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The Magic Lamp - Part Two

Tags: genie, fantasy
Synopsis of Part One: Miriam finds an old lantern while working for an antique dealer. It is a special lantern – one with a handsome genie residing inside who has the ability to grant any three wishes made by its possessor. Miriam makes her first wish and it is fulfilled beyond her expectations.

Neeeep! Neeeep! Neep! Neep! Neep!

The loud electronic sound penetrated the wall of mist that surrounded them. The dark haired stranger at her breast raised his head and released her nipple from his lips with a wet popping noise. She looked down into his sad eyes. The puzzled expression on his face seemed to ask, "What is that noise?" Ignoring his unspoken question, she gently placed her hand behind his head and drew him back to her bosom.

Neeeep! Neeeep! Neep! Neep! Neep!

The strange sound disturbed his suckle again. This time when he pulled away, he stood and was immediately engulfed in the thick white fog.

"Don't go!" she cried as the smoky mist seemed to carry him away. "Wait!" she called into the cottony vapor after him. "Who are you?!" The only reply to her shout was that infernal beep.

Neeeep! Neeeep! Miriam opened her eyes and saw that she was at home in her bed. Neep! Neep! Neep! She swatted at the nightstand to silence the alarm clock. As she rolled on her side and glanced at the clock to read the time, the disturbing electronic chirp sounded again. She pushed the silence button a second time, but the sound did not stop. She moaned and smacked the clock repeatedly but to no avail. Just as she grabbed hold of the alarm's cord and was about to yank it out of the wall socket, Miriam heard the recorded sound of her own voice and then suddenly realized that the annoying noise had been the telephone – not the alarm clock – and her answering machine was now taking the call.

"Miriam? Are you there? Pick up!" the authoritative voice of the caller urgently bellowed in the quiet bedroom. "It's important, Miriam! If you're there, please pick up."

She half-listened to the telephone as she desperately tried to recall the sweet dream that she had been snatched from. She moved her hands under the blanket and touched her breasts. After she felt the excited state of her nipples, Miriam put her hand down between her legs and pulled her middle finger up through her moist furrow. Taking her hand away, she slid her coated finger back and forth across her thumb and felt its slipperiness. She knew that her dream had been an exciting one, even though now the image of it had just slipped beyond the threshold of her memory.

"This is Fred. Remember me? Fred? Your boss?" the voice identified itself and still Miriam showed little interest in what he had to say. "It's after ten, you're more than an hour late!"

After ten? she thought. I have never slept this late! As she quickly awakened, she suddenly remembered, That lamp!

“...I hope for your sake that you are on your way here," Fred babbled on. "I need your report from the Sanders estate on my desk no later than..."

"The Sanders mansion," she searched her memory aloud. "That's where I found the lamp! Or was it all just a dream?"

While Miriam relived in her mind her encounter with the genie, Fred uttered a few more words into the recorder before it automatically cut him off. Did it actually happen? she wondered. Maybe it was all a part of the dream that I can't remember...

"But it seemed so real," she said as she tossed the covers aside and climbed out of bed. She marched into the living room to see if the evidence of her adventure was there.

Her heart raced when she saw it. Sitting there on the mantle, right where she had placed it the night before, was the antique brass lantern. Without consciously giving it thought, she decided in that instant that she would not report to work that day, regardless of what Fred had threatened.

"At least the lamp exists," she said with a sigh of relief. "But the genie! And that wonderful orgasm? Could I have dreamt that?" Miriam’s hands trembled as she lifted the lamp off the mantle. She carried it to the armchair opposite the television, sat down, and examined it. It feels too light to have anything inside, she thought while turning it over in her hands.

I was trying to clean it yesterday when he appeared. Hmmmm, she pondered. Rubbing it must be the trick. Let's see if I have really lost my mind or not. She smiled broadly and rubbed her hand carefully along the side of the lantern.

At once the brass antique emitted a hum similar to the that of an electric motor, which Miriam felt rather than heard. Its surface began to glimmer like new metal and it grew warm as if it were alive. A thin wisp of pale blue smoke spewed from its spout and curled down onto the carpet at her feet. The vaporous smoke belched forth rapidly in a steady stream, thickening and rising up from the floor like London fog. When the odorless cloud climbed to the point where she was barely able to see the other side of the room, she saw him!

"Greetings, Mistress." The smoke thinned and fell away from the tall genie as he stood facing her, his muscular forearms folded in front of his broad chest. He was dressed the same as the previous day – baggy silk pants, dark vest partially covering his otherwise bare chest, and a neatly folded turban. She saw in his eyes a glint of pleased recognition. Yet at the same time she noted how sad those eyes appeared to be.

The dream! Now I remember! He was the stranger in my dream last night... she grinned broadly and sat staring up at him without uttering a word.

"How can I serve you today?" the magical man broke the silence. When she did not respond, he continued, "You have two wishes remaining. What do you desire of me?"

