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The Library Is No Place for Screaming

We soon find out how exciting a visit to the library can get when you bring a friend....
 Ben had been visiting for a week or so, and for some reason I'd decided to show him the public library that was in my city, the one on the hill I have to walk up to get to work every other day. It's old stone structure is one that is reminescent of the Victoria Era, or so I've heard, but the inside is a flashback to the seventies. The racks are a groovy orange color that would have matched the rug had the rug not been faded with use. There is an intricate painting on the moldings, just below the skylight of horses and knights and babies. It's an odd painting, but entertaining all the same. The computers sit in the middle of the room, labeled one to fourteen. I'd been showing Ben the "Young Adult" and "Supernatural/Religion" sections because they were in the back, and although I wanted to show him the library, I also wanted to keep him at least partially to myself. What can I say? I'm selfish.

 I glance at Ben, something I like to do when I think that he's not looking. Of course he catches me, and I end up blushing. He wraps his arm around my waist; I can feel the heat of his body. For some reason this simple touch makes my heart beat wildly. I smile at him and lead him further into the most deserted section I can find, where the books are collecting a fair amount of dust from lack of use.

 I press myself against a rack in the back wall, and when Ben comes to ask if I'm okay, I pull him to me, pressing my lips against his. He is surprised, but he reacts, wrapping his hands around my waist, and sandwiching me against his body and the rack behind me while I curl my fingers into his soft brown hair. When the fairly passionate kiss is over, I move my lips to his ear and kiss his jaw. "Take me right here," I beg, barely more than a whisper.

 Not needing any more encouragement, Ben continues kissing me, a deep, probing kiss that makes me tingle all the way down to my toes. His hands cup my curvy ass, slides his hands down the back of my thigh, and lifts one leg around his waist. I can feel his excitement pressing against me through my jeans, and that feeling excites me even more. We try to be as quiet as possible, and I drop to my knees, unzipping his jeans, reaching inside, and pulling out his cock. It's already hard for me, a drop of precum oozing out of the tip, I lick it off, making him moan softly. I wrap my warm wet mouth around him, and pump his length with my lips and tongue. He runs his fingers through my hair, and pets my head, urging me on. I look up to meet his eyes, and know that although he is quiet, he is greatly enjoying what my mouth is doing to him. His lips are parted, his chest his rising and falling more rapidly. I slide him out of my mouth, lay his cock onto his stomach, pressing my tongue flat against his underside. I slowly lick up from shaft to tip, making him grunt softly. I know that his loves when I do this, I know that it's driving him crazy that he can't moan out loud. I swallow his cock without warning, all the way down to my throat, milking his cock with my lips again. His fingers tangle in my hair questioningly. I know what he wants, and I relax my neck, giving him control. The little hip movements he had been doing while I sucked him increase intensity as he fucks my mouth. I reach up and cup and massage his balls while he does this. I feel them tighten. I'm still watching his eyes as he watches mine, and I see him mouth silently, "I'm going to cum!"

 At that point his thrusting stopped, allowing me to move him out of my mouth up except for the tip, which I swirl my tongue around before sucking it. His taste explodes into my mouth, and I swallow eagerly. I worked hard for his cum, and I am not about to lose a drop of it. I clean him off with my mouth and tongue before he hauls me to my feet, giving me a delightfully penetrating kiss. I know he can taste himself on my tongue, and that seems to be acceptable. Maybe it's not so much the fact that it is his cum, and more that it's in me..?

 Before I can ponder this point further, he unbottons my jeans, slides his hand down my waistband, and begins to rub me through my panties. I stifle a low moan and lean into him, spreading my legs for him as he moves us so that I was again sandwiched in a corner. I wrap my leg around his waist again as he slides a finger into my now soaking pussy, using his palm to press against my clit. I mesh my mouth into his to prevent myself from crying out in pleasure.

 He works his finger into me, searching out my g-spot. My legs become weak as he fingers me relentlessly, and I dig my fingers into his shoulder to keep from falling. "Cum for me," he whispers into my ear. I grunt, trying not to scream. Ben gently presses my head to his shoulder to muffle anything I couldn't. I bite into his shoulder and cum onto his hand. He quickly pulls down my pants, turns me around so that my chest is pressed against the racks. He presses himself into me, filling me completely. I grab the racks to keep my balance, but Ben grabs one of my arms and twists it around so that it's resting against my back. He uses this arm as leverage to get deeper and fuck faster.

 He slowly thrusts into me, giving me time to get used to him. I'm so wet, it's not long before I am silently begging him to go faster. Although he can't hear me, he somehow guesses what I want, and increases his pace drastically. Slamming into me hard and fast. I'm about to scream, being quiet will rip me in two! I'm sweating now, not as much from the extertion - Ben's doing most of the work - but from the strain of being quiet in and in such erotic hip-rocking pleasure. Ben's fingers are in my hair, and my head is pulled back to his shoulder, my back arching. Not painfully, but it's a stretch. His lips and tongue meet mine, and I put as much strength as I can into kissing him, praying that I can release somehow. It works, to a point...I can keep at least down to a grunt.

 Ben pulls out long enough to spin me around to face him, pressing me back against the racks again, wraps my legs around him, and enters me swiftly again. I use one of my arms to steady myself by hold onto a rack behind me, desperately glad that they were not clanging or rattling. I wrap the other arm around his neck. So far I'm impressed with my ability to not scream aloud like I want to, but Ben does something that makes that nearly impossible. He leans back, reaches down, and hooks his thumb under my clit while thrusting into me as hard as he can.

 I bite into his shoulder again to keep from screaming, not being able to help how hard I bite. I hear him grunt and whisper in my ear, "Cum for me babe."

 As if my body was listening for that cue, I cum hard, whimpering into his bitten shoulder. My quivering pussy convulses on his cock, squeezing it as I get my much-needed release. I hold on to him as if I need to in order to survive. Ben whispers into my roaring ears, "I'm cumming babe...may I?"

 He's not asking permission to cum. He's asking if it's okay for him to cum inside me, where he is now. I'm more than okay with it, and somehow meet his eyes long enough to read me. His thrusts increase intensity, harder and faster than ever. This sets off another orgasm, I'm shaking, holding onto him with my fingers digging into his back. I feel him tense, and I press my mouth to his to help him keep from crying help us both from crying out.

 He explodes inside me, and his thrusts slowly stop. We both stand there, trembling, breathing hard. He lets out a low groan, and his soft cock slides out of me. Somehow we get our clothes on... I don't know how I did it, because my legs are shaking so hard, I look more than a bit intoxicated when I walk. As we walk out of the library, he wraps an arm around me, and growls softly into my ear, "That's the best visit to the library I've ever had."

I chuckle and kiss him, "Me too, babe." We decide on an early dinner at a nearby restaurant, but decide to go back to my house first to change. I chuckle to myself. Who knows what else the day will bring...?
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