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The Lady In Red

Raymond closed his eye, and envisioned his favorite fantasy woman; The Lady In Red.
Raymond was lying on the bed slowly sliding his fingers up and down his cock, pretending once more that his fantasy woman was doing it. Since his breakup with Sue, he has not fucked anything real for over two weeks.

Suddenly, he stopped, and yelled, “Damn it; I cannot take this anymore, I need a real pussy!”

He needed to feel his cock sliding in and out of a sweet, wet, pussy. He thought for a moment and looked at the clock it read 6pm. "Tonight, I will find someone to fuck, before I lose my mind!”

Raymond closed his eye, and envisioned his favorite fantasy woman; he called her, the Lady in Red. She was a woman in her fifties. She was tall with a full figure, big breast, narrow waist, large hips, and long sexy legs. Her best features were her long red-hair, which flows freely down her back, skin the color of alabaster, and lips as red as a rose. In his fantasy, she always wore a red dress, both sides, split to the hips, a G-string, sheer red nylons, and five inch red “fuck-me heels.” He had several different scenarios, but his favorite was meeting her as a hooker, on the naughty side of town.

He grasped his cock once more, and started stroking it. Envisioning her slowly undressing; down to her g-string, nylons, and heels. God she was hot, and he wished she were real.

She walked over to the bed. Eyed him, and then took charge. She grabbed him by his cheeks, and kissed him deep and hard. Following that, she spread her legs, and ripped off her g-string, showing a smooth bald pussy, glistening with wetness.

“Stop jacking off right now! I want those damn fingers in my hot cunt!”

He did as ordered and moved to the side of the bed. He slid his index finger inside her; teasingly, making her moan with desire. He paused only to add a second digit, and started finger-fucking her deep as his thumb rubbed her swollen clit. God he wanted to fuck her, now, hard, and deep!

She watched him, licking her lips hungrily, and moaned. She ground her hips wildly and repeatedly shoved her wanting cunt down hard on his fingers.

It didn’t take long for her to shriek, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!”

She didn’t miss a beat, and pushed him back on the bed, and straddle his hard cock. She rid him hard, until they climaxed.

He came back to really, yelled, “Ooooh fuck, and shot his load all over himself and the bed.

He then decided to head for the shower. After he cleaned up, dressed, and grab a bite to eat. Tonight, he was going out on the town, find his, Lady in Red, and fuck the hell out of her.

He dressed in his best denims with a navy blue cowboy style shirt, and black cowboy hat. Inspecting himself in the full length mirror he spoke with a drawl smoother than Jack Daniel’s whiskey. “Howdy partner, you ready to get laid tonight!”

He then left the house, and drove to his favorite place, “The Blue Dog Bar.” The establishment was on the darker side of town. Where there was always dancing, drinking, and a lady of the night present.

He drove into the parking area, locked his car, and strolled toward the door. He saw all kinds of hookers. They always tried to get his attention, asking if he wanted to have a good time. He always turned them down one by one, none of the woman looked like is lady in red.

He stopped near the door, lit a cigarette, took a puff, and glanced to the other side of the street. He almost dropped his cigarette; their stool a tall full figured woman wearing red.

He casually crossed the street. He acted as if he was not interested, but watched her intensely out of the corner of his eye. She appeared older than him but that made no difference, oh god, she looked exactly like his lady in red.

He was within arm's reach when she pulled out a cigarette from her purse. He almost passed out from the fear, when he offered to light it.

She nodded, and let him. She took a big drag and blew the smoke in his face.

He swallowed hard, looked into her eyes, and spoke. “Hello, my name is Raymond. Would you like to go out with me madam?”

She took a puff, glared him up and down. “My name is Jasmine. Sure I will go out with you, honey, but it is going to cost you. Where do you want to go?”

“If you don‘t mind riding in a car, we can go to my place it is close to here.”

“Well, let’s go then, after all, it’s your money I‘m spending. “

They walked over to his car, he helped her in, and they drove off towards his apartment.

