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The Logger

A tropical rainstorm gets Marco acquainted with the town's new barmaid.
It was a searing hot day in the tropical forests of Malaysia. The drizzle that had been gently tapping its fingers on the tin buildings for the past week was finally subsiding. The air was a sticky blanket that clung to every surface and was thick with the smell of wet humus and orchid flowers. The single dirt road through town had been churned to a muddy blend of insects and soil, making sucking noises whenever someone had to walk through the muck.

Marco stood on the front of his veranda in a pair of jeans and a singlet, breathing in the humidity and eating an apple. It would be his third month in Ayam-Hutan next fortnight. Marco worked as a logger; pretty much everyone in town was a logger. It was the sole reason why the town itself existed. Ayam-Hutan first began as an outpost where locals from a nearby city would chop down giant trees, famous for their exquisite wood, and cart them back for sale.

As the years went by, more and more people became interested in the unique wood of the area and a logging firm was established, attracting many people in search for well-paying jobs. A few buildings were constructed to provide for the workers such as a general store and a clinic. Soon after a pub was built as a means of recreation for the loggers, who would spend their weeks wage on a Friday night drinking.

Marco was the only foreigner in town; everyone else was born in Malaysia. He came from Australia and after a holiday to Malaysia he never went back. Marco loved the country: the smells, sounds and especially the heat. He was a hard worker; all day he would be chopping and sawing, stacking and pruning. The result was that his body had become a dream, as if Michelangelo himself had chiselled perfection into his muscles.

With a satisfying crunch, Marco finished his apple, slung his bag over his shoulder and walked down the road to the plantation.


An air siren wailed across the plantation, signalling the end of the working day. Marco finished securing timber onto a truck and wiped the sweat off his brow.

‘You up for a drink tonight, Marco?’ said a voice behind him.

Marco turned around and recognised one of the overseers, Badan, as the person who was speaking to him. He was well built, had a large amount of stubble and featured a set of steel grey eyes that seemed to know exactly what was going on.

‘You know I am always up for a drink on a Friday, Badan,’ chuckled Marco.

‘That’s the spirit, boy! I know you too well,’ wheezed Badan, occasionally clearing his throat.

‘See you at the tap,’ Marco said hesitantly as Badan nodded, silently lighting a cigarette.


Friday night was always the busiest night of the week at the pub. Marco had put on a fresh shirt and casual jeans before he left; it was so humid that even the buildings seemed to sweat. Despite coming home covered in sawdust every evening, Marco viewed himself as a tidy man. Most of the workers didn’t have wives and shared a house with another person.

Marco was different. He had bought himself a small shack across the road from the pub. It certainly was small compared to the other accommodation available in town, but it was cosy and Marco liked having his own home. It was the perfect size for a single man. He turned off the lights and locked his door before walking to the pub across the road.

The door groaned as Marco stepped into the pub. The air was a smoky haze and the deafening roar of dozens of men was almost unbearable. Apart from the tin roof, the pub was all made of local timber which was rich in colour and polished with oils until it shone. The floor was scuffed from the years of trampling feet and neglect. All the honey coloured furniture was hand crafted by a local carpenter who was a regular customer in the pub and usually sat in a dim corner surrounded by a cloud of noxious smoke.

As Marco approached the bar he noticed that the usual bartender, Rodney, was nowhere to be seen. Marco was fond of Rodney, who had a thick moustache and combed hair that reminded him of salt and pepper.

In his place stood a new, attractive barmaid with long legs to match her long, black hair. She looked quite young, maybe in her late teenage years or early twenties. Marco shifted his gaze from her legs and approached the bar.

‘Could you get me a large Tiger please?’ asked Marco, flipping out his wallet to pay for his beer.

‘Could I see some identification first?’ the pretty barmaid inquired.

‘You’re joking, right? I’m twenty-two!’

‘I’m sorry, this is my first night and I don’t know anyone,’ she mumbled, her eyes wandering across the room. ‘Please can I just see that you’re over eighteen and I’ll remember for next time?’

‘That’s perfectly understandable. I wasn’t picking on you, I just get a lot of shit around here about my age,’ explained Marco as he took his Australian driver’s license out of his wallet.

Marco handed the barmaid his licence and waited for her to check his birth date.

‘Ooh, you’re from Australia,’ smiled the barmaid. ‘You’ve flown far from the nest.’

