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The Long Day

Emily's boyfriend knows just how to make her feel better after a tough day at work.
Today was the longest day of my life. It started off with me waking up 30 minutes late resulting in me not only having to skip my morning shower, but getting caught in traffic as well. I ended up getting to work on time, only to be told that my assistant quit and that due to some mistake made by a dimwitted intern, I’d have to stay a few hours later than normal.

At 7 o’ clock I was finally able to go home. During the drive back I, once again, got caught in traffic. While sitting on the freeway I let my mind wander to last night, when Logan (my boyfriend) and I had made love. Just thinking about him made me horny, and I could tell my panties were becoming wet. Logan is 6’0, kind of lanky, and cute in a nerdy kind of way. I’m 5’8, red hair, with a fairly large chest.

I walked into my apartment to find Logan had come over and made dinner (I had called him earlier to tell him I'd be home late). After a dreadful day, I was finally starting to relax. Upon finishing dinner, I decided to do the dishes. I had just turned on the water when Logan came from behind and wrapped his strong arms around my waist. “You’ve had a long day,” he said “don’t worry about those now. I know something that will make you forget this awful day.” With his breath on my ear and already having been in the mood, I was so horny at that moment I just wanted him to ravage me right there in the kitchen. I let out a small moan as he starts to kiss my collarbone working his way up to my neck. His hand starts to trail down my side settling on the jeans I changed into when I got home.

“Should we move this to the bedroom?” He asks as he starts to pull down the zipper of my pants.

“No.” I say. “Just take me here.” My hand wanders behind me, to the bulge in Logan’s pants, but he swats my hand away.

“This isn’t about me, it’s about you. I want to make you feel better.” He says and I don’t object. Quite honestly, I could really use this.

Having finally gotten rid of my pants off I expect him to slip a hand into my panties, but instead he starts working my shirt over my head. Now just down to my undergarments, I can feel the need rising up inside me. My bra comes off next and Logan starts to suck on my breast. I gasp as his hand finally slips into my panties. His finger lightly brushes my clit and then retreats completely. I turn around, confused, but he just lifts me onto the island in the middle of the kitchen. He pulls my panties down and now I am naked. “So when are you going to lose some of your clothes?” I ask.

“Soon enough.” He replies and starts to spread my legs apart. He slides his hands up my thighs and once there he lowers his head. I let out my loudest moan yet as his tongue touches my clit. After a few minutes he starts to finger me whilst licking me. I can feel the familiar signals of an orgasm coming and Logan must sense it because he adds a second finger and starts to finger fuck me even harder. After another minute I can’t hold on any longer.

“Oh, OH, OHHHHHHHH! Yes!” I yell as my orgasm rocks my body to ecstasy. “Logan, that was amazing.” I say as I finally calm down.

“Well, I just wanted to make you feel better.”

“You definitely did.” I say. “Now, I think we need to take care of another problem.” I say with a devilish grin.

Logan strips off his clothes and I get of the counter. His cock is already hard from watching me, and I start to take it in my mouth. I’d finally gotten a good rhythm going when he says “Stop, I don’t want to cum yet.” I release him and he turns me around to take me from behind. I grab the counter edge for leverage. I can feel his cock at my entrance and finally he slides in. Another moan escapes my lips.

He starts thrusting at a medium pace and I’m already on another world. He feels so good and after this long day this is exactly what I needed. Logan starts to fuck me harder and I can feel by orgasm building again. I reach down to rub my clit and that sends me over the edge. I start to cum even harder than before, and Logan cums too.

Maybe I should have long days more often.

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