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The Lazy S Ranch

The girls were bid upon at an auction to raise funds for 'Lady Victoria's College for young Ladies'.
The Lazy ‘S’ Ranch

The young ladies who attended Lady Victoria's College ranged in age from 18-22 years of age.)

Mel (Mr. Berstein) was certainly satisfied with the two young ladies he acquired at the auction. Liam his chauffeur brought the stretch limo up the circular drive and then opened the door for Mr. Bernstein and the young ladies. Mr. Bernstein told Liam to take them out to the Lazy “S,” Melville’s ranch for the weekend.

As they drove across the countryside Lois was, so excited to see all the horse farms along the way. She told Mr. Bernstein how much she loved to ride. Melville felt a certain kin ship develop between him and Lois. They talked about mares, stallions and their admiration for the Morgan Horse a tough mountain breed.

Darlene bored with all the talk about horses tried to change the subject several times, but to no avail. Mr. Bernstein and Lois were deeply engrossed in their conversation about horseflesh. Little did Darlene know that Mr. Bernstein was actually very annoyed with her interruptions?

Once they arrived at the Lazy “S.”

Mr. Bernstein asked, “Liam will you escort Lois to the stables so she can choose which of my Black Beauties, she would like to ride in the morning.”

While I take Darlene to the bunkhouse. Darlene wondered why she was going to the bunkhouse where the hired cowboys slept. When Mel stepped into the bunkhouse he introduced Darlene to the men. Boys you have had a hard week and I thank you, so tonight on the ride home I thought I should share some of my spoils with you. Darlene just stared at Mr. Bernstein and could not comprehend at first, but suddenly it sunk in. He meant to leave her in the bunkhouse with these rough men. Boy’s here is a filly for you to ride. With that statement he left Darlene with the men and headed to the stables.

“Mel told us you like to party Missy, so let’s party. Get your sexy ass up on the table and strip.”

The men pulled up their chairs and began to thump their hands on the table, as they chanted strip. She unbuttoned her blouse one button at a time and revealed her firm breasts.

They continued to chant over and over “We want to see more.”

She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the table then kicked it away. She felt the men’s hands as they caressed her legs. Then one rough cowhand reached up between her legs, slipped his fingers into her panties and ripped them off.

Melville had walked back to the stables and saw Lois as she stood in front of his favorite mare Sky. He asked, “Lois have you decided.” Yes Sir I would love to ride Sky.

I will tell the stable hand to have our horses ready for 6am.

“Is that too early?”

“No Sir I enjoy the early mornings”. “Will you accompany me to the ranch house for a nightcap?”

They sat in two leather bound chairs by the fireplace and sipped some imported French brandy. It was a pleasure to have a young lady with whom he could discuss his ranch and horses with, rather than all those stuffy ladies interested in him for his money and prestige.

“Mel what happened to Darlene?”

“Oh she decided to spend the night with the ranch hands! She wanted to party and I am not that sort, so I left her where she will be enjoyed.”

“Now first off Lois, I wish to apologize for my rude behavior earlier this evening at the auction. Will you please forgive me?”

“I forgive you.”

“Mel once I got to know you better and saw that you are a down to earth fellow, look after your men and horses. I knew in my heart that you were a good man.”

“Lois would you like to share my bed tonight? I find you a very attractive young lady and a spirited one as well! Sorry, I have no other accommodations as yet. But if you would consider the thought and wish to spend weekends here at the ranch I would have a room prepared for you.”

Lois was dumbfounded by the proposal from Mel. She had only known him for an evening, but yet there seemed a certain part of him she wanted to get to know better. She valued the long hours that they had spent, as they had talked practically the whole night.

It was 1:00am in the morning when Lois said, “Mel please I think we should get some sleep if we are to get up early for the ride.”

Mel gave Lois a big hug and kissed her forehead and led her to his bedroom.

When she entered his room she saw a big four-poster framed bed made of logs. The room smelled of aromatic red cedar. The floor was made up of wide wood planks.

“Oh Mel I love your room and your ranch.”

Lois mentioned to Mel that she did not have pajamas with her.

“Oh Lois, there’s an extra nightshirt in the closet.”

She went into the bathroom washed and dressed for bed. She was under the covers first, as Mel washed up. She watched as he strode across the room and climbed into bed next to her. Lois asked Mel if he would hold her close while they slept. He pulled her next to his body and wrapped his big arms around her. She felt the heat from his naked body against hers. Exhausted from a long day and night they fell asleep.