He escorted her from the car into his apartment, not saying a word until they walked through the door. He pointed to the couch, “Have a seat on the sofa, please. I will pour us a couple of drinks if you want.”

He hoped she would not notice how much he was quivering. He could not believe it, he not only found his fantasy woman, but she was right there in front of him

As he watched, she looked around the room, slowly sits down, and glared at him. “I do not need a drink baby! All I need to know is what is your pleasure? Then, I want to make sure you have the money, after all, I don’t give fucking freebies!”

He sat down, patted her ass, pulled out a wad of bills, and answered. “Money is no object here baby, we can add the bill up later when I am done with you. Right now, I want to fuck you, and get off!”

She winked; touched her red lipstick covered lips, blew him a kiss, and stood up. “Just sit there for a moment baby and watch!”

She started doing a slow strip tease, sliding her dress slowly off her shoulder until it fell to the floor. She kicked it out of the way, then spread her legs and caressed her torso seductively with her long red fingernails.

He didn’t care about her age because the woman was still sexy as hell, and had all the curves in the right places. He also loved to have woman with meat on their bones and loathed the slender anorexic type. As he watched her, the performance memorized him! He took his shirt off, slowly unzipped his pants, and removed his shorts, and released his rock hard cock.

Hot damn, she was beautiful, standing before him in her silky bright red teddy, along with a garter belt, red nylons, and red heels to match. When she tossed her long hair, bent over right in front of him with her ass toward him, and he almost blew his load.

He stood up, walked over to her, and asked. “Shall we go to the bedroom?”

“Sure honey, why not.”

Raymond took her by the hand, and led her to his bedroom.

Once inside he sat down on the corner of the bed near her and instructed her to lean over and grab her knees. When she did, he runs his hands down her back and ass. He slipped a finger underneath the teddy, Oh fuck, she was so wet!

She spread her legs and unsnapped her teddy, so he could have better access to her hot twat.

He licked his lips eagerly and continued playing with her pussy. He runs his fingers teasingly across her clit, encircling and pinching it.

She quivered, and moaned loudly as his fingers work their magic. “You know baby, you’re my first customer of the night. Ooooooh fuck, I love your wonderful fingers are doing! Keep it up please do not stop! ”

Raymond felt his cock surge another inch, he loved the thought of having her before anyone else did. He took his fingers from her pussy, and licked them, devouring her sweet nectar. He put two of his fingers inside her hot, pulsating hole, and finger-fucked her hard as she rocked back and forth on them. It was apparent she loved it because her juices were running down his wrist.

She stopped fucking his fingers, brought them to her lips, and licked them clean. She then leaned into him and kissed his lips passionately.

As he watched, she lowered herself to her knees, licked her lips hungrily. She started teasing his cock with her tongue, flicking just the head, and moving down the shaft until she had engulfed it entirely.

He lunged forward as she took the full length of his member in her mouth. He grabbed her hair driving his cock in and out of her mouth a few times, before allowing her to continue sucking him.

After a couple of minutes he stopped her, helped her to her feet, took off her teddy, and threw her on the bed.

“It‘s my time for fun, honey! Now, spread those sexy legs apart, I need to taste that hot cunt!”

He drove his face deep into her pussy, his tongue lapping enthusiastically at her juices. She squirmed so much; he had to hold her by her hips. She began moving her hips in rhythm of his tongue. He continued to lick at her faster and deeper until she screamed and covered his lips and chin with her sweet nectar.

Breathing heavily, she hissed, “Ooooh wow, you’re one hell of a pussy eater. Now can I suck you off, cock-sucking is my specialty.”

“My Lady in Red, I believe everything it is your area of expertise. Your whole outfit shouted at me, look at me, I am dressed for your pleasure. Fuck me stranger! I bet you’re one hell of a fuck too!”

She moved to get on her knees in front of him and continue the blowjob. He stopped her. “Honey, lie back and hold those legs open-wide for me, it's time for some hard fucking!” He climbed onto the bed and rammed his cock so hard into her pussy she shouted obscenities at him.

