The Layover

By teninchstoryteller

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The cybersex had been great, but meeting her for the first time was hotter than hell

Being a 58 year old man, I was thrilled to be chatting with a hot looking 27 year old bleach blond from Florida. We had found each other in a “friend” chat site, both looking for some on line fun. Being a creative writer can really come in handy sometimes, and Karen really seemed to enjoy the erotic tales I would write for her over the months we had been chatting.

Our sexual interests seemed to be compatible, our lust for adventure identical. So it did not surprise me when she asked if I’d like her to stop over in Oklahoma on her return flight from a business trip to California, and I answered “you bet”, and told her that it would be great to finally meet her in person, and find out just how compatible we really are. She sent a message back about an hour later with the details of her timing at Tulsa International. My heart raced as I made a

room reservation at the Holiday Inn by the airport, she would only have three hours here, and I wanted all of them for us.

I made all the preparations, she would arrive in only 5 days, and I wanted to have everything ready for her to really ENJOY

her visit to the Sooner State. The morning of her arrival I was up at dawn, and that is not a pun, my cock was hard as a rock as I thought of what this day would bring, also not a small detail, I have been blessed with a thick 10” tool, and I knew she would want every bit of it. I put my bag in the SUV, just a few things, wine glasses, 3 silk scarves, several condoms, and did I mention my camera? Yep, I was ready to go, so I drove the hour and a half to Tulsa with enough time to go and pick up some wine and cheese, and then went to one of the Adult Shops to buy my chat friend a gift. One that I could give her at just the right moment, had to find just the right one, and I did, a latex dildo that was almost the twin of my massive tool. She would love it today, and could take it home to use when we chatted later on, for as long as she wanted, she could remember how my dick felt sliding into her wetness. I put everything in the room, hiding her gift for just the right time.

I still had an hour before her flight’s arrival, but I sat at the gate waiting for her. My head was swimming with thoughts of all we had discussed in chat, the many times she had described how she would suck me, or fuck me, and of the things I had told her about how I wanted her, how I would take her completely to the erotic orgasms she wanted. The time had come, and my heart raced as I watched the passengers disembark, my anticipations were answered as I saw her familiar face come through the doorway, she was here, and we would finally be together. As she walked to the rope where I waited for her, I took the bag from her shoulder and wrapped my arms around her slender torso, we kissed a friendly kiss and headed for the exit from the terminal. Her pace was fast, I kept up, but this girl was in a hurry to get wherever I was going to take her. I unlocked the door of my SUV as she quickly got in and I moved to the driver’s door she had already opened for me. Her first words were “Is the hotel close?” I only nodded and started backing out of the parking slot to go. She reached across and laid her hand on my swollen prize and said “Oh yeah, it is just as big as you said it was” with a smile.

She leaned down to tease me, but I raised her up as we got to the exit and paid my parking fees. She gazed at me with anticipation for the minute it took to get to our destination. As we got to the room, I unlocked the door and allowed her to enter first and followed only inches behind her. As I turned to lock the door she threw her jacket on the floor and wrapped her arms around me from behind. I managed to turn in her arms and face this wonderful girl who only wanted one thing, to fully satisfy us both sexually, no matter what it took. Our lips met passionately, our tongues explored each others mouths with an eagerness as my hands slid deftly downward and pulled the hem of her skirt up to her waist exposing her naked butt cheeks and mound to my touch. She cooed with excitement as my fingers found her moist labia and clitoris. I took my hand from her loins and tore the blouse over her head quickly before unhooking and removing her bra. She pulled the sport shirt off of me as I did, and unbuttoned my pants before I knelt down in front of her freshly shaved pussy. I pulled her skirt down to her ankles and ran my tongue across her clit as she stepped from it. Her anxious moans of delight filled the room, she was ready for whatever I had to offer, and we were still only 4 feet from the door. I stood up and pushed my pants to the floor, stepped from them as she watched my engorged cock as it sprang out in front of me seeking her attentions.

