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The Little Purple Dress - Part III

She learns a new way to give/get oral
The water in the tub was beginning to get a little cool, so we got out and dried off. I dried your back and you did mine. Of course, there was a little friendly play with private parts as we dried off, but it was fun and we laughed at each other. When we were as dry as we were going to get I took our wine glasses to the kitchen for a refill while you headed to the bedroom to find something appropriate to wear. I suggested that nothing would be appropriate, but you insisted that at least a little cover would be in order.

When I came back into the bedroom I found you putting on one of my long sleeved dress shirts, which, of course, pleased me no end. When I sat the glasses down you tossed me a pair of shorts and told me to cover myself before you lost complete control and attacked me. Hearing this I immediately dropped the shorts on the floor and stood there with my arms outstretched.

After you stopped laughing you suggested that I put the shorts on and try to behave for a least 30 minutes while my equipment regenerated. I agreed and put them on and even found a golf shirt to cover my chest. But all the while, I never took my eyes off of you. (Do you have any idea how much I love you when you are wearing nothing more than one of my dress shirts? I’m thinking that you don’t.)

We clinked our glasses in a little toast and then I asked, “Since it is already 7:00, would you like to eat something?”

You gave me a sly look as if you were going to make a suggestive remark and then said, “What do we have that is simple and quick?”

“I wasn’t exactly thinking simple or quick, but I was thinking of feeding you something that would keep you interested in more lovemaking,” I offered.

You stepped next to me and softly ran your hand over the front of my shorts, lingering just a bit over my male parts and said, “I don’t think you have to be concerned as to if I will still be interested. But I have to admit that all of this activity has made me a bit hungry. What did you have in mind?” you asked as you gave me a little squeeze.

“What I would like to feed you is a steak, but we don’t have any ready to cook. What I don’t plan to feed you is something like spaghetti that will fill you up and make you sleepy. So I’m thinking that we could make a Caesar salad and put chicken strips on it. I bought some sliced chicken yesterday that would be perfect for a salad and some dressing that will be equally perfect. This wine will be excellent with the salad also. And … there is another bottle that is chilled and ready to open if we need a second,” I announced.

“Ahh, a man with a plan,” you said, “I like that. And with that second bottle of wine are you hoping that I’ll become wanton and lose my inhibitions?”

“Sweetheart,” I said, “If you have inhibitions, I haven’t noticed. It’s one of the things I love most about you and you’ve taught me to go with the feeling. If you say ‘no’ it’s just OK, and if you say ‘yes’ it’s just wonderful. But you’ve taught me to act rather than hesitate and then be disappointed that I didn’t do something I really wanted to do.”

You looked at me for a moment and then said, “So, are there things that you’ve wanted to do, but didn’t because you thought I might not like it?”

“Honestly,” I said, “I can tell you NO. You taught me early on that I should always trust you and you would trust me. We’ll never do anything to hurt the other or shame them. You do trust me, don’t you?”

“Oh I do, baby,” you said and gave me a kiss. “You are always kind and gentle … at least until I don’t want you to be gentle. But you are always a man and always make me feel like a woman.” You kissed me again … this time for a long time. When you finally moved your lips from mine you said, “Now either feed me or make love to me. I’m ready for either one.”

I laughed and smacked your butt saying, “Then follow me to the kitchen, woman. I’ll nourish you before bedding you.”

I took you by the hand and led you into the kitchen. We began working on our meal, laughing and talking. Each time you bent over the counter top or table I stopped dead in my tracks and watched the bottom of my shirt rise up to show me a portion of that sweet ass of yours. Several times I was tempted to just stop preparing our meal and throw you onto the bed. I told myself that after all we had already done I couldn’t possibly still be wanting you, but there it was right in front of me. It might even be physically impossible for me to get an erection at this moment, but my lust for you was just as strong as it had been several hours ago in my office. As you were telling me something about what went on in the office today I was thinking to myself, “maybe she’s a witch and has entranced me.” And then I thought, “I really don’t care … I am entranced and wouldn’t want to be any other way.”