“Oh fuck, yessssss, ram your hot prick deep and hard in my hot cunt. Ahhh, Ooooooh, baby, that’s it fuck me good! Ooooh my god, treat me like your dirty little slut!” She wrapped her legs around his waist and felt another climax surging there her body.

In reality, during the week, Jasmine was a quiet homemaker all prim and proper. On the weekends, she portrays ‘The Lady in Red,’ a hooker who walked the dark side of town. She loved being a cum-slut and fucking strange men, until they both quenched there naughty sex perversions.

Raymond rammed his cock in her, felt her shaking hard, and knew she was going to cumming again. When she did he knew he would soon cum too.

“Get on your knees cunt, and suck my fucking cock, till you swallow my sweet cum!”

She moved, and took his throbbing cock into her mouth until she engulfed it completely. Oh god, she was not lying about being good at sucking cock. She sucked him deeply and let her tongue work its magic. The way she trembled, moaned loudly, gave him the impression that she also loved the taste of jism.

When he looked down, he saw her playing with her pussy. In his mind, he thought of another one of his fantasies where he envisioned the lady in red, masturbating for his pleasure. She’d be naked on the bed, with her legs spread wide shoving two-three-four fingers inside her hot cunt all the way. Slowly finger-fucking herself, bringing the nectar laden digits to his lips to lick clean, repeatedly until she climaxed.

The thought of watching her eat her own cum sent him over the edge. “Oh shit, I’m cumming!”

She swallowed hard as he shot his load deep into her throat, not missing a single drop. Afterwards she sat down on the edge of the bed to catch her breath.

Raymond joined her for a few moments, both of them panting heavily. After a while, he looked over at her. “Damn, you’re fantastic! Added up your bill and put in a good bonus for yourself, you are worth every dime I give you!”

Jasmine felt great and was very pleased with Raymond. After discussing thing, they decided they would meet in the same place, at the same time, every Friday night. She would be his Lady in Red, and he would always be her first customer. She also gave him her business card, along with address and phone number. After all she wouldn’t mind if he showed up at her door.

He returned her to her spot on the corner, kissed her by, and told her to be safe.

Later on when she was back home, Jasmine, the Lady in Red, lay on her bed recalling her hot fuck with Raymond. She could not believe how that innocent looking man could fuck her that way. Oh god, she loved it and couldn’t seem to get enough of him. She pulled up her nightie and spread her legs. She then ran the fingers of her right hand between the folds of her pussy. She could feel its warmth radiating throughout her whole hand. She pushed her fingers further until she found her swollen tender clit, still saturated with juices. She runs her fingers through the mixed fluids, brought them to her lips, and licked them. She did this until she climaxed again.

Oh, she loved the combined sweet-tangy nectar and continued to lick the sticky fluid from her finger until she had devoured every delicious crop. She felt well satisfied, curled up under the covers, and fell asleep dreaming of the next rendezvous with him.

She dreamt fantasized that Raymond took her into a grassy field and was having his way with every part of her body. He then carried her back into a summer cottage. Once there, he placed her on the bed and continued their animalistic passionate fucking way into the early hours of the night. The last thing she remembers if Raymond telling her he must go home.

She awoke refreshed, and put on casual shorts and a t-shirt. She fixed herself some breakfast them went to check her mailbox. When she opened the front door there was a red rose, between the doors with a note attached.

“I brought one red rose for my Lady in Red; I must confess you have captured my heart. Adieu until we meet again, I love you!”

A tear formed in Jasmine’s eyes, no one for a very long time, left such a touching note confessing their love for her. “Can this be real, or is just merely a ploy to keep me as their trophy?”

Her head was too full of the passionate fuck she received last night, and now would not be a time to make such a decision. She headed towards the bathroom, because a shower that usually clears her head.

After turning on the water, she gathered the towels, washcloth, and other supplies. She stepped in the hot jets of water jolted her back to reality as it hit her face and chest. Adjusting the temperature she relaxed and couldn’t help but fantasize about Raymond.

He was in the shower with her. His left hand started to run up and down her chest, while the other was paying particular attention to her nipple. He tapped on her left nipple, and it did not respond much. He then pinched it and it began to swell and harden.