Mel was the first to awaken in the morning. Lois woke as Mel’s hand caressed her breast. She smiled, reached down and stroked his cock then turned towards him. Mel suckled her breast. Lois pushed him back onto the bed and straddled his chest. She lifted her behind and guided his cock into her. She rode up and down his stiff shaft till she heard Mel grunt. He grabbed her buttocks and held her tightly as he came.

Then he whispered, “Good Morning.”

They got up and ate a hearty breakfast before they headed out. When Mel showed up at the stables he met Jim the ranch foreman. Who had just sent out a rider to check the fence lines.

“Jim how did it go last night?”

“That little Missy you left with us might be pretty sore this morning. We gave her a rough time last night, but I kept the men from going too far.”

“Jim would you saddle Sky and Ghost Walker, as Lois and I wish to ride up on Blue Ridge to check the grass. We will be gone all day. Could you make sure Darlene is entertained while we are away?”

“Yes Sir.”

Mel rode beside Lois as he showed off the great expanse of his spread. They talked about cattle and horses, the range conditions and water supply. Mel was impressed with the knowledge Lois had acquired at such a young age. She told Mel her grandfather had a ranch in South Dakota and while she had spent the last three summers with him, she had learned a great deal about ranch life and what it takes to make a ranch a profitable business. Her grandfather had instilled a work ethic such that if you wanted to succeed in life you had to grab the bull by the horns. So she was excited when last night Mel had asked her to spend her weekends at the ranch until she finished school. She thought about his proposal all day and when they had returned to the stable.

She spoke up, “Mel I have decided to accept your offer and learn more about your ranch.”

“Great, this week I’ll put a couple of the boys onto a project I’ve had in my mind.”

“Let’s go and see how Miss prim and proper is holding up!”

Mel asked Jim, “So where is she.”

“Ah well now, I put her to work mucking out the stables so she could earn her supper with the boys later.”

Lois and Mel just laughed, “let’s go see how she’s doing.”

There she stood knee deep in a pile of horse manure. Her face and hair covered. Mel took pity on her and told Jim,

“Get Billy Bob to take her down to the swimming hole to wash up. Jim tomorrow will be the girls’ last day with us, why don’t you put a pig on a spit and we will have a barbeque. Make sure the men behave themselves tonight and tell them to leave Darlene alone I think she has learned her lesson.”

Billy Bob leaned against the outside of the stall then called, “Hey Missy, are you fed up yet?”

“ I’m so filthy it will take forever to get clean.”

“ How about we take off and head down to the swimming hole so you can wash up?”

He led the way across the pasture through the woods and down to the river where he knew they would have some privacy. Darlene went behind the bushes and stripped down to her underwear. She dove into the cool water and swam up to Billy Bob. She splashed water into his face and made him swim after her. He reached out and grabbed one of her legs and pulled back. Then when she looked at Billy Bob, he smiled as he lifted her panties out of the water. She squealed and begged him to give them back.

He said, “First come here and give me a kiss.”

As they walked back to the ranch house Billy Bob told Darlene about the barbeque. Then asked her if after supper he could show her where they stored the hay for the horses. He told her to follow him up the ladder to the hayloft. Where to her surprise Billy Bob had a horse blanket spread out over some bales of hay. They lay on the blanket together and looked up at the stars. Billy tickled Darlene as they rolled through the hay. Then whispered in her ear that he wished to spend the night with her there in the hayloft.

The next morning Darlene went up to the ranch house to see Lois who offered to extract the straw from her hair. Come in and soak in the tub while I find you a change of clothes. Lois went out to the bunkhouse and asked the men if they could spare a clean shirt and a pair of jeans for Darlene. The barbeque was set to begin at 4pm with great food, beer and music.

Lois and Darlene had a great time as they ate, drank and danced with Mel and his ranch hands. A couple of the men played the fiddle and kept the girls’ dancing most of the night. All were disappointed as the night came to a close. The young ladies would have to be driven back to school in the morning. Mel called up Liam in town and asked him to come out to the ranch in the morning.

Lois hugged and kissed Mel. She said that she would miss him deeply and that she could not wait to return the following weekend to see Mel’s new project.

Darlene kissed Billy Bob and said, “If you are ever in town please stop by.”

Liam opened the doors to the limo, for the young ladies and whisked them off, back to Boston.

A week passed. Mel and the ranch hands worked on Mel’s secret project till it was time to get in touch with Lois and invite her out once again.

The Headmaster received a call from Mel Bernstein one of his friends from the auction and he told Charles that Friday night Liam his chauffeur would pick up Miss Lois Fowler. I have a surprise for her. Charles forwarded the message to Lois.

When she heard the news she could hardly contain her enthusiasm. Mel had kept his word! She quickly packed her riding clothes, a nice dress and some lingerie. Lois waited in the great hall for Liam to show up. She began to wonder about Mel’s project. What could it be? She wondered about Mel’s project when Liam came inside and picked up her bag.

