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The Last Flight

Is He Different From All The Other Douche Bags?
Written By Poppet:For LushStories ONLY!

The Last Flight 

It’s 2:45 in the morning and I’m here sitting at the airport in the departure lounge. I’m waiting for my 3:10 flight back home. I’m in Settle heading back east to Boston. I've been traveling for a little over three weeks for business. All I want to do is go home, take a long bath and sleep for a month. I’m a single girl with no pets and I live alone. The thought of going home to an empty apartment sounds appealing right now though it wouldn't for most people.

I notice a man who keeps eyeing me; I am polite and smile at him. This just seems to encourage him to come over and sit next to me. I let out a silent sigh and do the niceties with him. At least he is cute, unlike the last yahoo I had to deal with the last time. I notice he isn't wearing a ring of course this doesn't mean much but there is no tan line either.

“Good evening, or should I say good early morning?”

He speaks with a slight accent I can’t figure out just yet but I like it. He’s tall, about 6’2” and about 150 pounds with light brown almost dirty blonde hair. He has bright blue sea colored eyes. His build is nice he carries himself well. He has a bit of a five a clock shadow coming in. This to me probably means he keeps himself clean shaved.

“I’d say it’s a God awful time either way making it not good for either evening or morning. It’s nice to meet you never the less. I’m Holly and you are?”

“I’ll agree, this time of night isn't pleasant especially traveling but its less people. I’m Steve it’s great to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Steve. Are you traveling for pleasure or business?”

“That would be business, and yourself?”

“The same as you. I’m on my way home finally though. I’m ready.”

We make small talk over the next few minutes knowing that we’ll be boarding soon. I find out that he is on his way home to but has a few layovers to deal with. He’s a year older than me being 27. The more I talk to him the more I find him attractive. He even is bold enough to be flirty with me. It stirs up a desire that makes me instantly wet knowing it’s been so long since I've had sex.

We hear over the intercom that it’s time to board and we make our way up to the line. There is only about twenty or so people boarding which means a nice quiet ride. I give my ticket to the girl at the gate. I make my way into the plane and head towards first class. I've never been much of a flier and was damned if I was going to do as much traveling as I have in coach. I notice there is only one other couple in first class and I take a seat far from them. It looks as though they’ll be catching some Z’s on the ride. I get comfortable kicking off my heels and close my eyes for a minute waiting for the flight attendant.

“Well don’t you look comfortable already? You must be a pro at this flying thing.”

My eyes flicker open and see Steve smiling down at me. I blush the way he is looking at me. It causes that stir inside me to rise up and announce to myself I’m in a long need of a good fuck.

“After three weeks, do I have much of a choice? Besides its first class it’s comfortable up here. Are you a first class rider or just here to tease me?”

“Oh no I’m a first class rider all the way. It’s the only way to travel if you ask me. Teasing you is just a bonus. Mind if I sit with you or would you rather sit alone?”

“I don’t mind. I never sleep on these flights so having someone to chat with will be a nice change of pace.”

He makes himself comfortable doing the same as me kicking off his shoes. The flight attendant comes up to us and takes our drink order. We both order a nice wine and begin chatting still waiting for the plane to take off. He tells me he travels for a living. He hasn't found anyone who would wants to be with a traveling business man. He hasn't been in a relationship in four years but would love to be with someone. I tell him that I to have been single for a few years but have dated. It always ends because I work too much and can’t be what the men who I date want me to be.

He becomes flirty with me and I can’t help but flirt back. I find myself pretty average. I’m 5’5” and 115 pounds with curly long dark hair with hazel green eyes. My breasts are a bit too large for my smaller frame, they’re 36D. Tonight I had a business dinner before I needed to head home. So I’m in a nice pencil styled short skirt and tight but not too relieving top. My hair is pulled up high off my neck to show off my neckline.

We hear the sound of the engines start and the doors closing. I let out a sigh and without noticing slide my hand onto his hating the take off part of flights. I feel his fingers wrap up into mine; his touch is so soft. We take off without a hitch and I am able to breathe again. I don’t let go of his hand wanting to keep holding it. He doesn't pull away either just gently starts to stroke it. I let out a soft moan and close my eyes.