I stepped to her and wrapped my arms around her waist, lifted her off the floor and felt her legs surround me. My fingers found her narrow slit as I walked over to the bed. I placed her buttocks on the edge of the plush covers and knelt between thighs. She parted her legs widely as I leaned to her, kissing her mound and licking every part of her loins, paying close attention to her dark pink petals and swollen clit. I raised her feet to my shoulders and began to scoop the wetness of her canal out of her with my tongue, drinking each drop as she got wetter and her body writhed with the pleasures she felt. I slid two fingers into the canal of joy I had found and began to stroke her with their entire length until her juices were coming out in spurts of liquid honey into my mouth. I had reached a brisk pace of my probing of her vagina, so I reached beneath the edge of the covers to find the new toy I had brought to give her, the time was right, and she could have it all if she wanted it. I did not miss a stroke, but replaced my fingers with the head and a couple of inches of the thick latex tool of pleasure, she bucked onto it as she felt it enter her tunnel of desire. I paused long enough to place the hilt of it in my mouth and then pushed my head back and forth feverishly to give her 8” of it over and over, she came to a climax within seconds and flooded my face and chest with her juices as I pulled the dildo from her. She sat up on the bed and looked at me, laughing at my new coating of her cum from head to waist, All I could do is laugh as well. She beckoned me to get on the bed with her, so I stood, my throbbing cock stood before me and she couldn’t resist any longer. She grabbed it with her right hand and dragged me to join her, leaned down and engulfed my swollen tool with her mouth. Oh my God, she took all but the hilt into her mouth, at least the first few inches into her deep throat, in one slurp she had taken me. Her head bounced up and down as she teased the helmet of my tool with her tongue and fucking me with her mouth and throat. It took only seconds for my precum to dribble from me, she slurped it up with her tongue and removed me from her mouth. “Not too soon” she said as she patted the bed to have me lay down next to her.

As I laid on my back she stood on the bed to straddle me. The sight of this beautiful woman above me was awe inspiring to say the least. Her firm C cup tits with hardened dark nipples protruding excitedly, her strong firm legs above me, waiting to lower her wet slice of heaven to take my tool, the petals of her finely shaped labia, hiding the joys of her vagina from my view, the enlarged pink node of her clit protruding from the petals all stimulated me to an even greater erection, bouncing as my pulse throbbed into it. She squatted down slowly, I watched as she toyed with her clit and parted her sweet lips, I felt the head of my manhood enter her snug smooth canal, so wet with the pleasures of her orgasm only minutes ago. As she adjusted her angle to be right and dropped all of her weight onto me, impaling herself with all ten inches of my thickness in one thrust. I felt the tightness of her cervix as she allowed herself to take me into her womb without hesitation. As she paused with all of me in her, she flexed her vaginal muscles to message me without any wasted efforts.

My head was racing at the exhilarations, my heart pounded, I wanted more, and she gave it to me as she rose up to almost remove herself from me and drop forcefully onto my shaft over and over as her orgasms began anew and mine came closer to fulfillment. She thrust herself feverishly onto me as she felt it begin, her abdomen rolled with the pleasures, her heart pounding as was mine. I returned each thrust in kind, and we were both ready to explode. I reached up and took her breasts in my hands and viciously twisted her nipples, she squeezed at her clit as her climax neared, her rhythm became erratic. I pulled her down onto me, pushed my cock in as far as I could and felt our juices blend as we both came together deep within her.

We rolled to lay beside each other, savoring the moment. I asked “how about a shower? I seem to still be covered with this sticky mass of your sweet honey.” and laughed aloud. Unable to speak, she nodded and we retired to the shower. I washed her from shoulder to foot, being sure to get the delicate spots of her loins rinsed, playing with her sphincter muscle as I did, the only orifice I had not yet paid honor to, and knowing that she had a thing for anal sex. She in turn washed me, and was equally as kind at lathering up my tool and stroking it clean before rinsing the foamy suds from it. We dried off and returned to the bedroom area, sat on the side of the bed and drank a glass of wine. I watched her as I drank, and wanted to give her the fantasy she wanted fulfilled. Time was pressing, so asked her to finish her glass and get on all fours in the middle of the bed, which she did eagerly, knowing what was about to happen.

