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The lovenest

Renewal of an acquaintance leads to a hot night..
More than five years had gone by since my delicious encounter with a young girl called Caroline, with whom I had a one day stand in the secluded garden of my parental house. The memory of that summer's day remained very much alive, but I didn't think of her as someone I loved or who might love me. It was a unique and special experience for both of us, not without a great feeling of sympathy and intimacy, but mainly one of sensuality and lust.

It was early August and the second heat-wave of that summer hit the country. I spent part of my holidays in the city where I grew up, using my parents’ house as a convenient base, as they were away on their holidays. I visited old friends and went out with them. One day I had been strolling through the city on my own and desperately needing a drink, I headed for one of the terraces in the old part of the city-centre, where a majestic old church and other medieval buildings dominated the skyline.

I was lucky to find a free table. The terrace was crowded, mainly with young people, hardly surprising in a university-city. As I was waiting for the pint I had ordered, my attention was caught by a stunning beauty in her early twenties, some ten yards from where I was sitting. She was more or less facing me, and I had an unobstructed view of her, from her brown hair, with a touch of mahogany, to her red varnished toenails.

I observed her pretty face as she was vividly talking to another girl sitting opposite her, with her back towards me. From the gestures she made I took it that the subject was clothing. I let my eyes dwell over this gorgeous creature, her tanned arms and shoulders, the small red top, her nice breasts, the awesome, teasing white cotton miniskirt - very fashionable at the time - and her beautiful, tanned legs. Definitely a looker.

As the waitress served my pint, there was a sudden movement at the table of the two girls. The one whom I had so far seen from behind, and then only partly, stood up, moved her chair and turned it some ninety degrees, apparently to stay in the shadow of a parasol. Her hair was longer and darker than that of her companion and tied into a ponytail. Perky breasts were held by what was not much more than a small blue bikini top. A denim mini-skirt, barely covering her pubic area, accentuated her shapely, endless legs. Since she was wearing rather large sunglasses, I couldn't quite see what her face looked like, until she suddenly moved them into her hair...

Bang! I felt like being struck by lightning and my heart definitely missed a beat. For a second or two I wondered whether I might be mistaken and I looked again. Obviously, she had matured, but those beautiful dark eyes, the delicate line of the small nose and those sensual lips... they were all hers, the one and only Caroline!

My heart was pounding as if I had just finished a marathon and I emptied my glass almost in one draught, trying to compose myself. As I gradually calmed down, I savoured the sight of this gift of God which He had gracefully arranged to cross my path again. Only yards away were the lips I had passionately kissed, the awesome tits I had caressed and covered with my semen, and just under that denim was the delicate flower I had licked, drank from and fucked. Another delicious encounter might be in the making.

Still a bit nervous, I went over to the table of the girls.

"Excuse me, I have this feeling that we have met before."

In rapid sequence a number of things happened. First there was a gaze, a mixed expression of disbelief and amazement. Then a loud "Yeesss," almost sounding like a cry, which drew the attention of half the terrace. More or less simultaneously she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me, on my cheek and on my mouth.

"What a lovely surprise... how nice... such a coincidence!"

Caroline’s companion, now having become 'the other girl', overlooked the scene with amusement and curiosity. As I was finally introduced to her, I learned that she was Caroline’s 'best' friend Amanda. Taking her hand I said, "Very pleased to meet you, and such an appropriate name."

"You are flirting!" Caroline jokingly reprimanded me with a slightly raised voice. "Naughty boy..."

Amanda threw me a delicious, sexy smile.

"Not that I'm aware of, just giving credit where it's due," I replied. I was convinced that this was not the first time a man had used this reference to her name as an opening sentence, but she didn't show it. "But you were right about the naughty bit," I went on. Both girls laughed.

"Caroline has told me a lot about you... " Amanda bent over, offering me a delicious view into her top, down to her bellybutton and lowered her voice, "In minute detail."

"Aahh, I see. Then you know how naughty I am. Hope you liked the story."

