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The Limp Factor: Part One

Her high-heeled tanned legs stretched out from under her tailor-made business suit. . .
A side note before we begin the story: I would like to send out a special thank you to a special Lush member (who wishes to remain nameless for now) for help in editing this story. I usually do not have a problem editing, but I am not sure of myself when writing from a man's point of view. Yeah, I know, sounds weird since I am a man, but thanks to her help, she made it flow even better. Thanks so much!

The Limp Factor: Part One

I was so fucking nervous. Here I was, sitting on my next door neighbor's bed in nothing but my boxers, surrounded by walls of art highlighted by a sandy color background, and she was in her bathroom getting ready to surprise me. My legs were shaking, I was beginning to sweat, and my nineteen year old cock was as soft as it had ever been.

What the hell was wrong with me? I was just about to lose my virginity and my boy wanted to play shrinky-dink. Really? Even my nuts were hiding. I could not even find them because they sunk into my body somewhere, and it was not even cold!

Yet, I was still sitting here waiting for my cougar to emerge from the bathroom anxious for a fuck. My neighbor may have been in her forties, but she had the body of the eighteen year old girls I saw in school every day. I always loved watching her come home from work. Her high-heeled tanned legs stretched out from under her tailor-made business suit as they planted firmly on the concrete of her driveway. Often times, she would be on her cell and I could hear the sweet tones of her voice echo softly from across the road. I was in awe of how the suit hugged all of her curves as she walked to her front door.

One day, she smiled at me as I watched her. There was something in that smile. I actually blushed and felt the heat in my face as she did. I read something into that smile. I knew what it was; I was not stupid. I could tell what she needed. Under those suits she wore was a roaring mature kitty waiting to be unleashed.

And now, I found myself waiting on her bed for her to emerge from her bathroom and my penis was as floppy as a wet sponge behind my boxers. It should have already been standing and ready to plunge into her pussy. I was nineteen for God's sake and was always able to rise instantly when I wanted to please myself. Now that the real thing was about to happen, my boy would not react at all. All I felt was nerves instead of a hardening tingle. I was going to be so embarrassed when she finally showed herself. An impotent nineteen year old was not what she wanted.

The bathroom door opened finally and my nerves rushed through my body now even faster as she stepped out wearing a red lace see-through teddy trimmed in black. The sheer black stockings that hugged her tanned legs were held up with garter clips that hung from the teddy. The wavy curls of her brown landing strip led to her delicate slit that showed gently through the sheer lace fabric. The huge brown circles that surrounded big plump nipples peered through the top of red sheer delicate fabric.

And still, my cock was limp.

It did not even flinch as she walked over to me in a very seductive manner. I knew it was nerves since I had no problem ever getting it up. I just knew she was going to be upset. I knew that she was expecting a nineteen year old to be hard. It was painfully obvious that I was not since no tent had formed. The blood of nerves rushed to every part of my body except where it needed to be.

"You're shaking," she said as she approached me. "Let me take care of that."

As she began to run her fingers through my hair, my nerves shot through my body making everything worse. I did not want her to know, and I sat frozen as she tended to me in a seductive manner.

"Relax baby. Let my fingers slowly draw your tension away."

They were. It felt good to have a woman touch me, feel me, and make me feel like a man, especially an experienced woman. I had feelings running through me I had never before felt. Sensations of warm desire tightened my skin and I felt hot all over. However, my cock stayed limp. What the hell was wrong! What was I going to say when it was first revealed and there it hung low? It was like it had no intention of waking up.

I loved how she smelled of cherries and almonds. The crease between her breasts as she pressed her bosom into my face looked like a fissure needing to be explored. I wanted to taste her and before I knew it, my tongue flew out of my mouth and touched her soft skin. As I slowly ran my tongue through her cleavage tasting sweet desire, she moaned long and hard.

I felt the vibrations on my tongue as the tone escaped her lips. I felt the curve of her hips with my hands as she pressed her milk producers harder into my face. They may have been mature, but there was no sag to them. They were still nice and perky. I had seen less perky ones on a few of the school girls. This cougar was special.

My fingers somehow found a way under the red, black trimmed lace and I could feel her hot moist skin of her curvy hips underneath it. Slowly, my fingers rubbed her softness. She felt like a warm teddy bear under my palms, but I knew she was a lioness on the prowl.

Slowly, she laid me down on her bed and began stroking the side of my face with her long fingers. Her nails scraped against my skin slightly as she straddled my body and lied on top of me. My hands still massaged her curves and I even forced them further up under the lace teddy to feel her firm round ass.

