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The Lake 2

This is what happened after our encounter by the lake.

After our encounter by the lake side Beth and I made our way back to the bothy and soon everyone was awake. After brewing coffee we started to discuss the plan for the day. From someone whom I had only vaguely known a few hours ago Beth was suddenly all I could think about. I noticed the way she walked and sat, the shy way she looked when she spoke, the way she pushed her long brown hair from her face. By now I was desperately thinking of ways to get her on her own when the situation resolved itself without either of us intervening.

The previous day I had said that I wanted to climb what we called the high pass but the rest of group had been over it just a few weeks previously. Now John, a friend of Beth's brother, suggested that I take Beth while the rest of them walked around the lake, a suggestion to which I agreed immediately. My eye caught Beth's and she smiled shyly.

As the rest of the group departed I made sure that Beth had enough warm clothing in her backpack. Although it was hot at sea level I knew that over 3,000 ft up it would be a lot colder and on our descent at the other side we would be exposed to the wind coming in from the north. I think that Beth thought I was being over cautious but I knew that in these mountains, although they were not high compared with some, the weather could change in minutes.

It was not a particularly steep climb rather a long slow haul through a dense forest to the first ridge. Despite her slender, almost fragile appearance Beth proved to be stronger than I thought and we reached the ridge at just over 2000 ft in a few hours. By now we had cleared the tree line and we stopped to look back down at the lake below us.

"I wonder where the others are," Beth said taking my hand.

I shrugged; to be honest they were far from my mind and I had spent most of the last few hours thinking about Beth.

"They should be about there," I said pointing. "Just where that stream comes into the lake."

"How will they get round to meet us tonight? We're going the opposite way."

I looked at her. "Worried about them?"

She shook her head, "No, I'm happy with you."

"Anyway," I said, "Joe left his van yesterday so they will drive round but we'll probably be there well before them."

Then we kissed softly unable to hold each other because of our packs. As we broke and as if she was reading my mind Beth said, "I don't care if I see them again today, I love being up here." She looked at me shyly. "And being with you makes it even better."

"About an hour from here," I told Beth, "there is a small lake, we can stop there for a while, only the deer use it."

Beth pushed her hair from her face. "Will they object if we make love?"

"I hope not," I smiled.

As we crested the next ridge a small herd of deer scrambled away. "See?" I said. "They are going to leave us alone."

"You know," Beth said as we walked down toward the lake, "When I first came to these hills with my brother I had to tell him I was going for a pee and went behind some rocks and masturbated. I don't know why, but I just suddenly felt so horny."

I was surprised at her frankness but said, "Just like this morning."

"Yes. That's how I knew exactly how you felt."

"You saw me."

"I saw you touching yourself." She grinned. "And your hard on was obvious." She glanced at me again and went on. "Now, I go off on my own sometimes just for the day and I always find a secluded spot with a great view and masturbate.” She turned and looked at me, “Even when I’m at home most of my fantasises take me here”

We were at the lakeside now and my erection was throbbing trying to escape the confines of my pants. Again I was surprised at Bet's openness and told her so.

"I have never told anyone until now, not even my closest friend. It's just that I think you will understand."

"What about guys?" I asked curious. "Do you go into the hills with them?"

Beth shook her head, "Most of the guys I know think I'm weird because I love coming here." She turned to face me. "I am twenty three, I am not a virgin but I've never had sex up here before." She grinned. "I've never had it anywhere except a bed but it has always been a fantasy of mine." She reached out and touched my hand. "I think I knew from the moment I saw you that you would the one."

I fought down the urge to take her in my arms there and then but something told me to let Beth lead so I took her hand in mine and squeezed it. "I'm glad."

We decided to stop at a small hollow surrounded by low rocks. It was hot and we dumped our backpacks. Beth immediately shrugged off her shirt and reached round and undid her bra. I just watched as she revealed her small pert breasts, her pink nipples stiffening from their exposure. "Come on," she urged, "it's too hot for clothes and I want to be naked out here."

She was beautiful, I thought as she stood naked and watching me undress. She gave a cheeky grin as I pushed off my pants as by erection bobbed up sticking straight out from my body. We kissed passionately, her breasts and nipples crushing against my chest, my erection hard against her lower stomach. We broke for air, our breath ragged and Beth said softly as she reached down and wrapped her hand around my erection, "Make love to me."

We lowered ourselves onto the hard ground and I traced my fingers along her inner thighs until I reached her soft pussy lips feeling her wetness. As I started to touch her she rolled onto her back and guided me. "Please, I'm ready. I want you to, now."

She guided me to her entrance and I paused letting my cock rest against her lips. We were both breathing hard and I looked at her lovely face watching her as I slid slowly into her wetness. She sighed and smiled as she pushed her hips up to me. As I began to move she stretched her slender body under me locking her legs with mine and making little thrusting movements. We began to move together and soon our movements were becoming more urgent. Despite my orgasm earlier I could feel that I was not going to last long and as if reading my mind Beth started to run her hands up and down my back as her thrusts increased to meet mine. "I'm close” she whispered in my ear and then with surprising strength she held me to her as our bodies rocked together.

Bet's body was writhing under mine as she gripped me. "I'm cum ming," she sobbed and as she spoke I exploded hard ejaculating into her as my whole body shuddered and I cried out. I felt Beth tense then quiver, her nails dug into my back and her cries mingled with mine as she came her body jerking hard against mine.

We lay trembling and holding each other until our breathing returned to something near normal. She kissed me lightly and I pushed away strands a hair from her face.

"I want to see you again," I said.

"Good," she said then grimaced and we parted as she sat up.

I helped her up and Beth trembled. "It's getting chilly."

As she bent down for her clothes I saw her back. It was bleeding in several places and I realised that the stones under her must have been digging into her.

"Beth," I said touching her back gently. "Your back."

She flinched. "Is it bleeding?"

I nodded and said, "It must have been sore."

"I didn't really feel it until now."

I got out a towel and wet it in the lake and cleaned her back as best I could. It must have really hurt her I thought as she gasped.

"I'm sorry," I told her and she turned round into my arms and said, "It wasn't your fault," then she grinned. "But next time I'm going on top."

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