"Liked it? I swallowed it; I made her tell it over and over, although she made me jealous beyond imagination."

"And horny beyond imagination," Caroline whispered, sheltering her voice with one hand. Laughter between the three of us. Although I didn't have the impression anyone was overhearing us, I thought I'd better try and change the subject.

"Can I offer the ladies another drink?"

"Not for me, thanks," Amanda replied, "I think I should leave you two to renew the acquaintance." She threw some money on the table, kissed Caroline and gave her a key. "You take the Chevy darling, I'm going to walk home, see you later." She reached out to me and smiled. "It was really nice to meet you. Made the picture complete. Maybe we'll meet again."

"Nice girl, in more than one respect," I said to Caroline as I was sitting down again. "And from a well-to-do background apparently."

"I agree with your first remark, but what brings you to the well-to-do bit?"

"The Chevy."

She laughed. "It's not what you think. She has a Citroën deux chevaux which she calls her Chevy."


We talked about our whereabouts in the past five years. I learned that she had finished college at an international school in Hanover and had returned two years ago.

"My parents had to move to Norway and I started a study at the university here. I'm reading law."

"And Amanda?"

"She's heading for a degree in French. We live in the same students-home, not far from here."

So far, she had been sitting with her legs crossed, but now she put one foot on a metal supporting bar of the table, some fifteen inches off the ground. In doing so, her legs parted and I was presented a weakening, teasing view at the white triangle of her panties. Part of the game? In any case, from the way she looked at me, I deducted that she had noticed where my eyes had been for a second. I thought it might be a good moment to make a further move.

"Listen, do you have any plans for tonight? If not, I propose we have dinner together at one of the restaurants near the river. My treat. What do you say?"

She laid a hand on my upper thigh and gave me a penetrating look, her lips slightly parted. Then she said softly, "If I had any plans I would cancel them, immediately."

Even a blind parrot could have sensed what sort of pot was being put on the fire here.

"I'll pick you up at seven-thirty."

After she had given me her address and telephone number, she hugged me, pressing her pelvis against mine, no doubt feeling my erection.

"See you tonight then. I look forward to the dinner," and then, whispering in my ear, "Especially the dessert."

After she had left, I settled my bill and that of the girls, but did not leave right away, since I felt somewhat uncomfortable about my appearance. I was wearing loose, boxer-type underpants, and I could feel pre-cum running down my thigh. In one spot it had become visible as a dark stain in the light cotton of my trousers. Using my pocket I tried to clean up a bit and waited until the stain had more or less disappeared.

I then took to the street and went downhill, along a narrow alley towards the river, making a mental note to wear dark trousers later that day. The restaurant where I booked offered me a table in a corner of their terrace, with a nice view of the river and the gigantic road bridge, about half a mile away. It was around five p.m. and still dazzling hot when I drove home.

She lived in one of the stately mansions lining a wide avenue which circles the city-centre and connects it with the bridge over the river. Those houses were built around the turn of the century and had once been the residence of upper middle class families. Now they were divided into apartments, used as offices, or as student-homes.

Her appearance, as she came out of the large front door, was absolutely ravishing. Her long dark hair was now loosely dancing around her pretty face, where much attention had been given to the make-up of her beautiful eyes and sensual lips. She was wearing a small, gold-coloured top of a shiny, satin-like material, held up by very thin spaghetti-bands. There was a black leather belt and then a dark yellow leather skirt. It was longer than a miniskirt, but well above her knees and it seemed to be wrapped, thus creating a placket, which fell open as she walked, exposing a good part of her left thigh.

The black shoes were open, with tiny bands across her feet and around her ankles and moderately high heels, just enough to stress her elegance. Large earrings, a necklace, a bracelet and a tiny chain around her left ankle, all in gold colour, together with a small black purse, hanging down from her shoulder, completed the stunning picture. It radiated perfect, breath taking and irrisistible female beauty.

As I held the car door open for her she greeted me with a smile and a, "Hi!" followed by, "You're a gentleman. Can't remember when someone did this for me." Before getting into the car, she paused and looked at my second-hand Renault 'Ondine' and said, "Cute car!"