Talk about leading questions. She giggled and studied his virile body for awhile. I desire it all!

Snapping out of her reverie, Miriam realized that he was waiting for her to say something. "I am so happy to see that you weren't just some figment of my imagination..."

The genie laughed. "Yesterday you believed that I was a joke and today you think that I am a dream." He is even more handsome when he smiles like that, she thought.

"Well, people don't usually pop out of lamps like that around here," she tried to explain her doubts. "And I never – ever! – had a sexual experience that came close to making me feel as good as what you did..."

"It pleases me to know that I have fulfilled your wish so satisfactorily," his blue eyes twinkled when he smiled.

"Who are you? Where did you come from? Why are you offering to 'fulfill' my wishes?" The young antique dealer was anxious to learn all she could about this mysterious stranger.

"My name is not important. I am a genie – your genie. And I am here as your humble servant," he paused to gather his thoughts. "I come from a land far away – distant in both geography and time. Many years ago, an evil sorcerer imprisoned me in that lamp. It has been my fate to serve whoever possesses it and grant him – or her," he grinned. "– three wishes."

Miriam lost herself in the dreamy depths of his sad eyes and wanted more. She yearned to feel his body against hers, to feel the comfort of his suck, the way she felt it in her dream, and to experience the rapture that he had delivered her into at the mansion. She stood and verbalized her thoughts.

"I want to make love to you. Over and over again. I want to feel you inside me. And spend the whole day and night with you. I want to kiss you. I want to –" He silenced her by gently touching her lips with his finger.

The young woman stood motionless and waited with silent eagerness as the tall dark stranger slid his hand slowly up the nape of her neck and ran his fingers through her hair. She leaned into his hand and sighed when she felt his other hand move over her flimsy nightgown. Her nipples stiffened even before his hand touched her there. Tenderly he squeezed her breasts until she ached for his lips there.

As if reading her mind, the genie lifted her gown and kissed her breasts. The tip of his tongue swirled around one nub, barely touching its sensitive skin – his soft breath cooling his saliva there. Miriam threw her head back and hummed when she felt his warm lips close on her erect nipple and slide off again in such a way that its release sent a warm quiver through her body.

I might still be dreaming, she thought. If I am, I hope I never wake up.

The genie placed his hand on her back and pulled her closer, crushing her breast around his clinging lips. He slid his hand down her spine and over the rise of her buttocks and settling there began to tenderly knead her cheeks. His palm glided smoothly over her panties and squeezed her ass, his fingers working their way into its crack. She felt his caress gradually creep downward under her butt and she sighed when his fingertips wiggled into the slick moistness that had gathered between her lips, pushing the crotch of her panties into it.

He pulled his mouth away from her swollen nipple and knelt before her. Her heart leapt in her chest as she recalled how he had pleasured her the day before. He pulled her underwear down, his face so close that she felt the warmth of his breath seep through the silky cushion of her pubic hair. Oh yes! Eat me! Eat me again! she shouted inside her head.

With strong hands on her hips, the handsome man from the lamp guided her down onto the carpet. He understood her yearning – understood her need. On her back, she slid her feet up toward her body along the rug’s soft pile, raising her knees. She parted her legs wide and spread her vulva with her fingertips, beckoning him into her wanting pink.

He did not disappoint the young appraiser. With careful sweeps of his wriggling tongue, he fondled her labia and massaged her aching clit, lifting her at once to that wonderful plateau of bliss, where she knew that he would carry her. She cried out uncontrollably and clenching his hair with a white-knuckled grip, she rode his face with the passionate frenzy of a wild animal. Grinding her throbbing pussy into his slithering tongue. The muscles of her entire body contracting in orgasmic seizure. Rivulets of her lusty secretions mixed with his saliva and ran through her crack soaking into the carpet beneath her. Then as her climax began to ebb, he rose up and untied the drawstring at his waist and let his silk pants fall. She watched him intently through hazy eyes, her body weakened by the intensity of her orgasm. Her limbs quivered like jelly. Then she saw it! The most beautiful erection that she had ever witnessed. Standing above a thick curly bed of coal black hair. Long and straight. Thick with purplish veins branching along its shaft. Its rosy head leading it to her, as the kneeling genie lowered himself down between her open legs. She squirmed as he entered her, feeling his girth spread her walls with a delightful tingle. Taking hold of his firm buttocks she pulled him in and, in no time at all, she fell over the edge again. Repeatedly, the genie delivered her into one orgasm after another – bringing her such intense pleasure that she had never thought possible – until, utterly exhausted, she collapsed in his arms and fell into a deep slumber.

When Miriam awoke the following morning, she found herself alone – still on her back on the living room floor. A blanket covered her naked body. She turned to the antique lamp on the mantelpiece and smiled. “I love you.” Her whisper penetrated the stillness of her apartment like a shout.

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