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The Lusty Month of May

An erotic Beltane celebration
Tra la! It's May!
The lusty month of May!
That lovely month when ev'ryone goes
Blissfully astray.
Tra la! It's here!
That shocking time of year
When tons of wicked little thoughts
Merrily appear!

It was about ten in the morning and the dew had been burned off when I walked barefoot into the meadow to celebrate the Sabbat. It was May 1st - May Day, or Beltane, and truth to say, I should have been here in time to see the sun come up; but I’m a lazy bastard, and only the fact that getting dressed had been such a simple affair had kept me from being later still. I wore nothing more than a short-sleeved robe (actually an old-fashioned nightshirt made of t-shirt fabric) and I yawned mightily as I bore a goblet of wine to the meadow, there to toast the day, pour a libation, and go back home. Sometimes being a solitary Pagan sucks. Beltane is a lot more fun with company… dancing, drinking, games and just good old-fashioned revelry tend to mark the typical Beltane celebration.

I had gone far enough into the meadow (which is part of a parcel of land owned by my family since forever) that there was little chance of observation, and I held the cup high for the toast when a voice shattered the silence.

“Got enough for me?”

I must have been drowsier than I thought; I hadn’t even seen her, but there she was, big as life - a pretty blonde, barefoot, her head crowned with a wreath of flowers, and wearing a robe similar to mine, except hers looked to be made of real linen. Still, what do I know about fabric?

She was really pretty, I realized as she got closer - well, not drop-dead gorgeous or anything, not supermodel material - just old-fashioned pretty, with laughing blue eyes, a generous smiling mouth, and a tiny patch of freckles on either side of a pert nose. Her hair was a little more than shoulder-length, with just a hint of curl to it. She could have been anywhere from eighteen to twenty-something, and it was hard not to smile, her grin was so infectious.

She took the cup from my hand and knocked back a good third of it at a gulp. “Hey!,” I yelped, “leave some for the libation!”

“Oh gods, you’re not one of those stuffy, stick-up-his-butt Pagans, are you? All this-tradition and that-tradition and by-the-rules-bullshit?” She put her hand to her bosom in a dramatic gesture and rolled her eyes, still grinning. “Tell me I didn’t traipse all the way out here to celebrate and run into that kind of Pagan!”

I laughed - it was impossible not to, really - and she joined in, giggling like a lunatic. I knocked back part of the wine, and she laughed even harder, which got me started again, and we laughed till we collapsed, gasping for breath.

I looked away from her - I was afraid looking at that grin would set me off again, and my sides were hurting - and asked, “Who are you? I don’t think we’ve ever met. Are you from around here?”

“Oh, I’m from all over - I just kind of go where the wind blows - and you can call me Flower.”

That did it. I had just enough time to set the cup down in what I hoped was a safe place, and I lost it again. I laughed, I chortled, I roared - I even giggled - and she kept pace with me, laughing until we were both red in the face and coughing for breath, tears streaming from our eyes.

“Whooo,” I wheezed, “- tell me your parents didn’t name you Flower!”

She screwed her face up into a mock-scowl and punched my shoulder. “What’s wrong with Flower?” She seemed on the verge of giggles again.

I smiled - my face was actually hurting from smiling so much. “Not a thing. It suits you.”

“Well, there you go, then.” She leaned back and stretched. “Okay, your turn. What‘s your name?“

“Nothing as exotic as Flower.” I smiled. “Kevin.”

“So, Kevin, what did you have in mind for a celebration today?”

“Just a toast and libation, I‘m afraid. It‘s pretty much all I ever do for the Sabbats.”

“Awww, now that’s a shame. A beautiful day, a beautiful meadow, and a toast and libation were the best you could come up with?”

“Well, it didn’t seem practical to do more… why set up a Maypole if there’s no one to dance with?”

“Well, you’re not alone now.” She got to her feet and extended a hand. “Dance with me, Kevin.”

“I’m not very good - “ I began.

“It’s not about technique, silly, it’s about celebration! Forget your technique and dance - you’ll be fine, trust me.”

I started off stiffly, awkwardly, trying to remember the steps to a simple country dance, but it had been far too long, and I staggered around like a drunken robot while Flower giggled some more. I finally acknowledged defeat and dropped her hands.

Flower smiled impishly. “Wow - it really has been a long time, hasn’t it?”

“I warned you.”

“You give up too easy. Look - just take my hands and let me lead. When you feel comfortable, you take over, okay?”

I said a silent prayer to Terpsichore to lend me grace, then took her hands.

Something changed then, a circuit of some kind was completed. Flower threw herself into the dance and I followed, borne up irresistibly in her wake. It was nothing but a simple circle dance, but Flower kept inventing new steps and I found myself following her with a practiced ease I’d never had. All through the dance she smiled and laughed and giggled, full of life and joy and mirth that spilled from her with every step. My own heart danced and smiled and I felt a lightening of spirit, just from dancing, just from being with her….

We finally fell to the grass, laughing, locked in each other’s arms. I looked into her eyes, saw that wonderful, amazing smile, felt irrepressibly joyous, even giddy. I lay back in the grass and Flower lay on top of me, her head on my chest. I folded her in my arms and held her close and felt something strangely like contentment….