Behind the wheel again, I noticed that when she sat down, her skirt fell open even further.

"Caroline, you look very..."


"I was going to say something else, but to be honest, that is what I thought." Her perfume enveloped me as she pulled my face to hers and kissed me passionately, her tongue hungrily twisting around mine and sucking it. I put my arm around her and could feel that she didn't wear a bra. I wondered what else she was not wearing.

Obviously, the atmosphere during dinner was dominated by the extremely horny mood we were in and the prospect of what was to follow. We didn't touch, at least not at first, but looks, gestures, ambiguous and also explicit remarks and insinuations were all part of a delightful game of erotic, provocative teasing, aimed at building up even more tension and increasing the temperature and pressure in an already boiling kettle. It was the foreplay of the foreplay. Sometimes there was a 'lull in the battle,' when we made more or less normal conversation, but even then the subject was sex-related. I was glad that the table next to ours remained vacant for the duration of our dinner.

"Tell me about your love-life, you don't seem to have a steady relation," I probed as I poured her some wine. She smiled.

"Otherwise I wouldn't go out with you? Is that what you think?" I kept silent.

"Even if I had," she went on, "I wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to renew the acquaintance, as Amanda put it so nicely, not for the world. And not just by chatting over a glass of beer." She paused. "As for the first part of your question, things happen in a student’s home, or elsewhere. I can't complain... and yours?"

"My hands have a steady relationship with my magic flute, but then they always had."

During this conversation her index-finger and thumb were making slow up and down movements on either side of the peppermill, like Faye Dunaway did with a chess piece in ´The Thomas Crown Affair´. Although this little performance wasn't entirely new for me, it was still immensely erotic.

"I had a girlfriend recently," I said, "who was a real cock-teaser. She turned me on, but when it came to the crunch she was not prepared to do business before marriage." Caroline burst out in laughing.

"How old-fashioned can one be!"

More than once her hand disappeared under the low hanging table cloth, which concealed what happened underneath. When the hand reappeared, the fingers were elaborately sucked. Later on, when she excused herself to 'powder her nose', she deliberately took more time to stand up and move her chair than was really necessary, bending over and presenting me a full view of her hanging bare tits.

Upon returning she repeated the show. After sitting down again, she fiddled with one of her feet, apparently to remove a shoe. She then steered her bare foot between my legs and her toes met my erection. Wetting her upper lip with her tongue, she started to move her foot up and down the almost painfully hard shaft. When we finally had coffee and Caroline gave the umpteenth demonstration of her lewdness and seduction techniques, by treating a piece of chocolate as if she was performing a blow-job, my patience had more than reached its limits. I settled the bill in a hurry.

It was getting dark when we walked to the car. An almost full moon had come up in the east and threw sparkling lights on the river.

"My place?" It seemed to be an obvious suggestion.

"Back to the crime-scene?" she joked.

"We have the whole house and the garden at our disposal."

"I think I prefer another place now."

"Surprise me."

"You wait and see darling."

In the car I was once more treated with the awesome sight of her thigh, bare almost up to her pelvis. I couldn't nor wanted to control myself any more. Kissing her hungrily, I slid my hand up her moist inner thigh. My fingers reached her creamy, swollen clit and squeezed it softly. She moaned and opened her legs further. My thumb took over the caressing of her clit and two fingers entered the slimy love-tunnel. Gasping we finally broke the kiss.

"I knew you were naked under that sexy little skirt." I savoured the musky smell of her juices and licked them from my fingers.

"Mmm," she moaned, now fingering her clit herself. "It's such a lovely feeling, so wicked, exhibitionistic, and practical for a quick jill. But this... " She unbuckled her belt and unbuttoned the leather skirt. Lifting her lovely butt a bit, she pulled the skirt away with a swift move and threw it with the belt onto the back-seat. "...this is even better!"