She reacted with a moan and arched her back signaling that she really enjoyed feeling his strong hands roving all over the nipple.

He moved so both hands could devote more attention to her nipples. He repeated the actions on one then the other. Next, he bent down to suck in the whole breast, but since it was larger than his mouth, but he wanted to absorb as much he could. He started at the nipple, sucking it in and biting it gently, and then sucked in more of its flesh.

The sensation on her nipples always turned her pussy into high gear and she was drenched! She could almost feel him really in the shower with her doing all these things.

One of Jasmine's hands traveled downward until it found her prominent clit. She spread her legs a bit to give her finger greater accesses. She lifted herself on one leg and she started to rub her digit along it slowly and carefully. As the feelings increased, she began rubbing her clit at a steady pace. While her other hand pinched her nipple harder.

Jasmine loved to fuck in the shower. If only Raymond knew how much she enjoyed being in this position with the water hitting her and stimulating her chest like another set of hands. Faster and harder, she worked her finger around her clit. With little effort, she slid two fingers inside her shaved pussy, while rubbing her clit with one thumb.

Returning to the fantasy, she now felt her lover’s tongue on her pussy. He tasted every ounce of her to ensure that all of her honey entered one place: his mouth. He then stood up, got behind her, and pried her legs open more to accommodate his hardened rod. He held onto her hips and slammed his cock deep and hard all the way inside her pussy. It made her scream at him for being so insensitive, but he knew a part of her enjoyed his roughness. All he wanted was to fuck her and shot stream after an endless stream of cum deep inside her.

He paused for a moment but only to turn her around.
He gazed into her hungry eyes and slid his cock inside her once more. Raymond moved at a feverish pitch, fucking her, faster and harder. He pounded her, like a machine, he refused to stop until they reached heaven together.

Jasmine did not hear the phone ringing in the bedroom. She was too busy imagining her lover fucking her pussy rough and hard without any feeling or wanting to stop. Besides, at that moment, she frankly didn’t give a damn what time it was anyways.

She added another finger inside her as a sharp spasm of pain and pleasure shot through her body. She almost passed out from the sensations. She sat down abruptly in the tub and let the water rain down on her.

She folded up her fingers into a ball and rubbed her fist around her labia. Oh fuck! She folded in her thumb and pushed her fist up against her pussy as hard as she could to see what happened. The lips separated around it and it slowly went in. At first, it hurt a lot.

She propped up her legs in a "V" up against the wall to give her pussy easy access to her own fist. She pushed it in further, took a big breath, and then plunged her fist into herself as far as she could. She yelled out as her pussy walls moved around her fist and wrist.

Jasmine closed her eyes memorized within her fantasy. She pictured huge cocks fucking all her holes at one time with other cocks erect and waiting to fuck her. She milked her fist with her vaginal muscles as she pulled it in and out. Her pussy was secreting heavily and she begins to fist fuck herself faster.

Her moaning increased. "Oh God, this feels so damn good, mmmmmm, yesssssssssss! I increasing the speed of her fist-fucking. Her lips became frothy from the bubbles of juice seeping out. Faster and faster she went imagining that her fist was a huge cock.

"Oh my god, Raymond fuck me! Fill my pussy with your sperm! I want it baby!"

She jammed the fist in harder, and her pussy spasmed around her wrist. She began to come repeatedly. She reveled in the pain and pleasure and she knew that she would fist fuck herself many more times.

Jasmine slumped down at the bottom of the tub. She was totally spent, breathing heavily, as her pussy continued to pulsate. Her juices covered her hand up past her wrist. She raised her hand to her mouth and licked it all off. When she was done, she dried herself off and they went in and collapsed on the bed contented for the moment.

Jasmine must have fallen asleep because the phone rang. Quickly getting up she tried to answer it in time but missed the call. She figured that who ever called would return the call if it was important. She decided to get dressed and run some errands.

While on her errands, she looked at countless outfits, tried some on, and bought a few. She wondered what Raymond would do that Friday, because she planned to surprise him with one of her new outfits and a wig.
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