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The Magic Lamp - Part Three

Synopsis of Part One & Two: Miriam finds an old lantern while working for an antique dealer. It is a special lantern – one with a handsome genie residing inside who has the ability to grant any three wishes made by its possessor. Miriam makes her first and second wishes and they are fulfilled beyond her expectations.

Miriam put her cell phone down on the small glass-top table and picked up her wine glass. She stepped to the edge of the balcony, leaned against the marble balustrade, and gazed out over the city below. A cool Manhattan breeze ruffled her robe and brought goose bumps to her flesh, still damp from her morning shower. Usually calm and relaxed, she made a habit of drinking her wine in slow measured sips savoring the subtle flavors of the grape. Today she tossed it back in gulps like a beggar at a banquet. She was upset. Her life was in turmoil.

After finding a magic lantern – one that could grant its possessor anything imaginable, three separate times – you’d think that Miriam would be without a care in the world. Yet she was not. She stared down into her empty glass and reflected on the events of the past few weeks. It all began with the discovery of that amazing lamp. The wonderful genie inside it had overwhelmed her with two unbelievable sexual experiences and she ached for more. But she had only one wish remaining and the realization of that fact was causing her great anxiety. And then there was her job. When Miriam failed to show up at work on the day after finding the lamp, her boss fumed and threatened her. Let him shout, she thought. Who cares? But later, when he saw her on the estate’s security video leaving the premises with the lamp, she was fired and accused of theft. Then there’s this luxurious high-rise apartment. When she had signed the lease, she was gainfully employed. Now, without a job and without much in her savings account, there was no way that she could come up with next month’s rent. Jobless and soon homeless. As if that weren’t enough, there was the call she just received from a co-worker warning her that he overheard their boss say that the police were on their way to her apartment with a search warrant. Aware of the lamp’s value, she knew that when they found it she would be arrested for grand larceny. She refilled her wine glass.

Miriam downed another mouthful of her Merlot and decided to go inside. She went through the opening of the sliding glass doors that separated the terrace from her bedroom. The magic lamp sat alone on the center of her dresser. She picked it up, set her wineglass in its place, and sat down on the edge of the bed. She held the old brass lamp on her lap, drummed her fingertips on the mattress, and searched her weary mind for a solution to her problems. She stared down at the lantern.

“One more wish,” she pondered aloud. “One more wish.” The police will be here soon. I'd better do something quick!

Without further thought Miriam rubbed the side of the lamp. As it did before, a thick smoke engulfed the room and when it began to clear the wonderful and mysterious genie stood before her with his arms crossed.

“Greetings, Mistress,” the genie grinned. He seemed happy to see her again. “What is it that you wish of me today?”

“I would rather not make a wish right away,” Miriam said slowly, carefully choosing her words. “I will soon lose possession of your lamp and I must decide quickly how to use my final wish.”

Suddenly there was a loud pounding on her apartment door. “Shit!” she moaned. “They're here already!” She glanced anxiously at the door then back to the genie. The forceful knocks on the door repeated.

“OPEN UP! NYPD! POLICE!” a voice shouted from the hallway. “OPEN THIS DOOR NOW!”

“Damnit,” Miriam cursed shaking her fists at the door. She turned to the genie. “You stay right here. I'll be back in a minute to make that last wish. First, I have to let these bastards in.”

The shouts and knocks from the hallway persisted as Miriam, still clutching the lamp, headed toward the door. “Why did I have to fall for a guy who lives in a thing like this?” she muttered to herself on her way to meet her fate. “I wish he wasn't trapped in this damned thing.”

She opened the door and two heavy men in rumpled sports coats hurriedly entered the apartment. “I'm Detective Jackson,” the lead man barked while the other man stood in the doorway and surveyed the room with nervous eyes that darted left to right then back again as if he expected someone with gun to leap out from an unseen hiding place. “And this is my partner, Detective Clark. We have a bench warrant to search—”

“Save your breath,” Miriam cut him off. “Here's what you're looking for.” She handed the lantern to Jackson. “Now I suppose you're going to arrest me now.” She knew that it was pointless to resist and she hoped that her cooperation might cut her a little slack.

“That's right, Ma'am,” Detective Jackson nodded. “You have the right to --”

“Wait,” Miriam interrupted him again. “You can read me my rights later. But right now would you please let me get dressed before you cart me off to jail? Please,” she begged. “It'll only take a minute.”

The two cops, their urgency diffused by her calm demeanor, turned to one another. Clark shrugged his shoulders to indicate that it didn't make any difference to him. Jackson turned back to Miriam and reluctantly said, “Okay, but make it snappy! You got two minutes.”

“Thank you! Thank you!” Miriam said excitedly as she hurried back into the bedroom.

She shut the door and quickly turned the lock on the doorknob. She looked at the genie who was smiling broadly and standing in the same spot where she had left him. “You handled that nicely,” he laughed.