Then I heard you say, “Are you listening to me?”

I looked up and answered, “Actually, No … I wasn’t. Do you want to repeat it?”

“No, I don’t want to repeat it,” you said in a slightly miffed manor. “What were you thinking about?”

“Do you really want to know?” I asked.

“Yes I do,” you said with your hand on your hips glaring at me.’’

“O.K. If you really want to know, I was thinking about your ass,” I explained.

“My ass?”

“Yeah, baby. I was thinking about your ass,” I said truthfully.

“What … exactly … were you thinking about my ass,” you demanded.

“If you really want to know,” I said, “I was sort of picturing me moving the shirt off of your backside and sliding my cock into you from behind. Have I ever told you that I love your ass?”

“My ass is too big,” you said.

“You are entitled to your own opinion,” I suggested, “But I just love it and it always makes me a little hot just looking at it.”

You walked over to me and put your hands between my legs, giving my cock a quick feel. Discovering that was indeed aroused you let go and stood back. “Based on the evidence in hand, I will accept your explanation, but would also encourage you to get some food on the table so that we can discuss my ass and your cock in greater detail.” You turned around and walked back to the table. When you reached it you looked back over your shoulder at me and pulled the shirt up to expose all of your ass to me. “How’s that?” you said with a laugh.

“How about we just say that we had a meal and just go straight to bed?” I responded.

You turned around and struck a pose with your hands on your hips looking at me as if I was just being impossible. The pose left the shirt open exposing your breasts down to, but not including your nipples and most of your body below the waist. As you stood there trying to be demanding I was busy taking in the view. When you finally noticed that you were very exposed and that I was enjoying what I was looking at you dropped your hands to your side and said, “Feed me!”

I laughed and turned to get our plates. We sat down to refilled glasses of wine and a very tasty salad. Since it was now about 7:30, we were beginning to lose our sunlight at the table and I turned out most of the lights and added a candle to the middle of the table. “No girl could ever say that you aren’t romantic,” you said.

Before I sat down I leaned over and kissed you softly, then told you, “I’m really not very romantic. It’s just the way I act with you. It’s just what you bring out in me. With you I want to be romantic … I want to do special things so that you’ll know how special you are to me.”

As I was about to stand up you caught me by my shirt and pulled me back for another kiss, then whispered, “You are a special man and I’m a lucky girl to have you.”

We ate, drank and talked until the room was dark outside the candle light. The bottle of wine was empty and we were both feeling very good, happy and carefree. I asked, “Have you ever had Peppermint Schnapps?”

“I know what schnapps is,” you answered, “But I don’t know that I’ve ever actually had any and never any that was peppermint. Why?”

“When I was shopping to restock our liquor cabinet the other day I spotted a bottle of peppermint schnapps and decided to get it,” I told you. “I remembered a story that a friend told me many years ago about how much his girlfriend liked it and I thought you might like it also.”

“Then if you have it, why don’t you pour me some and let me try it,” you said.

“Oh, it’s not for drinking,” I told you. “Not that you couldn’t drink it, but that wasn’t why she liked it.”

“You don’t drink it?” you said in a puzzled voice. “Then what do you do with it?”

I got up from the table and found the bottle of schnapps. I brought it to the table along with a glass filled with ice, opened it up and let you smell it. “It smells strong and certainly smells of peppermint,” you said with a bit of a frown.

Holding the bottle and glass in one hand I took you by the other hand and led you into the family room. I led you to the couch. I set down the bottle and the glass, turned to you to see a quizzical look on your face. I just smiled and said, “Just follow my directions and you won’t be sorry.” As you stood there in front of me I unbuttoned the three buttons that you have used on my shirt you were wearing and moved you to sit down on the edge of the couch. You were still staring at me as though I had lost my mind and I was doing all I could to keep a serious face and not laugh, because I knew what reaction I would be getting from you very soon.