"Mmm, your hands feel so wonderful on my ass darling. They are so strong as they squeeze tenderly," she said then pressed her lips to mine.

Her mouth tasted of sweet sensual desire ready to teach me a lesson. Everything on my body reacted in normal fashion except in one area.

For the life of me, my cock was still dead.

I did not know what else to do. The middle part of her body was pressing on mine. I could feel her body rubbing my still soft state and it would not grow. She had to know. There was no way she could be lying on top of it and not know. She was obviously very understanding about it. She would not be when I tried to fuck her with a limp dick though.

She continued to kiss me, tongues rolling together as I brought my hands out and followed the contour of her curves that lead right to her breasts. I cupped both and squeezed gently. They were firm and supple and bigger than I preferred, but I was not complaining. It was not every day that I got to play with a perky set of bosoms.

As I squeezed slightly, she moaned. I could see her nipples harden through the sheer fabric. The area around them also seemed to puff slightly, as the warmth of them came through the sheer lining. God, I so wanted to suck on them. It could be the one thing I could do since one part of me was still dead.

She leaned up and I watched as she pulled the straps of her teddy off of her shoulders and let the top half of it fall away from her breasts. Her aged mounds may have had years of experience in pleasing men, but the smooth perkiness of them provided gallant youth. In perfect unison, the small separate soft mounds her areolas made, set off her hot desire. Her nipples, now elongated and very stiff, poked out with a deep crimson hue as the blood filled them. At least her blood was circulating correctly.

What the hell was wrong with me though? I could not help but wonder why everything else within my body was working correctly, where the stimulation I was under made me perspire slightly and breath heavier, but would not make its way down south of the border. I could feel myself wanting to be inside her mature sexual apparatus, but there was no stirring at all. I am nineteen! This was not supposed to happen to a guy my age.

Still, I continued, hoping that somehow the spark to rise would come to light. It was the only thing I could do as she lowered her breasts to my face. I was now staring right into two large peaks of sexual interests of men's obsession and all I could think about was wrapping my lips over one of her erect nipples and suck like a baby.

As I wrapped my lips around her hard nipple, a low gasp exited her mouth. The heat in her nipple filled my mouth as my tongue twirled around it. The raised bumps of her areola rubbed against my lips as I gently sucked on her taut peak. Her breathing began to get heavy and more moans escaped her lips and then I tasted it. The sweet warm liquid of mother's milk.

The delicate production from her glands landed on my tongue and flowed down my throat in warm spurting succession.

"Oh my!" She exclaimed through hot heavy breaths, "I can feel my nipple pulse my warm milk onto your hot tongue! Keep drinking baby! Let me feed you!"

The streaming spurts continued to fall gracefully upon the back of my throat each time I pulled on her nipple with my lips. The erotic fluid began to burn now as it went down, but I could not get enough at the moment. I pulled and pulled harder on her nipple making a pool of her nourishment form and before I swallowed, my hands began to slide down her body. I found her ass and felt the fabric of her teddy covering it. I could feel how she was straddled wide and I slipped my hand inside the teddy and felt the outer lips of her mature pussy.

Her body shivered as I touched the fleshy ruffles of her slit. She moaned as my finger traced along her sexual outline until it found her hot opening. Hot and sticky, my fingertip moved in circles over it and felt her vagina react in constricting fashion. Then I felt it release hot droplets of inner moisture. She was so fucking wet and needed something hard inside her.

But at the rate I was going, it was never going to be me.

Feeling a pussy was not new to me. My ex and I had fooled around many times together. She was often wet, but not like this. What I was feeling now was pure wet experience. This pussy knew how to please a man. However, I never got to experience my ex’s wet pussy since we never took it to the final level. Oh, we could have because I was always hard as a rock then. Now, the limp factor had found me and I was with a cougar that roared!

Yeah, go me!

I knew she was ready to fuck as she suddenly raised her body, pulling her breast away from my lips. I watched the small white droplets fall from her now puffy nipple as her luscious mounds moved further back. She sat on me as she pushed her teddy further down until it was at her waist. She raised up enough to slip the teddy all the way off, stockings also, and then lowered herself once again. I stared right at her tender slit; the mature labia poking out in perfect unison and swathed in dark brown curls. She was ready.

I wondered what she was going to say when she saw that I was not.

She was going to find out. Soon.
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