“I'm glad that you're amused,” she frowned. “Now here is my last wish. My head is spinning and I can't think straight but I made up my mind and this is it.” She paused for a second, then gathered her wits. “Pleasure me the way you did for my first two wishes and make it just as memorable. Then when they drag me to jail I won't care one bit.”

“If that is what you want, I shall be more than willing to comply,” said the genie eagerly.

In an instant his arms wrapped around her and he kissed her lips. Miriam slid her hand up the base of his skull her fingers combing his thick black hair. She pulled his face closer to her and his mouth crushed against hers. His hair smelled clean with hints of cedar and cloves. Soon his tongue swam inside her mouth, gliding above and below her tongue. It slithered about exploring and caressing everywhere. Miriam recalled the last time this magnificent tongue had touched her body and already warm moisture was gathering at that very area of her remembrance. When he withdrew his tongue back into his own mouth, the genie sucked the woman's along with it.

The magic man's hands slipped inside her robe and explored her body while his mouth suckled and caressed her tongue. He gently squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples with his right hand while his left massaged its way down her spine. When the hand on her back had reach her buttocks, its middle finger rode in her crack until it was buried in her slippery juices. He pulled her lubricating moisture backward and tenderly massaged the small patch of skin between her pussy and butt hole. The genie's right hand descended from the front and his fingers probed between her labia. One finger pushed through her welcoming opening while his thumb wiped across her clit in small circular sweeps. Miriam groaned into her lover's mouth. He stroked his finger in and out of her wet pussy then added another and continued to pump. On each withdrawing pull he bent one of his fingers at the first knuckle dragging it against her G-spot and then straightened the joint before plunging back in. Her body quivered at the sensation that the genie's fingers were causing. While finger-fucking Miriam with one hand, the other continued to drag and smear her lubricating fluid onto that sensitive piece of tissue between her ass and cunt. He carried her slickness to the tight pucker of her asshole and soon pushed his fingertip inside. She pulled away from the genie's mouth throwing her head back and let out a high pitched scream like the wail of a wounded animal.

“WHAT’S GOING ON IN THERE?” the detective's shout intruded into the bedroom. “COME OUT NOW! YOU’VE HAD ENOUGH TIME,” he bellowed impatiently.

“Pay them no mind,” the genie said softly. Miriam could hear the police trying to turn the locked doorknob, as she pushed her body down and rocked on the genie’s penetrating fingers.

“OPEN THE DOOR. WE HAVE TO GO!” the urgent shouts continued. “WE’LL BREAK THIS DOOR DOWN IF WE HAVE TO!”

“They cannot get in,” the genie calmly assured her and she smiled back at him then pulled his head down to her breasts.

He obliged her by fluttering his tongue like the wings of a moth across the hard nub of her tit then sucking the nipple into his mouth. He played with her breasts like this, switching back and forth between the two, while using his nimble fingers to pleasure her below. When the orgasm suddenly overcame her she clenched his hand to her pussy and rode against his fingers, gyrating and bucking and filling the small room with her ecstatic screams.

Loud thuds on the door told the two lovers that the detectives were trying to kick the door down. Then when louder bangs resonated in the room, they knew that the men were throwing their shoulders into the door. Miriam laughed giddily in the aftermath of her orgasm an had no intention of opening the door for the angry policemen.

Knowing that her orgasm had subsided, the genie removed his fingers from his mistress and raised his head from her breasts. She gave him a soft silent thank-you kiss on the lips and lowered herself to her knees. The troubles that only minutes ago had clouded her mind had been driven away by the burning lust that now consumed her. Miriam took hold of the genie’s immense erection with her small hand and lifted it before her face, seeing it up close for the first time. She studied it in awe and admired the beauty and size of this breathtaking instrument of pleasure. Meandering branches of bulging blue veins adorned its thick length like a 3-dimensional tattoo. Her hand clenched it below the pinkish dome of its head and she saw that there was room enough on the shaft for her other hand. She nuzzled her face against it and inhaled the musky scent of his crotch. Tenderly she rubbed her cheek along the engorged penis. His dark pubic curls felt soft and silky as her face slid slowly through them. The genie’s scrotum was warm and alive and the furry velvet of its skin was obligingly pliant as she carefully sucked one of his balls into her mouth. In spite of the loud urgent bangs on the bedroom door, Miriam could hear a low hum of pleasure resonating through the genie’s body like an underground train. When she sucked his other ball, she began to gradually slide her hand up and down his rigid shaft. Miriam wondered if the curse that held the magic man in the lamp also prevented him from feeling any pleasure. She knew that she would find out soon enough and released his testicle. She raised her mouth to the base of his cock, and dragged her tongue upward in teasing sweeps, as if she were eating an ice cream cone in slow motion. She followed the bulge of his urethra along the sensitive underside of his shaft and worked her way to the top. When her tongue reached the rubbery velvet helmet, she clamped her hand tightly around his hardness, pulled down, and spread his tiny slit. She dipped the tip of her tongue onto the cap and lapped up the small puddle of pre-cum that had been deposited in the opened slit. Another bead of clear fluid quickly replaced it and she rubbed her lips into it. The hums of the genie morphed into a moan as she took him into her mouth. Miriam slid down on him, holding his cock firmly against the roof of her mouth with her tongue, and rose up and down on it repeatedly. She sucked him with a desperate passion, her cheeks collapsed snugly around his stiff member. She crammed as much of the huge cock into her mouth as she could handle and stroked wildly with her fist on what she could not. The genie’s large hands engulfed her head and he pulled her toward him in pace with the plunges of her mouth. His body lunged and shook when he came. The warm thick fluid that carried his seed gushed into her mouth and she drank it down readily.

