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The Kiss

Sensual sweet love making
The kitchen light snaps into darkness. Tony walks out, carefully watching the two steaming mugs of cocoa so as not to spill them. The room is dark, lit only by the cheery warm glow from the fire. The huge windows to either side of the mantle show lazy snow drifting down to blanket the landscape.

He walks to the middle of the floor in front of the fire, stepping carefully amongst the many pillows strewn about. They have created a virtual nest in front of the warm fragrant fire.

Setting the Hot chocolate on the side table, Tony quickly sheds his robe and dives for the comfort of the thick blanket in which she lays. Kim's mind slows the moment, catching every detail; the ruddy glow on his skin as it reflects the firelight, the tautness of his nipples as they are exposed to the cool air, even the semi erectness of his manhood as he anticipates her nakedness under the covers.

He settles into the cushions lays back, pulling her against his chest. Her skin is smooth and warm, with a fresh clean scent from her recent shower. Wrapping his arms about her, they settle back listening to the gentle crackling of the fire.

Kim reaches for her cocoa and sips it tentatively, her tongue delights at the creamy chocolaty taste.

He reaches up and slides his fingers into her hair as she places the cup back on the table. Lightly turning her head he leans up and presses his lips to hers, the passion high, it is but moments till he tastes the sweetness of the cocoa.

As Tony settles back again, She feels the slight rise and fall of his breathing. She finds comfort in that, a sense that all is right tonight.

Reaching around almost subconsciously, his fingers slide out, lightly gliding around her breast. The blankets fall away unnoticed as the heat from the fire builds upon their bodies. Only the light air currents dare coolly kiss their skin, and then only briefly.

His fingers track ever tighter circles eventual grazing across her nipples. Light gasps issue from her as she begins to realize the passion she knew was coming. His hands working in concert tease and rub at her breasts in a perfect dance of early lovemaking, constantly granting glimpses of what is to come.

Tony's right hand bravely breaks free, fanning out as it slides across her tight abdomen. He travels down, eventually feeling the light wisps of her well-trimmed sex. His fingers split to either side with the middle one lightly sliding over the center. He does not press in at all, but her passion has preceded him and she parts easily. The willingness of her moist sex encourages him and she feels his delight pressing into her back as he shifts slightly to the right to better reach her. He slides his hand back up until that wicked center finger hovers over that which craves his touch. Small circular motions pressing infinitely closer each time brings a low moan from her lips.

Kim lays her head back on his shoulder and looses herself in the feelings.

A wicked thought enters his mind and he lifts his hand, seeking hers, before returning to her treasure. She looks over at him seeing the mischievous smile on his face.

He places her hand upon her pussy and covers it with his own. The blanket falls free with their movements, forgotten for the moment. He aligns his fingers upon hers, their hands becoming one. He presses down slipping her finger into her wetness.

She smiles at his excitement, so much the playful child, yet all man. She moans again as he forces her to masturbate at his direction. Tony is the conductor, in the orchestra of Kim's pleasure. His guidance with her knowledge of what excites her brings her quickly to a crescendo. Before she can release though he halts her playing.

He pulls her around and she straddles his hips. Leaning forward she reaches down to guide him into her. His tongue flicks out tasting her nipple playfully. Tony quickly reaches over, dipping a finger in the cocoa; he paints her nipple with the sweet essence, and then licks it again.

She settles down upon him, the heat of her pussy wrapping him in its tight embrace. As she rides up slowly, he feels the cool air on his glistening shaft. Kim is impatient and begins to rise and fall rhythmically, not fast, but neither slow. A steady pumping reminiscent of the carousel she rode as a child. His manhood filling her deep inside makes her feel complete, loved, and desired.

Kim's breathing quickens, it won't be long, the orchestra once again builds. She knows she is close and starts to close her eyes and lay her head back.

Tony reaches up, hands to either side of her face, and tilts her head forward. She opens her eyes to see him softly whisper "Look at me."

His eyes delve deep into hers and the sensation of being fully exposed to each other's gaze during lovemaking overwhelms her. They see each other's souls as she lets forth a long moan turning to gasp.

Her warm sheath squeezes him tightly causing him to respond in kind. His shaft swells, fighting the tightness as he too reaches his peak. For a moment the sex becomes a tug of war as he expands and she contracts until they slip into synch and the pulsing becomes one. She feels his seed warmly fill her and he feels her wantonly pull every drop from him.

Through it all, they never break eye contact. Her skin glistens with moisture as the sensations slow and the gasps of each, fade to deep breaths. Grasping each other's faces they lean forward till their eyes blur, falling into each other's hearts, they kiss.
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