‘Yeah, I can’t stand miserable Melbourne. It’s either too hot or too cold. Constantly overcast and drizzling in the winter and sunburn and bushfires in the summer…’

The barmaid flashed a pearly grin and giggled. ‘I’m Lisa. I’ll be working the Friday through to Sunday shifts from now on.’

‘That will be a nice touch, sure to liven up this pub,’ Marco grinned. ‘My name’s Marco, by the way. I live over there,’ he said, indicating across the road.

Lisa smiled and turned around and grabbed an empty beer glass from the shelf behind her. She placed it under the tap labelled Tiger and filled the glass until in overflowed.

‘Got to give it a nice head,’ she explained, giving him a wink.

Lisa handed Marco his drink. ‘Have a good evening, Marco.’

‘You too. See you ‘round.’

‘I’m sure you will.’

Marco left the bar and scanned the pub for a table to sit at. He saw an empty chair next to Badan and decided to chat with him. He sat down and listened to the story he was telling two other workers about how many animals he had killed last weekend. As Marco listened to him talk, he nodded occasionally, one eye always fixed on the bar.


It was Saturday lunchtime and Marco was in the general store picking out something for dinner. The dark clouds outside had been building up the whole morning and threatened to unleash a torrent of water.

Marco stood in front of a small refrigerated cabinet that stored meat, deciding on whether or not he should have beef for dinner. He rarely ate meat, not that he didn’t like it; it just was expensive because it cost lots of money to have a refrigerated truck cart it all the way out to the middle of nowhere.

Marco thought that he should be able to treat himself at the end of a hard week, so he chose a few steaks from the fridge and picked a few local vegetables to go with it.

‘I thought I recognised you!’ said a voice from behind him.

Marco turned around and saw Lisa from the pub standing behind him. She was wearing a very thin white top that hung loosely off her shoulders and a pair of cargo shorts that only came down to graze the bottom of her curvy arse. Marco didn’t notice any bra strap.

‘Oh hey, Lisa, fancy seeing you here,’ Marco said awkwardly, trying to keep his eyes focused on her face.

‘Well this is the only place in town to pick up supplies,’ she laughed. ‘I had to come here sometime.’

‘Yes, of course,’ mumbled Marco as he tried to get a glimpse of Lisa’s braless breasts.

‘Marco, you are so strange!’ Lisa laughed as she adjusted her top so that it covered more of her chest.

Realising that he had been caught, Marco blushed and tried to excuse himself. ‘Well I have to get home, Lisa. See you tonight, yeah?’

‘Marco, wait for me, I was just about to go too.’

Marco held the door open for Lisa and walked with her back toward the end of town where the pub was. As they walked, Marco couldn’t stop staring at Lisa’s arse, which seemed to almost be popping out of her shorts. Then the sky growled and dots of water appeared in front of Marco’s eyes. The clouds were black and flashes of lightning sparked through the heavens.

‘Quickly, Lisa; we don’t want to be caught out in this.’

More rumbles rolled through the sky, vibrating the earth beneath their feet. The dots of water were now thick drops, falling faster and harder by the second.

‘Hurry, Lisa!’ said Marco urgently. ‘Quick, my house is just over there!’

The rain suddenly got torrential, as if someone was draining a pool above their heads. The rain was hitting the ground with tremendous force, breaking up the clay into muddy droplets of filth. Marco and Lisa dashed for the shelter of Marco’s house, their feet slipping and sliding in the ooze.

By the time they reached the safety of Marco’s porch, the ground was covered by several inches of water. Lisa stood next to Marco with her arms huddled around her body, her black hair dripping slowly onto the deck. Marco unlocked the door and ushered her inside.

They were both soaked to the bone. Marco walked awkwardly in his wet denim jeans, but not because they were wet. The rain had rendered Lisa’s thin white top transparent; and Marco could see her and all her beauty. He loved the look of her moist, perky breasts. They were the size of two large grapefruit and looked well supported, even without a bra. Marco’s cock was heating up in his jeans, expanding with excitement.

‘Well, let’s get you warmed up,’ he said kindly. ‘How about a hot shower?’

‘That sounds perfect,’ said Lisa shyly.

Marco led her into his bathroom and opened the shower door. He turned on the taps and went to fetch a fresh towel.

‘Just get in and close the door and I’ll leave you a towel outside for you when you’re done.’

Marco went around the corner and got a towel from the cupboard. As he went back into the bathroom, he could make out Lisa’s naked figure through the frosted glass.

‘Lisa, I’ve just left your towel outside the door for you,’ he called.

