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The meeting in the airport


I have been waiting to see you for over four weeks now as I anticipate your arrival at the airport. My palms are sweaty and my body aches for your love as I wait, suddenly I hear those heals meet the floor, your gate is unmistakable, I have heard it many times and each time brings a new level of excitement!

You appear through security and with my first glance at you my heart jumps with joy and pleasure, your steps quicken as you see me and I start to walk towards you, both my steps and my heart increase as the gap between us closes!

When we finally touch every nerve ending in my body has heightened to a level of uttermost excitement, I want to breath your air, I can't hold you close enough, I never want this feeling of passion to end! Your so beautiful, your long legs, your green eyes, your short auburn hair, your precious smile all add to the moment! As we kiss for the first time in weeks I realize this is going to be a special night!

We finally reach the hotel at 11:00 and we both are hoping for an early check in as our lust for each other is growing by the second, as the attendant hands us the keys, our joy is almost un - containable! The short ride in the elevator is filed with deep desire and kissing, we can't keep our hands away from one another. The door opens and we are excited to see no one else on the floor. As I reach for the key to the room you put your hand on my butt and pull me close to you, my manhood leaps to attention and you feel it press against your taught stomach. You reach down and squeeze my cock through my pants and you let out a soft approving moan. Your other hand explores my chest as our tongues dance together in a rhythm that seems to be in total unison! You whisper in my ear. "I must have you", as you unzip my slacks, you drop to your knees and in one slow deliberate motion you take the entire length of me in your sensual mouth, your nose touching my freshly shaven pubic bone, my head begins to spin as I casually glance through one eye for any onlookers, there are none so I bask in your expert movements.

It has only been seconds but I feel the tide of an orgasm already swelling from deep within me so I beg you to stop as I fumble to insert the card into the door! As we enter the room we embrace like two lost lovers, I kiss your ear lobe gently and you quiver with anticipation as I whisper in your ear that I love you! Now its my turn, I quickly remove your tight jeans and the sight of your sea blue thong brings me to another level of excitement. As I turn you around and you face the wall with your hands above your head you spread your long legs just enough to reveal that beautiful triangle of heat, the sight of this always excites me, such a beautiful ass, such a gorgeous pussy! I can already see where your juices have penetrated your thong and I dream of your flavors as I begin to kiss your neck then your back as I cup your breasts through your blouse. Slowly I lower myself and begin to kiss your cheeks, I can already feel your heat rising from your love box like waves on an Arizona highway in mid summer.

As you part your succulent lags further I clasp my hands around your thighs and I can feel your wetness. You are moaning and gyrating your hips, I must have you, so I lead you over to the sofa where you put your knees on the seat and your breasts against the back of the couch. Your triangle of blue is exposed to me and I feel like a kid in a candy store with unlimited credit. I kiss your pussy through your thong and get my first taste of your love juices, it is driving me wild and my manhood is so hard that I feel I might tear my skin! I put my tongue on the edge of your panties and pull them to the side exposing your perfect butterfly running with silky hot juice. As I stiffen my tongue you push your pussy unto it, as it plunges deep into your depths, you let out an approving moan, for a moment you move your hips in a back and forth rhythm on my tongue. "I need to feel you" I exclaim, So I stand behind you and put my cock on your opening, the heat is unreal, how have I gone so long without this woman I wonder as you back onto me. I watch as my penis slowly disappears into you. We feel like we are as one and as I reach your deepest depths my hands grab your hips and struggle to pull you on to me even more.

The first waves of and orgasm are beginning to take hold of both of us as you rotate your hips while I hold onto them with never ending passion, you are so wet that your juices are flowing onto my balls and the heat and silkiness is more than I can bear. There is now way I want this over so quickly so I withdraw from you reluctantly and roll you over on your back and as our eyes meet you take me in your hand and guide me into you again. I slide into you effortlessly and we continue to lock our eyes on one another. I have never felt so as one with anyone as we continue to make passionate love! As our lips meet I find that they are so soft, so sensual, so I treat them ever so preciously. Our kisses get more intense as we grind our hips together, I can feel your clitoris rubbing against my pubic bone and I can feel your vagina clasping down on my cock, as you begin to cum your spasms are more than I can bear. In unison we moan, shake and tremble, waves of love, passion and heat overtake us as we cling to each other as we are one! I never want to let you go, and I wont! I love you!

What a beginning of a beautiful day I think to myself, and what a beautiful woman! I am one lucky man!

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To be your lover when you need to be loved, Your doctor when you are ill, Your army when you go to war, Your umbrella when life rains down on you, Your rock when you get weary, Your shield when you need defense, Your spirit when you are drained, Your pillow when you need to rest, Your voice when no one can hear you, Your ear when no one will listen, Your comfort when you feel pain, Your hero when you are under duress, Your sunshine when darkness fall Your answer when questions arise, Your inspiration to overcome obstacles, Your hand to hold when you are frightened, Your kiss that wakes you everyday, and your "I love you" each and every night.

I am yours... all of me.

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