“Are you ready to go Miss Lois?”

“Ah yes Liam. Do you know what Mel’s project is?”

“ Miss he told me to tell you, he wants to show you himself.”

When they arrived at the Lazy “S” Mel was on the porch. He stood up and waited as Lois flung open the door and ran into his arms. She gave him a big hug and kissed him on the lips.

“Oh Mel how I missed you this week.”

“Come on girl, come in Mr. Leung has prepared a special meal for your homecoming.”

Lois did not seem to catch the hint and so, as they ate their meal Lois asked about Mel’s special project.

“Mel what have you worked on all week?”

“Well it will be better if we take a ride up on Blue Ridge after supper and I’ll show you.”

So after supper Mel asked Billy Bob to saddle Sky and Ghost walker. Then Lois and Mel took a ride up on Blue Ridge. They approached the area where Mel and his boys had worked all week. He stopped Sky and told Lois he would have to blindfold her. He led Sky behind his own horse till they overlooked his ranch. Off to one side, nestled under the trees was a small log cabin that had been refurbished by a couple of the boys and Mel. Mel helped Lois to slip off her horse and held her hand as he walked with her up to the log cabin.

“Okay Lois you can remove the blindfold now.”

She just pushed it up and looked at the little log cabin then turned and saw the view of Mel’s ranch. “This here cabin the boys and me fixed up for you Lois.

“ The boys and I thought you would appreciate a place that you could call your own. We still have to build a lean-to for your horses and a loft for your hay.”

“What do you mean Mel? What horses? I don’t own any!”

“Sure you do Lois you have Sky there and you’ll be able to pick out a couple others from the remuda.”

“Mel, what are you saying?”

“Well Lois I’d like you to come and stay with the boys and me. We sure enjoy your company and Jim says he is eager to instruct you on ranch business.”

“Why me Mel?”

“Cause sweetie I want you to be my wife!”

Lois just stood there over whelmed and looked at Mel.

“Lois will you marry me?”

She jumped into Mel’s arms and hugged him “yes, yes I’ll marry you Melville Bernstein.”

“Let’s turn the horses into the corral, and then you can see the inside of the cabin.”

They stripped the saddles from Sky and Ghost Walker then rubbed the horses down. There was a bale of hay, a bucket of oats and water for the horses.

Mel carried Lois across the threshold and with his foot closed the door behind him. He lowered her to the floor inside the cabin. There was a wood cook stove off to one side and on the far wall, there was a fireplace. Mel started a fire to heat up the cabin while Lois went to check out the bedroom. She loved the cabin furniture it had all been made by hand, hewn from logs around the cabin. There was a privy out back of the cabin and water had to be pumped from the well outside. However the only luxury was the tin tub that stood in one corner of the bedroom.

“Mel, I love the cabin it sets us back to the pioneer days when there wasn’t any electricity, plumbing or heating”


They sat by the fire and talked about the 1800’s and what life must have been like for the early pioneers who settled in the area. Up before dawn, on horseback all day as they watched for rustlers and Indians. Then they would have slept under the stars.

Mel said to Lois, “We better get to bed cause tomorrow we start the round-up. Did you want to give the boys a hand?”

“ I sure do Mel; I hoped you’d ask.”

“Well then we will be up at 4am. Let’s get some shuteye.”

Early the next morning Mel saddled up the horses and brought them to the front of the cabin.

“Let’s ride to Devil’s Point.” Jim said, “That’s where the boys are to gather for final instructions before the round up begins.”

Mel marveled at how well Lois rode and roped. She worked beside Mel and the other men and never complained about the work or the dusty conditions. The cowboys respected her hard work and determination. By the end of the day they had herded over two hundred horses into a temporary corral. Mr. Leung the cook had prepared beef and beans with apple pies for Lois, Mel and the boys. Billy Bob poured coffee into each man’s tin cup as they lined up to be fed.

Jim came to discuss the day’s count with Mel and Lois.

“There are a lot more horses down in the scrub and the lower canyons. Tomorrow I’ll send some of the boys to rustle them out and once we get them all together we will make our push to the main ranch.”

Mel called the boys to gather round.

“Boys I asked Lois to marry me last night at the cabin and she accepted”

. The boys just whooped and hollered as they threw their hats in the air. Then they came one by one to congratulate Lois and Mel on their engagement.

Jim asked, when the big day would be.

“Lois and I decided once the roundup is done. We will invite some of her friends from school and our families out here to the ranch. We want to be married under the trees behind the ranch house. Then there will be an old time barbeque and a barn dance for the reception.”

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