‘Okay, that’s great, Marco. Thank you,’ she said hesitantly. ‘Hey, um…you must be pretty cold too?’

‘That’s fine, Lisa. I can wait,’ Marco replied kindly.

‘Are you sure? I feel really bad leaving you in your own house to freeze,’ she said. ‘Why don’t you come in here and warm up?’

‘Well, only if you’re okay with it,’ said Marco with a smile on his lips. He couldn’t believe that she was offering to share a shower with him! Whilst she was naked too!

‘Come on. Strip off and join me!’

Marco took off his soaking shirt and jeans before removing his briefs and throwing them in a pile on top of Lisa’s sodden underwear. He slid open the shower door and stepped in. There, surrounded by mist and looking like she had come out of a fairy-tale was Lisa. Her hair was tucked behind her ears, water cascading down her body. Marco could see her breasts vividly now. They were indeed the size of large grapefruits and had small buds for nipples. Her stomach was flat and her sexy large hips had all the right curves. Marco looked down between her legs and saw the prettiest pussy he had ever seen. It was shaved, plump and a pleasurable pink; resembling a radiant rose in the height of spring.

Lisa giggled. Marco noticed that she was eying him over, particularly his muscular arms and colossal shaved cock. Well, Marco didn’t think it was that big, but by the way Lisa was looking at it, it was almost as if she hadn’t seen a cock before.

‘Marco, could you please soap up my back for me?’ Lisa asked innocently.

‘It would be my pleasure.’

Marco put some liquid soap in his palms and rubbed his hands together to foam up the soap. He then placed his hands on Lisa’s back and massaged her supple skin.

‘Lisa, your skin is so soft,’ breathed Marco.

‘Mm, yeah I guess it is…Could you wash a bit lower?’

Marco rubbed his hands over Lisa’s slippery back further down until he had his hands on her hips. He lathered up her skin so it was slick with soap. Lisa urged him to go further down still; so Marco ran his hands down her sides and around her enviable arse. He massaged it and in between her cheeks. Lisa moaned in pleasure as Marco slid his fingers around her arsehole, toying with the little bud.

‘Oh,’ gasped Lisa, enjoying the feeling of Marco fingering her tight hole.

‘Do you like that, Lisa?’ he smirked.

‘Yes, Marco. Oh God I like it a lot!’

Marco slid a finger into her arsehole, feeling the smooth walls inside her. Lisa gasped and groaned in pleasure.

‘Have you ever had your arsehole fingered before?’

‘No, no, I haven’t; this is a first for me. It feels so good, Marco.’

Lisa inhaled and begged for more power. Marco added another finger to her arse and snaked his arm around her body to play with her breasts.

‘Mm, Lisa. Your tits are magnificent,’ groaned Marco.

‘Uh huh, yeah.’

As Marco fingered Lisa’s arse and massaged her tits, he passionately kissed her neck and bit her ear. He felt his cock grow harder, now standing at full attention.

Lisa felt something tingling near her pussy. She reached down and found that Marco’s erection had risen in between her legs, and was resting against the lips of her saturated pussy. She wiggled her hips so that his cock would sit in between her two lips, feeling it throb and pulse. Lisa was in ecstasy. She had her arse being fingered by an amazingly hot guy while having her breasts caressed, all with a cock beating next to her womanhood.

Marco had to have more. He withdrew his fingers from Lisa’s arse and spun her around to face him. He picked her up and leant her against the wall, passionately kissing her and begging for more. Marco then sat down in the bottom of the shower and let the spray wash over him.

‘Lisa, come here,’ he said.

Lisa sat down and allowed Marco to put his arms around her.

‘I think it’s time I wash you, Marco, and your cock looks awfully dirty,’ she giggled.

Marco chuckled and watched her lather up her hands. Lisa cupped her hands around his balls and massaged them with soap. She moved up from the base of his cock slowly and deliberately until she reached the top.

‘This feels so good, Lisa,’ moaned Marco.

Lisa smiled and stroked his throbbing cock, paying particular attention to the head, which she rubbed and scratched gently. As Marco moaned in desire, Lisa began to lick his balls, playfully tugging them with her teeth. She licked everything and when she had eventually coated his entire cock with her saliva, Lisa went down on it. Marco was engulfed by Lisa’s wet throat. She was able to take all of his cock until her nose was touching his abdomen.

‘Shit!’ growled Marco. ‘God you are good at this!’