Looking at her inviting nakedness, the small black triangle and the smooth tanned skin which took on a bronze colour under the lights of the parking area, I took a deep breath. My pelvis seemed to have started a life of its own, with uncontrolled back and forth rocking movements, begging, screaming to be naked. The only thing that stopped me from stripping completely - at least below the waist - was the fact that I would have to do some driving, so I slid my pants down to my knees. Enjoying its freedom, the rod stood up like a battering-ram, dithering, with clear fluid glistening at the top and dripping down the shaft, the supreme exposure of wanton desire.

"Aah, look at that!... look at that hard, hot, wet... fucking pistol!" Like a bird of prey, she took a dive into my lap. While she cupped my balls with her right hand, the head of my cock disappeared into her mouth. I felt her tongue sliding along the edge of the foreskin and probing the tiny squirt-hole. Her sucking was heavenly, but if I would let her go on, it might become dangerous.

"Let's go," I said, "and cool down a bit, before something premature happens."

She directed me to the south-east, out of the city. I took it we were heading for the vast hilly area, covered with woods, which stretches some fifteen miles from the outskirts of the city to the border with Germany and beyond. At the time this was a thinly populated area, with only a few small villages. I knew the area rather well and also knew that it provided ample opportunities to play love games, even in broad daylight.
It was challenging to concentrate on the driving, as she kept playing with my cock, spreading pre-cum over it and caressing it carefully with her fingertips or with her long nails. At the same time, she fondled her tits, now bare as she had pulled her top well above them, or fingering her clit with her other hand.

"Tell me," she said, "do you think I've changed?"

"Changed is not the word. The nucleus of what I see today was already present five years ago: The sensuality and sexual appetite, the self-conscious way of exposing your beauty and getting what you want, it was all there back then. You're bolder now. If you are unleashed, you can be... are... a sexual beast."

"I guess you're right, not in everyone's company though. Amanda calls me hedonistic, and she should know, being a hedonistic creature herself." She laughed.

We drove along sparsely lit and later dark secondary roads. She was now completely naked, apart from her jewellery and her shoes, and adopted a provocative pose, with her right foot resting on top of the dashboard. She said it was a pity that we encountered only a few cars, as the idea of being seen naked by other people 'is so heavenly exhibitionistic.' Meanwhile the car was filled with the heavy, musky smell of sex, mixed with perfume.

"I like to talk dirty when I'm hot," she said suddenly, "dirty and nasty..."

"And to be at the receiving end as well, I take it?"

"Yes, of course, and to be called names..."

"Like what... bitch or slut?"

"Mmm, or even whore... talk dirty to your little whore, you hungry stud... tell me what you're going to do to me."

I took a deep breath, not entirely sure whether I was able to comply with her expectations, as I didn't feel particularly well trained in this type of game. But it was no doubt extremely exciting.

"Right, listen, you vulgar, dirty slut... I'm going to punish you for that scandalous behaviour of yours. How dare you to go out with me to a decent restaurant without a bra... and wearing such a nasty, cum-begging, leather skirt, exposing that naked please-fuck-me thigh...and worst of all, with a bare, dripping cunt and a naked ass." I surprised myself.

"Aahh, yes... that's delicious... go on, go on..." She spread her legs as far as she could and fiercely fingered herself.

"The whole evening you have tortured me with your fuckable body that needs to be screwed and covered with lots of hot, slimy cum... So... I'm going to spank your ass and fuck your brains out, little whore..."

She moaned and gasped.

"Oh yes, I deserve that, I need to be spanked... and then screwed, deep... very deep... and then you squirt your hot cum all over my face and my naughty titties... and then... oh my god... I'm going to come... I am…" She let out a sharp cry.

This mind blowing game was obviously driving me wild, and it took lots of willpower not to touch my rod.

"That 'cum-begging' is a nice word; it will be in my vocabulary of dirty words from now on... cum-begging eyes... cum-begging tits... fuck my cum-begging cunt."

"Caroline, stop it please... for a while anyway."

