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The Life And Lusts Of A Rock Goddess - part 2

Elkie orders room service, determined to get some satisfaction
Elkie answered the door on the second knock, opening the door wide and gesturing the porter inside. He carried a silver tray, a small ice-bucket, a bottle of Canadian Club and a single cut glass tumbler.

She appraised the porter as he laid the tray on the sideboard. Older than her; late thirties, she guessed. Slightly overweight; a portly porter, she smiled at her own joke; about five ten, clean shaven, blonde hair. He stood, bottle in hand. She nodded, he in turn opened the bottle and poured a small amount into the tumbler. His eyes met hers.

"Make it a proper drink, honey." He poured, half filling the glass, then topped it up with ice. He walked across to where Elkie now sat, handing her the drink. She took it, raised the glass in half salute, and took a big sip.

"Good, nice and strong. Want one?" She took a look at his name-badge. "Jean-Luc?"

He shook his head, "Thank you, no. I'm on duty, madam." She smirked. He sounded French, from Canada, she thought.

"So, they make them big where you come from?"

He looked confused, then realisation washed over his face.

"I like to think so," he said. Elkie shifted in her seat, raising one leg over the arm, the robe opening to reveal one breast and her pussy. She swirled the ice in the glass, diluting the drink somewhat, then took another long pull.

She picked out a cube with her left hand, her eyes fixed on Jean-Luc, and rubbed the cube over her exposed nipple. Elkie gasped at the coldness, the heat from her body caused the cube to melt slightly and the water ran down her body.

She dropped her gaze, looking at his crotch. There were definitely signs of life down there. Elkie replaced the ice in her glass and her hand dropped to her pussy, where ice cold fingers explored. Jean-Luc's eyes were transfixed by her actions. As he shifted his stance, his arousal became apparent.

"Show me."

He unbuckled his black trousers, unzipping them. "White jockeys, just like Big Dawg," she thought, only the promise of something worthwhile bulged within them. He slid them and his trousers down. Her eyes gave her away, and he smiled at her reaction.

"Wow, that's... that's impressive? How big?"

"23 centimetres, madam."

Elkie had no idea what that was in proper sizes. She picked up the phone, and pressed a digit.

"Hi. I need to keep Jean-Luc for the rest of the evening." She replaced the receiver without waiting for an answer.

"Now you aren't on duty. Drink?"

Jean-Luc, now devoid of clothing, stood in front of Elkie, receiving as good a blow job as she could manage. The sheer size of his dick prevented her from getting more than half in her mouth. She took a swig of whisky and iced water as she teased his cock, her free hand full of his balls, heavy and hot. He muttered in French as she tried to deep throat him, almost gagging as his head buffeted the back of her throat. Mindful of having to sing tomorrow, she didn't intend on damaging her vocal chords.

Putting down her drink, she reached across to her small black bag. She unzipped it and removed a plastic bag. Her other vice - coke. She stopped sucking Jean-Luc's dick for a second, taking the small silver spoon from the bag and filled it with a small amount of white powder, then snorted it. The hit was almost instantaneous. Her brain buzzed.

"Want some?"

Jean-Luc shook his head. Elkie had other ideas. She held his cock in her hand, sucking the head till it shone with saliva. She took a spoonful of the powder and very deliberately sprinkled it over the head of his cock. The powder stuck to its wetness. She held his cock, slowly wanking his shaft as the powder fizzed softly before dissolving. She then licked him clean.

The coke made his cock twitch as it grew longer and thicker. Elkie reached into her bag again and pulled out a Trojan. She tore the foil packet open and slid the rubber over Jean-Luc's pole. It was a snug fit. She stood, the robe discarded, and knelt over the chaise lounge with her ass in the air.

"Fuck me, Jean-Luc." Her fingers below, she dipped a finger into her already wet slot, holding her pink lips apart. He needed no further prompting. Grasping his shaft, he rubbed the head over her hole, then pushed slowly but firmly into her.

"Ahhhhh, fuck...." Elkie's lips were stretched tight around his shaft, with only the head and a couple of inches inside her. She looked over her shoulder, eye contact maintained, and pushed herself back on his cock. Inch after inch disappeared into her hot, wet pussy.

Jean-Luc held her hips, allowing her to set the tempo. She moved forward, feeling the suction of her juices sucking against his shaft, then pushed back, forward and back, deeper and deeper.

Elkie always came better from being fucked from behind. She dipped a hand beneath her, feeling his balls, hairy, hot and full. She squeezed, feeling him thrust harder into her. That was more like it. Her hand felt for her clit, rubbing it as Jean-Luc's cock massaged her internal walls. She could feel an orgasm building.

"Fuck me, harder, now!"

He did as instructed, his hands gripping the flesh of her hips and he thrust harder, deeper. Perspiration pooled on the small of her back as she started to cum, pushing harder, her fingers blurring over her clit. Her hair, still damp from the shower, clung to her face.

"Fucking yesssssss," she hissed, the climax ripping through her, her stomach contracting as the spasms built to a crescendo. Her legs ached, and she lost contact with his cock.

"Bed. Now."

She lay back, legs spread. Jean-Luc knelt between them and fed his still hard cock into her. His right hand found her breast, fondling the flesh, the nipple solid under his palm. He pushed into her, filling her sopping cunt for a second time. Elkie was content to let him do all the work, grinding her hips slightly as he bought her off again. He showed no signs of coming.

Elkie flipped him over, and straddled him, his cock in her hand as she fed him into her, inch by hard inch. She leaned back, his girth filling her, his head massaging her sensitive g-spot. She fucked him. Hard.

Elkie came, her juices running down his cock, mingling with his sweat and saturating the silk sheets of the bed. Good job there was a second bedroom so she could sleep on dry sheets. She ground out another orgasm, and another. Still, he hadn't cum. Her back arched as she bounced up and down the length of his rigid pole.

Finally, her legs gave way. She felt completely sated, but also pissed off that he hadn't cum. She slipped off the condom, spat on his dick and began to wank him, pumping his shaft, gripping him hard. She used every trick she knew- and she knew lots. Her arm muscles burned; she hated to think how the bass would sound tomorrow.

At last, Jean-Luc gave a grunt, and with a twitch, he came. The release arced up and across his stomach, Elkie quickly angled his cock at her tits and was rewarded by a thick dollop of warm, white cream. He groaned and spurted again, this time across her face. Her eyes closed instinctively.

She kept pumping his shaft, the emissions lessening. She raised a hand, scooping the cum from her face with her fingers, and wiped it on his stomach.

"Enjoy that?"

His breathing slowed, "Yes, that was incredible. You are a gifted lover."

Elkie gave him a half smile. She stood, the cooling cum beginning to obey gravity.

"Nice cock. Might see about having you again. Right, I'm gonna hit the shower. Don't be here when I get back, OK?"

With that, Elkie turned and walked naked to the en suite.

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