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The Limp Factor: Part Two: Rising to the Occasion

Her notch was soft and hot and so delicately damp as it encased my now stirring manhood.
"Okay, it's time to make this dick hard!" She said as she slid her naked body down.

Yep, she knew. Imagine my embarrassment as her hands gripped the elastic of my boxers to roll it down only to reveal the limpness that prevailed during all this erotic stimulation.

If she was not able to make me hard, I was definitely giving up on sex for sure. I would be scared to try again.

"Mm, there it is. A young soft cock. I just love fresh young soft meat. Making it grow so it can be inside me makes me even wetter!"

Really? She was not surprised? What was wrong with her? If it had been me, I would have thought I was doing something wrong and would have been upset.

Instead, she took it like the cougar she was and devised a plan to make my soft cock grow nice and hard. But would it work?

I knew it would when she straddled my waist and brought her body down, letting her wet tender slit fold over my soft appendage. Her notch was soft and hot and so delicately damp as it encased my now stirring manhood. For the first time, I finally felt like a man tonight.

I felt my cock start to elongate inside her personal wrapping. The hot slickness that fell over it caused it to move gracefully through her soft supple pussy lips consuming it as it came to life.

"Mmm, yes! I can feel it growing long and filling with the fluid of life that makes it nice and rigid!" She said as she began to rock her tender blazing moist divide over my lengthening cock.

Her ruffles of fleshy desire slid easily over me, and left a trail of glistening stimulation which showed me she was ready to be pierced by my now raging erection.

God, it felt so good to finally be hard! I could only imagine what her hot hole was going to feel like.

"Oh, I think it's ready!" She said as she lifted off of me for a second to peek.

I looked down also and I could swear my erection looked even longer and harder than it ever had been as it shined with her sexual juices. My heart pumped it with blood and it jumped with each fast beat. It was going to love not being a virgin anymore.

"Long and hard and ready for sexually reaping! I am going to love deflowering you!" She replied with a smile as she brought her body down over my hard cock again, enveloping like she had done already.

I felt my erection pulse inside her crevice as she slid forward. She braced herself with her arms as her hands pressed on my shoulders for leverage. Suddenly, I felt her hot wet opening slip over the head of my hardness. She knew exactly what she was doing. Her years of experience had taught her how to make a man enter her without the aid of any hands. Soon, my cock was going to be consumed by a roaring purr.

She moaned as she slipped her wet chasm over my long organ. The softness of her warm wet giving walls felt like I had plunged my erection into a warm bath of fresh pudding. And this dessert was pink.

I did not know what to do at first. I was at a loss. I was no longer a virgin and there I sat under her and had no idea how to move. Then she began to rock her body slowly on me. Her round muscle gripped me with a nice firm hold, but soft enough for me to feel her pussy lips slide along my hard shaft. Her ruffled lips felt like they were folding in on themselves as she gradually moved her body up and down. Her pussy was nice and slick and greased my erection slowly with each deepening plunge.

"Oh baby, this feels so good. Your long length fills me fully. I can feel every hard ridge of your freshly consummated hardness. Tell me baby, do you like how my pussy feels?"

How was I supposed to answer that? Of course I loved how her pussy felt. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. Damn, what was I saying? Of course it was like nothing I had ever felt since it was my first piece of pink.

"It's so warm and wet. So soft and supple with a gentle grip. God, it feels so delicate enough to break!"

She laughed as I finished that statement and said, "I assure you honey, it won't break. It was made for moments just like this!" And she started rocking faster.

As she came down, I found myself beginning to thrust slightly to keep the rhythm going. Pushing my erection deeper inside her, made her yelp with erotic desire. It caused her inner muscle to tighten around it even more in a spasm and when she released it, I felt her pussy juice flow over my cock and leak outside the fleshy seams I was filling.
She sat still upon me as her body pushed out its natural stimulation and I saw that as an opportunity to thrust even more. With the weight of her straddling my long appendage deep inside her, as fast as I could, I arched my hips and set a motion that gently lifted her body upon me and as she came down, her breasts bounced with their heavy weight. The sight was so highly provocative with her nipples still rock hard.

Even through fast rocking, I was able to reach up with both hands and grab her breasts. I squeezed gently and as I did, streams of white liquid shot out of her nipples and coated my face and chest. Her milk was so warm as it landed on me. She moaned loudly as I squeezed again, and another two arches of her personal nutrition spurted out in the same fashion. I tried to aim one for my mouth, but missed and was coated again with her warm nourishment.

Suddenly, she let out a yelp and I felt her clit get instantly hard against my abdomen. Her inner muscle began to tighten around my hardness buried deep inside her. Surprised, I began to feel a tinge in my lower back and how it entered the base of my hard shaft. I was about to explode, and I had a feeling she was about to gush.

"Aaaahhhh, I'm about to... Uuuhhhh, ccccuuuummmm!" I exclaimed because I felt the stinging warmth of my hot core enter my penis. Any second, the inevitable was going to happen.

"I'm already there!" She yelled and immediately, she moaned and let hers go.

Her inner recess pulsed in waves over my throbbing hardness and her hot flowing river was unleashed in spurts of orgasmic clearness. The hot gooey substance exiting her pussy ran all over me and soaked the sheets underneath us. I never knew a woman could cum so heavily.

It was enough to send me over the edge and I felt my balls tighten then the spasm force my internal liquid deep into her. The first shooting stream was so intense I groaned deeply as it filled her hot depth. I felt her body jerk as it hit a spot deep inside her. Then another came rapidly forcing its way out in the same fashion. The spasms kept going and going, my erection pulsed hard each time, and I thought I was going to cum inside her forever. I never felt so many contractions when I jerked myself off.

My body convulsed with the last spraying stream that jetted out of me and into her. I felt my balls descend and return to normal. They actually felt empty and very sensitive. My cock was now going soft inside her as she collapsed on top of me.

She laid her head on my chest and I wrapped my arm around her bare back. Her breasts, now somewhat soft, pressed into my body and I could feel their warmth pierce my still hot skin. My now soft cock exited her exhausted love canal with a flop and I felt the last little bit of her leftover cum flow out. I was sure some of mine mixed with it.

She rolled over to the side of the bed and we both just stared at the ceiling. I know there was a smile on my face. Why would there not be? I just got through losing my virginity to an experienced cougar of the wild human species. I do not think I will ever look a girl my age the same again. Why should I? This forty-something year old sexpot cured me of the limp factor that had hindered me at the beginning. She turned my guy into a raging cub.

And it purely pleased both of us. The evidence still lies beneath our bodies to prove it.

I know I will be ready next time. With the limp factor now gone, this cub will surely rise to the prowess of his cougar. I wanted to hear, and feel, her roar again.

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