I knelt down in front of you and took the bottle of schnapps in my hand, opened it and took a mouthful directly from the bottle. Holding the liquid in my mouth I turned to you, put my hands on your knees and slowly moved your legs apart, much as I had done in the tub not long ago. You didn’t resist and watched as I put my fingers on your folds and opened you up. You watched me swallow the liquid in my mouth and then put my mouth against you and ran my tongue from your pussy to your clit. As I suspected, by the time my tongue reached your clit the effect of the alcohol and peppermint reached your consciousness. The heat of the alcohol and the tingle of the peppermint took you and I heard the intake of breath and your head dropped back as you said, “Oh my god!”

My tongue was coated with the schnapps and I sucked on your clit. Your reaction was so strong that you almost scooted off of the couch. As I sucked on you I looked up to watch your reaction and saw that your eyes rolled back and your mouth dropped open. Your moan was loud and long. I continued to run my tongue around your clit and you locked your legs around my neck as you pulled me into you. I was not surprised when your hands grabbed my hair, pulling me into you and you said loudly, “Oh god, baby. What are you doing to me?”

I continued what I was doing for another 30 seconds and then stopped. I sat up with you watching me as I reached for the glass, took a piece of ice and put it into my mouth. You watched me as I smiled and sucked on the ice for another 15 seconds and then spit it out and put it back in the glass. While you were wondering what I was doing, I quickly put my mouth against you and this time put my ice cold tongue against your clit. Your reaction was as I expected. The change from hot and tingling to ice cold almost brought you off of the cushions. “Oh god!” you shouted this time as I sucked your clit into my mouth again covering it with my icy cold tongue.

For several minutes I switched from peppermint hot to icy cold and each time your reaction was stronger and louder. One more time I stopped and put schnapps into my mouth, thinking that this needed to end soon before I became drunk on the stuff. This time when I sucked your clit into my mouth and covered you with my hot, peppermint tongue, you locked your legs around my neck and rocked your pussy against my mouth, moaning loudly with each stroke of my tongue. You dug your fingers into my hair and pulled me into you, moving my head up and down against you at the same time that you were doing your best to move against my mouth.

“Oh god!” you shouted to the ceiling as you locked your legs tighter around me. Your hands held my head in place as shock tremors ran through your body. I didn’t move because I didn’t want to take a chance of upsetting anything that was going on inside you. My face was covered with your juices and I could feel a trembling inside you. As you held me tight against you two or three more strong shocks ran through you … each one causing you to cry out. I remained still until I felt your legs begin to loosen around my neck.

Finally your body went almost limp. You were almost panting as your legs slipped off of my shoulders and onto the cushions of the couch. I moved to an upright position and watched as your eyes slowly opened. It looked to me as if it took several seconds for your eyes to focus on me when at last I saw a small smile on your face. You said, “THAT … was just incredible.”

“Would you like for me to do it again?” I asked.

“Oh, you’d better believe it,” you answered as your smile grew larger. “Just not right now. I need some recovery time.”

I stood up and said, “Then I’ll get our wine glasses. That might speed up your recovery time.”

“Not if you are planning on pouring any on me like you did in the tub,” you said with a laugh.

I went into the kitchen and refilled our glasses. When I came back you were not on the couch and not in the room. With glasses in hand I walked into the bedroom to see if you have moved to the bed. As I entered the room I noticed that you had lit a couple of candles and had your back to the door. Of course, I noticed that because you were completely naked now and you know how I admire your backside. Standing behind you I said, “Here sweetie. I’ve brought you a fresh glass of wine.”

You turned around, took both glasses from me and set them on the night stand. You had a mischievous look on your face and said, “I want you right here.” You put your hands on my shoulders and pushed be backwards until I backed into my valet chair. “Now I want you to sit right here on the edge of this chair,” you instructed. I did as you requested wondering just what you had in mind. Then I noticed that you had brought the bottle of schnapps and glass of ice with you into the bedroom.