"Okay, then I'll tell you something slightly more serious, something you should know before we start fucking... I really do like to have your cum over my face and tits, but in the heat of the game, things can turn out differently. I may change my mind and want you to squirt inside me, or you may be late in drawing back. You shouldn't worry then about possible consequences. I'm taking the pill."

"Clever girl, and thanks for telling me."

Eventually we turned onto an unpaved track into the woods, which we followed for a few hundred yards, until it was blocked by a wooden barrier, beyond which one was supposed to walk only. Left of the barrier was a small open space, capable of accommodating five or six cars, but now it was empty. I parked the car close to the barrier.

"Come on, let's play," she said, getting out of the car. As if we hadn’t done that already the entire evening. But now the serious bit started.

I was naked in seconds, threw my clothes in the back of the car, locked it and hid the key in the ground behind a tree. It was a fantastic feeling to be naked in the open air, a mild lukewarm wind caressing my cock, balls and ass. Although there seemed to be no one else around, it was still a public place and we might be seen. The exhibitionistic exposure of your naked body, visibly ready for sex, is really marvellous. Caroline was clearly enjoying the same feeling, standing behind the barrier, her glorious body lit by the now high risen moon, swinging her hips lasciviously and cupping her tits.

I went up to her and from behind I slid my spear between her legs, stroking her cunt lips with it, whereas my fingers squeezed her nipples which stood out like bullets. She moaned.

"Come inside me... just a few thrusts." Bending over, leaning with her elbows on the barrier, she opened her legs and gasped when I entered her soaking love-tunnel. Finally! After hours of teasing and torturing foreplay, at long last we were fucking. But she didn't allow me to go further than the few strokes she had asked for and drew back. Wisely.

"We're going to walk for a bit." We went down the track, deeper into the wood. Apart from the distant call of an owl and the occasional soft rustling of the wind in the tree-tops, it was completely silent. Every now and then we stopped for a long tongue-kiss, or for me to suck her beautiful tits, whereas she took my cock in her hand, squeezing and stroking it.

I wondered where she was taking me. On both sides of the track the ground did not look very inviting for a love-game, as there was a lot of undergrowth between the trees. But after some three hundred yards or so, there was a small path leading away from the track. Following it we eventually reached an open space, where the ground was covered with grass and moss.

"Our love-nest," she said. At that moment I was not yet aware of the ambiguity of the word 'our.' "Are you going to spank your little slut now?"

"There is a difference between a game of dirty words and reality; I think I do not particularly enjoy spanking a beautiful girls' beautiful ass...unless you think it's a turn-on."

"Maybe I do... try me."

She tripped over to a tree, leaned her hands against it and spread her legs, invitingly wiggling her ass. It was tempting to discard the spanking and to start fucking immediately instead.

"Come on, do it... spank me."

She let out a short "aahh" when my hand hit her perky little ass-cheek.

"Again... please..."

"You're not supposed to enjoy it, dirty slut... it was a punishment, remember?"

I slapped again, somewhat harder this time. And again. Apparently she liked it and contrary to what I had thought, I rather enjoyed it as well. I never had any preference for SM, but this mild form of it was indeed very erotic.

We returned to the open patch and she indicated that she wanted me to lie down. She kneeled above my head and lowered her body until the entrance of her flower met my mouth. Once more I savoured her heady, musky scent and eagerly complied with her apparent desire to have her cunt eaten out. Then she went for my pulsating cock, hungrily sucking and swallowing it. A few minutes into this delightful activity she suddenly stood up, turned around and kneeled again, now over my pelvis. I was in for a surprise.

Supporting her movements by placing her hands on my shoulders, she lowered herself just above the tip of my cock. Then she stopped. The next moment I felt warm fluid running along the shaft and down my balls. She was peeing! Suddenly the stream of fluid stopped and she lowered herself further, now taking my cock into her cunt completely. She fucked for a few seconds, three or four strokes. Then she released my rod again, produced a new, short stream of pee and resumed the fucking, accompanied by the squishing sounds of our mixed body juices. This was really unbelievable. Never in my life had I had such a glorious fuck. I moaned for wanton joy.

