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The lonely Walker

He tempts me walking by the sway in his walk...

Lately, finding myself thinking about you more and more. I wonder about you wanting to know more, learn who you are, what makes you the person that I see before me. I've fantasized about your dark eyes and soft lips upon mine. The way they would feel pressed against mine in a long passionate kiss. I watch you outside from my window, I see you walking by , I want to stop you and ask you to come in but my hestitance and unsureness makes me stop. I long to feel you next to me. I imagine you looking at me with those dark eyes and tracing the length of my body with your strong hands. Touching me, making me want you in complete abandonment. Fantasizing about making love to you for hours on end feeling your body rise and lower upon me. I imagine lowering to take you in my mouth to taste the sweetness that comes from your passion, feeling your hard dick pressed against me yearning to feel you deep inside me. I've set and thought all day about you, I'm so wetttt wanting you, I finally decide to tell you. I sit and wait by my window to see you pass by walking, I feel the excitement growing inside me knowing it's almost time, and I'm finally going to tell you I want you. I see you walking down the hill and I walk outside into my yard, bending over just in time for you to notice as your passing. I turn and say it's a beautiful day, you reply not as beautiful as you. I accept the compliment and reply I have a beautiful suggestion. A conversation I've been meaning to have with you. Oh you have! yes I reply sweetly. I've been watching you walk by for weeks and I've fantasized about being with you and would like to ask you to come in for awhile. I think I would like that very much and would like to know you better as well. I tell him to follow me in to my house. We turn to walk in, I take his hand and reply come this way! We enter the house and I can't take no more. I turn to him grab him pull him to me kissing him hard and passionately. The kiss I had been dreaming about for weeks I now had. I wanted to feel those lips on my breasts and my hot little cunt. I beg him to make love to me there in the entrance of my house. I'm so hottt wanting him to fuck me telling him he's so fine and wanting to feel his hands all over me. Tempting and teasing me into begging him to please me, I want you inside deep inside me baby! Please let me feel you make me cum! He lowers me to the floors pulling my shorts off and kisses me softly lips down my neck, stopping at my breasts he lingers kissing down my stomach to the wetness between my legs thats hot and waiting for his lips. He kisses me lightly and licks it feels so good but nothing I know will compare to feeling this dark mysterious guys hard cock inside me. I tell him baby please just fuck me. I want you so baddd! mmmm he pulls his hard throbbing cock from his pants it's so magnificent and the wonder of making love to him is here at last. He lifts my legs and smiles and gives me every inch of him. He feels so good inside. I beg him harder baby harder. He complies I'm screaming his name over and over and telling him to give it to me. He's throbbing I can feel him inside me the passion swelling up inside of me wanting to release. He's pumping in and out of me frantically and I feel him explode inside of me and I release the passion I've been wanting from him for weeks. He kisses me and Thanks me for a beautiful day and I say No Thank you!

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