I hear him whisper to me just for my ears only. He tells me how beautiful I am and that he hasn't been able to keep his eyes off me. I blush and bite my bottom lip not daring to open my eyes yet. I can feel the burn building between my legs; I want to feel him inside me. He pulls my hand into his lap and I don’t pull away. I feel him place it just right on his lap and I instantly feel how hard he is. I let out a gasp and can’t help but let go of his hand and begin to caress him above his slacks. His breathing gets a little bit heavier. I open my eyes and notice that the only other couple in first class are already sleeping the flight attendants are out back in coach dealing with the other fliers.

I glance at him and he gives me that same smile that makes me blush. I grip his cock and squeeze it teasing him. He lets out a groan and I can feel him get even harder for me. He unzips his slacks and out springs his thick cock. I wrap my fingers around him and begin to glide over him gently. He is throbbing and in need of my touch. I can’t help but wonder what he’d taste like in my mouth. I move down off my seat and look up at him; he looks at me a bit shocked.

My eyes stay on his and I take a deep breath knowing the risk of being caught is great. I lean forward, pushing the head of him in my mouth at first. I can taste the warmth of his flesh on my warm tongue. I circle my tongue around him gently and he grips the side arms and lets out a soft moan. I begin a slow tease on just the head of his cock. He is aching for more but I don’t give in just yet. I grip the head of his cock with my teeth lightly holding him in place and flick my tongue over the tip of him. I can taste his pre-cum already. I begin to move my mouth down lower over his shaft taking him further until he’s filling the back of my throat. I suck on him gently making sure that every inch of him is in my mouth. I feel him slightly grind his hips wanting to work further into my mouth. I start a quicker speed taking him deeper with each thrusting motion downward. One of his hands moves to rest on the back of my head and I swallow him whole. I begin a soft moan on him letting the vibrations tease his cock while I work him.

“Oh Holly, Mmm you don’t know what you’re doing too me. You've got a very well skilled mouth.”

I feel a shivering ache work down from my ears soaking in his words that shot through my body. It runs deep down into my pussy making me throb and ache for him. I suck on him faster wanting his cock more. I feel that desire to taste him grow. I run my teeth along his shaft and let the head of his cock pop from my mouth. I move back down to take him balls deep again sucking hard, coming back up letting it pop once more. I keep doing this and I can feel the tension build in his cock. His breathing is labored, on the border line of wanting to orgasm for me. I swallow him deep again and suck hard pulling at his cock swallowing him deeply. I let out a long moan and feel the force of his orgasm rumble through him. He releases his seed so hard he hasn't even got a chance to moan out, he inhales hard and fills my mouth. I swallow everything he has to offer me; his thick load fills my mouth. I swallow as quickly as I can; I know he has more to give to me. Once I know he is empty I begin to nurse lightly on him. I suck softly until he grows soft making sure that he is done.

He helps me up and I slide back onto my seat making sure I didn't make a mess. He is breathing heavily and has a glazed look on his face. I can’t help but giggle knowing that he is pleased. I can feel how wet I am with slight movement of my legs. He notices me moving my legs enjoying myself a little. He slides one of his hands onto my thigh pushing my skirt upwards until his fingers brush along my panties. He can feel how wet they are and I let out a soft moan. I want to feel him please me so badly. He pushes my panties aside, his middle finger glides over me lightly teasing my slit. I let out a soft whimper wanting more of him, he is teasing as badly as I did him.

“Please touch me Steve. I need your touch on me. I want you to please me.”

I whimper out my request to him, he looks at me with a coy smile. He doesn't give in just yet he keeps working my slit running over my wetness. I can feel his middle finger just barely touch my clit every so often. It makes me want to push my hips forward into his touch but I don’t. I don’t rush him because even though I beg him for more I love the tease. He finally gives in and pushes a single finger into my tight entrance, pushing me open. I gasp out but muffle my moans but biting my lip. I know that the couple could hear me if I am too loud. A flight attendant could come in and see us. The thought of being caught once more makes me feel naughty. I lean my head back and begin to grind my hips into his touch. He works his thumb in to caress on my clit. The added touch to my clit makes me groan out.

