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The Last Rodeo Out Of Town

A cowboy angel, a small town girl, and the peace of running away.

She was face down ass up on the bed and her tight denim shorts hung from her right ankle.  She had not worn panties.  The cowboy's thick hard cock was deep inside her.  She let her hips bounce freely as the tour bus sped along the rough road, knowing there was no way her rider was going to be unseated.  She had already cum.  She had orgasmed almost as soon as he had entered her.  She knew it was the feeling of leaving, almost as much as his strong body and his long dick, that had made it happen so quickly.  It was the release of running.  That two-bit town was everywhere she had ever been and leaving it behind was the deepest satisfaction she had ever known.

The rodeo came through twice a year and it was the most alive that Southern county ever felt.  She had been lined up on the fence with the other girls, watching the riders in their preparations around the horses and steers, the afternoon sun warm on stetsons, boots, and belt buckles.  She saw him then, spotted him right away, in a dusty halo.  How could she say he was all that different from the others in his scuffed jeans and flannel shirt?  Maybe his hair a touch longer, a shade lighter.  His eyes a fraction bluer.  But really she could not, she had just known inside that he was the cowboy she had been waiting for.

She had watched him ride in the evening show and to her his grace was sublime.  He did not win.  No matter.

He had been working her pussy, deep and slow, sensing her satisfaction.  She moaned a pleasurable ascent to something he whispered in her ear and he slowly pulled back his hips to withdraw his cock, which he then let nestle between her round butt cheeks.  He slid his slippery dick up and down along her ass crack before positioning the head at her tight hole.  He held her hips as he worked his length into her.

Later, in a truckstop diner, he would tell her the schedule.  The next town somewhere like the one she had just left behind.  And the next one.  Somewhere inbetween though there was the freedom of the road and that would be enough for now.

After the first show she had set out to look for him.  One of the old rodeo hands had leered at her in the bar, "You sure you're even old enough to drink, hun?"

"Seventeen's old enough in this town," she had said, "What the hell else you gonna do?"

She had found him alright.  A cowboy angel, backlit in the back room of the bar.  Carrying a few injuries but only a few months on the road.  They had talked.  There had been all the connection she could have wanted.

"So I'll see you at the show tomorrow?" he had asked, and given her his rider's all areas pass.

At the show she could have been as close to the rail as she wanted but she had hung back a little.  Look at these cowgirls, tight jeans on round booty, cleavage popping from low buttoned stretched checked shirts...  Yet she knew his eyes were glossing over them, searching for her.  He had rode possessed and placed and between the rides wondered if she was there.

He had looked left and right when exiting the ring at the end.  Still she had kept back but then hopped the fence, flashing her pass, just after he went by.  She had followed and touched his butt softly, smiling back at his dirty face as he turned.  Most of the year round this was just a changing facility for the local sports field, she knew it well, well enough to steer him into a supply cupboard.

She had pushed his back against the door to keep it closed, slid to her knees in front of him, unbottoned his dirty Levi's, pulled free his firming, thickening cock, and took it in her mouth.  One hand had kept his dick steady, the other caressed his bruised buttocks.  His shaft was as strong as she had expected.  Licking and kissing she had made it wet all over before she started sucking faster, deeper, tighter.  She had kept his cock in her mouth after he had cum, after she had swallowed, while it softened and squeezed out each last drop.

The following day, sharing a joint in the meadow in the morning sun, he had told her the the schedule for packing and leaving.  She had asked which road they would take out of town.  He had known she would be there.

She had stood by the road and held out her thumb as the tour bus approached.  He had reached down for her as the door swung open and here she was fucking on a fold out bed, doing ninety down that one road out of town, soaring free.

She knew she would leave him when they reached California.  She had never seen the coast but she had dreams to discover there.  She was running towards them and this was enough for now.  This was enough for now.  He was called Cody, her cowboy angel. She was called... well, she would figure that out somewhere further down the line.


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