After a moment she raised her head, still smiling and gave me a playful kiss. I smiled, relishing her prettiness, and the next kiss was longer… slower… deeper - still playful, but with an added tenderness to it. I initiated the next kiss, feeling a strange sense of innocence steal over me. My lips clung to hers, peeled away reluctantly, moved back in for more. She gave me her mouth willingly, eagerly, passion and tenderness melded in the touch of her lips on mine. Her body was soft against mine as she kissed my throat, licking and sucking… biting gently…. She took my hand, smiling, and placed it on her breast. I could feel the hard nipple beneath the thin robe and I rubbed my thumb across it, squeezing gently. She stiffened with a tiny gasp, then smiled. Her hand traced its way down my robe till it reached the throbbing hardness between my legs. She squeezed it gently and murmured against my ear, “Celebrate with me, Kevin.”….

I kissed her again and she rose to her knees, bunched her robe about her waist, then lifted it over her head. She had a soft, tawny tan - natural, not the product of a tanning bed or hours at the beach - and nary a tan line in sight. Her breasts were just a bit more than a handful each, with perky little nipples, and she was a natural blonde, with just a little tuft of blonde hair crowning her nether lips. She stretched her arms out in a gesture that clearly said “look all you want” and gave me her grin at full voltage. “Your turn.” I sat up long enough to get my legs under me and lifted my robe off and away. I lay back again and she melted into my arms, kissing me softly. I was horny, but I felt no need to rush thin; truth to say, she felt so good against me, it seemed a shame not to take it easy and make it last; so I kissed her some more, tasting her mouth, our tongues sliding around each other. I teased my hands down her back and cupped her ass; she giggled and squirmed against me, her nipples hard against mine, just kissing. I kissed her throat, biting just a bit, licking - squeezing her firm tits and playing with her nipples. She smiled and sighed, arched her back and ground her pelvis against mine.

I rolled over, taking her with me, and leaned above her, kissing and licking her tight little body. I caressed her everywhere my hands could reach and my mouth was perpetually drawn back to hers. I don’t think I’d ever been with someone who could kiss like that; making me feel that she was giving me everything, all at once; that her body and mind and heart were all mine, given freely, without hesitation or reservations. I kissed and licked her breasts till they glistened with wetness, licking and sucking her nipples, biting gently and stretching them while she moaned. One hand caressed my cock and balls, stroking and teasing, but without urgency. It was as though the purpose of this was not the orgasm, but the pleasure; not the destination, but the journey.

I worked a hand between us, our bodies covered with a light film or perspiration, and caressed my way down her soft belly to her mound. Her legs opened just a bit wider and I cupped her in my hand, teasing a finger between her moist folds. She smiled and moaned and pulled me back up for another kiss while I teased her labia apart, stroking gently, feeling her wetness, but not yet pushing into her. Our tongues played while I teased my fingers up and down between her legs. Her legs were spread wide, offering her pussy to me, but this felt so good…! I couldn’t bear to rush it, to end it before we squeezed every iota of joy from it.

I rose to my feet, looked down at her. Still pretty, but not gorgeous. What was it about her…? I could walk down any mall in the country and find a dozen girls in all of them just as pretty, but something about her called to me. She looked up at me quizzically and I sank to my knees. I started licking at the inside of her knees, alternating back and forth, working my way up slowly…. I kissed and licked her inner thighs for a long time before I finally kissed her pussy. It was perfect, ripe and wet, her lips puffy and swollen and I licked her forever, tasting her sweetness, loving the taste of her… when my tongue touched her clit, she gushed into my mouth and I swallowed and went back for more, more… I felt the thrill run up and down her spine when she came; I felt it in my own body somehow, and I teased her with mouth and lips, teeth and tongue till I was certain not the slightest trace of an orgasm was left in her body.

She rose up with that gentle smile and pushed me down. Her mouth found mine again and she tasted herself on my tongue. Gods, this girl could kiss! Her hands were all over me, everywhere at once. She knew just how, just where and when to touch, to caress or kiss or bite…. She smiled her Flower-smile as her tongue licked lazily up the underside of my cock. She giggled at my reaction before she took me in her mouth, sucking so gently, so lovingly…. With lips and tongue and teeth and hands she brought me to the edge and back, again and again. She lay down on top of me, pressing the fullness of her nakedness into mine, kissing and licking at my ear, my throat, my lips. She rose to her knees above me, then sank down with exquisite slowness, taking me into her… so hot and wet, her muscles caressing my length like wet silk, stroking, stroking… riding my cock without haste. My hands reached up to cup her breasts, play with her hard nipples, everything moving with dreamlike slowness….

She lay back, pulling me down on top of her. “Love me, Kevin.” Her face was full of an indescribable joy as I thrust deep inside her, building the pleasure higher. She moaned and writhed around me, her legs wrapped around my waist, pulling me into her again and again, my cock filling her. She met my thrusts with her own, crazed with lust now, taking me deep, squeezing me tightly, slamming forcefully into each other, losing ourselves in each other’s flesh, straining toward each other…. I hit an impossible peak and screamed as I emptied myself into her, everything I had; she took it all and more and wrung every gasp, every shudder, every convulsion from my body till there was nothing left….

Afterward, she kissed me - long and slow and deep. “Thank you for celebrating with me, Kevin,” she said with a smile and a sigh. She wrapped her sweet body around mine, melted into my arms… and we slept.

When I awoke, Flower was nowhere to be seen; but the place where we had lain together was thickly carpeted with wildflowers.

And - sweet goddess help me - I’m in love.

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