I feel how light headed the touch of him was making me. I can feel how hard my nipples are becoming. They are pushing through the material of my bra and shirt. They want to be set free so badly. I ache for them to be out but I know I can’t. Steve leans over with his free hand and pinches one through the clothing of my shirt. I gasp out his name as he does it again. He makes them harder than ever. He doesn't give in, he goes back and forth doing this to both of them. With him doing this he begins to work deeper inside my pussy. He glides in his pointer finger inside me. Now with two fingers inside me he opens them slightly, allowing every inch of my pussy to cling to him. His thumb works faster on me, his pinching doesn't let up. My voice is hitched and moaning out as low as I can I whimper out his name. I feel like I’m flying and then realize I am. This almost makes me giggle the concept amusing me even in the state of pleasure I am in.

He hooks his fingers upwards inside me and finds my g-spot. I can’t handle it anymore I grip the arms of the chair and fight from crying out a moan. I’m so close to releasing my orgasm I shudder hard. He gives my right nipple a hard pinch and pushes his fingers deep inside me and wriggles them. I begin to orgasm hard and long on him. I soak his hand as he keeps moving them in and out of me. It feels as though he is fucking me with his cock. I am in a lost daze of bliss and love it, crave it, need it. The sensation of my orgasm washes over me and I’m in a desired helpless blaze of orgasm state.

Just when I feel myself come back to reality a little, a different flight attendant comes in. She glances at the other couple first. I’m guessing to see if they’re still asleep. They are to my relief I’m shocked they are. She notices we’re up and she comes over asking if we need anything. I ask for another wine and she comes back with a new glass. I down it easily not being lady like at all. I don’t care it was a much needed thirst. I was beyond parched. She leaves us be once more and I turn to look at Steve. He has a smile on his face before bringing his hand up to his mouth and begins to suck on his fingers.

“This is the last thing I thought would happen at the end of my business trip. I've never done anything like this before. For some reason I feel comfortable with you and I like it.”

“I’m glad the feeling is mutual Holly. I saw you sitting in the airport and just knew there was something about you. And boy was I right!”

“I have to admit I thought you were going to be a douche bag like all the other guys in airport lounges. I’m glad I was wrong.”

I notice the time and see that we still about four hours to go until we land in Boston. I’m still feeling the effects of my orgasm and can’t help but blush. I head to the ladies room and freshen up. I can even tell by the look on my face I’ve been up to no good. I’m half tempted to want to do more. I really want to know what he’d feel like deep inside my pussy. I ache so badly for him. I don’t care and say the hell with it. I remove my panties and stuff them into my purse. I look at myself for a moment and decide that I’m going to remove my bra also. I take it off and stuff it into my purse with my panties. I can feel my juices running down my thighs.

I walk back to my seat feeling nervous and almost like a virgin. I tell myself I’m being foolish, I want this. I want to feel Steve inside me. I slide my purse back up with my luggage and sit down. Steve is going through his things looking for something, I watch him unable to look away. He is handsome and I like the way he handles himself. Once he does whatever he was doing he sits back and we start talking about random little things. The screaming lust between my legs is almost so loud it’s like the whole plane can hear me. I lift up the side arm that separates his seat and mine; I scoot closer to him and begin to rub his slacks again. He instantly becomes rock hard for me and groans lightly looking at me.

“Are you not done with me Holly?”

“I don’t think I am no. Is that a problem with you Steve?”

“Mmm not at all. I was hoping you’d want to do more. What do you have in mind?”

“I want to feel you inside me, Steve. I can’t get the thought out of my head.”

“Then by all means, hop on.”

He says with a thick groan as I continue to stroke him through his slacks. He undoes his zipper and button lifting his hips he lets his slacks move down around his thighs. His cock stands high and hard wanting to feel me as much as I want to feel it. I look around making sure the couple is still asleep. Once I know they are, I relax a little. My nerves calm a little but I so badly want to scream out fuck me. I climb on top of him, facing him. My knees are on either side of his chair and I lower myself until the head of him is sitting at my entrance. Steve looks at me surprised at feeling no panties and I grin at him. He begins to slowly unbutton my shirt just the first few top buttons. He can see I have no bra on and he is amused I’m so bold.