You picked up the bottle and walked back to me. Kneeling down between my knees you tipped the bottle up, took some of the peppermint liquid into your mouth and smiled at me. Holding the liquid in your mouth you took my half-hard cock in your hand and began to stroke it. I watched as it quickly grew under you touch. When it was quite hard once again I saw that you swallowed the schnapps in your mouth and quickly took the head of my cock in your mouth, letting the alcohol and peppermint surround it as waited for my response.

It took only a few seconds for the heat and tingling to reach me. I threw my head back and moaned out loud as the sensations your mouth were creating took me. As I moaned you took almost all of me into your mouth over and over again until I stopped moaning. You quickly sat up, reached for the ice and put a cube into your mouth. I knew that you were going to do to me just what I had done to you and I prepared myself to enjoy it. Seconds later your mouth of ice engulfed me and once again I was howling at the moon. You did the schnapps again and the ice once again. Each time taking me to the edge of my senses and almost to orgasm … but each time you stopped just short of a climax.

As I was about to beg for mercy you stood up and put your hand over my mouth. You slipped a finger into the bottle, coated it with schnapps and then put it into my mouth. As I sucked on your finger you closed your eyes and enjoyed the sensation. Then, to my surprise, you took the bottle in hand once again, poured some into your hand and rubbed it all over my totally ridged shaft. Before I could say a word you turned around, grabbed my cock from between your legs, guided it to the opening of your pussy and sat down on it … burying it deep into your pussy. You sat still for a few seconds to let the alcohol and peppermint take effect.

When it hit you, we both moaned with pleasure. The heat of your pussy and my cock against the tingle of the liquid was amazing. I was pinned down on the chair and watched in total erotic joy as you began to move up and down on my cock, pushing it into you as deeply as possible and then slowly pulling away until the head was almost out. In the candle light I could see that we were both shinning with wetness. As you slid up and down on my cock I felt your hand reach down to slid over my balls that were covered in a mixture of liquids … yours, mine and the bottle. Everything combined was so erotic and felt like I could just burst into flame. All at the same instant I wanted to kiss you, eat you, lick you, fuck you …

You suddenly stopped, stood up and turned around. You bent over and took my cock once again deeply into your mouth, sucking it hard. Standing up again you held out your hand and said, “Now in the bed, baby. I want to feel you on me and in me.” Without another word, you pulled me to stand up, walked me to the bed and stopped. You pulled the covers back off of the bed until there was only the bottom sheet. While I watched you crawled to the middle of the bed. You turned to look back at me and then rolled over on your back. You settled into a comfortable spot like a cat would. When you were exactly as you wanted you slid a pillow under your head, slowly opened your legs for me to see all of you and then held out your hands. “Come on, baby,” you whispered. “I want you inside me right now. I want you to ride me hard until neither of us can move another inch.”

I stood at the edge of the bed for a few long seconds just admiring your body and thinking about how much I wanted you. We had been home and involved in some form of sexual activity now for more than two hours and I still wanted you as much as I did in my office several hours ago. In fact, as I looked down on you now and watched you run your hand between your legs to entice me, I knew that my desire was greater now than it had been when this all began. I knew that I had told you more than a hundred times that I couldn’t get enough of you … and right now … looking at you I understood that the statement was absolute fact. I can’t get enough of you. There is no such thing as enough or too much.

I moved onto the bed and positioned myself above you, moving my mouth down to yours. Holding myself above you with my arms we kissed until I had to lower myself to embrace all of you. We kissed like we had just started, our tongues darting in and out of the other mouth … the everlasting kiss was hard and passionate. There was no break for a breath or to pull apart long enough to kiss the other neck, ears or anything else. While I might have thought that our passion could not grow any hotter … it, in fact, did. We were both panting. Our hands roving over the others body, pulling hair, squeezing bottoms and touching each other’s intimate parts. We were both out of any form of mental control.