"You do like this, don't you? I call it water-fucking... nasty slut huh?"

I just kept on moaning. She had now erected her upper body and continued to fuck without interruption, with slow rocking movements, letting one hand play with her tits and the other with her clit. She panted. I knew I was less than a minute separated from an orgasm and not wanting it to happen yet, I called for a break. Then, standing over me with her feet on either side of my chest, she let out another short stream of warm pee.

"I think I'm empty now."

"I'm surprised about what you had in store...since you went to the toilet in the restaurant..."

"I said I was going to powder my nose, not that I was going to pee. I'm kidding, I did pee, enough to take the pressure off my bladder, but I deliberately saved the rest... I can control that part of my body rather well, as you have noticed."

"You treated me with a heavenly fuck..."

"Mmmm, great huh? This water-fucking is so wicked and so deliciously dirty. Not suitable for indoors though."

She was now lying beside me, an arm behind her head, one leg pulled up and the other stretched sideways, the hand of her other arm wandering over her soft, beautifully curved, moonlit body, every now and then stopping at her hard nipples or her clit to give them the attention they were begging for. She was clearly savouring every second of her awesomely exhibitionistic sexual exposure. Gradually the attention of her hand focused on her clit.

"Don't you agree that this is a nice spot for naughty sex-games? Amanda and I have spent hours here, especially on hot nights like this one. First we walk along that track and other paths, like you and I did tonight, naked, or wearing only a small top... caressing each other, kissing, whenever we're ready... the juices dribbling down our thighs... sooo delicious." She was blowing my mind, with every sentence working up my arousal further and further. And she knew it.

"And then we continue our game here. Sometimes we take a long, flexible dildo with us, one with a cock-head on either side. We lie down, both with a cock-head in our cunt... and then we tongue and fuck and come again, and again... like I'm going to come now... yes... oh... I'm going to come!"

"I want to screw you, NOW!" I grabbed her arm and pulled her up. "Against that tree, where I spanked you. Move, you nasty slut." She quickly and eagerly obeyed. Her hands against the tree, she once more adopted that breath taking surrendering pose, her legs spread and her lovely butt pointing backward. At first I teased her, sliding my rod along the crack of her delightful ass, then guiding the tip over her cunt lips and her clit.

"Oh please, please let me have that fucking-pistol inside me..."

She let out a sharp 'ah' and threw her head backward as I drove the rod between her slimy lips, my hands on her hips.

"You're mine now, slut... I'm fucking you... and I will keep fucking you, until I squirt my cream into your hot cunt."

"Oh yes, fuck me hard and deep, screw your little whore... pump that hot semen into my hungry cunt... my cum-begging cunt"

Initially I took her slowly, after every thrust drawing back, all the way out, and then in again.

"Cup my tits and squeeze my hot nipples!"

She now thrust her pelvis backward and stepped up the rhythm. Delicious as this game was, with my excessive horniness it was clear that it wouldn't last very long. As I felt the orgasm approaching, I held my breath and a few seconds later I exploded deep inside her.

"That story about your games with Amanda made me curious," I said during our drive back to the city. "Do you consider yourself to be bi-sexual?"

"Maybe... I very much enjoy the relation with Amanda, but she's the only woman I have done it with. It started accidentally, when I caught her masturbating one day. And then one thing led to another. But I'm not sure whether I would actively pursue a sexual relation with another woman if our lives would take separate courses. On the other hand, I think I will not turn down a nice woman, if she would approach me sexually. But the little story about our exploits in the wood did turn on very much, didn't it?"

"It certainly did. The image of two beautiful women making love is extremely erotic, even if it is presented only verbally."

She kept silent for a while and then there was a short "Mm".

"Thinking of something?"

"Eh... no. Nothing in particular." It did not sound very convincing.

Shortly after one o'clock I stopped the car in front of the students-home, right behind a dark red Deux Chevaux.

"Call me," she said, squeezing my cock through the fabric of my pants. Then our tongues met once more in a hungry kiss.

After watching her going up the elegant stairs, I drove off.

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