Marco put his hands behind Lisa’s head and pushed her into his groin, encouraging her to go faster. He began to thrust into her face as Lisa started to moan from being full of his cock. Saliva dribbled down Marco’s shaft and tickled his balls.

‘Do you like being throat-fucked, Lisa?’ chuckled Marco. ‘You’re such a naughty girl.’

Lisa couldn’t reply. She felt Marco’s cock throb deep in her throat and she knew that his cum was imminent. She sped up her sucking and swirled her tongue around his shaft. Marco gasped as webs of his cum decorated Lisa’s throat. She continued to suck his semen from his cock, ignoring the trail of cum leaking from the corner of her mouth. She finished him off and sat back into Marco’s lap.

Marco leant against the shower wall breathing heavily, letting the shower wash away the mess. He held Lisa in a tight embrace, toying with her nipples as he did so.

‘Marco, let’s go get dry,’ said Lisa eventually. ‘We’re not finished yet.’


Marco and Lisa had dried each other off and were in Marco’s bedroom. Lisa sat perched on the edge of the bed marvelling at Marco’s cock that was growing before her. He stood towering above her petite body and had his hands folded across his chest as his cock got ready for round two. Lisa thought he looked very dominant which made her feel exhilarated.

‘Come here, Marco,’ said Lisa as his cock finished rising.

Marco approached Lisa and readied his cock in front of her pussy. He could feel her womanhood pulse against his swollen cock.

‘Wait,’ said Lisa, just as Marco was about to thrust. ‘Don’t be so hasty! I want to try something different.’

Lisa flipped around and got on all fours. She stuck out her arse and curved her back, encouraging Marco to penetrate.

‘Marco, kneel on the bed and thrust into me. I want to feel like an animal!’

Marco sighed in excitement and knelt as instructed. He stroked his rock hard cock and readied himself. He looked at Lisa in anticipation. Her arse was pointing straight up at him, her glistening pussy peeping from in between her legs.

‘You okay, Lisa?’

‘Yes! For God’s sake, give it to me already!’

Marco smiled at her enthusiasm and put his cock against her lips. Her pussy was as wet as it was in the shower!

‘You sure, Lisa?’ teased Marco. ‘I can call it off if you don’t want to do it anymore.’

‘I swear, Marco, if you don’t fuck me right now I will turn around and bite your cock off!’ she yelled. ‘Now fuck me like an animal!’

Marco chuckled and thrust into her moist pussy.

‘Yes! Oh fuck yes!’ screamed Lisa.

Marco kept thrusting into her pussy, feeling her throb on all sides.

Lisa was in pure delight. The position she was in allowed Marco’s cock to go deeper than any cock she had ever taken. She felt so full and swore that she could feel his length in her stomach. As Marco drove into her, she felt her G-spot being rubbed, which sent her over the edge.

‘Fuck me, Marco! Fuck me harder!’ she cried.

‘You are such a dirty whore,’ chuckled Marco.

Marco grabbed one of Lisa’s breasts which was dangling beneath her and squeezed it, flicking his fingers over the nipple. Lisa arched her back and shuddered. She felt Marco’s scrotum slap against the underside of the pussy, hitting her clitoris and making her scream.

Marco propelled his hips into her, forcing his cock deeper still. He felt Lisa’s pussy get wetter and throb faster.

‘Marco! Fuck, I’m cumming!’ she yelled.

Marco put both his hands on her hips for support and slammed his cock inside of her. He felt her pussy quiver and pulse. Marco groaned loudly and withdrew his cock as Lisa came. Her whole body shook and she thrashed wildly all over the bed as if she was having a seizure.

‘Oh my fucking God!’ she yelled as fountains of girly cum gushed out of her pussy and onto the bed.

Above her Marco was finishing himself off by hand, furiously pumping his cock.

‘Turn around, Lisa! I’m going to cum all over your pretty face!’

Lisa flipped herself onto her back just as Marco came. Ropes of creamy cum surged from the tip of Marco’s throbbing cock and onto Lisa’s face. It splattered against her cheeks, her breasts, her stomach and even her pussy.

Marco collapsed onto the bed and kissed her with intense emotion. They lay with each other for what seemed like an eternity. Lisa massaged Marco’s cum into her skin and over her breasts. When the kiss was broken, they looked into each other’s eyes.

‘Come on, Marco!’ said Lisa with sudden enthusiasm and playfulness. ‘Let’s go clean off with a shower.’

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