We rolled around the bed, each bordering on mental frenzy when almost by accident I rolled on top of you and slid my cock into your hot, wet pussy. As soon as I entered you your legs locked around me and pulled me as deeply into you as it was possible to go. In an instant I was pumping into you and your legs were pulling me back in and letting me pull out again. You were so wet that we could both hear the sounds as my cock moved in and out of you. Your arms were locked around my neck and you refused to let my mouth free of yours. The only thought going through my head was that I wanted you to scream with pure pleasure. I feel certain the your only thought was that you wanted to make me cum so hard that my body was paralyzed from pure pleasure.

After a while we found a rhythm and stroked each other together. Our sounds were getting louder as our pleasure grew and grew. You turned my head and pulled my ear to your mouth. Between gasps and moans you whispered, “Yes baby. Ride me. Oh god yes … ride me. Take all of me. Oh god yes … make me cum again.”

If you had asked me thirty minutes ago I would have said that I couldn’t possibly cum again tonight, but at this moment I knew that just wasn’t true. I knew that I was going to cum again and soon. It was going to be big … of that I had no doubt. I pounded into you, feeling all of you … reveling in your wetness and being driven slightly insane with the sensations coming to me through my cock and the noises coming to my brain from your mouth and between your legs.

You unlocked your legs from around me and put your feet flat on the bed. For a second I felt a little disappointed until I felt that now you were able to push back against me as I was pushing into you. Your ass was completely coming off of the bed as you pushed against me as I was withdrawing after pushing into you. As much as I was fucking you … you were fucking me. Now we were both out of control and both wanting nothing more than to have a massive orgasm.

I felt it … I felt it in my toes and running up my legs. I knew that I was seconds away from an orgasm that was going to shake my bones. I put my mouth beside your ear and whispered loudly, “I’m cuming baby. Cum with me. God I love you … cum with me!”

Ten seconds before the top of my head came off I heard the sound I wanted to hear from you. I heard the whimper that came from deep inside you … I felt your body begin to tremble … I knew that we would see the fireworks at the same time. Your legs suddenly locked around me again as you pulled me deeper than I thought I could go. I stroked one more time and then buried myself as deeply as I could possibly go and gave up. The explosion took over and I felt the molten hot cum fire out of me at the same time that you screamed with pleasure and your legs became a vice around me. We both shook with waves of pleasure as one after the other washed over us. We both continued to try to move to get the last ounce of cum out of the other until we finally simply gave up and fell into an exhausted heap.

I have no idea how long we lay there, but I know that we both passed out from exhaustion and pleasure. It may have been five minutes or an hour later that we both opened our eyes and began to understand where we were and what we were doing. I was still inside you and I was still hard. As I began to move to withdraw, you locked your legs around me once again and said, “I don’t think you really need to go anywhere.”

“Don’t you think I’m getting a little heavy?” I asked.

“No. I don’t,” you answered. “I think you feel wonderful. I think that I feel wonderful. And, I’d be happy to stay here like this forever.”

I rolled over and put my weight on top of you. I moved so that I slid in and out of your very wet pussy several times. “You need some more of that?”

You laughed softly and answered, “I guess at the moment … I don’t. But don’t think it doesn’t still feel very good. I just love you inside me.” You pulled my face close and said, “I love the way I feel when you cum inside me.”

We kissed again. This time more softly … more calmly, but the heat was still there … a little subdued now, but still there. I started to pull out of you and you quickly locked your legs around me. “Not yet,” you whispered, “Not yet, baby.”

I kissed you lightly and put my head on the pillow beside yours.

You reached beside you and pulled a sheet over us saying, “I don’t want you to catch a cold.”

And then … darkness … we were both asleep … both off into a dream world.

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