My nipples are rock hard and I lean into him whispering into his ear to suck on them. He does as I ask and sucks one into his mouth tugging on the other with his hand. I let out a soft moan feeling him please me. I shake with excitement and lower myself onto him. The tightness of my pussy begins to wrap around him tightly. I feel the head of him slowly push upwards inside me. I keep lowering myself deeper on him, until I’m balls deep. I gasp out at the girth of him inside me. He is amazingly thick and so hard for me. I begin to grind my hips on him working the head of him inside my womb. His free hand grips my hip and helps me work his cock. His hips buck up slightly pushing inside me to tease me more. His mouth never gives up on my nipple. He is sucking so hard on me it hurts. It matches perfectly with pleasure of his cock inside me.

I begin a steady rhythm on him up and down. I can feel my pussy cling tightly on him, gripping him hard as I ride him. I can feel the heat of the air growing hotter as I moan out almost not caring if I’m caught. I want more of him. I want to fuck him harder and I do. I begin to move faster the best I can. He moves his mouth from one nipple to the other and back again. He keeps doing this letting it pop from his mouth each time. I let out gasps and growls. I know that if he keeps the tease up that I’ll orgasm hard. He takes his hands now both free and grips my hips grinding me down onto his cock.

The head of him pushes hard into my womb as I thrust I can feel it tease my g-spot. I’m in heaven state of bliss and don’t want it to end. I grow closer to an orgasm and know I’m about to explode with un-explainable desire. He doesn't let up on my nipples. He becomes rougher on them, using his teeth now to bite and pull them to a pop out of his mouth. I fight with all I have from crying out. I begin to orgasm hard on him shaking as I fight the cry. I feel my juices flow over him soaking his lap and I don’t give in I keep fucking him hard. He bucks up inside me, taking me for all that he can.

My orgasm passes and I want more of him I don’t want it to be done. I twist myself with him still deep inside me. I face away from him as I pull his seat down making him lay flat. I lean forward so that I sink lower onto him and he takes cue and begins thrusting up inside me. He forces his thick cock into me with such force. I offer up the same force taking him hard squeezing his cock. His hands reach around me and grab a hold of my breasts that are now free from my shirt.

I’m being fucked by a man I don’t even know on a plane, risking the chance of being caught. I feel so dirty and I want to be ashamed but the pleasure this strange man I just met takes that away. I allow myself to be owned by a man I don’t know, I allow myself to own a man I don’t even know. We share something that you can only feel for someone when you have sex. We share a connection that brings us to the state of pleasure we’re both in and it feels so right. I want to take this moment and keep it forever. 

I can feel his cock expand wider inside me. He is close to his orgasm and is taking me harder. It almost hurts it’s full of pain and pleasure and need and want and desire. I reach between my legs and begin to squeeze and caress his balls and he moans out. He is almost too loud and it scares me we’ll get caught. It sends a rush through me that teases me. It makes my pussy tingle deep inside where only the head of his cock can reach. With several quick hard thrusts more he growls out this time a little lower and starts to fill me with his seed. I ride him with hard with all I have, bouncing on his cock. I milk him dry as he fills me deeper. I can feel how much he has to offer me and I begin to orgasm hard with him inside me. My pussy is squeezing him tighter forcing him to push deeper in me. Once I feel my orgasm end, trembling and grinding lightly until he grows soft I slide off his lap. I curl up next to him as he holds me close. He kisses my forehead and strokes my hair. My heart is racing and I can hear both mine and his matching pace. 

The next thing I know the sound of a flight attendant is announcing we’re about to land into Boston. I open my eyes and yawn. I’m shocked I fell asleep; I've never fallen asleep on a flight before. I blush and look at Steve. We talk about keeping in touch and exchange e-mails. Once we are off the plane and in the airport we hug and give our best. I head home, to my empty apartment. I do in fact take that long hot bath and sleep for hours. Of course it isn't the month I hope for but am well rested when I wake.

Steve and I keep in touch for about a year off and on through e-mails. It however never becomes more than that. We never talk about meeting up again for some reason. It never really seems to be something either of us wants. We of course eventually drift apart and stop talking all together. I however never forget him. He’ll always be that one guy I took the chance with………. He was totally worth it.

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