The Massage

By lensman

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A massage helps sooth away the aches and pains
It had been a long, hard 3 weeks on the road and I had been looking forward to a good long sleep in my own bed for the first time since the tour had started. I woke the next morning still feeling knackered and now my back had gone on strike to boot.

As I waited for the kettle to boil so I could get that crucial first cup of coffee I decided what I needed was a good long massage. I reached for my phone and called the gym to ask for an appointment only to be told that the resident masseuse was away on holiday. Bummer.

I didn’t really know anywhere else near me that offered a massage apart from the small ads in the local paper. Not what I wanted. So, as everyone does these days I turned to Google and typed in massage and my post code.

More adverts similar to the small ads in the local paper popped up along with ads for more reputable services. One ad caught my eye ‘Best massage in West London. In the comfort of your own home one of our girls will massage, rub and smooth your aches and pains away leaving you in a state of pure bliss. We specialise in techniques that will sure to please. 75 for 90 minutes’.

‘What’s not to like?’ I thought and called the number. A very pleasant woman answered and introduced herself as Amy. She asked several questions about my state of health and what I wanted from the massage then asked how soon would I like her to turn up. As soon as possible I joked. We agreed on an hour.

That gave me time to tidy the bedroom a bit from the clothes I scattered around in my hurry to get to bed the previous night then have a long hot shower to help relax.

There’s nothing better than standing under a jet of hot water, feeling it covering every inch of my body. I always get a little turned on in the shower, it must be the hot water and I could feel my cock starting to swell. Taking a handful of shower gel I cupped my balls in my hand and slowly and deliberately worked the gel over myself. The effect on my cock was almost instant. It seemed to go from near flaccid to solidly erect in seconds. ‘Someone’s horny’ I thought as I slipped my hand slowly up and down the shaft. ‘God that feels so good’ and realised I hadn’t had sex in any form for quite sometime. Not even a good wank. It must have been 2 weeks at least since had lain in my bed in a faceless hotel and shot a hot sticky load over my belly whilst watch some porn on the internet. Thank fuck for free wifi in hotels!

I was enjoying my hand on my cock, my fingers rubbing the hard head gently sending little shocks down my shaft into my groin. I really fancied a long slow wank but the question was do I finish myself off now or wait until after my massage. Before I could answer the doorbell rang. Fuck! She’s early! I leapt out of the shower, grabbed my gown and raced downstairs whilst wrapping it around my wet body. I must have looked a sight as I opened the door. Before me stood a beautiful brunette with a slightly bemused look on her pretty face.

‘Hi, Amy?’ I asked hoping it wasn’t someone trying to get me to sign up for something I didn’t want.

‘Yes and I hope you are Richard’ she replied. ‘Looks like I caught you out, sorry I was a lot closer than I thought when you called, hope you don’t mind me coming a little early.’

‘Come on in, early is good, I was just finishing off in a hot shower’ I replied. But not quite finishing off I thought, silently thanking anyone who would be listening that my erect cock had gone back to a semi hard state and wasn’t trying to poke through the gown.

After exchanging pleasantries I asked if there was anything I could get Amy. No she was apparently fine. Looking her over I couldn’t agree more I thought.

‘Right lets go up to the bedroom then’ I suggested. I showed Amy the way and followed her up the stairs noting how well her perfect arse looked in her tight jeans. ‘Stop it’ I thought as I felt my cock starting to stir again.

Amy asked if I could pay her now as she found it usually worked out better that way. Not really getting what she was hinting at I nevertheless handed over the cash. Amy then asked if she could use the bathroom and said if I would like to lie face down on the bed ready for her.

I slipped a pair of boxers on to cover any embarrassment and lay on the bed as instructed. Amy returned from the bathroom wearing a low cut black leotard which showed off her stunning body and by my reckoning at least ’D’ cup breasts.

‘I like to play music while I massage’ she said and clicked on her iphone. Gentle music began to fill the room, setting the scene for a relaxing 90 minutes to come.

‘I hope you don’t mind but I prefer if you were naked’ she gently spoke. ‘It makes it easier to massage your glutes’

‘Oh sure’ I replied and slid my boxers off leaving myself naked on the bed. Once again I must have been feeling horny as I could feel my cock twitching. Thankfully I was face down so it wasn’t obvious.

Amy began by placing one hand on my lower back and the other on my left ankle. She then slowly started massaging my left foot. Her touch was so soft yet firm as she put pressure on my foot. Slowly but surely she worked her way up my leg until she was massing my thigh with long deep strokes. Once or twice I felt the merest of touches against my groin.

She then repeated the process up my right leg. After giving it its due attention Amy swapped back to the left upper thigh then worked her hands up and over my bum. Her hands on my arse felt amazing.

I felt one spot was a little tender which made me jump a little. ‘Hmmm, a little tense there aren’t we’ Amy whispered ‘don’t worry by the time I have finished you’ll be fully relaxed’. The way my cock was now trying to burrow its way into the mattress I wasn’t so sure.

After giving my bum the full treatment she then worked on my back and shoulders. I think by this point I was dribbling into the pillow. The music changed tempo a little and Amy asked if I would turn over so she could work on my front. She draped a small towel over my bum so I could be modestly covered as I turned on to my back. Although I was covered it was plainly obvious that I was now in a state of semi arousal. Amy just smiled pleasantly and coating her hands in oil set about massaging my chest and neck. She had obviously seen it all before.

Once again her touch was soft yet powerful and I could feel the tension draining away. I had to keep my eyes closed as her breasts her straining to get out of her leotard and that really wasn’t helping my hard cock situation.

Just when I thought she had just about finished Amy asked if I would mind if she removed the towel so she could work on my upper thighs. ‘urm’ was about as far as I got before she pulled the towel to one side. I am convinced my cock jumped all by itself at being exposed. I had my eyes firmly shut but I like to think there was a wry smile on Amy’s face as she worked her magic on my thighs.

Her hands roamed around my groin, thighs and belly. Her movements felt different, the pressure was harder and lingering in places. Her fingers were touching everywhere except directly on my cock or balls yet I could feel the wonderful, familiar sensation in my groin. My breathing had deepened and at one point I gave an involuntary moan. I was in such a state of bliss I couldn’t quite feel exactly where Amy was putting on pressure. It seemed like she was touching me everywhere, like she was using more than one pair of hands!

By now my cock and balls were straining. If she didn’t stop soon I was definitely going to cum. Amy made no attempt to stop. She brushed her thumbs gently over my ball sack and under it. That was enough to tip me over the edge. The first jet of cum shot out hitting me on the chin. Several more jets spurted from my engorged, throbbing cock covering me in my hot sticky cum. It felt amazing. It gave a new meaning to the word release. Amy slowly removed her hands from my body in such away it felt like she was still touching me for several seconds after she had moved away.

‘Don’t move for several minutes’ Amy gently instructed and stopped the music before leaving the bedroom. I lay there in a total state of relaxation. I hadn’t felt so chilled in months.

Amy came back into the bedroom now fully dressed. ‘Stay there’ she whispered ‘I’ll see myself out‘ and with that she silently closed the door behind her and was gone.

I must have drifted off as I woke to find my cum drying on my chin, chest and belly. Her ad was right. I did feel totally relaxed and in a state of bliss. The best hand job I have ever had and she hadn’t even touched my cock!

I now have Amy’s number on speed dial. Enough said.