I walked to the dresser and retrieved two condoms, slipped one on and then the other on my growing cock, ready to go where she wanted it to. I snatched up the toy I had brought her, and began working it into her willing pussy, leaned to her and began to tongue her anus to prepare her for the violation of her rear. Her moans rumbled from her mouth loudly and the wetness from her vagina increased rapidly as I probed the entry of her ass with my tongue and then finger. She pushed back to meet each tentative probe and yelped when I pushed two fingers into it roughly. I stroked her snug hole only for a few moments before rising up behind her on my knees. I continued to push and pull the dildo in her canal and found the right angle to penetrate her ass with my lubricated and securely covered cock. She again yelped as I pushed the head into her and stopped to allow her to accustom herself to the thickness. As her sphincter relaxed I pushed into her slowly, stroking it with 4 inches, then 5, then 6. She began to moan wildly as her body took two such mammoth tools at once. I pushed the dildo in as I pulled my cock from her ass and visa versa, she was going insane with the offerings, but needed a different rhythm. So I began as she coaxed me to push both in at the same time before withdrawing them in unison and then repeating the process, using about 8 inches of each. The sweet slick honey spurted from her vagina with each inward stroke as she pushed against them and sucked at her very inner being with the outward ones. Her arms collapsed onto the bed, her ass still extended upward for my plunges of pleasure as she reached a fairly good orgasm.

I pulled the dildo from her wet canal, and then my cock from her ass, now a gaping swollen hole of glorious proportions. I rolled her over onto her back and teased at her bulbous clit with my fingers bringing sighs of pleasure to her voice. I peeled the condoms off of my tool and tossed them to the floor before rolling her onto her side. She gazed up at me as I lifted her leg and placed it against my torso and pulled it upward. I slid the bulbous head of my tool between her labia, now swollen and sore from the abuse they had already had. I slid easily into the canal of her vagina and felt every joyous texture of the rippling walls as I did. Slowly I slid more and more of my engorged cock into her canal, it took a full two minutes for it to arrive at the hilt of my mass, and she shook with the ecstasy of the move to be fully in her. I held her leg tightly to my torso and raised up onto my knees as I reached down and pushed my tight sack into her gaping hole as well, and held her there motionless, our genitals fully connected. Her pussy went wild with a chorus of spasmodic motions, she screamed loudly in an a language only written in the lust and passion she was feeling, her heart pounded hard in her chest. I was going crazy with the lust of the moment as well, I moaned and grunted out sounds of desire, my body twitching from head to toe, I felt weak and strong at the same moment, my cock was throbbing inside her so hard there was no need for any other movements. I could feel the wetness of her orgasm as they came from deep within her womb, a rumbling of pure physical reaction, my balls ached to explode and I could feel the climax as it built within them.

I commanded her sharply


Her eyes were ablaze with the fire of lust as her body gave forth an explosive surge and our cum again joined together, seeping from her canal around my shaft, running across her leg and onto the plush cover of the bed. I remained there motionless for about a minute reveling in our joyous orgasm before pulling my genitals from her and collapsing on the bed beside her. We both lay there, our panting breaths and trembling bodies gave evidence to the intensity of the sex.

We arose from the bed and returned to the shower to wash each other again, no thought of further sex was possible, we were out of time, she had to get back for her flight. I placed her gift in her carryon bag as she finished getting her makeup back to a reasonable look. I could barely walk as we went to the SUV, our pace much slower than it had been on the way into the room. Karen walked tentatively, understandably sore from our activities, but we got in the SUV and made our way back to the terminal with a couple of minutes to spare. I walked her to the gate and as they called for her flight, kissed this beautiful lover farewell, till next time. We both smiled as we parted, I was already thinking about a trip to Disney World, if she would be willing to go with me. We’ll see, maybe in the spring.