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The Meeting

A sexy attorney doesn't realize that his appointment will turn out to be more than he expected.

  It was winter in Boston.   Ice cold wind, and blowing snow.   My day has so far been going horribly.   this morning, my car wouldn't start, so i was forced to ride the train into work.    wearing a heavy lined knee length suede coat.   scarf and gloves, i was soaked with snow as I entered the building.

i rushed up to my desk, and quickly clocked in. taking off my outer wear, i layed my purse on the desk.   my phone started to ring, i picked it up, and pressed it to my ear.

"Jayd and associates, how may i help you?"

there was a pause, then a very deep throaty voice came onto the line.

"I am calling to verify my appointment, for today at 10"   the caller stated.

amazed at how sexy this man sounded, i responded quickly " and what is your name? "

opening up the appointment setter on the computer, i looked for the time he was supposed to show.

"Ian Grantly"

Not finding his name, but finding myself wanting to see if his body matched his voice, i confirmed his appointment for 10am, and scheduled him in.

now, i didn't get a chance to tell you about me.

my name, is Mandy.   I'm a medium built woman. standing about 5'5'', with short black hair and a great figure.   i work as a legal secratary for the formentioned group.   so, my buisness attire is as follows.. black v cut shirt, that falls right to the bottom of my belly button but shows off great amount of cleavage.   a very tight pair of striped pants, that flow down my legs to a nice pair of pumps.

My morning went by pretty fast. before i knew it, 10am was here, and standing in front of me, was the most sexiest man i've ever seen in my life.   standing about 6'1'', the epitome of "tall dark and handsome".

the bluest eyes you've ever seen.   and damned if the man wasn't muscled.    i immediatly decided i was going to make my day better.   and he, was my unknowing victim.   throwing my best smile at him, i stood up and offered my hand.

'welcome, your are Ian, i'm assuming."

he smiled back at me and asseted my figure approvingly.

"yes,   thank you, and you are? "

slowly taking my hand out of his, i leaned on the corner of my desk and crossed my arms under my breasts. watching his eyes follow my movements.

"I'm Mandy.   let me show you into the conference room"   i started towards the room that i knew would not be used for anything today.   walked him all the way in, and shut the door, quietly locking it. walking around the room, closing all the blinds. Ian put down his briefcase, and watched as i made sure it was completely private.

"Well Mandy, may I ask why it's neccessary to completely shut me in?"   he crossed his arms over that very broad chest, almost making me weak just watching him.

i walked over to him just out of reach, and leaned onto the table.

"i have a confession, Ian.   you really didn't have an appointment today, but your just listening to your voice made me wet, so i wanted to see if your body could do the same."

Ian let out a short laugh, and then " well? did it?"

I moaned a little "oh, you have no idea, Ian. I am just throbbing looking at you".

Ian ran his hand over my arm, and stated "well, that makes two of us".   his hand went to my side, then around to the small of my back, pulling me in hard and close to him. i could smell his cologne. musky, and purely male.   i could feel his hard outline of his cock.   Ian crushed his mouth to mine, taking it in a demanding manner, running his hand up my body to my breasts, and pushing my shirt aside to get to the already hard nipple, rolling it between his finger and thumb, i moaned my approval.   he then leans down to my neck, and plants kisses and nibbles his way down to that same nipple, pulling it into his mouth, and sucking hard on it. pulling on it with is teeth.   i moan louder, and run my fingers through his dark hair.   he pulls both breasts out of my shirt, and takes turns torturing the nipples.   his hand runs down my stomach to my pant line, and pops the button like an expert.   letting the pants hit the floor.   my blue lace thong, now soaking wet, he runs a finger over it, teasing my already sensitive clit. my body jerks in reaction. my head falls back.   he lifts me up, and places my body onto the conference table, lifting my hips, he floats my panties down my legs, and tosses them to the side of the room.   his mouth leaves my breasts, and in protest i mumble, he runs a line of kisses down my belly and to my inner thigh, then flicks his hot wet tounge over my clit, running it slowly on the inside of my lips, then circling it around the very hard nub.

my hands seek out his head, pushing him closer, as he pushes me closer to orgasm.   my legs fall farther apart, giving his wonderous mouth better access. i can feel the orgasm building.   my back arches as i'm about to explode.   Ian takes my clit into his mouth, and sucks hard, i burst into an orgasm, my hands   fly back to my breasts and squeeze down hard, my hips coming up off the table almost knocking him back.   he digs his nails into my ass to keep himself stable on my clit, sucking hard.

he stands up, scoots me to the edge of the conference table, and i sit up, reaching for his shirt, i start to unbutton him, reaching now thru his shirt to his smooth hard chest. I rake my nails down his chest, and he lets out a deep growl, he wraps his hand around my neck, and pulls me into a kiss.   my fingers fumble for his button of his pants, realizing he has on a dress belt, i unsnap it, and let is pants fall, and his erection spring out, i wrap my hand around his thick huge member.   moving my hand up to his head, and then giving it a quick small squeeze.   he realases me, and i jump down off the table, to my knees, and run my tounge up him. from his balls to his head.   then i slowly take him in. rubbing his head against the roof of my mouth, twirling my tounge around the base.   my hand is on his balls, rubbing and squeezing. i start to move up and down on him, rubbing his head with my tounge.   Ian starts to groan, thrusting his hips into my mouth.

not able to take anymore, Ian grabs me by my neck and stands me up.. turning me around and then pushing me down on my stomach on the conference table.   he slaps my ass, and then enters from behind, pushing that hard head deep into my wetness. He takes ahold of my hips, and shoves further in, letting out a very deep groan.   Ian starts to pump in and out with a rythom that would make even the more talented porn star jealous.   i hold onto the table, and push my ass back into him, moaning loud.

Ian pulls out, lifts me up, spins me around. then lifts me onto his cock. walks over to the nearest wall, slamming my body against it.   my legs automattically wrap around him. pushing down on his hard cock.   He pumps into me, my back is arching against the wall, my nails are dug into his shoulders.   his mouth is on my neck, sucking and biting.    i start to shake as another orgasm hits, and i scream out in pleasure as it overcomes me.   throwing my head back against the wall.   Ian moves again, bends me over on the windowsill.   my hands grip the edge, and he plummetts into me again. moving faster, and harder.   holding onto my hips and pushing himself to the edge.

Ian slammed hard into me, making me moan loudly and cum yet again.   He pulls out, one more time, takes me by the arm and spins me around into a chair, standing over me, he rubs himself until he explodes.   My mouth catches most of his cum, some of it hits my face, and then drips off onto my chest.

Ian looks down at my cum soaked face.

And smiles,

"Shall we set up a follow up meeting for tomorrow?"

laughing, I shake my head yes.    What a day this turned out to be.

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