The late flight into Heathrow

By PaulWood

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Your boss, back of a limo.......

The late flight into Heathrow


There is something very depressing about airports when you arrive after a long flight into an unknown city and especially late at night. The fact that I was going to have the best experience in my life was unknown to me at this stage.


As I was walking towards the luggage collection area my mind was so occupied with a critical meeting the next day I didn’t see the lady in front of me stop to check which exit gate to go use. We picked ourselves up from the hard floor while people were trying to avoid walking all over us and the words, how can you stop in the middle of the road was at the point of leaving my mouth when I saw who I bumped into. It was my boss and the fact that I had the most magnificent view up her skirt.


Paula was a very tough boss and although she gave me a hard time during long business planning meetings, we got on really well and had built up a strange sort of friendship over the years. The one thing I refused to think about was the fact that she was drop dead gorgeous and had a body that belied her age.


She must have realised my vantage point as she quickly scrambled to her feet and recognising me broke into a smile and said, we should stop bumping into other like this Paul people will start suspecting something. After gathering all our scattered possessions, we made our way to the exit gates and discovered that we were going in the same direction. She stays in London with her husband now and my hotel was three blocks from her house. When we got to the taxi line I groaned at the long line but Paula turned to me and said where are you staying as my driver can drop you of?


We settled down in the plush leather seats of the German limo and I could not keep but noticing Paula’s long legs stretching out in front of her and the business skirt sliding up to reveal the top of her suspenders. My gaze wandered up over her body and stopped at her breasts, which pushed against her silk blouse in a very authoritative way. As I was forcing my eyes to move, Paula said do you like what you are seeing. This and the fact that I had the biggest erection ever made me stammer yes, yes.


Paula took my hand in hers and lent closer, kiss me she said and as our tongues started exploring each other’s mouths, she undid my fly. My hands reached around her and started exploring her bum and lower back put she pushed me away and said, I will tell you what to do now sit back and don’t interrupt. By that stage, she had my fly open and my throbbing erection pushed out of my pants in an excited manner. She lowered her mouth towards my dick and started to nibble at me through my Calvin Klein’s. The feeling of her teeth on my penis through the soft cotton briefs was more than I could bear and a groan escaped my lips. A small drop of pre-cum pushed its way thorough the head and Paula used her long nails to rip my CKs to the side and swallowed 8 inches. As her blond hair tumbled over my crotch, her hands started to work in unison with her lips and mouth and she sucked and bit me into a state of frenzy. I was about to come and as I said so she pulled back and looked me in the eyes and said, I have been wanting to do this for a long time you know.


By this stage, the driver must have noticed what was going on even with the traffic being very busy so Paula pushed a button on the console in front of her and a dark screen slid up blocking us from his wandering eyes. My throbbing erection had time to cool down and I was thinking (hoping) that it can’t end like this. My fears were unfounded as Paula turned to me and said, get rid of that pants while starting to undo her blouse and slipping her skirt up to ride around her waist. In one graceful movement, she swung her leg over and straddled me as she would one of her thoroughbred horses. Positioning my cock between her pussy lips, she rubbed herself along my growing member while arching back and pushing her lower body forward. Her firm breasts were just the right size and as perky, as it must have been when she was a student. I lent closer and sucked her one nipple into my mouth and started circling the erect little nub with my tongue, it was her turn to let slip a groan and a whimper. While alternating between her breaeast I slid my hands around her waist and traced a fingernail down her spine and into the crack at the top of her smooth bum cheeks, it made her jump up and my hard dick slipped up into her wet pussy.


I was at the point of cumming and Paula must have felt this as she started to rub her clit with her one hand while sticking the middle finger of the other in my mouth. I reciprocated by stretching forward and circling her bum hole with a finger. Her juices were flowing freely by now and lubricating my finger with it, I slowly slipped it into her bum. I could feel a tremendous build up ready to explode and to much to contain any more and with a massive groan I let go and exploded into her. The force of my orgasm brought Paula’s on and she bucked and shuddered on top of me for what felt like hours.


Eventually she collapsed next to me completely wasted and with no inclination to cover herself. I have to admit that I wasn’t much better so gratefully slumped down with my one leg over her. The driver announcing that we are at my hotel interrupted our introspective bliss. I questioningly looked at Paula but she was busy adjusting her clothes and fixing her hair and avoided my look. I quickly drew my pants up and tucked my shirt in, just in time for the driver to open the door for me.


As I got out of the car, I looked at Paula and she looked at me and winked. That was a great presentation Paul I hope we can see more of that soon. I walked into the hotel feeling like a million bucks and looking forward to the meeting tomorrow sure, I wouldn’t be disappointed.