Oblivious to the passionate lovemaking taking place in the bedroom, the detectives continued to beat on the door. “WE’LL SHOOT THE FUCKIN’ LOCK OFF THE DOOR, IF YOU DON’T OPEN THIS DAMN… Detective Jackson’s voice trailed off in frustration. The two lovers ignored the commotion.

Miriam stood. The insides of her thighs were coated with her wetness. She kissed the man from the lamp on the mouth. He returned the kiss, then grasped each of her legs below her buttocks. When he lifted her up, she wrapped her arms around his neck. He raised her up above his cock and lowered her back down, impaling her on it. She gasped.

“B-But y-you just came,” she stammered, not wanting to talk at this moment, but amazed that he could still be so hard. He answered her with a sly smile and a mischievous wink.

As the genie lifted and lowered Miriam again and again on his erection, he brought his face to her breasts and sucked her nipples one more. After she came quickly and forcefully he carried her to the bed and lowered her onto her back. He tugged her body to the edge of the mattress, so that her ass hung slightly over the side. He took hold of her legs by the ankles and raised them up. When her feet were on either side of his head, he plunged his stiff member back inside her. He fucked her steadily and vigorously until they both came.

Miriam panted heavily on the bed, exhausted after the rigorous workout while the genie smiled down at her. The thuds on the bedroom door had lessened in intensity but the cops had not given up. She laughed at the thought of them being all sore and black-and-blue tomorrow morning after having continuously smashed their bodies against her door.

“I guess I’ll take a shower and let those creeps arrest me,” she smiled at the magic man, accepting her fate.

“A shower now?” the genie responded. “There’s no need to shower yet. You can take a nice long leisurely bath later on.” He picked up a bundled tube of old fabric that stood in the corner of the room and carried it onto the balcony.

When he untied the bundle and unfurled the fabric onto the floor of the terrace, Miriam called out to him, “You don’t understand. I have no time for a bath. These policemen are waiting to take me to jail.” She watched him sit down on the old cloth that he just spread out. “You can sit out there and sunbathe, but I have to—“

“You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do,” he interrupted. He smiled broadly. “Come out here.”

When Miriam stepped onto the balcony she glanced at the old fabric that her lover was sitting on. She immediately recognized the floral motifs and the silk stitching as Fifth Century Persian. It was an antique rug.

“Come, sit down,” he beckoned and motioned to the spot on the rug in front of him.

She looked back at the bedroom door that the detectives were still crashing into. What’s a few more minutes? She thought and sat down in front of the mysterious genie. He inched up until his body was pressed tight against hers, his legs locked on either side of her. Suddenly the rug, along with the two lovers upon it, rose up from the floor of the balcony. Miriam quickly looked over her shoulder at the genie.

“What’s going on?” she said, alarmed by the floating rug. But, before he had a chance to reply, she realized what it was. “A magic carpet! This is a magic carpet?”

“You could call it that,” he laughed. “We are going home now. To my home.” When she looked bewildered he explained, “I am free from the lamp now. You did that with your wish. You freed me.”

“But how?”

“When you wished that I would not be trapped in the lamp,” he said. “I was released from the curse of the sorcerer that imprisoned me there. I was freed by your final wish.”

“I didn’t say that as a wish. It was just that I didn’t want to see you trapped in that thing…”

“It was, in fact, your wish – the final wish that I granted as your humble genie,” he said into her ear as he folded his arms around her.

“But then you allowed me a fourth wish,” Miriam said.

“Call that a fourth wish if you choose,” he laughed. “But I ceased being a genie the moment that you wished for my freedom. Everything after that I did willingly.” He squeezed her tightly.

As the magic carpet rose higher, it began to drift away from the terrace. Miriam glanced back at the apartment and saw the bedroom door splinter and implode with the two angry detectives tumbling in and falling to the floor.

“I have some magic of my own,” he said softly into her ear as the carpet began to quickly carry them away from the building. “But we’ll talk about that later. Right now I am anxious to show you my palace and the royal bath.”

Cuddled snugly together on the mystical carpet, the two naked lovers sailed off through the clouds to a distant place and time.

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