifted me up on a barstool.

“Yup.” I said. “All you guys know that trick.” The hem of my miniskirt slid up my thighs as I spread my legs and my rescuer walked up closer to me. “I want a shot of tequila!”

I leaned back and laid my head on the bar. “Mark! Can I have a tequila?” I yelled. A tall man walked up behind the bar and stopped.

“Hey beautiful. What was that all about? Another bar troll?“ Mark the bartender leaned down and gave me a kiss on my forehead. “Tequila?”

“Is there any Patron back there?” I said looking up at Mark and opening my mouth.

“Coming right up!”

“It’s always about sex with you isn’t it?” I said with a teasing smile.

Mark returned with a bottle of Patron Silver and reached for a shot glass.

“Oh, just pour it in my mouth.”

Mark put his thumb over the pour spout and tilted the bottle. “Ready? Here it comes.”

The liquid started to pool in the back of my mouth. I could feel the tequila burning my tongue and the inside of my mouth.

“Okay, swallow baby!” Mark said with a smile.

I swallowed the warm tequila and smiled at Mark while wrinkling my nose and said “You know I always do.”

“You want a lime?” Mark asked

“Why? That was yummy. Maybe you should start drinking more tequila.”

“Girl you’re killing me. If you don’t stop I’m closing this bar and taking you upstairs.”

“You made that promise last night and you left me hanging, Mr. Quickdraw.” I said with a smile and a little giggle for my wittiness. Mark’s performance was a bit on the fast side the prior evening leaving me frustrated and to my own devices as he fell asleep.

Mark moved the bottle of tequila toward me again and commanded “Open up.” as he held the bottle over my mouth.

“Jeez, just like last night. No foreplay.”

The warm tequila started pouring into my mouth again as Mark moved his thumb from the pour spout. The tequila ran into my mouth but because Mark was laughing and it splatter against my teeth and mouth.

“Oh, that’s a look I’ve seen before.” Greg chimed in.

I quickly swallowed the tequila and looked at him with my mouth agape as I playfully slapped his chest.

“Yup. That’s the exact look.” Greg said with a big smile. He hooked his finger and scooped up the spilt tequila and put his finger in my mouth for me to get the last little bit. I closed my lips around his finger and curled the sides of my tongue up around his finger. Greg slowly withdrew his finger from my mouth and traced my lips with his finger.

“Now that’s an amazing feeling that I’ve felt before.” Greg continued.

“You’re bad.” I said.

“Me? You’re the one that wrapped your lips around my finger.”

“What was I supposed to do? Bite it?” I said while sticking my tongue out and giving a little head tilt.

“Now that I’ve gotten more foreplay than I did last night I’m officially horny. Which one of you is taking me bed?” I asked.

Mark said he couldn’t because he needed to close the bar and clean up. Greg placed his hands on my hips and pulled me toward him as he pressed himself tightly between my spread legs.

“Whoa! Your belt buckle is cold.” I said as a shocked smile crossed my lips.

Greg reached down and lifted the hem of my miniskirt and peaked underneath. “Holy shit girl! You’re not wearing any panties under a fucking MINISKIRT? No wonder why that troll was all worked up!” he said with a shocked look on his face.


“Are you going to keep rubbing that belt buckle against my pussy or do you want to get out of here?” I asked Greg.

“You really need to learn to be a little more discreet.”

“Why? Are you embarrassed that people know we’re going to fuck tonight? Does it bother you that people will know that I’m going to make you cum over and over or is it that all these people will be down here dancing and right over their heads I’m going to do all the things that will make me your little slut?” I continued “Just think, all these people will be here trying to find someone to hook up with and I will be upstairs with you. I will be feeling your tongue on my clit and your fingers inside me. I will be feeling your cock sliding between my lips and your hands guiding me deeper and deeper onto you. Then I get to feel you fucking me and making me scream.”

“If that bothers you we can stay here instead.” I finished.

“Mark can I have another shot?” I yelled and laid my head back on the counter and pressed my hips against Greg feeling the cold hard metal of his belt buckle.

Mark poured the liquid into my mouth, kissed me on the forehead again and said for us to have fun. Greg pulled me up and aggressively placed his lips against mine and kissed me deep.

“Now you are without a doubt a massive cock tease. Every guy around us won’t be able to walk for ten minutes. I don’t care if I have to walk out of here with a raging fucking hard-on it’s time for us to leave.” Greg said.

“I still don’t think I’m a cock tease. A tease is someone that says they’re going to do something and doesn’t do it. I fully plan on fucking you all night long.”

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