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The Loft Apartment

James has a fantastic loft apartment with some interesting additional features.
Close your eyes for a moment; I want you to picture the setting. James has a very cool third floor loft apartment down by the river. Bare brick walls, oak wood flooring and very atmospheric lighting. The apartment is completely open plan; even the wet room has glass walls so you can see right in. I don't know who chose the furniture, I doubt it was James, but they definitely have great taste. There's not a lot of it but what there is is seriously classy. The antique dining table is absolutely gorgeous; it seats about twelve people and must have cost an absolute fortune; it shouldn't work in such a modern setting but it does. The bed is on, or more accurately is part of a raised platform, like a stage I suppose; the mattress is sunk into the floor so bed is level with the floor.

What you might not notice when you first look around are the large iron rings that have been strategically placed around the walls; and possibly more interestingly around the sunken bed. I think I need to describe them in a little more detail just to ensure that you get the picture. They are thick iron rings four, possibly five, inches in diameter. About ten are attached to the wall in pairs I guess seven feet from the floor. They are attached to the wall like old fashioned door knockers. There are six; I counted, around the bed; one in each corner and two half way down on either side. The first time I visited James their presence crept up on me; almost without me noticing.

I went to James's flat for a meeting to discuss a possible new book we might collaborate on; very professional nothing improper. He made me a (rather good) vanilla late and we discussed timelines, markets, and possible competitors. It was only when I got up to leave that I realised that my pussy was incredibly wet and I was as horny as hell. It was then that I started to realise that the rings were possibly not an original feature of the building and probably served an altogether more interesting purpose.

On the bus back to the office I had to work hard to block out wild thoughts about being tied semi naked to the wall while James fucked my brains out. James was a professional colleague that I wanted to write with, not fuck.

Now you know about the setting I should tell you something about the man. Early 40s, blue eyes, great hair, cute nose, well dressed (wow a man that can co-ordinate), funny, a confirmed single with, it appears, a rather keen interest in slightly left of centre sex. What was I to do; on the one hand we had a professional relationship that I was keen to develop, on the other… I had to create an opportunity to work my undoubted charms. I haven't told you much about me yet have I? Well I am just about to turn 30; wavy dark brown hair, blue eyes, very pert tits, an ass to die for, and a not dissimilar interest in rather kinky sex.

How do I let him know that I am interested? A carefully crafted text perhaps? No I don't think so. An out of the blue visit to his flat wearing my provocative short denim skirt? I need to email him about the book anyway, I am sure I can include enough innuendo to get myself invited over for a drink at least.

It's amazing what a couple of shag pile references in an email can do! I have been invited to James's for drinks this evening to 'discuss' the book. I have to confess I am slightly anxious. What if he really DOES want to talk about the book? The bastard really didn't give anything away in his email. What if he doesn't want to tie me up? I think I would be rather disappointed if he wanted to fuck me missionary style; even if it was on the stage/bed.

Going to have to calm myself down before tonight; my pussy is dripping wet at the thought of seeing James. My god my clit is hard this is not going to take long and I won't need my vibrator. I can't help thinking about being tied to the wall and having James sticking his cock inside me. Wow I hope that is not the only orgasm I have today.

Having a quick vodka to calm my nerves while I get ready; I don't really approve but needs must. I want to wear my new black corset, I can imagine James unlacing it and… I need to stop or I will have to play with myself again and I simply don't have time. Am going for short denim skirt and top and boots; not bad even if I do say so myself.

I think I might have PTSD. I have just got home and have phoned work to let them know that I am taking the day of sick. Well PTSD is an illness after all. I am fairly sure that a couple of the things that we did last night are actually illegal in a number of developed countries. Are you ready for this? I hope you have a box of Kleenex to hand you're going to need them. The first ten minutes after I arrived were fine; James opened the door looking rather hot in jeans and a tight black t-shirt. We briefly chatted about the book and then James asked me what I thought of his rings? I asked what they were for and he asked if I wanted a demonstration. Then leaned into me, kissed my neck very gently and said "I think you're very sexy, shall we play". Oh fuck yes…

James is a fantastic kisser; I like to think that I am a pretty proficient myself. So together! The delicacy and tenderness of our first kisses were as big a turn on as the penetrating passionate kissing that quickly developed. He held me so gently, teasing my lips with his then darting his tongue into my mouth. Fuck I wanted him. He pulled my top off and deftly removed my bra exposing my pert breasts and rock hard nipples. Lying me on the sofa he gently working his way from my mouth, down my neck, to my breasts kissing and nipping my electrified skin. As he started to kiss, suck and gentle bite my nipples I became dizzy with anticipation.

He is a clever man James; because all of a sudden I became aware that I was completely naked. My skirt and pants had been removed and I was lying completely exposed on his sofa while the bastard was still fully dressed. As I went to point out this inequity he put his finger to his lips and whispered to me to sush… I was both riled and, I have to confess, aroused by this subtle act of dominance. I felt vulnerable; we both knew neither of us had entered into this for straight sex. I am a strong independent woman but I do love to be dominated; within limits though.

James knelt beside me and gazed at me with his penetrating grey blue eyes. Gently he grabbed my hair and pulled my head backwards. He buried his head into my exposed neck kissing and biting one of the most erogenous zones on my body. Unexpectedly I felt something silky slip around first my left wrist then my right and gently tighten; I felt a gush of wetness in my pussy. "Are you ready?" he asked.

Giving only the most subtle of affirmation James lifted me from the sofa, held my hand and guided me across the room. He lifted my right arm in the air and slipped the black silk ribbon through the iron ring. What a contrast of materials; the masculine iron ring with the black feminine silk ribbon. James then secured my right arm; to my surprise I was facing the bare brick wall. Either by luck, but I suspect through careful planning I realised that I was barely able to keep my body away from the wall without standing on tiptoes. I could already feel the abrasive texture of the bare brick wall against by breasts and pussy. It felt incredible, I was so turned on.

All of a sudden I become aware of how unbelievably wet my pussy was. I felt Jamess's hands pulling and playing with my hair, and the caressing my back and ass. His hand slipped between my legs. I wanted him to slip his fingers into my wet aching pussy but the bastard didn't. He ran his fingers through my pubic hair, down my thighs then back to my ass. He knew I wanted him; he was teasing me the fucking bastard.

I was aware of my body writhing against the bare brick of the apartment walls. When I felt James slide his fingers through my pussy I felt myself moan out loud. I was so wet; I needed to be fucked. To my delight I felt a finger slip into my pussy and then into my ass. It felt wonderful having James gently fuck my ass with his finger. The movement almost imperceptibly forced my body up and down against the wall. "Fuck me please" I gasped.

When I felt James's massive, rock hard cock enter my pussy I thought I was going to explode with pleasure. I am not entirely sure how but he also managed to keep his finger up my ass as he started to fuck me. Each thrust a little more forceful than the last; pushing me harder against the wall. My wrists were burning where the silk restraint was rubbing as I writhed with pleasure. Very rapidly I could feel a massive unstoppable orgasm inside me.

"You fucking bastard" I screamed at the top of my voice, "you are going to make me…" I never finished the sentence. My body convulsed and I had a massive orgasm; the effect of my naked body against the brick work only served to enhance my pleasure. I have no idea what happened next. All I remember is coming back to reality from whatever place I had been with James lying beside me looking into my eyes stroking my face.

"I hope you're not planning on falling asleep on me just yet?" he said, I simply grinned.
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